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EVERYTHING You've Been Taught About Manifesting Abundance IS WRONG! | Sadhguru & Lewis Howes

Jun 07, 2021
America, see? that no, no, it's everywhere, America is setting the path, you know, breaking the standard, we are the best at trying to be the best, so this is an unfortunate cultivation that is happening since kindergarten yeah you go to school, what your parents will say. You must be number one if you are number one, what about the other 30 or 40 kids that are there? They must be below you. They are losers. They are losers. Then your joy is only in other people. fail when your joy is because of other people's misery that is not joy it is illness in who right now the whole world is invested in this is not just the United States the United States displaces it so it is not that not be there everywhere in the rest of the world everywhere it is there but here it is blatantly shown, they are a little shy everywhere in the world but still they have it yeah what would the world be like if we decided to encourage everyone and celebrate other people being successful or happy or whatever?
everything you ve been taught about manifesting abundance is wrong sadhguru lewis howes
For them to be successful, what would the world be like? Look, I see that in America everyone keeps talking about family, family, family, but you have forgotten just about us, maybe a century ago, yes, maybe a century ago or even 70 years ago or 50 years ago yeah He said family, it meant crime, because families were running crime, yeah, wow, of course, they always refer to crime as family because family is crime, really let me get to that, I know this will get me in trouble, look , there is only one crime and there is only one evil in the world that is limited identity, the amount of crime you will commit simply depends on how empowered you are, say once again, how much crime you commit simply depends on how empowered you are, what no matter how empowered you are, yes, so you are.
everything you ve been taught about manifesting abundance is wrong sadhguru lewis howes

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everything you ve been taught about manifesting abundance is wrong sadhguru lewis howes...

What will happen if you have a lot of power and your identity is very limited, you will do terrible things, so the most important thing is to improve or expand one's identity. How do we do it? See, for example, traditionally in Indian yogic culture before beginning education. For a child, the first and most important thing is that he must take a cosmic identity, a cosmic identity, yes, he has to take that, what is that, what does it look like? So if I'm a child, yes, in your teacher, then the thing is one thing. There is a mantra that says you have to say it over and over again you have to look at the sky and say it looked at the earth and said look at the air and said look at the fire and said all the elements of water and satiate because these are all the components of the composition of the cosmos you look at empty space and you say it you look at the water and you say it you look at the fire and you say it you look at the earth and you say it so that you understand that your identity is unlimited why this is done wow why this is done is that education is seen as empowerment you should not empower a person who has a limited identity because it will cause havoc.
everything you ve been taught about manifesting abundance is wrong sadhguru lewis howes
I'll take the worst example that will get me in trouble, of course. everyone talks about it, you're not even supposed to mention this name, adolf hitler, well, many people have


there and caused enormous pain to other human beings, but I don't think anyone has managed to organize it, mechanize it and really deliver it as a factory of Misery like the one this man did well, it is a factory, yes, literally, a factory of misery that manufactures properly organized misery, but do you think that there are not thousands or hundreds and thousands of people with the same mentality in the world?
everything you ve been taught about manifesting abundance is wrong sadhguru lewis howes
Absolutely, they are the only thing. they have no power like him competition is the only thing they lack tyranny is in people's minds there are as many tyrants as adolf hitler you can find them in a school teacher you can find them in your parents you can find them around you in your neighborhood, but fortunately They are not as powerful with that man, that man is super competent, that is the problem, so right now human competence becomes a terrible problem simply because you have a limited identity, so you invest your identity in a family, you invest your identity in a community race religion nationality your relationships tell me in the name of nations in the name of race in the name of religions in the name of communities how terrible how many terrible things we have done in this world it is still happening today now the most terrible believe it what's happening today just look back at the last 100 years all because of someone's identity pride country city state religion all these things how do you just take the 20th century okay a century gone the 21st century is progressing now 20th century ticket in name of the race what is it all Have we made each other?
Yes, in the name of religion. What have we done to each other in the name of nationality? What have we done to each other? Just look back and see that we have literally killed half the world's population in the 20th century because of identity, yes, of a philosophy of an ideology, people have killed, okay, so limited identity and empowerment They are a disaster, but we are continuously cultivating this all the time, so I said that family is a crime because family is the first identity you take after it comes. community, after that comes maybe race, religion or nationality right now, nationality is reasonably the biggest identity that you are adopting within this nation.
It looks good that you are committed as an American to the well-being of America, but just look at who is fighting who. In this world, a good Indian is fighting a good Pakistan, a good Hindu is fighting a good Muslim, a good American fighting anyone because you never fought a war. Here you go out and fight all over the world. Okay, you will find reasons for why you fought that war and its heroic nature. I know people who lost their lives believing they were doing the best thing in their lives. Yes, but I want you to meet that man who you think is horrible, that terrorist, that scoundrel. militant or whatever you want to call him that guy is also a suicide bomber look at anyone for every human being or even for an aunt his life is precious try to catch him look he will do


possible to save his life so someone to throw away his life This way obviously what they believe means a lot more than their crazy life right yeah it's not crazy look if they do it your way it's heroic if they do it their way it's crazy I'm not trying to support terrorism or something like that.
