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May 31, 2021
alright let's go here let's take on the


zombies boy


s we're almost going between me sway frazier and tommy and then lucas high sky over and tico let's go oh let's do it man this is going Let's be intense, bro, oh I don't think y'all know how to build on this bro I can build what's here what's here what's going on whoa blaze were you in damon he just took me out right now guys wait there's a guy going to measure up it's going to hide that's high that's high sky I'm holding it down right now I'm a full earth warrior I'm falling I'm falling guys oh no oh my god I have one oh let's go swimming oh my god show up or kill by the way there are still pros by the way oh my god, yeah, shoot down, shoot down, they're all hiding, get down, don't let them follow, it should be just one guy, it's just one, it's just the sky high, I like 1v3, it should be one shot, yeah come on easy money but this is It's not even fair because I make these bets literally every day we raise peak is the last guy in this round peak that last guy we can serve in our match we should be good okay I'm high, I'm high, just up, down.
faze house squad zone wars faze vs faze
I'm not going to get anything bad, where are you? I just turned, okay, I'm on top, I almost shot that guy, just spray, I tied to the right, snipe, right there, all right, four, three, four, three peak, missing guys, last guy , Alright. I'm going to connect the mountains, they take height and only pray to achieve it if we all try. I think we have done it. I'm going to break down again. I think ah, I just have one bomb. Oh no, oh no, yes, just spray. By the way, don't think wrong, brother, after five rounds, we're going to change teams, brother, they're just booting, they really are, we have fights on the road, someone, oh, a laser guy, I sat down too, I'll get off . he's in that one shot box, you know there's someone under me, I don't know where they connected, they just connected, keep spraying them, you know, I think this whole thing got to me, okay, you started, you recorded it, you recorded it.
faze house squad zone wars faze vs faze

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faze house squad zone wars faze vs faze...

Where did he come from? He's here, just block him. Okay, come on, I'm a big accident guys, after five rounds, by the way, we're going to change teams because it's kind of an operation, I mean, yeah, we should do it. like jarvis and sway just verses from everyone else, yeah I'm just spraying, I'm just spraying, oh my god I have a very weak nightlife. I'm fighting one at the top, I'm losing weight, that's what's here, I'm fighting you. you know do it with me yeah I do I'm making a huge waste of something you guys just spray it or yeah this ram just ran this round sprayed yeah here we go no way this is so unfortunate oh god mine, everyone is trying to do it. build up I'm filling up on them okay yeah I'll get together thinking real quick bro I still got it I still got it done I got what I got laser jervis oh well no oh my god okay just bring it down just bring it down just take it down no I I feel so bad doing that, yeah, so I'll be the high sky and the chamois against everyone else, like if we don't do it, everyone else, we won't win this.
faze house squad zone wars faze vs faze
I'm going back, what do I do? What do we do, what do we do, let's get to the high ground or let's be in a bad mood, okay, so whoever you are, let's get our sword wet right now, man, oh my God, what are they doing when, when they spawn, when They start waiting. what you're furthest to the left, that's too far away, that's okay, I got it, oh wait, I did it, I'll let you cry, wait, there's only four, oh my God, that laser, you got it, Lucas, you got this brother , the nice roof, Fraser died automatically, so run it again. run him back yeah that was a warm up why are they supposed to be so good at respawning as soon as he comes in?
faze house squad zone wars faze vs faze
Oh my God, he realizes that his pig is dead. Oh my god, everyone stay down because that's what's going to sway, man, yeah, really. and then when they drop just spray 'em hiss their mess, all their masses, oh yeah, this is Swayze's home turf, bro, I'm just staying on the ground, I'm focusing on someone, I'm focusing on somewhere , no, I got stuck at all. Just stay on the floor, everyone stay together, yeah, I'm on the floor, I'm on the floor, bro, this is good, this is good, oh, I hear the high score twice, dad, okay, I connected, I connected, Can I delete it?
Everyone can cross. I have a peak, he, go down to the ground, go down to the ground, oh my God, stay together like legit with each other, he's trying to get up, this guy is getting up, this is suede, he's definitely sweet, he's definitely Right on the ground again, man. That was a great decision, Jarvis, everyone stay down, laser, look at that, look at it, look at it, uh, shad for me, oh, we both fell into that trap, yeah, we did, buddy, if I can, I'm leaving drowning jarvis got a lot of hp, holy face, falter, jarvis space and phase, oh i hit him halfway, oh come on guys come on bro, i don't know how i caught two at once buddy that was that trap, kill a broken guy, wait, no.
Don't tell me it's okay that I just got stuck in the door oh no, wait, was there anyone left on our team? It's just me, Lucas, it's in my box, oh my God, that explosion is crazy, man, oh, a crack, Frank's way is easy, no, it's on. lit, it's well lit, it's okay, I got it, I got it, I wish I hit them oh no, no, I just got so hard, no, they just connected it to the hill, it's so low, I think the sky is high, though , oh, right here, everyone just run towards him. On the other side just build roofs, that's what you need to do, okay, I'm getting my metal out to stop the man, oh oh oh, right, they took us down today.
Okay, we're building, we're building this man that we're getting. this is going the other way right now it's going pretty good they're up there they're up there wait I think I got high no, no, I'm probably leaving um yeah, I blocked everything, help it last, okay? okay, let's go now, man, oh my god, lucas, I got lucas, he's bringing me down, he's taking me down, I broke down, I broke down, I broke him down, I knocked him down, I broke him down, full meal for him, ah, come on every time I play these



. against the best players in the world, I haven't played a game in a long time, oh no, oh my god, did I?
Oh my gosh, oh I had one for so many kids right here, yeah, I think in high school too, oh shit, we. come on hype um lucas pico pico come on oh oh come on this is it this is the last round okay if you guys enjoyed the video everyone leave I like what do these people eat what are they how is it what do they do when they wake up in the morning do you like to? Explain it to me in no way. I just got lasered, bro. Who is it? Is it Orba or the hum?
That box opens in that box. I'm dead. This way he is killing me. They are spraying me. The tallest guy. We're all in one drink, oh we gotta go up, yeah, okay, I'm going to kill an idiot, just kidding, I love you, swing, but you're too good, yeah, that's it, I hope you enjoyed the video if they left a like. comment below anything else you want to see and yeah it will be jarvis oh wait nevermind it's funny yeah okay yeah anyway peace guys.

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