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Jun 09, 2021
Oh, what's up guys? I'm Sammy Colby today, we're here in Pennsylvania, specifically in Pittsburgh, for starters, we're right outside of this like an old overgrown


that closed in 1980, what's called lar Mir lar Mir la Mer was the alarm or one of those weird ones. things that start with an L and is fifty years old, all I know is one thing before we start, this is our first stop in Pennsylvania and as of this week our tour in Pennsylvania will be sold out, so if you want get a ticket I would do it right now like right now any other stop Kyle is going on tour again we always say this check it out link in the description barrel yeah guys we're like in a getaway zone not gonna lie we're driving to The neighborhood was a little scary, so we have to be a little careful going in, we have 30 minutes until dark, anyway, let's find Bambi and get in here, we are checking our analyzes before and more than 50% of you who watch our videos weekly are not subscribed so just to save you time typing our name and help us out just take two seconds to subscribe because I'm checking next week we have to have less than 50% people.
door slams exploring haunted ghost school
Come on guys, more than half of those who watch our videos, just subscribe, you will do it every week anyway, it will be much easier for you to just click the subscribe button, so go ahead, do it now, subscribe, look at this, it really looks like this. Great, it's like in the middle of this forest, everything is overgrown. I don't know where Bandy went. Does that mean Bambi knows the entrance? I think what Bambi did was go into the


because the school is right there. Okay, let's go to school. embedded in there, oh, it's already giving me chills, buddy, if we had our grappling hook, we always talk about a grab like that that we're never going to get, I know right, we can get it through security on the plane, here we go, let's not trespass We didn't see that flank Oh, I beat you, giant silo, what did you find?
door slams exploring haunted ghost school

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door slams exploring haunted ghost school...

One way that's one of the schools that's around here, so let's get that thumb now, oh, that's bullshit, oh my god, he's just a guy. damn hoverboard excuse me, vine is dead, oh my god, that looks so cool, we're so inside the fence post or at least not inside the school, but I'm sorry, we should be fine, we're fine, oh, this is So sad, Pennsylvania, why are you? so old, know yourself, what do you think that means is knowing yourself? Something screaming there not at us, but it was very cold here yes, that means there must be like a giraffe, so it doesn't fit there, although do we care? you know better for this we have this yes I have the mat oh friend Tommy I don't know if you can see on the camera there are school desks and a blackboard on the left oh that's so like the old days yes that's where we just Walk in we literally just want a whole square around this entire building, looking for an entrance that was really cool, do you think the copper is ready?
door slams exploring haunted ghost school
No, for now, actually, it's getting closer, it seems like they want to turn on their sirens, yeah, they're just coming. Yes, it's not that big, I feel very good, why did you do that? oh no, the car goes by like a saxophone oh yeah, we're the band, oh oh, so we can get in there one hundred percent, a little hole in the wall, not there. I don't know if we can really go to school for me. I was towing it. I know we both liked it. Oh oh. I didn't like that job. Okay, yeah, dude, this is super high.
door slams exploring haunted ghost school
Look what's here. Yes, that's what it looks like, oh my God. To be honest, we might be able to fit in there, but there will be a clear space right in front of the school entrance. No, they're looking at each other with the Red Cross at the main entrance, so we either go in or we hide up here. The scariest part about


is that we've always run into random people while we're not on the ground, we go back to that corridor where we saw Ward and I don't think it's anything, it's like the sewage below.
I'm not even going to be able to get anywhere there, on the other side of the theater, there's that little window that looks like a main class, like yeah, busted, yeah, maybe that, so we came back, we were on this. window, I heard a second ago, but I don't think there's any interest big enough for us to get into, hey, this place is as boarded up as their prison. Bulow, okay guys, let's find a way to get in here. If you're asking what are we doing oh no are you okay? yeah okay how are you? oh sorry I just made a face at you we've been trying for so long you guys know about church it's like I'm just beside.
Here, yes, churches next to the target, but the point is that there is good construction going on. Well, let's get into this one first. If you find it. Oh sweet, how can we search everywhere? We can find any place together. You are incredible. Wow. find the roof of this other building. You could try to go through a window. We generally don't check the front


