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Felony vs infraction live ripping

Mar 25, 2024
Hey, we're


, we committed the


, what other toys do we have, oh you got a clown here and they got their


there, donk, oh oh, what's this? Claire has a crazy van and she hates crazy vans but she has a crazy one who's been is vinnie has his violation you're on a s oh yeah right vinnies running his audio with these iphones big shit on the


stream okay when I talk about This way you can probably hear me pretty well but if I talk about it oh there's Vinnie wandering around okay don't break it yet wait when you plug mine in.
felony vs infraction live ripping
Vinnie is guaranteed to kill it, guaranteed, okay, I'll leave you here for a second, I'll leave you there for a second, I'm just going to plug it. on this is completely stock whoa that was scary this is completely stock and vinnie is one where he's like s what do you see? you got yours make six there we go there's my felony look at him running these um banggood special graphenes there's no link below so I I can't be bothered why are you thinking yes, to mine? Okay Lewis, okay, here we go, they're huge, yeah, yeah, we've got to go with the mini e revo tonight, don't we?
felony vs infraction live ripping

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felony vs infraction live ripping...

Yes, yes, we broke it, yes, you would break it. Sharp came out overpowered Yeah run it in 4s Yeah yeah that was a bit bad yeah that was bad yeah I wasn't very good I wasn't very good ian and claire have a mini van not crazy where is it your crazy bad? Man, it's Claire's favorite, you secretly love it, yeah, it was fun, it was fun, I thought, look at the little guy, I'll give it to you, give me those sticks, here we go, I'll adjust my drywall that has a new fracture. well, always bring it, let's take a look, let's take a look at your infection, dave, oh look he has a fake mclaren body, is that supposed to be mclaren?
felony vs infraction live ripping
It looks really good, although look I was so tempted to get this body, but Not everyone has the same bodies, I thought I better not okay, I go to a safe place, I purposely park here so I can sit on the hood there or on the hood for the Americans, Vinnie, with that he always hits our ankles well for sure. Here we are, we're safe, we're safe, which one's in this vinny, yeah which one's trippy, oh we gotta crash you in your racing mini, I think we've got it on the circuit so we'll do the same lap. the back over there yeah alright yeah well done well done mate you gotta drift oh I really mean we got a drift are you playing Dave?
felony vs infraction live ripping
So how many times are we going? Oh, is it when they bend you once you have turns? you're out, so the moment you get lapped, you have to stop in the middle and the last one, if he runs, he wins, yeah, okay, the first one, to get lapped, you go in the middle, you're out and last, let's go and win ready steady come on oh oh out oh dave's out yeah we win we win here we go we have a winner why did I try let's find out vinnie says I should be disqualified for not swerving you're a cheater I didn't try crashing oh you have something hanging in there dave is that your antenna oh another drop oh they are not all broken but it is the only one that works what guys what is the last one that works hello dave dave is working we are good, you are not here, oh, are you fighting?, thanks, sorry, calm down a little, then, okay, we have bearded um in the house again, said ian rage oh, someone's kitty is trying to catch the cars on the screen, evil ian is back in action. okay we're all back in action line it up line it up boy so he look what we've got down here we've got Vinnie's violation we've got my felony what's that?
Is it that infection or is it an unlimited infection? actually same thing here we go ian's still has damage to the rear yes that's where he crashed into me last time no i was looking at the footage it was his fault he spun in front of me and that's when he crashed against mine. and he shot himself, right? Oh, why did he stop working? The hands and knees look good. Oh, let's see cleavage with him here. We'd better deal with it another way. I was Ian won't be a happy man, so later. demarcus those two those two light poles that's dangerous because you're more likely to turn and hit the pole if you go around the pole you're not going to hit it I like it to be around the pole isn't it okay if we do that? this way we have to stay in the unit, oh I say what we have, yes, but then we will go to the sidewalk there if you have to go around the pole, obviously there are two defined markers when you have to get it. around that little thing there you're going to miss it yes, it shows so there's no way I'm going to detour there if you crashed and how do you win what two laps how many laps two laps where is the line that started it I need a parking brake hand, okay, we're a little adrift oh, I won, yeah, and you gotta do two, yeah, okay, set, set, go oh oh oh, in the lead, we're in the lead, they clearly eliminated us, I think I won, did I do it there?
Come on we win again oh my god what's going on there? Clearly, he jumped, it's more fun to run to be fair around the pole, did you come in?, ah, we're getting up, we just stopped going, oh, I think we should do more laps on the. the house vinnie will stay with matthew garrett vinnie will keep running until winnie's overheated has david turner in the house again we have paul ahead in the house hello people, there are more people in the house but we can't get everyone in the comments, what, what, well, mine, that's right, it's fundraising there, I don't know what a suitable race track should be for it, that would be absolutely yes, what improvements have you made.
