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Exchange between Rep. Matt Gaetz and Reverend Al Sharpton

May 10, 2020
Thank my Lord. President Reverend Sharpton, your current MSNBC co-worker Joe Scarborough, is my former congressman and when Joe Scarborough served in Congress she had a lot to say about his contribution to the national debate. It was in the One Hundred and Sixth Congress that Joe Scarborough put forward his request. a concurrent House Resolution 270 titled condemning the racist and anti-Semitic views of the Reverend Al Sharpton, Mr. The Scarborough resolution began by saying that while the Rev. Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as blood-sucking Jews and joob asteroids, my question to you is: will Mr.
exchange between rep matt gaetz and reverend al sharpton
Scarborough's claim that you said these things is that true or you didn't say those things are patently false. I never said that. Okay, can I finish my answer? I thought you raised the question, so next question, Mr. The Maness Persians were not chosen. I asked Scarboro and I worked very closely together, he comes to national action, there were conventions. I think he's a great guy and we do mutual shows often, mr. Scarboro also says: excuse me, the timekeeper will be mr. chairman of the parliamentary inquiry, is it appropriate for a member of the body to personally attack a witness before the body?
exchange between rep matt gaetz and reverend al sharpton

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exchange between rep matt gaetz and reverend al sharpton...

What should I say? Can a Congressman's words be removed from Kenny in case he slanders a witness? Yes, we ask everyone to adhere to the rules of decorum Thank you sir. President Joe Scarborough wrote then, while the Rev. Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as white interlopers and diamond merchants. Has he ever referred to members of the Jewish faith as white interlopers or diamond merchants? No sir, I was referring to one in Harlem, an individual. that he didn't even know that he was Jewish like an antelope and he said that he should never refer to his race.
exchange between rep matt gaetz and reverend al sharpton
I said he was against those who were using apartheid diamonds and when I did a funeral in Crown Heights in '91 because we were boycotting Oppenheimer and those who were selling apartheid diamonds in South Africa thanks to the same sermon. I'm trying to get my answers. I can't finish my ux2 question and am replying. I have a few more and I have a few more answers that I can. Don't wait well, apparently you're doing it because you don't want me to say no, since you raised it, let me finish, it will be in the form of an investigative statement, is it appropriate for a member to go on a running tirade attacking the witness and then?
exchange between rep matt gaetz and reverend al sharpton
Not allowing the witness to respond is not my personal opinion, it is not appropriate, but that is not an appropriate parliamentary inquiry statement at that time. Thank you, Mr. President Mr. Scarboro continued as Reverend Al Sharpton led a protest in the Crown Heights neighborhood and marched alongside a protester holding a sign that read "The White Man is the Devil." Did you march past a sign that I don't remember seeing in many things where there were signs that you agreed or didn't agree with the punctuation it was torn up and I and I was saying that if I was aware of that I would have said it but I didn't want to so you shouldn't ask me a question if no I don't want an answer, no, if you said them, you could say yes or no, so I can't answer Mr.
The president says yes or no when he asks me whether or not I am the witness. First of all, this has nothing to do with the police. He wants the topic to be Joe Scarborough and he let me answer it at the end. I know Joe Scarborough is not superior. members of the police department don't even have anything, but I would love to participate in this if he lets me finish so they don't give me back my time. No Joe Scarborough continues the ferocious demagoguery of Reverend Al Sharpton, he incited violence, riots and murders in the Crown Heights section. of Brooklyn whether you agree or disagree with that statement, in fact, the state of New York did an extensive study on corona.
Three times I said I wasn't even there until after Yankel Rosenbaum died. I wasn't even called by the family until the next day we had nothing to do when I arrived in Crown Heights. You lived through the first non-violent mob that exists. It's really okay, Mr. Sir. Sharpton, have you ever referred to African Americans who disagree with you as cocktail sippers? Have you ever referred to African Americans as you? You have a parliamentary investigation if a congressman persistently questions a witness about an irrelevant