I'm just telling you it's a limited identity. Genocides have


committed due to limited identity. Nations have been raised because of a limited identity. Evil things we have done to each other on an individual level simply because of a limited identity. So this is what yoga means. union which means that you consciously erased the limits of your individual nature and your life experience expanded once you sit here and experience


around you as part of yourself after that you do not need any morality you do not need any commandments you shall not cut down the tree you will not kill this man you will not steal this this does not make sense to you when you have experienced something as part of yourself then the whole system of yoga when I say yoga I mean yoga not the yoga that is happening in Los Angeles around from the studies, but I say we have also reduced it, right, something about identity, yes, yes, still twisting and turning your body, it is good for you, you will become flexible and maybe healthy, that is good for you, but I want that you do it.
Understand, wouldn't you wish Adolf Hitler were a sick man instead of a healthy man? I wouldn't wish that, yeah, I wish he was a healthy man, uh, I wish he was a healthy man, he was healthy, that's the problem, I'm telling you. I wish he were a sick man, yeah, wouldn't you be happy if you had cancer at 25 and didn't kill all these people who didn't set up this factory? Yeah, I wish they'd died, that's what I'm saying. health becomes a curse competition becomes a curse individual intelligence becomes a curse why because you have a limited identity is in that context I said that the family is a crime the family is a wonderful place where people They support each other like you said, isn't it important if you create a world where everyone supports each other to do the best they can, that is happening in the family, that is the most beautiful aspect of family, but why only Is it limited to those four or five people or whatever?
What should families start to reconsider about their unity, their connection, how could they expand it to something bigger than just the family of four or six in this house living this way? I don't know if you have even heard from political leaders in India, for example, wherever our prime minister goes to the United States. nations will say vasudeva see this means the world is my family is a chant that always says is the world is our family uh because this has to be instilled from childhood that your identity is not about a few people who are born around you or people a couple of people who bore you your identity is the air you breathe it is your identity yes this is your life so if you identify with the air you breathe what is that that is not you and what is that that is you everything is you Yes, everything is you, your intelligence is a blessing, your competence is a blessing, your intelligence, your competence, your abilities, everything is a gift to the world, true, but if your identity is small, all the wonderful things that human beings have become a curse, look. right now our intelligence then We have developed a lot of science, technology, but the cutting edge of science and technology always goes to military equipment, isn't it first?
At least many of these things will never reach you on the street, they will always be there, only when all the other nations have done it, maybe later. It will surely reach you until then, it will just stay there, so our intelligence is gaining destructive force. Why limited identity? But right now, can I just open the borders of this nation and say I love everyone? We are not there, we are not. there the world is not there we cannot do that it is okay we still need nationality we still need all these things but we can hold it a little lightly we do not have to hold it as if it were absolute it is not absolute it is something that we have made our idea of ​​family it's our idea of ​​community it's our idea of ​​race religion everything it's our idea of ​​nationality it's our creation so don't treat it as if it were an absolute what would happen if we opened every border in every country that would be possible only if there was no economic disparity if there would be no economic disparity there would be no national borders about two centuries ago people could walk wherever they wanted there were no visas or passports anywhere because economically everyone was reasonably in the same What about race?
Do you know India well? India is a classic example. If you travel from north to south every 50 kilometers, people will look different, they dress different, they talk different and they eat different every few kilometers you will see people. We are different and we don't have any problems, that's how it would have been, yeah, just because you protected yourself for too long. Now race seems to be a big issue, right? But you think the monetary disparity is the economic disparity, which is hard to deal with, yeah right. Now, if you remove the borders of this country, maybe half the world will be here in the United States and that will not be a solution because you will become poor.
Okay, America will be plagued with poverty if that happens, but if you totally do it. Get away then you will also become poor in a different way, so this has to come first: if your identity is inflexible, you will do things judiciously, as it is necessary for the situation, an appropriate action, not our actions, never They are absolute. it's just about being appropriate for the situations we exist in, yes, if there are some parents watching or listening and saying, wow, this is very telling, I've never thought about it this way, they've always raised their kids a certain way. . the way your children are between this word this is the word I hear very often in America we don't hear this in India, I was raised this way, yes people say I was raised Catholic, I was raised Jewish , I was raised Baptist, I was raised.
This way you don't raise humans, you only raise livestock, a human is a possibility that needs to be nurtured, not raised in a particular way, so you are raising people in a certain way because you are already committed to something you think. it's absolute wow nothing is absolute life is a possibility are you going to let your kids explore that possibility or do you want to make them like concrete blocks that are a particular shape elevated in a certain way? No, this is not the way to handle them. Humanity says these parents are hearing this and want to raise their children differently.
Yes, the first thing they have to do is, but they have been


something all their lives. You can say your prayers as you know, but let them know. which is not absolute, they can sing their national anthem with pride. Wonderful, let them know it's not absolute. Let them also teach you two lines of a global anthem, if not a cosmic anthem, a global anthem that includes the well-being of each life. All children should sing this.conscious planet, uh, Louis, you must be a part of that somehow. Trying to bring together all the influences in the world to come together, take ownership of this process and create a conscious world because that is the only thing missing.