. Maybe next time we will. Wow, this place is huge. I know you don't like going up high, but the basement is kind. from creepy oh yeah we follow my instagram CA and li e o 80k it's a d 18.2 a mezuzah AZ ICA Kol yeah they're checking that yeah we were checking the harem anyway so yeah show us the sonnet okay this was brilliant. singing but you're going to love a much easier way to explore.
I was going to say: can you play the piano? Wait, take a look at the auditory and this is so sad. Rows and rows of a band and chairs. They said there are some stairs up here. So how the hell is the front


not open? Oh, okay, you'll never think about the front door, my room over here, camera and flash, let's go above the stage. Can you even walk? You could walk over there on the waitress, no, oh yeah, dude, right here. That's like the walkway to go out, so fix the lights. Nice to meet you guys, some nice people right there bro, some less nice people, they made our video.
Okay, they did it. We were about to give up, guys. See, we are a family. all of us explorers, if someone is peeing or it's raining there, oh my god, dude, super whoa, okay, there's another someone making a fat lump there, oh, it's definitely fat, there's some water, okay Come on brother, he won vice president in the school basement, dude, this is it. scary be perfect to play like I have to see the game is getting smaller look now we have to crouch talk about a spooky blues oh well look at that hello hello are you making fun of me yeah okay this is cool I love places like This is like a beater and it's just a completely real auditorium right here, what are the chances that something like this is just look?
I know it's like I can see myself in our high school relaxing in these chairs washing our school theater. and then boom, now it's finished and there was even a school piano right there, the beams for the lights, there's a little soundboard up there, don't die, it reminds me of High School Musical, where there's just a race to below, as he imagines we do an abandoned rendition of High School Musical. I have problems because I have a sergeant. You want to go find a


and share it with the lucky, yes, the needy. You have to find a good way to organize this day or a good day. place yo yo yo what's up with that guy?
I'm pretty sure that's Timmy girl, another sugar, the Walker, hands down one of my favorite schools we've ever been to. I know we've been in a couple of yes, so this is like two stories. all the lockers are still there, like the classrooms, we saw the blackboards, the desk, people from Pennsylvania come here, it was easy to get in now you know how to get in very easily, apparently all the people who live around here don't care if they come . Here, stay safe by wearing masks and stuff because asbestos is a real thing. Is it night?
It's not a good time anymore. Oh please don't break it. Alice. It looks better than what I have in my house. Or a strange book to be in this place.


trick, okay, we're going to put the Explorer sticker as high as possible, so we made Kobe go to the top now. I think if you can go higher the better, I mean if it's as high as possible, here we go guys. we scouted this band, oh that's it, let's check out the basement too and then he said I thought it was a dial, although no, it's part of Timmy's other crutch, oh wait, that's on the other side of the whole school , literally was upstairs, I think. so bad for me it's like oh that's what it looks like, oh my god why is this getting scary?
It's okay, in fact, the calmer we are, the more afraid we will be. We're going to be fine, so just go, please, imaginative. Okay, it will be eight months, yes, all my friends. they're dead so you lose a little easy because you've been here yeah massive dumps this way God I love to read read I feel like look wise what's the ground like this he died he died here God give you drugs who is that Yoga you it's like a discotheque he left like 15 minutes ago they're not here no so it's always up there is a car that's like a motorcycle let's get out of here ok they're laughing I'm sure they love us they haven't been gone for a long time let's go well it's super excellent, right, right, this week we're making the doors open, the doors opening.
Oh, running sucks without fireflies, look, can you see that on camera like beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, mon, okay, now we're back in the car in our forest. oh area, there's a nice guy with the dog right there, no idea if that was inside or outside, but it sounded like it was right above us and those girls left and then why would they throw something on the ground unless They would like to say that they left and then maybe? We go up the stairs to try to scare each other like no it basically starts the whole upstairs, like there's still someone there, thanks to those girls either way, even if they were trying to scare us at the end or if someone else likes it, thanks to them we have a video, we just checked the entrance gates, more information on the way, guys, I hope you enjoyed that video, if you have suggestions on your stage or anything like that, we will come to you if you give us a suggestion of abandonment of the description below.
We were going to be back here in Pennsylvania for a tour here in about a month, so if you're in Pennsylvania or any other city we're visiting, you need to get tickets in the description below or else they're sold out and they're selling out. real quick guys like we said if you watch our videos weekly please subscribe we will be here in pennsylvania making crazy videos here for the next two weeks so with that being said we will see you guys next sunday. be fair the king

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