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DON’T Open A Virus From The Deep Web (yikes)

DON’T Open A Virus From The Deep Web (yikes)
happy day I'm good and it is daytime right now that means that I can compromise my safety and not regret it just yet until maybe later tonight when I have to go to the bathroom I'm scared so this is file play with me or don't play how hacked am I gonna get here only time will tell oh geez okay here we go this kind of looks like me except green eyes executing file success use the mouse to interact with the environment watch carefully for chances and the cursors appearance for what the
don t open a virus from the deep web yikes
changes dummy oh I'm scared oh you got a double clicked uh we're at a computer thanks to remember buy more coffee need more coffee email Lenore back call mom and dad finish video game review oh we review video games for living mm-hmm how fun welcome back home sis okay so I just got home and I just got this email from a random person I hope your trip was all you wanted and more I heard that the food is really good not like the food here at home mother is still burning everything she can
and you know how dad is okay thank ok alright it's my sister I got I got her on the wall here it's great I just wanted to send you an email planning a road trip soon alright well I guess you can crash on my couch if you want to well play with me okay sure yeah I'd like to Oh No yo I can't see I can get these window whoa that girl's scary can I jump over I can't hear huh leave me alone yo why can't I jump ah why does everybody have whited out eyes it's so creepy
what tournaments a squirrel thanks for letting me know kind of a weird thing to say to somebody you've never met before but you know what it's fine what's your problem now how did I get here okay now I can jump let's go oh it's the scariest part of the game am i walking into a winter wonderland why is it all white now is this evil hacker doing like renovations it's a cat I gotta leave you behind them sorry close the window to continue no what was that so you've
decided to play my game have you leave me alone yo I just realized my webcam is on as someone who like you know hangs out at the computer a lot I guess this is the scariest thing when you're like on your computer and the webcam light is on it's green how do I turn this off yo let me unplug this I can't


my mail why not can't connect to chat but I'm lonely yeah I want to play your game let me play it yo huh is she okay uh-huh gotta move the cursor out of the way for the
game there's two guys coming towards me hi little girl the trees are a bit scary are they now why are there so many like cloaked figures in the distance the squirrel was scared when I saw it yeah I mean art squirrels always scared when you walk up to them they kind of run away a little bit seriously how did I get here I don't know leave me alone yo okay can't go dying on us now we've gotten this far okay little cat thinks that he just can't wait to be king yo ah stop why do I
say yo so much I'm scared I don't know it's like a bad habit what is this oh I'm reading some like weird like


web stuff not much about the deity has survived the test of time leaving a lot of questions unanswered what records are still around to this day claim that the being had red skin was very tall had long tendril arms protruding from its shoulders okay that's so scary I'm just not gonna worry about that this picture depicts the sleeves or possibility the
don t open a virus from the deep web yikes
prisoners of the time offering themselves okay you know what simple right keep playing the game and I'll tell you a bit about myself oh my webcam turned off that's good right hey is that always like that oh oh you left me another note the guys are coming closer I don't know what to do I don't regret what I did okay I'm gonna cry don't worry about it I wasn't going to hurt it you weren't going to but then you did didn't you you hurt the squirrel whoa okay this
guy's getting a little close to me over here don't grab me leave me alone what's going on you're still confused I've been through this world like three different times and I still know what's going I guess I don't really know what's going on but at least I'm trying it oops huh let me out let me out hi cat how you doing wow he's a loud one close the window to continue all right okay jeez all right my FaceCam got to turn that baby offs a little scary right
now he says haven't heard back from you I hope you're okay my plans for my Tripucka was surprisingly well it seems that everything is aligning just right I'm meeting with a few travel advisors to say to set up my stop locations and stuff so I'm super excited to see you again mom and dad have been fighting again in itself it is nothing new but I thought you should be up-to-date with this stuff we are a family after all well yeah I miss I miss some too and I miss you where to start
I've been around a long time not sure how long when didyou creatures start being able to walk around then I think I mean we started walking a long time ago like way before the internet so I don't know where you're coming from just got to buy something I don't there she is yay yay my kingdom start others okay they're pretty close okay well glad you got away with that just leave me out of it I'm a passerby okay okay this guy's yelling about squirrels it looks like the
squirrels from squirrel town are coming to get your boy you know I think that surfing the