Never before in the history of mankind has any generation had these kinds of comforts, these kinds of comforts, these kinds of wonderful things. things we have today never before human survival was better organized than today if we don't do it now when many great beings have come to this planet but when they spoke barely 10 people could hear that is true today we can sit here and talk to the whole world when let's have this, if we don't transform the world into a more loving, joyful and exuberant humanity, it simply means that we don't care, I don't want to go, so yes, it's beautiful, it's a beautiful way to be.
I asked you this question last time but you didn't really answer it, so I'll ask it again. Yeah, okay, this is called the three truths and maybe you don't have an answer and that's fun, it's called the three truths. a hypothetical question, so I would like you to imagine that you can live as long as you want to live in this physical body on this earth, but then one day you have to leave and take all your work with you, all your content, a hypothetical question. It's hypothetical, no, no, you're not going to take it, but it has to go somewhere that no one has access to anymore, so it has to go somewhere else, but we don't have access to your information. content your books everything has disappeared for some reason I have already taken care of that it is a hypothetical right so imagine that you can only share three final things that we would have three final lessons that this is all we would have to remember you for your information I call three truths what would you be what would be your three truths for the world oh only three maybe that's why you didn't answer last time but everyone shut up look and listen yeah really look wow right now people aren't looking if they look they're drawing conclusions based in their identities ah they are not listening to anything yes they are drawing their conclusions just shut up look and listen life is there yes that's all that's three steps it's one shut up also look and listen three I love it if you do this everything I'm talking about will be naturally yours yes this everything I did I just kept quiet I looked at everything absolutely investing all my vital energy in my gaze and investing all my vital energy in listening and that's all I know, yes, and you, whatever I know, you will know if you learn to look and listen, but first you must shut up, prepare means the final question, now, this is my final question, what is your definition of? greatness what is my definition of greatness if it can be defined it is not big enough for me like I said definition means it has clear limits well if you can be here without any sense of limit that is greatness there you have it thank you very much sargera I appreciate it thank you thank you thank you thank you it is a pleasure to talk pleasure I hope you enjoyed this interview with saad guru every time I go out with him I am always inspired by his wisdom and his knowledge and how we can apply this wisdom in our life and in fact I interviewed him recently and I want to share this interview with you also and I would love for you to leave a comment below and let me know your opinion on the most important part of this first part of the interview. and this second interview too, so leave a comment below about which part you enjoyed the most and what was the most value here.
Come on, adults, as you know, get caught up in many things that are not their true nature and why is that? Do you think we forget how to play and think like a child when we grow up? Look, people have forgotten that in this vast cosmos where we don't know where the beginning is, where the end is, in the middle of nowhere, on a little ball of mud called earth, you and I are sitting long distance talking right now. , okay, and for the kind of creatures we are, we are not even a speck of dust in this universe, but we have an individual experience, this is the magnanimity of creation. that is given as an individual experience although tomorrow we will be nothing if all humanity evaporates no one will send a message in this cosmos that is how small we are but we have an individual experience so this individual experience human beings have taken too seriously as if were the beginning and the end of the world if they thought they were the center of the universe then this misunderstanding makes them believe that as they grow or degenerate I would say that they do not really grow because at the age of five If you are so cheerful and energetic when If you are 30 years old you should be ecstatic and bursting, but if the opposite has happened, this is degeneration of life, so this degeneration occurs because people take their individual existence too seriously and do not understand.
Before you and I came here, countless people who thought they were smart, strong, beautiful and wonderful, everyone is the top layer of the soil now, countless people and you and I will be too one day, unless our friends Our friends choose to bury us very deeply for fear that we might rise from the dead or something, so we have taken our individual existence too seriously because this life has taken a backseat, our physical structure has come to the foreground , our psychological structures, you know, are gone. to the stratosphere, but the life that we are is somewhere that is not even in most people's experience, so this is the problem when you were a child, you were just a part of life, little by little you took your personality so seriously that you took the limits of your life.
They take themselves so seriously that you think this is it, until death knocks on their door, they don't realize that it's not like that and you know, I've learned that in some cultures they focus on death several times a day to bring them back to that moment, this is the only time we have make the most of this moment, don't take things too seriously, do you focus on death a lot throughout your days or is it not something you focus on? do you think? I live death all the time. time you're on a motorcycle, not just that motorcycle, I live, yeah, right now, if you don't know this, I just published a book about death, do you really know that?
Yes, it is a bestseller in India right now. Wow, it is here in the US too, I still have to get a copy, we will send you a copy, but it was not published in the US, it was only published on Penguin India because in the US we are releasing another book, so this has stuck with us, we are launching a book on karma. perfect, I did both, so the book is about this is only for those who will die, that's what it's called death, a book only for those who will die because most people think that other people die, they don't realize that we die well, they don't see it.
