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Deputies of Delaware County - Episode 3

Feb 27, 2020
I must be diligent in my work and dedicated to my beliefs. I am bound by the words I say and the promises I give forever. I must act with honor as well as honor who created me. I am a warrior for justice and a defender against those who persecute I must maintain and improve the quality of my health as well as my mind I will carry integrity on my shoulders and ego in my pocket I must strive to be all these things or else who would I be it's just something I read before every shift to remind me why I became a cop.
deputies of delaware county   episode 3
Many times they don't call us because people have their birthdays and we see people who are having the worst day of their lives. I know, I never know. which I'm going to do every day, so it's like being ready for anything. Yeah, right now we're going to a truck stop at 28 State Road 969 to do what we call bust using confidence to report that we're going to buy a predetermined amount of narcotics and then once the deal is made clear to everyone that we are going to arrest the targets that are delivering the product it seems they realized that everyone stole their candy they have to go to the break stop the live audio device that we have we were able to monitor what we are doing for security measures if it is the police or performance or dealers or whoever to watch security and intel about what's going on so assisting officers can hear you know things are going well things are going wrong or if our investigations are going in the right direction when you have a cause Likely for arrest, he'll give us a verbal kill signal once the deal is done, our Guinness moved in and apprehended both subjects in the m woman and the support of him.
deputies of delaware county   episode 3

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deputies of delaware county episode 3...

We located a large bag of cocaine and the large bag of what she said. she also had vicodin in her bra she had a new syringe now both targets will be transported to investigations where they will be talked to and then booked into the



