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CRAFTING THE SECRET SWORD IN Fantasy Blacksmith (Fantasy Blacksmith Funny Gameplay)

Feb 27, 2020
guys, why is a spine forming on my sheet? channel and click the bell. I come to get notifications so you never miss another video. Hi guys, this is poor. I can't justify. Hello, we received a delivery. Welcome everyone to Fantasy Bladesmith today. you have ever seen in your whole life its like my little smithy but this time it is much more precise as we have to forge this


like you do in real life and i think its going to be beautiful so i have an ingot here i pronounced right who is the comment below because just me y'all always call me like jason you have no idea how to say this right but let's see if we can create this beautiful


because you are excited for this awesome new game make sure you leave a like in the video here now and then oh wait we'll wait wait wait wait wait wait wait oh oh let's check the temperature ok oh it's going up ok so we got some time build it like real quick it's ok because if this ingot gets too hot , it will melt and could burn down my whole shop so after we have created this beautiful guy of course we need to sell it well so it has to be a dumb fool who is going to buy my sword and we are going to like it we are going to rip off this guy wearing let's make a terrible sword and try to make money maybe i can make a legendary sword well so i come a little more here i'm a little envel and i also have another hammer why did i buy another hammer? if the ingot or blade is over a hundred degrees touch it now and if it's above 850 it will melt good so three two one one again go go go grab the tongs there we go gotta be quick okay now we need to grab it I got it oh that's kind of spicy you put it on the anvil with this thing back on the shelf okay Phil never mind look we use this ah yeah you know the process of getting the sword starts, so we have to slide. this metal a bit yeah that's right we got a massage ok forget it massage the metal into a beautiful sword he'll like it like a woman ok you got it got it get it right. something, I want to do this in the most romantic style possible, okay, because this has to be the most beautiful sword, the most carefully formed sword you've ever seen, oh, and we actually see a spike, he's already right, aha so now with the blade or actually the ingot is still ok eventually it will turn it into a plate but it's getting cold which means I can't get it out anymore if I hit it when it's too cold it will actually break oh you can see it right so it's still too hard to grip but I do my thumb is here oh this is cool look at it you can see the sword starting to form. do that last time too that's weird son i just put this pup here ahh that's beautiful yeah you need to use tongs.
crafting the secret sword in fantasy blacksmith fantasy blacksmith funny gameplay
I know how did I get on top of the anvil? compound shapes ok turn up my mighty thermometer and come on i don't pronounce that ok neither do i let's see how much it's too hot it's too hot it's too hot get up salt salt oh oh oh oh oh it's burning, actually it's smoking Oh, Ted, it's not well, it's melting, isn't it, oh, oh, oh, it's so soft, oh, but that's great. I can, oh yes, I can massage it perfectly. it's a little too hot but it runs great so I have to be careful not to hit it in too many places at once because as you can see on the right side like here it's too thin which is bad because if it's too thin you can't polish it you can make it sharper and if you rock it this will prohibit them from breaking the new thing which looks better but this looks pretty good right?
crafting the secret sword in fantasy blacksmith fantasy blacksmith funny gameplay

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crafting the secret sword in fantasy blacksmith fantasy blacksmith funny gameplay...

