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Dennis Rodman's Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech

Jun 02, 2021
Welcome dinners everyone is Phil Jackson class of 2007, ladies and gentlemen, Dennis Rodman, not sorry, Scotty, now you think, wow, I think all these people first, before we get to the bulk of this situation , they take my college coach to take care of the laundry. the risk family had a tragedy in the family that we were able to go to them old people their son died of a heart attack and that's the family that raised me in Oklahoma and I'm sorry I couldn't be there, but I thank Frank from Ocean Manor. great friend Thank you Peggy King Eldon King the family these guys are looking out for me these days Thank you Peggy Steve Simon Darrin Prince the guys figure me out and keep me out of trouble every day Nicky see Austin Bryden Penny Mars


she's here well you got him Penny Bachelors like that are there and she's doing my documentary.
dennis rodman s basketball hall of fame enshrinement speech
I hope to live by them, so I'm supposed to feel honest. I think the white malli has been a great friend of mine for years and years. Thanks Dwight Big Wheel Floor Raglan. George trying to be a great friend, my bullet team wastes John Gianopolous Peach Innopolis, his oldest father put him as cover, everyone does it, but I want to take you to Boca. My plan days weren't Dennis ramen, it wasn't me, you fool. I won't put money for money again, nobody plays to be famous. What you see here is more of an illusion that I would love to be individuals, as it is very colorful.
dennis rodman s basketball hall of fame enshrinement speech

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dennis rodman s basketball hall of fame enshrinement speech...

There are many people who really don't want to thank you. I'm going to accept them. Wait a minute, I'd like to thank David Sign and the NBA community for having me in the building, sorry honey, but these games were really good for me. You know, I could have been anywhere in the world. I could have been. dead, could have been a drug dealer, could have been homeless, upstairs, had no home and a lawyer, you guys have been here, a lot of you are here, that's in the Hall of Fame, you know what I'm talking about , live in the projects and I tried to get the projects out and I did, but it took a lot of hard work and a lot of obstacles along the way, but I would like to talk about four people, four people who have really had an impact on my life.
dennis rodman s basketball hall of fame enshrinement speech
I am... my male figures. I never had a father. My father left me when I was five years old. He has 47 children in the Philippines and I am the oldest. He wrote a book about me in Chicago and did a lot of things. money but he never came to say hello to me, but that didn't stop me from persevering, but these four guys that I talked about very briefly Phil Jackson Jerry Buss James Rich pushed those four guys on a daily basis, man, I mean, if you took my having a mentor or a father as someone you can look up to, you can call anytime with a day, you need to show crying with a handshake or just say what you think, and you know these four guys, if you cremated all these Gotham and turned it into one.
dennis rodman s basketball hall of fame enshrinement speech
They are pretty much a perfect individual and no matter what they are to me and I can be the good guy, I have an emotional goddess, a guy, no matter what they are, these guys would always come and talk to me and shake my hand, I wasn't . about Dennis Rodman to the hot guy, it wasn't about there, it was about them looking at the individual who had a good heart, it was very emotional and I want to talk about two other people, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, I swear. I swear to God, you know I might be downplaying Isiah and Joe Dumars, but Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, I mean, for matchups, probably the two greatest players to ever play this game, I think that's too right and You know this guy here. you know, Phil Jackson asked me Phil Jackson, that's when you came across Jerry's house and he asked me, he said Dennis, you know we'd like you to come play, but you have to do one thing for me.
Could you go into the kitchen and tell Scotty Paper you're sorry, I have soap, but you know what, okay, I'll do it, so he told him he'd ask me another question. He's ready and Dennis, would you like to be a Chicago boy? I told him maybe, since I don't take that course. I don't give a damn and Phil Jackson said welcome to the Chicago Bulls, okay and I'll finish this in the next minute and a half, but I'm trying to say that these five people here are very important in my life, my wife, her Michelle has put . with a lot of crap for me, I'm being honest, it's been a lot of crap for me, you just know I haven't been a great father, I haven't been a great husband, ever, I think you know I can't.
She lies about it, you know, but she's a, she's put up with everything for me for 11 years and she's a, she's raised two beautiful children, made three beautiful children right there, you know, DJ with her head on Trinity right there and Tiana right there, she's been a mother and My father and I have been very appreciative of what she's done and I just wish she didn't, you know, once young, any regrets in your career was a


player. I have one regret. She wishes she was a better father, that's why she was talking about, you know, Phil Jackson, Jerry Buss.
Thanks, Jeanne, but let me show your father. Thank you, yes, thank you. Last but not least, my mother, Shirley Robin. I would love to set the record straight. Sorry, they had to be honest. this main scenario here mmmm others have never gotten along and you know I wasn't, I was a very good kid and I was young and once I was 16 18 19 20 I couldn't care less like my mother did. and my mother had three jobs and she kicked me out of the house and said you have to get out of here because you know I can't stand you anymore and I resented her for a long time and it's hard for me, you know, I even said it because I, my mother, really ever hugged me or hugged my brothers, she didn't know how, but she managed, she managed, she worked hard and I'm not like most of you, you sit there and say, when I make money in MBA, I'm taking my mother and my father, you know I wasn't set up for that, you know, because of what she did to me in my life, but as I've gotten older, you know things change, you know, I haven't been a great son to you in the last ten years. years and you know we can laugh about this, but you know I'm the big son, that's why I have these guys here before four guys, you know it's time for you to stay down and this man here and I can. hold him because he's just all over him, he's the only man they ever cried for me, you know, because I was really out, I was really burning both ends like Alma for a long time, that's why I stay, so it surprises me.
I'm still here and now everyone knows I'm tough. I like to set the record straight just for the moment and maybe hope that in the future I can try to be something. I am a good person and a good father. my children and I hope I can love them like I used to when I was born and PEG you you you

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