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DASHING *ONLY* For LOOT (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Feb 27, 2020
so once again welcome to something else for tonight this time we are doing some ridiculous deadly sprint that goes crazy so folks do me a favor hit the like button quick did you know the more The faster they press the like button, the faster it turns blue? i also hate the subscribe button to join the team hope you enjoy the video welcome to the pro speed death race is where bundy vs. Dry got a full sun full sun I invited many so once I get to the next checkpoint I can Don't go to the next one without your teammate Winner gets gold Second place gets blue in three Okay what if Will the guy hit that? on that hey i did it you did it yes here is the passage ok i'm waiting for you waiting for you i just finished ready i don't like it so i remember i can't continue until you get here earlier with four panels locked until i get oh cramp i'm, I'm, I'm blocking, are you kidding me, haven't I? block you was out of it Ibaka pimple a block guys remember once we get to the end whoever sees the GOG all over the right side skips whoever sees the GG first as a team Wow now it turns blue gold and the loser turns blue and then we im fighting to the finish its respawn fed right there dude the guys in the comments say ahahahaha in the comment now get the hell out of my way dude this is such sick business here we are going to throw up every time I say that a map is sick.
dashing only for loot fortnite battle royale
I'm gonna throw up, yeah well I did, I'm over you kova flat, don't you look at the next level, you cheater? I never would. though foot mouse that's kids sabotage sabotage well i died for your sabotage hey don't look here that's a change once you're bad at batting yeah that's cheating cheater that oh this goes on forever right you keep going you haven't died you know what i died but it went on forever oh here we go oh hey jump in the hole and you're at the end of the hall it's like the poop chute can't you see the window oh he said protip go through the window oh come through the window ok , I have to go through the window, did you go through though me? it made everything break you should wait a minute through the window are you on what i beat this one?
dashing only for loot fortnite battle royale

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dashing only for loot fortnite battle royale...

I don't know what's up I mean it goes right there Oh they all spawn us in front of us now it's you Buffy oh you got a whole Flambeau van I'm doing the best I can yeah okay you go once you respawn oh shit, you jump dammit so you jump for that, it teleports you back up, you hold your momentum and then you jump to the launch pad. just a really long trap like that um it's ok once i took that job it's ok yeah i mean it's easy so far i can go ok come on again this is a really long trap Biffle oh shit it's lonely and always Oh the door I'm just back where you are Biffle I'm serious I went all the way around then went back to where you were I saw you up there that was sick hey Bev Oh come here now young lady oh yeah pebble gah oh shit we're with you what do we do whatever they're right behind from us quick update we've been sitting here for seven years they're right behind us seven years thanks come back oh yeah jump jump 360 no right? oh there are holes don't follow me so you get sick ok ok go right dodge the holes don't hit the wall of death huh ok. and then stay to the right you're going to hit a gorilla hit his spawn so you're going to hit the other gorilla hit this you know what i'm like one shooting these things hey guys aimer im a player friend but i pick up the pace at the last gate and then jump right oh yeah do what i just did hit this hit that hit that hit that hit that oh dude this is sick oh oh we gotta hit this now it's good oh two days you sick oh you gotta beat it come on for you guys we're right here we're not here here here oh it's a dropper oh there's a hole what we have to do why don't you tell me about it I'm here I'm the hole I did it right alright Biffle Biffle Biffle you gotta hit the thing and then you flip behind the bouncer and you're going to land on that first Herve ok the next one doesn't look fun at all ah I'm going to hook left I'm going to hook left I'm going to hook left far hugging left side just keep running just keep running don't look at anything just run just don't look at anything just run like you are just run like you just ran just don't look and just run just keep running just keep flapping just keep flying i'm hurting myself no they never get on me he doesn't like my head hit it hit it I'm hitting it I'm trying to hit it we're trying to get gold here okay are you ready set set I gotta get the phone for them guys it's gonna be easy I will, if I'm going to shoot this edit, the last one is It's so easy, it's like I'm pacing the floor like this straw on the floor.
dashing only for loot fortnite battle royale
Don't know. Man, try it first. go get them scared scared scared scared oh what are you doing how did you die oh oh your dad is the one i'm going to throw up so many times this is so sick i couldn't see nico the traps we're blocking the way yeah just keep going awesome ok wait. I've got a kazoo in a minute. I'm fine. Dont do it? How do you not press anything? Every time you kill me, I'm going to find my pillow, so we have to hit that, hit the thingy, and then bounce off the cheese curds. there you'll slide you understand our speed hit brisket cheese hit this wow i made it hold up good now what now what now jump here dude this is so sick jump here jump over it alright dude that's hard Biffle you're going to have to hit so many corners and turns and flippers and faster no i don't like flippers what about flipflips?
dashing only for loot fortnite battle royale
You did that? I use Anakin's Force, you pour the best person since I got this new strength. this is a respawn one - oh ok so don't jump slam that hose against the wall then jump on this oh shit oh ok so don't your respawn you should probably respawn you should probably get that lemme try oh no oh no ok then you gotta jump early land on that pinball cramp maybe i shouldn't be sliding dude that's sick what are we doing here? keep your full emblem almost full and jump at the last second yeah oh oh i missed it or did you know what's up here?
Do you know where you have to be? Alright. I am in a way for you. I will wait for you. Tamil shit. ok stupid then you want to crouch to the left horoho let me see what is after this hollow space. yeah let me do it first i got this right now you took forever on that ok you have a crouch left jump to the middle then crouch right it looks like it crashed i just did it i just did it you did it then i'm going to me Big O likes you from here I'm scared oh hello okay this is where I gotta go you're gonna go left middle right yeah I saw we're going to jump on the rebound I'm in trouble that's okay you know what now Lo I know get up here oh I don't know what to do here fucking loud ok I see you see that right there you see I think CREB y'all see my point um th there are dirty tires right there how much do I do he is the armor i'm trying to do i did it come on i just jumped and went and we're right for each other alright alright once you get through it's just endless tries outside and then there are self opening doors GG wait y'all just wait it's not unfortunate got to get here let me go oh you have to go - come on Biffle do it hey guys im doing it we both made it hey so we get gold blue y'all get blue and we gonna fight to the death y'all get 40 yeah but we on our level full of purple stuff so maybe let's get blue purple no that's not the contract we did right so I was testing this build.
I don't know if it's a good combo. We're going to try it. What we have to do. We need shield bubbles. Correct. We need a fighter. shotgun combat shot now i'll explain this combo in a little shield bubbles with grapplers it's actually pretty cool if it works the way i think we're going too i'm going to slurp fish so if i take damage i can throw it on a shield and then eat the fish now, last gun. I haven't used the scope they have in a while. let's do the scope they are and of course we'll take out some cannons why not team bundy vs seco early


s in three guys if you think team bundy can win slam i like my time what you got a cow it's time to show my combo it works well the combo works are you guys i want to kill two now check this out since we have bubbles everywhere i have a fighter i can crapple the sides of the bubbles oh this is so good oh i can't believe this it actually works hello up there i go to the bubbles they can't kill me now i mean like 75 bubbles you know crank it's cool it did it hit me but it didn't kill me you're a bad person i'm good i'm fine i'm fine dude i'm wearing my shield , hey, pimple, pimple, Phil Phil Phil, fill that area with uppercuts.
Oh, crazy, stop throwing them at them. us, we can't shoot them down if you throw them right there. I don't do one of them because as a medium I have a medium medium what you have I love you uppercut uppercut we need one more a little bit let's get them out good tanks to buy right now I don't expect they are such good shields with fighters they would have thought , thanks again for hanging out watching this video and once again before you go please hit the subscribe button for daily videos.

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