I really have to be so careful I can break this blade at any time that looks good now we need to do the point there we're going to get a nice pointy point there okay and it's cooled down guys it looks absolutely beautiful it's actually starting to look like a sword he's coming here que hiko slice slice yeah fantastic alright we're going to put that bad boy in there let's take a look upstairs alright cause we've got a really nice little forge here this is the store so here you can put your guns on the right wall boots what for sale boots or for sale okay you can also grab this guy look at that yeah that's a spicy drink okay I I like my martini like I like my Forge with lots of flames I love it let's leave that that's totally that that's totally safe okay don't worry is it too hot?
crafting the secret sword in fantasy blacksmith fantasy blacksmith funny gameplay
Where is my thermometer? please don't make it too hot we already overheated it oh no oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh it's absolutely back too hot grab it oh my it's smoking oh what happened to quickly putting the hammer in here very good ok we i'll pull it out again it looks a little weird what are these black dots no it's because oh why don't the ports separate wait with the on the hammer if it's bright yes yes i know i know you already said that if this looks good this will looks really good are we done?
crafting the secret sword in fantasy blacksmith fantasy blacksmith funny gameplay
I think it's correct just a little more on one tip here why is the tip so skinny? kate it's chilling yeah it's beautiful look at this we just forged the sword so the handle goes to the left to the right haha ​​hahahaha beautiful it's open wait the way we have to grind it to make it sharp oh we need to cool it down we have to call it quenching i think ok so this is the quenching process which means oh it's too cold to forge this means it hardens the blade ok it goes from very hard to very cold in a instant which is kind of like with ores and stuff now let's see how i can put this in here oh better the sharpening and connection to the shank better is the price quality ok grind first part 50% second point 50 % How does this work? this isn't working for me oh wait mom look oh what am I doing right and done haha ​​that was 98% accurate I don't think it got any worse so now we have to grab a handle so let's put the sword in the handle maker right here, oh wait, we need to put the handle in there first, fantastic!
I'm a real handyman I get it I guess it's a handle ok it doesn't matter now the last part is the tip like a little thing at the end which means you can also hit people with it and it's on the ground . He's back there. soldier ok we have all three parts there now we need two blades and we need to put them in there oh wait its a flying sword wait we haven't even made it magical but let's try the magical stuff ok? I just have to place this carefully ok ask about Big O's death oh what happened click cross guard to start assembling ok so cross guard continues oh and now we need to hit him three, two, one, bang, oh that was so good.
We have to hit it again though, bang and that's one hundred percent, couldn't have gone better, what's that like a ninety-ninety-five average? well i guess 95 bang thats not a 95 right 80 thats terrible i just finished with an average of 191 next which is the last piece he likes to hit people he faces well ok three two one wow oh it's just fuck it up, yeah that makes sense. that you can't squeeze it right oh I'm so good at this game look at that ninety eight average so it almost ruined the whole sword except for the handle time to go up to sell the sword no there's still magic stuff .
Where can I imagine if I do this huh because there are also different types of blades you can make because this one right bronze bronze is for newbies that's like poor man's medal I don't need fancy stuff ok so I need to put it here it's so good oh what is that in the game is uh oh someone knocks on my door hello oh hello oh hello i would like to buy a cheap guy under 300 coins don't get out of here man this is not a 300 coin it was created by the legendary sword smith james to fight himself hello i need to see at least 3 million coins here you go open this wait how did he do it? i just scared my only customer oh boy wait there's a new one hello master, oh hello what's up?
I would like to buy a cheap type under 300 coins. Do you have that ticket? 50 coins for this sword. this someone at my door hello oh hello you can sharpen my sword ok oh he doesn't even need me to make a good grind grow no what wait i need to hold him go bang beautiful and jump beautiful thing wait don't just wait until it's a hundred oh just come back again, wait, how is this still possible? Ok, let's go to the last parts. gimme let's take a look we need to deposit right here nine thousand eight hundred and eighty five coins ok i don't want to see a single comment about how i'm a cheater ok because i'm NOT a cheater and all but with these cheats i was able to buy a new sword skin and as you can see it's absolutely gorgeous it's like super spiky and awesome and threats turned into a naughty sword come on now in just a few moments this thing on the roof will be low again with all the materials we need, but what if I stand under it?
It will be as if an ax killed me. I want to stand under that, uh, you're not happening dude, because there's no visible wall. uh yeah right now i'm just looking at some pathetic ass that's my haircut so let's turn it on baby now i also have an ingot here which should be enough to create a really cool pointy sword. I'm actually going to order more stuff okay I want more of that stuff but first let's take a look at how hot and spicy this thing is in let's get it right okay I want to see each one of those spy braces okay. and sharp and i don't want it to overheat i don't want to hit it too hard i don't want it to get cold too fast this one has to be perfect oh and look at this we have a new delivery and it's fire huh a lot of that i love it oh oh yes yes yes sir im on way don't worry oh list of top smiths who is this go quick boy huh with all your reputation man just come and knock on my door and rub it in me Face I'm a terrible blade smith kidding ok actually it might be a terrible bladesmith because i lost my ingot it's actually cut guys why is a column forming on my sword?
What the hell have we created and probably shouldn't? i have used these cheat codes oh this is going to be a weird look look at that what is that i mean i know what is going to be something spiky but why is it like a spine? Oh Dennis that's weird like I still hit him I thought that was great already what the hell is this? could be? Oh, that's not good, that's not good, why is he doing this? alright i can't lose another one my reputation is already so bad right guys last hits if i still can't hit it here we go oh it looks so beautiful it should be done in a few seconds come on se is it getting cold? real quick because it's really skinny stuff there we go one more hit over here one more hit over here we're done with it I have no idea we're going to go ahead and cool this pup what a pow well that's more what I'm talking about come on get out of there now we have to grind spin to win baby and bang 98 bang 89 whatever bang 87 it's getting worse hundred and a 91 i'll take it now lemme get it just put a handle on it it's really simple like the first one is a hundred second hundred the third big is another uh -huh so close to perfect head oh we can do it this time bing i need 100 when you're literally just turning it on there can't be that exciting right 95 are you kidding and oh i'll still take it ok guys death it's a sword of spicy looking, can i hold it next to a flame? oh that's beautiful i'll call this this point slayer oh yeah let's put that up there and i hope three billion get trillion dollars for this masterpiece someone could knock on my door any mom now cause i got everybody in the city ​​cheering this majestic new piece of war i've put up on my wall i even have a picture of a dragon on my wall that's how you know i'm cool alright alright maybe i just have to admit no one's gonna buy my little lasorda here but hey it doesn't matter because iLots of fun in this amazing new game.
Do you want to see more because we can do so much more with Damascus steel and magical properties? Let me know what you comment on next, but for now you guys think you're pretty keen to check it out. Please do it. like subscribe and whoa that's just in time hello sir oh sharpen my sword i won't see you at the next bridge a spy

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