Death essentially means that it reminds us that we have a limited amount of time and energy to live, no one has unlimited time or unlimited energy, if one is constantly aware of this, they will definitely organize their life and prioritize their life in a much better way than the The way they are doing it now is a fundamental death, it does not mean anything else, it is not something terrible, death simply means that it clearly reminds you that you have limited time and energy, which means that you need to organize your time and energy along What is more valuable to you, do not do one more thing that is not necessary for you or anyone around you, and since people think they are forever, they are in a certain anxiety all the time, I think they have just published a poem that I wrote three years ago. four days is called life the most restless rest so well when their life is taken away as if the only curse were life what does that mean rest so well do you mean sleep so well or live so well that you feel restless oh even while they sleep, they They roll around everywhere, huh, they don't sleep well, no, no, they need to drink or take a sleeping pill, most of them, so how do we get to a quiet place?
It's more about our thoughts. Is it more about our heart, our soul, our karma, our physical body, where is the place to start to rest? Look right now, people in general, people's understanding is rest means sleep, wakefulness means something is happening. No, you have to make your wakefulness relaxing too, it's just. For example, if you have a car that is running at very high revs all the time, it will naturally wear out, so it is important that it runs cool, so if you are running at an easy pace, your efficiency will increase your ability to do things will increase, your proficiency will increase in everything, most of all, the number of hours you sleep will decrease dramatically, let's say, uh, for most people who practice in engineering, their heart rate is between 45 and 65.
Actually, many of them Yes, many of them are under 45 years old, between 35 and 45, also in sitting states, in resting states, so once their system works so easily, the need for rest will decrease. There was a time when not anymore, I'm getting small. old and lazy these days so there was a time three days and three nights if I don't sleep I will remain perfectly normal and I will continue doing all my activities all night I will drive the next day all day I will teach all night I will drive and again I will teach like this uh these days I can do it one night the next day I will need to get some rest right, now you take naps all day, yes, no, no, no, for almost 25 years, more than 25 years, my average sleep. the time was only two and a half hours wow today I'm sleeping between three and a half to four and a half hours you're getting lazy you're getting lazy wow yeah I think I ran five miles yesterday and my average heart rate was over 165 so I wonder if I can.
I wonder if I can do it now. I'm putting quite a bit of effort into my running, so I'm wondering if there's a way to train hard and keep my heart rate lower than normal even while you're at it. pushing and pumping so much blood uh the important thing is to see how easily oxygen and nutrients are distributed at the cellular level that will determine seeing this has not been the case in general they are not thinking along these lines they are always thinking about increasing lung capacity yes That too is important, but what is important is how much nutrients and oxygen reach the cellular level consequently, your pulmonary system will function, but it is not just about the heart rate, even at the cellular level, with how much stress or how easily.
This can be determined. We have what's called a cobra test for people. Would you like to go through the cobra test? uh, a cobra would bite you, no, no, if it doesn't bite you, then try something. most poisonous creatures are like that, particularly cobras in the wild, if you just go and pick up a cobra like that, it will just come without holding its head or anything, just in the middle of the body, it will just come effortlessly into your hands without any reaction because he is only feeling your chemistry if you show little anxiety if you show even a little anxiety he will go for you if you show none he feels very comfortable with you because he feels all his safety and danger just from your body chemistry so this is a cobra test, people say i claim they are very meditative, we say okay let's do the cobra test, this is how you do that test with people, we can get you 165.
I love your uh i'm really enjoying your internal engineering course right now. I've been checking it out and I'm really enjoying it. You have a date? I think I'm going to get the quote right. I think I wrote it where you said only what you perceive you know the rest is imagination and you were talking about that in the context of what we learn in school you were giving this example of you know we really only have fifty percent of our time available because The other fifty percent is with our faculties and with sleep and for many years we learn things the content that we only use one percent is what I remember you said, what do you mean by this, only what you perceive? you know the rest is imagination look, uh, perception happens to you in five different dimensions. see hear smell smell taste touch this is how you are perceiving life this data has been gathered within you just because this data has been gathered within you now you can walk on a round planet that rotates it is not a small thing it is not a Something so small like you can walk on a spinning ball because all this data has been collected through the five senses, it is not intellectual information, but perceptual information.
If this information is not there, you will not be able to walk. Actually, yes. not being able to walk straight, this is what happens to people when some people lose their memory and things like that suddenly become unstable in their bodies because some of the data gets disconnected from their system, so this data that you perceive They are the most important. That's what a child is all the time drinking everything, you see how the child looks at everything because he wants to drink as much data as possible because he instinctively knows that without the data he will not be able to function, so how attentive you are. how attentive they areYou will say something is well designed only if it works the way you want, if it doesn't work the way you want, what the hell do you expect other things to work the way? you want it's just an accident when you live accidentally anxiety is normal yes it's every day but when you live purposefully and intentionally and consciously you should be able to get out of it no, no, no, I wouldn't use those words, okay?
What words would you use when you say purpose, intention, conscious? See, this is the problem with people, their mind is full all the time, right, my mind is empty all the time, nothing happens, nothing happens, that's why I wear a turban just to make it substantial. nothing in my head if I'm walking there I'm just walking nothing happens because look right now your hands are there let's say your hand starts jumping like this what if let's say my hand starts jumping like that what will you think, do you think satguru? It has some kind of doesn't it?
