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Deadliest Roads | Peru - Amazon | Free Documentary

Jun 14, 2021
Cargo from Cusco and the current took it all It was December 25th Christmas and I ended up in the river the rain any time cake Oh another ring can wash the track any time when they would soften necks oh it's like it's been bombed almost you're like a mass bomb from afar follow this


dom many people have been killed here I said I have Naxal here 10 years ago there was a lot of weeds film the road back then yes oh yes and it hit a big hole that the rain has made I am going to cover up I didn't come and the wheel of the truck went straight inside, it overturned here and all the wood that I was transporting when it went there a neighbor who was traveling with me was sitting on one of the trunks at that moment, so we overturned and left the woman died she was crushed between the logs there were many logs where we weren't it was an unfortunate accident it still affects me 10 years later jim breaks every time i come here i think about my neighbor this is a woman dead, isn't he there?
deadliest roads peru   amazon free documentary
For this, she will push her name was Olivia I said mom or Libby and she had three children by the sea or the closest Nino and since then I never take passengers only freight David still has 200 kilometers of jungle to go in Amazonia there are millions of kilometers of rivers and streams that provide a link between the more remote villages Marko is in charge of a Rama River canoe on the way to the village of Kyra Getty it will take seven hours to get that, sit here move that mattress and the bottle of gasoline, okay, come on , the river or the wood provides a lifeline for a dozen villagers, but a lifeline that is at the mercy of the river, is a dangerous path and many have already done it. been killed if you capsize the chances of survival are zero very lever or transport lever you need to know how to maneuver the motor in these fast currents that's the secret there are many accidents with people losing control of the canoes and crashing into the rocks there are rocks there and Wham or a piece of wood and what together there once was a guy in his canoe with a heavy load of cement and he must have been in a bad mood as he wasn't that experienced three of the five passengers on board died we are coming to the most dangerous part now they are so nice every year many people drown we have to pay tribute to calm the rapids before we used fermented plants now it is wild vietnam we am paying for the river and after this next turn and where it bends are the rapids that the river runs through the region of megan tony and michiko inga indian holy land the macam tony sanctuary is a sacred place to us it is where our our ancestors arresting among the rocks they are given the lobsters but under these rocks lies the gas the greatest threat to the way of life of the indians is little a guinea the


vian state continues to grant mining and hydrocarbon concessions and that only serves to destroy our ancestors and the reserve in Megan Tony's show is Emily Anthem gas exploitation began 10 years ago and since there were no


equipment was brought in by boat or helicopter Indians say drilling and gas works have damaged the ecosystem hunting and fish have practically disappeared people can always pay there are gas leaks and fish are affected claimable and with all the trawlers and boats there is a lot of pollution so i want immunity after eight hours the canoe finishes its trip if there was still something this is the key Righetti native community Righetti means woodpecker because before they were woodpeckers the birds here recently the sacred bird has d that another melody has appeared has replaced their song and we hunt and fish much less we are losing the old traditions and values ​​just ten years ago the machee Ganga Indians survived as hunter-gatherers.
deadliest roads peru   amazon free documentary

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deadliest roads peru amazon free documentary...

Today, they survive thanks to monthly state subsidies, says the village chief. the jungle has been invaded so there is a gas well here Repsol pays compensation for the impact on the people in the river and all the noise that the helicopters make they also give us money when they drill for gas and when they start to exploit it they don't t exploit a co-requisite ok woody fish we only get compensation for the indirect effects it causes it's about seventy five thousand dollars a year per village there was nothing before nothing to eat nothing there were no stores now there is one and you can even listen to the sound music, now everyone has a television and most people have the same standard of living as everyone else in the country.
deadliest roads peru   amazon free documentary
Inflicted on the Indians since gas exploration began, wild animals have disappeared, prompting a winged mammal with a ferocious appetite to descend on neighboring farms. We will see a wobble in there there are many bats and a videodisc is not like before there were hardly any now there are many so maybe you will get hurt the cows wear masks there are more and more they are sucking their blood and there is nothing we can do like animals Batson's nocturnals and they in the walnut come and take a look indeed bats don't suck their victims blood dry it's the infection that causes their bite but it's the problem and the farmers here rarely have the necessary medicines , yes mattgenever many of bytes and that is why he is bleeding so much personality among them gasoline and alcohol subsidies are slowly destroying the machi Ganga indians other tribes face a similar fate after two days behind the wheel David finally arrives at the Indian reservation where he must leave the construction material and carry a new load of wood is a native is a Chintu yes motor this is the town they called Nuevo Eden and this e It's the end of the road from a distance, in fact, it might look like a little piece of paradise.
deadliest roads peru   amazon free documentary
A closer inspection reveals the truth. I embody. The wood comes from various places. It's shipped by boat and then small trucks bring it here so we can load it. I'm fine, I'm fine, David is six hours late when he arrives, but no one is complaining and for good reason, I have no idea when I'll be able to load because the news is bad, there are a lot of trucks here. Now I'll just have to wait. I've been here for almost three days waiting for the freight to Kuzco. Three days without work. The only compensation for the drivers is the shelter and where to eat.
Three months before, I was in the middle of the jungle and had witnessed a strange scene. Did you record that? yes with a small camera it's unbelievable I can't believe it but it's real the indians who are shouting from the opposite bank of the river are Masha Pierrot and their lifestyle has barely evolved The law in Peru prohibits any contact with the tribe under penalty of imprisonment Pierrot masters are not immune to the diseases of modern man and a simple flu could devastate them. It is incredible in our days to see people who live in the same way as the primitive man, completely naked, complete them in the current model that have no contact with civilization, they only emerged out of necessity if they need food or clothing if they were happy to be in the jungle they would not try to leave it I think they want to be a part of our world because their needs make them want to go out and see the world the world that is too often confined to the nearest town and what lies at the bottom of a bottle and from the jungle I now civilize my friend I live here here here I I'm slowly dying here it's okay because I have no land to go to four days later David receives his shipment of 10 tons of wood every year the Peruvian jungle shrinks by about 1500 square kilometers the equivalent of two New York's and that number is constantly increasing Nothe the jungle I don't like the jungle the rivers go fishing I like being in the jungle but if nothing is done some experts predict that there will be no jungle left by the year 2030 at the wedding in City it is difficult with an ax it would have taken two days to do this before now with the modern equipment we have it's only two hours it's nothing you you

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