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Feb 27, 2020
Hello sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my Youtube channel. For today's video: I have a very, very special guest, my beautiful mother, Sister Christie B. I'm so excited to have her here for today's video. If you missed the last video, my whole family is here visiting me in Los Angeles right now and it's amazing and so much fun. In our last video that we filmed together, my mom and dad competed against each other in an episode of Beauty Battles. It was so crazy and so much fun. If you missed that video, you need to click up here, right above my mom's face, and watch it!
doing my mom s makeup
Thanks guys for all the love and support on the video. And a lot of the comments were asking me to glam my mom up and I'm so excited because I've only done her


a few times. And every time she's complained that it's too much, too full coverage, but she's going to hold on and for today's video we're going to give sister Christie B. a sisterly glam makeover. (Christie speaking) I see James glamorize himself or his friends all the time and I'm so excited to see him dazzle me, his mom, with more mature skin. (Christie speaking) Let's get started. (Intro music playing) I'm going to start my mom's face today by moisturizing her skin with Tatcha water cream.
doing my mom s makeup

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doing my mom s makeup...

If you watched my


tips and tricks video from a few weeks ago, I talked about the importance of using a moisturizer. before your makeup routine My mom has more mature skin, but we're obviously going to be putting on a lot of makeup today, so we really want to make sure that all of the makeup lays down nice and smooth and doesn't look caked on. and textured because that's never the goal. For today's foundation, I'm going in with the Too Faced Born this Way Foundation. You guys know this is my all time favorite and my mom also has oily skin like me so it will work really really well with her skin type And as we were saying she has more mature skin so this goes to be a fuller coverage foundation i normally wouldn't but sister christie loves a really good full coverage foundation right?
doing my mom s makeup
Yes. And that's because she has- oh, I'm sorry. Vitiligo. Yeah, well- (laughing) Do you want to tell the sisters a little more about what vitiligo is and how it has affected you? Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease and there is no cure; It doesn't hurt and it's not contagious, but it's white spots that keep increasing as the years go by. But I have learned to embrace my blemishes and love my skin no matter what. (Laughter) Since we're putting a full coverage foundation on top today. But I, of course, also feel safer when it's covered. Uh huh. Do you know that I started using a Beauty Blender like two weeks ago?
doing my mom s makeup
What?! I used to, until two weeks ago, use my finger to put on my foundation. (James panting) I'm afraid of that. "Yuck." I'm proud of you for making the transition. Yes. In fact, I like it. Yeah, isn't that great? It took me a while to get used to it. You are so brave. Oh thank you very much. (laughs) So I asked the sisters to submit questions while my mom and I do our makeup today so we can talk about stories and me as a kid and all kinds of funny and embarrassing things. So let's do that I guess.
Sister June asked, "Do you think James is more like his mom or his dad, and how do you think he is like you?" James has a very strong personality, he always has. His father has a strong personality. Okay, so how am I like you? You are kind. Sometimes. (James gasps) Excuse me! I remember when you were younger, you'd go to school and the teachers would think you were the best thing since sliced ​​bread and I'd be like, "Are we talking about the same James?" Because you always made us run for our money when you were younger.
Yes. You were very cheeky. Uh huh, nothing has changed. ... but never the teachers. Uh huh. And you're brilliant, like your father. Dad is very, very smart, just like you. Dad definitely didn't get the (Hey!) (Heeeey) *giggles* clever genes from Sister Christie. She removes all the good personality genes that matter. And you get your looks from me too... right... good answer Ok, so you were just talking about me being a "very, very energetic kid", as you always like to say, speaking of that. , Sister Alyssa asks, "Can you tell a James story from when he was younger that you knew he was going to" Just a story?
Because I have many stories. Oh, okay... You didn't sleep through the night until you were two and a half years old. Your pediatrician recommended the Ferber method, which consisted of letting you cry for a few minutes and going in and continuing to increase. the moment they realize they won't get anything from crying and eventually they will calm down and go back to sleep on their own you were so determined that you kept yelling and i would leave the house in my car because i couldn't stay listening to you cry i would come back another hour or two late and you kept crying and it didn't work for you.
So dad and I took you to the pediatrician and we asked her what was going on and she said most kids would have given up. She said: "James is not going to be an easy kid to raise, but he is going to do great things in life." Ooh, she said that. Really? She did Wow Angie asks, "What's your favorite memory with you and James?" Spending time on Cape Cod. Every summer we rented a house on the cape and hung out on the beach. Well, that's not true. I didn't sit on the beach, I had to chase you.
Because you would literally go to the different people and start chatting with them. And you were like 2. Now, are you contouring my nose, intending to make it look shaver, thinner? mhmm we love a good snatched nose here on the james charles youtube channel. You have a nice thin nose, and you definitely gave Ian your nose. So rude. Because I didn't understand that. Whose nose do you think you have? I don't know. What's wrong with your nose? I don't know, nothing really. It's not as pretty as mine. Yes! As my mom's face is baking in her place, I'm so excited because it's finally brow time and as much as I love my beautiful mom, her brows need some help.
Seriously. She has like three eyebrow hairs, the ones there are like 70 miles away. I just- I'm really, really excited about this today. Let's give her some pretty murdered and taken sister brows. I can't wait. Yeah, neither can I. Although, I think I wear them very well, when I do. I'm not used to it: you literally take an eyebrow pencil and draw a line. I know! I'm not used to having full eyebrows. So clear. I never had many eyebrow hairs. And I didn't even write them in pencil until probably a few years ago. Ever. Really? Yes, and what a difference eyebrows make.
Yes, they change your face. They really do. I definitely learned that from you. Well yes, my brows definitely underwent an intense transformation for the better on this YouTube makeup journey. So, my mom doesn't really have a lot of eyebrow hair, so she actually helps us a lot, because we have a lot to work with, and we put it where we want it. Which is great. So, I'm starting with this brow by


some sort of mapping. So, I'm actually extending it in front of her eyebrow like a good, probably half an inch in. Your basic brow should start just outside the bridge of your nose.
We're going to spread it out a bit and make it a little longer. Then I'm just following the natural shape and thickness of her brow to fill in the rest of the brow. And I'm just drawing very, very light strokes because she has blonde hair and obviously we don't want it to look like a very, very dark brown. That would look weird. When I get to the end of the brow, I'm just extending that brow out, continuing that arch, and drawing a tail at the end to really finish off the shape of his brow and make it a full, full brow.
Yesterday when I did it your brows had like a gel Would you recommend me to use a gel on them, James or not? have full eyebrows So the brow gel is really going to be more for people like me who have a lot of hair on their brows and if you fill them in, you don't want them all to be in the right direction, but for someone like you who really doesn't have that much hair. on the eyebrows, brow gel is definitely not necessary. Well, that's good to know. The trick is to make the other one look…similar.

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