I just don't know, that's how smart people do things, you know, no, no, I guess my hand starts jumping like that, you'll think there's some ailment, won't you, you'll think that I Maybe Mr. Parkinson's is visiting me or something, I'm sure, so your mind is wandering all over the place. Why isn't that ailment? I ask that your only consolation is that other people can't see it, right? I guess they see it. through the manifestation that you are anxious, tense, stressed or angry, whether they see it or not, whether they see it or not, if any part of you is just jumping around without purpose, it is an ailment.
I'm asking if any part of you is jumping. without purpose is an ailment, well I think in your internal engineering course you talk about how we have certain faculties that we can't control, like going to the bathroom and doing certain things that are part of our body, so yes, but I don't . I don't know if that's a trick no, no, the p, the p is just filling his bladder, he's not jumping all over the place, catch your catch here if he's jumping all over the place, that's an ailment, that's ammo, yeah , right right now, suppose you let me.
Let's take a worse example, suppose your hand starts hitting you on the face, that's an ailment, yeah sure, so right now your thoughts and emotions are hitting you from inside, why isn't that an ailment? I'm saying no, it is, so let's not think. anger happens to us, resentment happens to us no these things that we are creating we have the power to emote we can turn it into love we can turn it into joy we can turn it into ecstasy but people have chosen to turn it into tension anger resentment hatred they have turned it that way now they will say that this is because life has been unfair to me life has not been fair to anyone especially me life is not fair to anyone life is just rolling it is so that you learn to handle it sometimes we are in uncomfortable situations some of us because sometimes we are in comfortable situations sometimes we are in situations where we know exactly what to do and sometimes we are in situations where we don't know what to do sometimes someone else is controlling the situation sometimes you are controlling the situation that's life if you constantly If you find yourself in unknown situations in your life, that means you are growing at a fast pace.
If you are constantly in comfortable situations, that means you have a stagnant life. So if you are looking for comfort, if you are looking for a comfort zone because at the moment your thoughts and emotions will torment you. with stimulating external stimulation that happens, what will you choose? You will choose a comfort zone. This means that you will limit your life, so the moment someone can cause you pain or suffering, this means that you will unknowingly limit the scope of your life a lot only when a person loses this fear. of suffering that no matter what happens this is how I will be if this security comes to you then you walk with a firm step because whatever happens in life around you will not really make you suffer once you are free from suffering only when you are free from suffering when you are free from the fear of suffering, that is when you will explore your life in all its depth and dimension, how do we get rid of the fear of suffering?
So see, as I told you, suffering is happening because your faculties are not retained. in your hands if I have to address this in small details I will have to take a few minutes look, for example, if I ask you a simple question, do you want your intellect to be sharp or blunt, what is your choice, sharp, sharp of course? you understand that your intellect is better the sharper the better it is like a knife so if it is like a knife it is a cutting instrument so if you give something to your intellect it will dissect everything and you will see that this is the nature of our intellect you don't have than dissect physically but dissect everything and see what is this what is this is the nature of intellect without dissection you don't know because it is a knife it is like a scalpel it must be sharpened a knife that is not sharp is not a good knife, is it not so good for butter?
Yeah, that also depends if it just comes out of the refrigerator, even if it doesn't cut, so if you're using a knife to do everything that needs to be done. Let's all say you eat with a knife, you brush with your knife and you do everything with your knife, of course you will bleed, that's all that is happening, just a dimension of intelligence within us in the yogic way of looking at things, We look at the mind as 16 parts this intellect is only one part because our educational systems are such that they are totally intellect oriented.
Human beings largely use only one dimension of their intellect to do everything. You use a knife to sew your clothes. What will you use? Just shreds. See, that's what we're seeing in Los Angeles right now that half the people are wearing tattered clothes, maybe they used a knife to sew their jeans exactly with holes in them, yeah, so if you use a knife to sew, that is what will happen. All in tatters at this moment, human life is mainly in tatters. Because of this, instead of using a needle, you are using a knife, so intellect is a very good survival instrument.
If you want to survive on this planet, you need a sharp intellect. The sharper it is, the better you will survive, but that won't help you. life that will not be able to put everything together right now because through the intellectual process people are trying to handle everything so carefully that they are trying to do everything right, right, right, and one mistake, the result is a mistake, everything is fine, but the end result is a big mistake because you're using a knife to do everything um when okay here's a question for you when was the last time you felt anger or resentment and you actually expressed it I was thinking about getting angry with you right now perfect bring it to me I love that the thing is Luis I uh I didn't give this privilege to anyone that someone can make me happy someone can make me unhappy someone can make me I'm angry someone can make me miserable I haven't given that privilege to anyone it's not that I'm incapable of all these things If I want I can do all those things well but I have not given this privilege to anyone they cannot do something to me and make me angry no, I have not given it to them Did you have that privilege for anyone?
Did you have that experience or give that privilege to anyone when you were younger? Did you learn that at a certain point where you transitioned until I was 23 24 years old from probably 11 12? I was always angry 24 hours a day, really almost yes, because I was on this binge of what justice and injustice is, so once you start looking at what justice and injustice is, almost everything in the world seems unfair, Everything makes you feel small, yes, yes, everything. unfair means that it makes me angry and everywhere I see, whether at home, at school, on the street, in society, in the countryside, in the world, everywhere I see, I think this is unfair, this is unfair, this It's not that much of an injustice, I'm always angry, right?