jail it was a good day i think we have crack i think we have heroin pills, a syringe, this was a puppet, the last straw because we involved them both in the deal and they both committed the transaction and we were able to hold them without bail. in jail for what they are are days on the streets here probably over we start the ride program July 1st and the sheriff will be about the 60th person to ride in the passenger seat so we did it for the community leaders and we didn't really put a cap on what that meant so we've had a little bit of everything, business owners, church leaders, government officials, the whole thing has been fun, you know, I started my career as a reserve police officer from Muncie in the don't end in the early 90's so you just need to get back out there.
deputies of delaware county   episode 3
I feel honored. I think it will be a good time today and I think it would be good for you to meet the deputy chief and the sheriff and some people that I haven't been here a lot lately to do some work 11:04 pm West 10th tried to jump out the driver's side is the young man Adam Ida 9 6 8 it's a gold Monte Carlo got your license hello ok where are you trying to listen ok we'll let you do whatever you're trying to do but the reason I stopped is because you didn't stop at the stop sign Oh the speed at which you rounded the corner and how fast you jumped out of the car is an indicator to me that you probably wanted me to pull you over okay that raises some red flags you got the high register what's it called Charles DaltonCharles Dalton?
deputies of delaware county   episode 3
Hey signal he ain't that's why I can't figure out he's working his badge goes on something different he doesn't have any paperwork but he's all driving fast down the highway check for arrest records yeah I can't find much of anything On him in the system, go ahead, yeah, I think he's going to be okay, mate, keep your hands on steel, you can get him out of the car. Ok I want you to reach your pocket I think that's when I direct hands up you up up your head you haven't done anything it's ok the dog indicated in the car they are like fingers here give him anything in your pocket anything they are sure of someone check it's ok so if you already have something just talk it's all in the car needles based on the dog indicate we are going to look it all ok so this car is in my roommates a name to drive it yes I don't know I don't know 46 I can start that way if you like my soggy hmm lovely what are the pills in the blue container stopped the traffic? we found out the guy was telling us a truth that it was his friend's car and we just educate anyone what to do and some theorist pulled over again but ended up being a pretty decent guy these guys would take care of that should be a white Lumina against an Impala it looks like it was a pretty bad crash it looks like possibly a t-bone and the young lady in this car got trapped and she's pregnant so thank goodness we have a very good Fire wit h The Muncie Fire Department and the fire departments can get here and actually get her out of the car safely so Delaware County EMS can give her some first aid and get her to the hospital. one of our one of our children on their own attention tracker is an autistic child and we have a program where we put a device on them, usually a bracelet or the following, and if they wander away from home or where they are then we have a tracking device we actually track them right now we're just going to have it check the house to make sure it's not hiding somewhere you care about we go in we just check with fresh eyes so we've done a second initial and third house search we haven't found anything inside so he's gone in the past he's 11 years old Sargent Pope comes with a care tracker he's charging it now on his way here hopefully he can pick up a signal so we can find out where he is in edd i mean it's a little cold and we'd like to catch him or find him before he goes into hyperthermia or whatever he's autistic but he's super super smart so we'll do our best ble to find 9 that we should be. starting to pick up a signal as he got closer that he yeah if he's walking you'd be leaving Jackson right?
I said she said one of the other times when he, when she left, was on his way to arrest Twigs because he wanted a toy. yeah i'm sure tracker we got we were able to locate the kid and he was on riverside avenue when he was about eight blocks from the house in 30 degree weather so luckily we caught him when we did and we did. he had not made it back to the house unharmed I found out that the afternoon the Muncie Police Department was there when I worked on the road several years ago my son Ray jr. it actually works this turn, so if I travel again, I'm sure it'll be with him a few times.
I think everyone definitely knew who he was. Yes, that helps. The sheriff has a bit of influence. I had to actually get out of the car and do police work with me, so it's a fun twist. This was a single story manufactured home that was completely wrapped up upon arrival of the first unit. I have fire training. I take one of the two. The hoes of a software truck and a half in arrest dance through an open window in the front to try to at least cool it down a bit and bounce a fire off before someone showed up and could try to get in or get closer. to the house is that I can go on all these calls and actually do something I don't stand by and watch or let everyone else do something I want to be active I can do something everywhere I got a play when you're ready Tom Robert 966 Tom Mary Mary 18 see if it returns this address we weren't a In order to get into the house, there's a chance he could have been suspicious.
There was no electricity in the house at the time when fires were eaten. Conduct research. The fire marshal may be contacted to continue. going to a burning vehicle going to be a combine seems to be fully involved you want to go and start yorktown to this is fully involved and right next to the field that hasn't been done yet the first thing you do the first thing you have to do is bring the truck back there so I'll get on hopefully he gets on the truck I'll get on the truck with them and you can take you there so this is the second fire of the day The gasifier was finishing and on its way back to the station from the first fire which is probably a good 15-20 minute drive lights and sirens from here and a fire truck because of their extended response we were close we responded with them, give it a suitable size.
I advised him. they would need d another department train was open i don't want you better mic your truck that drain was open it's hard you forget what you're doing for a while you forget you show up and you're not in charge of the fire you're not running the show so you should take a back seat and let the fire, the firefighters, make the decision and help them instead of you making all the decisions. Both mine from Yorktown and Gaston Tom's will be a total loss, but the field around them is still standing and they could still work the field when they get another combo.
They are ending. They wanna get in so because of course inside keep it it's like it's really low it's just going to keep overheating ringing sir poke a hole and drain some of the drains submode so it doesn't keep getting hot in there We've got another problem, so one of the trucks should be up here to talk to you in a bit so I don't know which one something like that but you sure don't want no ambulance. I'm going to say we sprayed about eight thousand gallons of water on a combine and the surrounding area to keep it from spreading into the field and also shut down the combine.