er. It is appropriate? I think the gentleman is right, but the rules give members a wide latitude for harmony research.
The gentleman will state his parliamentary position. Does it violate any rule of decorum for a member to specifically read verbatim a document filed in the Congressional records? As a resolution, the Lord of Florida can proceed. Thank you mr. President, have you ever referred to African Americans who disagree with you as yellow and then the n-word? I don't know if I've referred to people with names, I don't know if it's because they don't agree with me, but I've said things about blacks and whites. I'm glad you made it clear that I don't just attack white people. Thanks for that, have you ever said that?
Have you ever referred to African Americans who disagree with you as black militants? I didn't know that was a derogatory statement. Don't know. I don't remember, have you ever said that if the Jews want to do it, tell them to put on their yarmulkes and come to my house? No, there was a man. called Motor-Car Levy who had been accused of some terrorist acts who was threatening to march on me and several activists in New Jersey and said he was going to come take care of my hair and I mean his hair. I told him for him depending on how he would come. in it I wasn't talking about all the Jews, you know, I said about the Mordechai tax, have you said I'm already in hell?
I'm in Israel, yes, because they would have threatened me if I came to deal with you, you know it well, in the first place, even. I think you can deal with congressional decorum but you can't disrespect a witness. Can't answer a question. Ask a question until the witness cannot answer. So let me answer. Mister. Let me ask for time. Enjoyment. I think he has. now you're screaming you're screaming the other one bow down I think in trying to answer your last question, the witness can answer the question what about killing the pigs? Answer that question. The witness can answer the question.
The knight's time has come. expired a question that he posed, what he was saying was clearly that I have not agreed with blacks and whites. I have used language graphically at some point to do so, some of which I have gotten over, but none of which shows anything other than that I am an equal opportunity attacker and I am glad that Joe Scarborough and I are equal opportunity attackers and Now let's work together, mr. President, I request that you recognize the request for return by unanimous consent. I request unanimous consent to present the Scarborough resolution as part of the committee's permanent record.
I object that the gentleman from Georgia, mr. The Chairperson has a motion now to thank the gentleman for yielding and he was reviewing his earlier response. Reverend Sharpton, you are quoted in a Washington Examiner article from July 30, 2019 as having said that if the Jews want to do it, tell them to pull up their kippahs and come to my house and in your answer to my question you said to just was referring to a person so here is my very limited question for you Reverend, were you misquoted in this story when you say that the Jews and they were referring to a plural group of people rather than one person, it seems you have a complaint what can I respond to.
My name is Sharpton, I allow no doubt, Sookie, I will answer the question if you will allow me and then you will know that I am going to answer. I was referring to. to an incident and a threat to come to my house by Mordecai Levy and to the houses of Reverend Daughtry and others, I believe the exam I believe you said or someone else wrote. I'm not looking at it, so I don't know if you misquoted Me or not. I know what I said and who I was referring to. Well, did you say them? I just said that.
I'm not looking at the statement. I'm not talking about the situations that happened. in 1991 if I said duh or those I don't know, I know that incident and I know what I was referring to and a man threatening to come to our house who had that type of criminal record and I had two small children, I think. under five years old, so do you think that whether I said it or not was helpful? I heard excessive force from the police. Well, I think it's quite significant when someone wants to come and preach to us, sir. speaker, i don't think you're talking about people coming for you, mr. president when a witness is asked a question here before this Judiciary Committee, our rules will provide that witnesses authorized to answer the question the member controls at the time the member controls the time if the member judges that the question is answered at to your satisfaction, you can move on to another question when a witness tries to answer the question, is it the rules of this committee that the witness is allowed to answer the question and also is it in the decorum of this committee not to disturb the witness if the witness is trying answer the question the member correctly his two answers the member controls the time if the member believes that the questions have been answered satisfactorily he can cut the answer and move on to another question however harassing is not allowed as a witness, we provide members with considerable attitudes, but witnesses, but nuisance witnesses are inappropriate and our committee should not behave in a manner that all parties to this proceeding are expected to conduct themselves with decorum and professionalism and at all times in a manner that credibly reflects the rules of The House of Representatives require the President to maintain order and decorum and I will do so.
Thank you, Mr. President, I'm not having March, I believe in fighting, well, fight, then there will be no one to stop you. I'll knock off the man a lot of cookies walking around here tonight. Did you say those words? I don't remember us saying I will. Not a lot, I think over the last 40 years, I think you're referring to a lot and I'm not sure, but I think you're referring to when I was dealing with some people who were saying they didn't want to march. and the day went by, the people and I told him there were a lot of people walking around saying the name, they're usually no one because I felt like they were just trying to interrupt our questions, so in the context of I was.
I was quoting as I said I was quoting as I said the reference made about I don't want my astrology and mathematics before Socrates and the homo Greeks have gotten around to it. Did you say that mr. Sharp I talked about African history and I talked about how we had all dealt with astrology, as well as mathematics, philosophy and religion in Africa, but you refer to the people as Greek homos, right? I don't remember how I refer to anyone and we have to quote, you would have to say that your bigoted statements in 1991 are excusable just because there were 19.
I think any statement I made was incorrect. I have clearly said that we should not make bigoted statements, including me. I also think to do it I also think I will destroy all the questions, but I will absolutely when you call Greek ahmo when you talk about white cookies, those are bigoted sighs. I think I made it clear that I was quoting someone. He said yelling and getting angry is beneath his office. You should calm down once again, Mr. President after a sustained attack on the character of a witness who has been called by people on this panel and that panel then attacks that witness in a deliberate and sustained manner that is not relevant to the issue at hand Is it appropriate for a member to request that?
Offending members' words will be deleted. It's not appropriate according to the rules. Thank you, Mr. The President and I would point out that these are very relevant to the issues we face. Reverend Sharpton appeared before the House Judiciary Committee because a Black man should be running as a so-called policing expert, and yet his bigoted statements undermine the bipartisan work we should be doing. doing to ensure that all citizens can come together and have safe communities on a border mr. President, what is Lewis's name? A