I mean, I feel like there are a lot of people in America and in the world that a lot of things make them angry and there's a lot of injustice for people, so when did you change and how did you come to that conclusion? That this no longer works for you in your life. Look, it doesn't work for anyone. That's true, but for you personally. When did you realize the reason why people think anger is some kind of virtue? Because they say that anger is righteous. Right now, United States. It's cheating with anger and they think it's righteous anger This is simply because it takes something horrible to spur them to act There's not enough love in your heart to spur yourself to act Something has to push you You have to get angry and then it pushes you to the side action, so that kind of action will sometimes produce results, of course, but if we want genuine results that are good for everyone, we must do it when everything is good, but when everything is uncomfortable, no one will do anything, when something horrible happens, then we will get it. get angry and drive us to interact right now, this drives you to action with anger, how long are you going to continue like this?
If you keep it up forever, you will destroy yourself and everything around you, so anger becomes valuable because most people are like that. lethargic in their responses once in a certain way, when they get angry, feel empowered and seem to be doing the right things once in a certain way, you should be doing those right things your whole life and then at the end of your life it is possible That everything hasn't changed, but you It would have made a difference That's how the world works, so how many? If people are lethargic and comfortable many times and are not willing to choose love and act in love to make a change, how can we make people wake up? when things are calmer so that you can act with love and get the change in results that you want to see today, this whole moment what you are seeing in engineering is a moment from religion to responsibility in a way, essentially what I want say is Religion means that people are thinking about responsibility somewhere up there, where is that?
Nobody knows, okay, you just have to believe where that is, but now you're sitting in California. I am here in Tamil Nadu. If I look up, I'm looking up. in one direction if you look up you are looking in another direction so my app is different Europe is different and tomorrow morning again my app will be yours Europe will be mine it will be a big mess the damn planet is spinning and it spins which way is it up does anyone know which direction is up in this universe it is marked somewhere in the cosmos from this side up there is no such thing so the responsibility is up there no it should not come here we must understand if we want to live in a wonderful world?
It is only us and we and we who can make this happen, no other force from anywhere is going to make this happen unless we realize, by transforming ourselves from religion to responsibility, that this is where all this came about, because we have no explanation. for creation before you and I came, so much creation has happened, who did it? women claim why not be a woman in india we solve these problems out there we have gods men we are gods women we have snake god we have cow god we have elephant god we have all kinds crawling once crawling flying once because we foresaw all the future problems that they can happen, you don't know who will claim what tomorrow, so we said everything is god, so what I am saying is that our idea of ​​god has arisen essentially because we have no explanation for creation, how did all this happen? something complex and fantastic who did it because we are human we believe that he must be a great human being suppose that you and I were buffaloes talking right now we would definitely think that God is a huge buffalo, wouldn't we?
No one could argue with us about that. We would definitely say that he is a huge buffalo because that would be our imagination at the moment. This is our imagination. It's okay if you're using it to solve some things. If you are using it as a form of psychological process. That's fine, but comfort is one thing. The solutions for life are something different, so the first thing we must decide is those who are in extreme states of poverty, war, other types of misery that are imposed on them, only for them you must give the rest to those of us who have had breakfast today in the morning or at dinner.
We should talk about solution, not consolation, consolation is just a psychological process to resolve something inside you, but why people have eaten well, people who are healthy, people who have a life to live, why they have a psychological problem, they shouldn't have any psychological problem, that's all. I am saying that I know this will be very cruel for many people, but you better understand it because life is short if you don't understand it now and think that being psychologically disturbed is normal, you will spend your life like this, it is not. normal to be healthy is normal to be balanced is normal to be happy is normal look at yourself when you are five years old if you were miserable or happy and if someone had to make you take away your joy by pricking you with something otherwise the joy would not disappear, you would be bouncing all over the place, Isn't it like that today? somebody hasto make you happy someone has to work hard to make you happy so at that time someone had to work hard to make you miserable today someone has to make you work hard to make you happy the whole equation has been reversed what is what happened to you you just grew up if you grew up Life should get better when you grow up, isn't it in all the other life you see? a small plant when it grows into a tree it becomes better or worse it becomes better it becomes good everything becomes better only human beings say oh childhood was so fantastic my adulthood is misery why this must be the best time must be your old age The most fantastic time, but I hear what I hear you say is that we have allowed our internal engineering not to be broken and we allow it to remain broken with our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings, and we don't Don't deal with it, look that we, as a society, as a culture, as a generation of people, have not given enough importance to life, that we are our entire business.
Ask any kid today, he knows where that z163 galaxy is. He's fine because he's seen it. on the phone screen but he doesn't know anything about himself. You don't know the fundamental mechanics of how it works, for example, let me put this in a very simple way right now. I'll give you a simple exercise in the next 10 seconds. you shouldn't think about a monkey don't think about a monk don't think about a monkey that's what I'm saying just monkeys isn't it for this mind? this is the nature of your mind if you say don't do something only that will happen that is the nature of your mind for this mind someone told you what is good what is bad don't think about bad things well that is a full time job I am saying that you have not understood the simplest and most fundamental mechanics of the human mind, this does not need any enlightenment if someone sits with their eyes closed for two minutes they will realize that in this mind there is no subtraction or division, there is only addition and multiplication, whatever you try to do, it will only happen more, there are no breaks in the three petals.