We were heading north on Madison. I was traveling about forty miles per hour and the vehicle in front of me was pulling away from me so I knew they were going faster than the speed limit at that point it was going to be a good play Sam John Queen three showing a team commitment Hey how's it going? away from me the speed limits are only 30 here well i was doing 40 and you were pulling away from me so you going faster than that we headed towards the driver and passenger they wouldn't actually make eye contact they weren't. wanting to be very sociable at all just they are both really restless whats your birthdate boy year 94 84 ok so ty for me mostly he couldnt really give me is his name right away and then he gave me the year 1984 before out of t1 at most he got a dog 94 ok so he changed it to 94 as i was walking back to my vehicle the driver yelled i said no 94 94 if you dont know your own birthday theres something going on there oh this guy should give me a fake name because I know he had Carrington out of town he got out took his dog out notified the dispatch to k9 as soon as the dog started walking he indicated right in the rear passenger window of law 41 he got out the registration indication pulled the passenger first because he knew the guy was lying to me. something was going on so if i was going to try to run or you know five minutes or whatever i was going to get close to him first ok i'll ask you one more time what's your name because the name you're giving me isn't you, but I know the guy you're giving me the name too and that's not you no it's not who is Brad Hinsley ultra cousin what?
You have his affidavit of probable cause for arrest in the backpack. Meth, hey, you know what we got here, that's what he found in some trash, get up real quick, Brad, and show me if there's anything in there you want in that bag we're going to take to Joey. I have your paperwork. You know I went ahead and located him and Hank. I was a bit angry at first. You know why he arrested me. he said ok ok we'll get some ids as soon as we get to jail and when the vehicle search was over he was admitting he was Brad took him to jail and he was cool at the end there he was cooperating he said it was the name wrong to be because he just had a visit with us so he didn't want to get into any trouble let's run right now to a burned out vehicle which occurred after an unknown accident as of now dispatch but having trouble getting in touch with the driver he doesn't know if there are passengers or anyone and also in that 1838 guy we will arrive when I first arrived Deputy Parker and I for the first there the vehicle was completely wrapped the driver and passenger were safe but when we first arrived Once we could see there were some downed power lines so we made sure everyone stayed back and kept our distance ourselves.
We essentially had to secure the scene ourselves and make sure that traffic from both ends wasn't going to be going through the fire, okay? What happened? He was taking it home. He was going here and it said here in the car. It's okay, anything. I don't know what we are he wasn't supposed to be home and the deer came around went back to the next thing you know the back of the car came around for the pole I've been on everything would be alrightbut we could hit the pole and the bags would burst in the back yeah ok and then we basically jumped on the star itself or whatever he was dealing with I talked to that person for a few minutes and then he was at the fire brigade in Colorado.
I was pretty sure I still had a full tank of gas and at this point my main concern was the fire spreading. I was in the middle of a bean field. Fortunately, it rained a lot in the last two days. de helped stop the fire from spreading across the field as soon as I got here I was obviously wrapped up and the EMTs were already here so we made sure you know the scene is being kept safe and everyone is away for that no one finds out. pain that's just the main thing is to secure the scene until the fire department arrived, which came pretty quickly and then they set the fire.
I've never really been with women in golf, so it was the first experience for me. I just got here and you know let me instincts take over making sure everyone is safe and you know just keep the scene up to the firecrackers it was pretty crazy it's all the front end that's where it hit the post it probably went off the angle he said you lost control of the rear end when he swerved to avoid a deer that's one of the biggest questions whether or not he swerved to avoid an animal or if he goes ahead and tries to steer and you really never know depending on the circumstances, especially the weather, how good the tires are and what type. depending on the condition your vehicle is in, I always suggest people keep both hands on the wheel too fast and obviously the animal has no regard for oncoming traffic so it's one of those things where that you should use your best judgment and remember not to jerk that wheel too hard because you will lose control of your vehicle it's amazing the technology we have now in vehicles that can save people's lives even if the car you know is destroyed but it was a miracle cle they both were able to walk away with just a scratch ok ok we got a silver chevrolet up here he just passed it to him 4130 like he was spinning through time almost trying to try and escape us here kinda pushed back this next street to see if we can't see where that obvious 6:31 p.m. sign is hey, what's up, man, good man, okay, yeah, okay, try to dip me in, Sonia, grandma, stop by here, it's going 40 miles an hour, yeah i'm 40 and then you show up here and then you turn around and come back why are you trying to submerge me?
We just passed here today. But. trying to dive in you know i mean yeah yeah you have a license okay but you have a valid license okay okay okay we can meet you here give us just a second okay 1831 10 27 29 my name and date of birth what is your date of birth again it will be a joshua today excellent m47 492 ok i am clear is it suspended or is it valid? I love you, I thought they were suspended, look I have an ID card, yes I know, yes I don't have a license card. i got a new one and they said my license is valid but my card is expired i had to retake the written test and i had to go through a big test by calling the license branch in indianapolis and all because my license is valid but my card it's expired ok and i said to renew my card i have to retake the written test i got you ok i just got pulled over i was on my way to richmond like it was last monday or a day before that what are you doing richmond what are you doing?
Richmond doctor doctor yeah and as long as I go they're going to the doctor yeah I was beat and I'm not actually going back on court stay here just for a second. I'm pretty sure we're going to double check here that it's expired it's not he's had a l license he just doesn't have a current one and he doesn't have any insurance insurance is here grandma's house so I'll give him a break and i'm not going to tow the vehicle it's just loud stay here and he's going to stay for a couple citations ok i look there's that back ok yeah right here that's the important one on one no sure, okay, I'm not going to tow the vehicle, okay, you have to get vehicle insurance, okay, that's important, that's important with me, I'll tell them almost every time you got hot from speeding, okay I wrote you for 41 to 30 okay I understand this man you know I mean he wasn't even yeah you were I mean he had yelled. and radar there's only one reason i flipped you anyway alright alright alright yeah feb 8th 1pm Muncie City Court, okay, make sure you show up for those

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