Vinnie has put a Mac Six in there and some metal for the looks of it. of that, but to make it more dangerous, he's already dangerous when he's driving, I'm here every time that's what Claire should be, she usually has one of ian's mine, completely stock, yours has custom upgrade stuff, yeah oh max 6 too, so you can make an s. Do you have modified stock other than Shell success stock? My stock essay, okay, technically it's also in stock. We just had a Mac Six there, but running Success Minnie goes 6 and I had an unfair one. and she's on a yeah, I like my felony, I think Ian is too yeah, yeah, yeah, I don't think anyone wants to notice, I'll do it if it's someone else's car that's running out, feel me, Vinny, do you have a controller holder? for your phone, oh really, you've got 223 people staring at you all over the world, all staring at you, no pressure mate, get a crazy van kev, I was just going to annoy Claire but now Claire's got one, no point looking in there , TRUE?
Vinnie is ready. I'm working three laps this time, what do you think Claire has to tell the winner? So I can't keep track of you, yeah, you're the only one who can see them all. Yeah, oh, David crashed oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Oh, come on, come on, we've got three laps, we're in second place, we're going a little wide, oh, we'll see how many are left, oh, let's get back to this, oh, no, we hit Minnie, Minnie's out, I think. I think Dave is in the lead Dave is in the lead Can we catch him?
Can we catch him in the fourth quarter? I think Dave has it. I think Dave has it. I think David's got it right, man. David wins would cry. He would expel me from the club. As? many laps three laps again ready, steady, I've got a different strategy this time we're going to take it easy and just break early and get the apex oh no oh we've got it we've won we've got it in the It just takes that long so I think The trick is, guys, the trick is to go a little slower and make sure you reach the apex when you really try.
It looks cooler, but we're going wide. Are you already bald? oh dear bald chrome dome some crashes but we've had a few crashes oh he's furious do you think we should do one going the wrong way? I've been right in the line of fire, are we all waiting for the knee again, let's go to the otherwise they're going to a safe place, they have Andy to land the wheel of him as a safety measure. Vinnie goes again, okay, here we go, how many laps are we going to do for you again, okay, we're going to do three again, everyone ready. we're going steady oh no, we drifted oh no, we lost we went from first to last oh, we drifted again oh, we're last what's happening we have to catch up now oh, we're in the lead again we're in the lead we're in the lead How many laps do we have left, one that happens oh no oh we're on our side oh we've got it in the bags we've got it in the back guys we've got it in the bag again There we go, boom, we've got it in the bag.
What happened? What happened to you? Where were you? If you start listening, you can see everything better. A small controller has a point of view. McDonald's isn't that big, so it doesn't need an advantage. coin, I'm a prize, no, but we don't have anything down there filming, let them crash and now we're going to let them crash and then we can fast forward when they're all smashed, oh, that didn't work, oh no, we. Now we're lost, okay, Minnie won, we turn, we're going to pass Winnie, oh, oh, we're in second place, I have no idea what we want, Dave's in the lead though, I made one more, is that right? ?, I lose count of the turn oh, Dave crosses. the line we come in a second boom dave doing a little victory donut over there this is you up here isn't it?
We try to be last next time let's nail it, we're going full speed at least the weather has improved guys, yeah we're getting a heat wave and I can't wait. I'm really trying to replace it, we have air conditioning, yeah, rubbing it, uh, we're waiting for the wind to come again, he says, wow kev, wow mini revo. already tried yeah um and it was a semi-hit video soon at night everyone says why are you sorry can't you see your name on landy matthew says how's your wife running to win to go home yeah where are you buddy it's ready , enters? come home, okay, are you ready, I'm a fan, yeah, look, look, the arm is sour, Trexus didn't get free, did it go okay, let's go this time, okay, we have the advantage, oh, it's hitting a different surface, it makes it quite lively oh winnie it's okay we're in second we're in second oh come on come on yes we're winning inside oh yes we have a lead oh but we still want to lead we have a finish line coming up and we're going to win and yes, here we go, oh we won, even if we won, let's win again, what happened.
Ian passed. for you again, yeah, you're about to get us all out here. He is not happy that his car is totaled. He also wants our house to look cold. Now, are you ready? Three laps, ready, set, set, oh, we go up a tire. oh, I have a tire failure oh, we had a tire blow out oh no, we're out oh one more to go one more lap can we win with a blown tire? we're in the lead we're in the lead vinny is behind trying to crash into me and yeah we got it we gotta win oh right I think we're out we got tire damage let's do a little inspection down there where should I throw it away?
I think I have it. I definitely have tire damage, yeah, the second one, I don't know, though oh no, just my body was destroyed, what oh no, oh, he comes stuck, oh yeah, oh yeah, game over, yeah, I'm stuck with a little glue there, you better not. face oh dear yes no more yes no more I have Emily in the house Emily is always in the house this time she says it could be worse it could be mine why is it so close to the body I don't know the back is Inspector Vinnie's damage I have Been old oh no oh no this ain't so bad yeah they look bad is that right we're adrift andy that's right it's probably already been done anyway okay guys I'm gonna end the day, it's vinnie livin' or whoever's livin' right, I mean he's live vinnie goes live on vinnie's channel, so if you want to come there, we'll meet there, if not, then we won't be fine, Guys, take it easy, see you soon.
Monster truck build next week. Yes, Vinnie can't take parks. I have to go to work bye guys

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