Speed ​​up, I wish we could go on for another six hours, but I want to be respectful of your time and I have a lot of questions that I know I will always want to ask and continue to learn and improve in my life and I know my audience will want to ask too, but I want to respect the time. and finish with some questions. This is called the three truths. I asked this question to all the guests I have at the end. It's a hypothetical question. three the three truths oh truth hypothetical question uh there is only one well, perfect, well, here is the question that you can share with your loved ones if it is one or three, um, imagine that you have lived your life fully and you have gone to do everything what you want. you want to do it uh you have lived many more years but eventually you must leave your body must leave and for some reason said guru you have to take all your teachings your books your videos this interview with you when you fail for any hypothetical reason and Before you leave, write down three things that you know they are true about your entire life experience, lessons about what you would like to share with the world, that we would all have access to and this is all we would have access to.
From your wisdom, what would you say those three things are for you and maybe it's just one thing, but what would you say your three truths are? Well, anyway I'm planning on doing that, what you said, taking all the books, videos and everything, because all the idiots around me, if they don't get the point when I'm alive, they won't get it after I'm gone, oh there you go, so, books and videos are just inspirational and will never convey the truth, they just will. inspire them to search so that the search knows clearly that I have instilled in millions of people that the search will live by it no books or videos are needed and those things will still live because the search is not about me the search is the fundamental nature of every human being the fundamental intelligence within the human being essentially searches so the search is destroyed by making them believe something all the time along the way this is right that is


that is god this is the devil so beliefs and beliefs and beliefs and you block the search so all my work has been to unlock those blocks for people to become seekers, so if they have become seekers, they will still continue to search if they don't have all the best for them, what can I do?
Well, that's that one truth, so become a seeker. no, we can explore all the other perfect perfect different doors to the same building different doors to the same building understood um I want to uh I want to encourage everyone to participate in their engineering because as I'm going through now I'm really enjoying the philosophy that you're sharing with everyone. Where can we go to access this and follow you on social media? I have a couple of questions left for you, but I want to make sure everyone goes and has access. this because it is a way to continue.
It's one thing right now, if it is, if you are a frontline worker working for the corvid virus, then it is offered free to everyone, otherwise it is offered half price due to the virus situation, so that millions of people are using it, they should go to, is it in the United States, that's where it is, so it's available there and they should check it out as quickly as possible, no They should spread it, let's say. seven days within 15 days, if you pass it, it is more impactful now in the next few days we will add an additional additional day eight days an eighth session which will be held on day four or something like that in which we will teach some practices mainly to improve the immunity of the system considering these times right now we can't be locked down forever the only way to go back we don't know anything about this virus I've been looking at all the scientific studies that every day 128 new articles are being published scientific articles which means we don't know nothing every day, little, little, little, they are learning, so if you look at it, we don't have a clear statement, this is the nature of this virus, this is what it can do.
Nobody has said that, so the only instrument we have is a strong immune system. If you have it, you know you can get through this. As part of this, we will be introducing one more additional session that should be launched in the coming days. that there will be a series of practices that one can learn in one session that will improve the immune system. Here we have spoken to millions of people in rural India, which is making a huge difference, yes, that is powerful, yes, I encourage everyone to do it and We will have it linked in the show notes and everything too.
What are three things you believe? Three habits that you apply in your life that you believe are simple habits that everyone should apply to increase overall happiness and immunity. Oh, these. There are two things: happiness and immunity. Some people are immune to happiness. They think that if you have more happiness, your immune system would also increase. Definitely, if one is exuberant, all systems, including the immune system, will work better because we should not understand happiness and joy. like only a certain type of emotion essentially when your life energies are exuberant it will naturally bubble up you don't have to try to be happy you don't have to try to be joyful this will happen naturally when your energies are exuberant and effervescent naturally your immune system will work well so that those two things are different, but considering the times, I think I should say a few words about the immune system, there are some simple things you can do in India, we have a lot of herbs and other things in a tropical land that we are using very effective, I must tell you that where we are now we are near the western part of tamil nadu where you went is the eastern part near the coast this is the western part of tamil nadu in In this region, our volunteers have been active giving some, you know , some herbal drinks for the police, for the medical staff and for the entire population, a few million people, and we are also distributing this in various places wherever this has been done in this region. tamil nadu region there has not been a single case so far, although it is widespread in chennai, there is not a single case here, i cannot say that it is just because of this drink, but this drink has made a big difference, this drink has no nothing to do with the coveted virus. but it has something to do with improving your immune system your system works better one simple thing that in the United States people can do if you have a garden just spend at least an hour barefoot in the garden put your hands in the dirt do something just plug it in to the earth in some way, believe me, your immune system will work very very well with love, if you handle the earth, you should call it mother earth, not earth, it's okay and you handle it, you will see that your immune system will improve, this is something that we have completely ignored all along whatever if you are a woman, you are wearing a three, three or six inch heel, if you are a man, you are wearing a proper boot, never grounded, it is important that you ground yourself because what you think is that your body is just an extension of this earth, you are just a popup on this planet, one day you will return to the planet, so this is very important, it is something simple that you can do if you don't have a volunteer garden to work in your neighbor's garden, he will also be happy, you will also be healthy, that is one thing and today I think certain things are available in the United States, one simple thing is turmeric if you mix a little turmeric in warm water along with honey and drink it three to five times a day.