Web was probably a bad idea okay this guy's gone absolutely insane he's like the wheels on the bus go round and round round and how okay I can't help you I can barely help myself yo almost died huh all right the volcano has burst it not a good sign for me cats don't even talk to me anymore oh it's scary I suppose you want to know my name truth is I've had so many names and you
have to can't recall a single one for now you can call me file okay I'll call you file Morse code I'm really out here reading the creepy stuff Oh what is this Oh round three yields go or is this round four I did it I killed them both they were singing in their tears that's enough of this alright stop eating squirrels you I'm not gonna repent I didn't do anything wrong I don't regret anything ah yo get away hey get away remember remember what I get a little
don t open a virus from the deep web yikes
trigger-happy I will say hello o aliens new aliens are coming alright this does not look like it did before I think that a change is about to happen hmm let's see I'm not sure what else to say oh I know how about I tell you a bit about you your name is Raven you're recently on a holiday that you didn't quite want to go on but hey when you have a chance to go somewhere you take it right who knows what could happen you have a sister named Lenore she's very beautiful you left
her a long time ago to suffer the domestic mediocrity that was your family home you have no pets no boyfriend no car no real job you spend way too much time on your computer oh you left your curtains


ah close them still looking at Morse code that's pretty cute oh oh okay I tried to turn off my computer and he won't let me okay a hardhat area please don't crush me don't you get it they had to go no they didn't you're crazy this girl is all like I corrected them sir oh
oh hey get me out of here give up do I turn the doing okay I thought I interacted with that take that as a no I want to go home well go home then you can see me what do you mean man this is a nasty nasty


I will say all right we got a time it's perfect whoa this one's a lot faster oops hello Raven hi That's So Raven I got an email game play don't stop file file five all right I'll keep playing then I guess you're really enjoying the game aren't you I won't
ruin the game for you there's nothing worse than someone telling you about the secrets I know you like horror and thriller movies I can tell about your DVD shelf in the lounge room he's watching me I feel like I have to do something with this Morse code nay tail-end avoid alright so I looked at the Morse code I looked at this translated it and it says you can't save her or yourself which is just not the kind of thing I want to hear especially if you know my origin story it's kind
of messed up thing for a gal like me to hear can you please get me out of here wait there's like two eyes here what is that why are their eyes e hey huh I took a book out what is okay here we go here we go oh I don't like how this girls up here oh no I don't see anything I'm scared dude oh oh you come off you have to run with it can I can I go up on the high ground oh yeah yo these platforms are tough okay that looks like Morse code I probably shouldn't skip that one whoops
early early early I'm not stopping I can't stop I got to chase the truth whoa that's fast oh okay why is it so confusing for me I have to time this perfectly that was bad recipes I need more control area can doors hmm seems similar all right nobody's talking to me anymore they're asking me to come to them I have no other choice so I'm just gonna go ahead and do that she never loved you she failed her Lenore no this is a mess deaf don't want to see that dearest
Raven I suppose the congratulations is in order he finished the game I'm impressed you made it this far Lenora had troubles convincing me that you were worth the trouble did you see the signs were you paying attention can you understand the game Lenore she was strong so strong not physically obviously but mentally I remember when I pulled her eye out she barely even screamed oh to be fair she was exhausted from screaming out for you she wanted to see you again before you call me a monster
you should know that it wasn't easy for me either it's hard to keep someone conscious enough to talk while you cut into them Leonora was alone she died alone as did the little girl the man in the suit - the lumberjack all the people we talked to along the way now if you'll excuse me I have some matters to attend to here's a gift for me - you love file Exe well that was a mess it was really scary I guess don't go on the


Web and make sure that you're the green light on
your camera is off I guess this is like about me - wanting to save somebody but essentially there are all these things that I can't control and I kind of waste all my time here on my computer that's what I got out of it let me know what you got out of it and like the meaning that you think you could put on this game I struggled with the Morse code I didn't quite get to that guy who liked it looked like he had Martin Morse code there but I ran past it so fast I wanted to get past the
platforming thing I hope that you guys enjoyed this video though if you'd like to see me again make sure you have push notifications and make sure nobody is watching you on your computer I'll see you guys on the next one bye