er of order. How is this line of research relevant? And if it's not relevant, is it appropriate to speak en masse about the point within the Jimmy?
We should have allowed our Mr. President, we should have had a series. We have had a witness appear before us two days ago, Mr Lewandowski, who treated this panel with complete disdain and now we have the opposite: one of our members does the same to a witness we have called. I don't think it's within our best practices to allow our process to move forward. to the level to which we have now sunk and I am asking the President to, with prudence and discretion, decide that the gentleman from the Florida line of inquiry with this specific witness who is trying to attack his characters, there is no doubt about it, but I am reading his own words, doing sosustained manner and this is not a point of order the point of order that Mr.
Gates does not have the say not a single word relevant to the issue at hand. Is it appropriate for this committee to allow the misuse of this platform to attack the character of a witness? I mean, this is taking our process to a level that should never be allowed to descend and I'm opposed to us wallowing in the mud down here with these comments, I mean, it's not about whether it's true or false, it's the fact that it is not relevant to the point, the chairman will rule on the point, the chairman will rule on the point of order, although the gentleman's comments may be unpleasant, although they may object to that point of order, that is another opportunity to criticize the comments.characterized as whatever you want characterize them as idle so that your words are noted with all disgrace am I a photo of women under the rules the gentleman has wide freedom both in the question of relevance and in the language he uses and unfortunately According to the rules, I can't override it.
The gentleman will proceed. Thank you, Mr. President, you sold the story of your life, Mr. Sharpton to his own charity How much money did his charity pay him for the rights to tell his story? parliamentary inquiry mr. President, this is an outrage and the question is whether the motives can be challenged and/or insult or harass the witness or cost or characterize his presence as a little lady was not recognized. I thank mr. Chairman, I think the gentleman from Georgia highlighted the testimony we had just two days ago that the challenge to the character destruction motive did not occur during our cross-examination.
What I tell our good friend from Florida that he is not here now. only that it is not relevant but you are designated Lee attacking the character and also providing information is not so good let me finish providing information it is and it is a consultation and presents information that is a character that destroys the question is in an interrogation of a witness you can using elements that refer to the character of the witness and that degrade the character of the witness is that an appropriate line of questioning if it is an appropriate line of questioning is not relevant but with respect to the parliamentary inquiry that questions the character of a witness and modus that can serve to determine the credibility that should be given to the testimony, we have always given it a very wide margin and the answer has to be that I cannot object to that gentleman proceeding.
How much money did your charity pay you personally for the right To tell the story of your life, my charity owed me a certain amount of money and I asked them if they could use that money to have the right to sell any rights to my life, whether it be a one-man documentary or other items that They have already begun to reap dividends. I would have paid, he had to pay me the same sum anyway because they owed it to me. Those are the answers. Can I finish? Was it more than half a million dollars? Can I finish?
Whatever the son was half an assault. Whatever. There is someone to tell the story of your life. charity again fraud charity again owed me a certain amount of money they would have had this pain anyway what I accepted I allowed them to use those overdue funds the man from New York is recognized

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