Wow, your immune system will work wonderfully well. These are simple things you can do and there are also certain other things that may not be available. Should be available in California. you have these currants, raw mangoes, these are all wonderful things for your immune system, this occurs naturally when people go into certain states, especially when women become pregnant, they feel like eating certain things, all of these things have been identified as things which are extremely good. for your immune system because it is a natural impulse, an instinctive impulse in the system to strengthen the immune system when a woman becomes pregnant, this is a natural process that is happening in the, it is an intelligence invested in our bodies that cannot necessarily be articulated in our minds, yeah, beautiful, um, and there's a simple practice that we can give you.
You can put it on your broadcast. Yes, it is called simha kriya simakriya. It only takes 12 minutes to make. This will immediately improve the immune system. I would say that within you. Two weeks of practice there will be a significant improvement in the immune system. Wow, everyone is coming out of lockdown, you either want to go to work or you want to protest, do whatever you want, your immune system should be fine, it's very important. Wow, yeah, we'd love to share that. We'll connect with your team after and by the way, do you have a guru podcast?
Oh no, I really am everywhere. Oh, the world needs to hear your voice in audio too. I know you have a big following on YouTube on social media, but I'm happy to connect with your team later because you already have the content that would transform many people's lives if you choose to do so in the future, so I'm happy to support it. I will ask our US team to contact you. Please support us. Yes of course. My final. Before I ask my final question, this is how I grew up. I wanted to thank you for the amazing gift. you are to the world for the amazing example you set every day for the people around you again.
I think you are explaining that our life should get better as we get older, not have more problems, more challenges and more illnesses, it should get better, it should flourish, we should have. fruits that hang from our limbs essentially, I love the example you set of showing love, peace, childlike joy every day because that example is spreading into so many lives, so I truly recognize you for the gift that you are and all that you do to serve humanity in a big way and my last question for you is what I ask everyone at the end too: what is your definition of greatness?
Let's say we used to print a brochure for engineering programs. We would say internal engineering from ordinary to extraordinary so these are physical programs at that time when I was doing this after a day or two they came and asked


you said something special will happen what did I say I never said anything special the booklet says ordinary to extraordinary I said Yes, that's what I mean, you will become extraordinary, more common than ordinary people, when you become very common, you will simply become life when there is no mess in your mind trying to be special, just ordinary life , because ordinary life is fantastic because there are no major phenomena. than the so-called ordinary life, everyone is trying to be something other than life, who are those people that you consider great people? only those people who broke the limits of the limitations of their person, right?Are they those who operated within your personal context? don't call them great, they are just those people who operated beyond, that means they were not trying to direct their love in some direction, they were not trying to become great, they just allowed their love to direct them in the first place, you should never lead. the sense of inclusion that you have, will you allow your inclusion to direct your actions, is it right, is it


, is it successful?
There are a lot of self-proclaimed advisors around me who keep saying satguru, for what you have, you could make billions of dollars. could you do this could you do that what are you doing I said what do I do with a billion dollars uh I want 7.6 billion people what do I do with a billion dollars I don't know what to do with that what I'll do with anyway wherever people go feeds me wherever I go people make sure I stay in good places wherever I go I travel well so why do I need money? I don't need money because the problem with humanity is, as I said before, that they have taken their own physical and psychological form too seriously they have a form in their body they have a form in their mental structure this is what transformation means when I said tools of internal engineering for transformation transform means to destroy the existing form and become a larger form and then you destroy that and become a larger form, continuous transformation means to go from the form to a formless state.
Anyone who showed or exhibited those aspects in their life at some point broke their form and did something beyond that, those are the people you're recognizing as cool, right? I have no intention of being cool. I'm just kidding. I love it. Well, I hope next time you're in Los Angeles we can grab something to eat and I will. I pay your food for you and I hope when I come to India we can connect you, you have to pay me for my food because every day someone pays for my food, I have you, I don't know, I don't earn anything, I have you.
And hopefully we'll meet in Dayton someday if you come back to the museum, why not? Dayton will be good. It's been years since I went there. I love it. So guru, thank you very much for your time and for your wisdom. and thank you I hope I can support I hope it was useful for you of course thank you very much we will catch up somewhere between us I don't know when I will get there I was just thinking about taking a boat. to the United States because planes are very unsafe, right, come on, yeah, we'd love to connect.
I would love for you to come back in the future and continue sharing your message and promoting your shows, so what are you doing? It's inspiring, so thank you, thank you, I appreciate it, let it be good, if I saw that something was difficult, I wanted to master it, it drove me to do it just to see how far I could go in these multiple directions and that left me vulnerable to one. Which left me vulnerable to being in a situation that I wasn't healthy enough to handle.

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