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May 05, 2020
it's a day off but boredom justice and you don't know how to have fun here is our new collection of life hacks against boredom discover how to paint your day with bright colors tired of watching cartoons open your creative potential and try putting yourself in the role of a professional animator as plot let's choose a story about a man and a balloon to implement this idea until needing markers and a notepad start with the last notepad sheet draw a red heart-shaped ball and a little man turn over the sheet and keep drawing yes nothing happens with the balloon just copy its image each notepad sheet is a frame add motion there is the letter of the little man and place changes made og the notepad and enjoy watching funny shorts and now we reveal the secrets of manipulation we come to a puppet funny you will need thread pieces of felt a cardboard tube and a coffee stirrer I cut the tube as long as you want and cover it with bright orange paint cut a soro face from the piece of red felt glue white cheeks and the black nose onto the fox face draw the eyes using markers and make four holes using a sharp awl pass two pieces of yarn through the eyes holes and tie knots with the string like potatoes make the legs heavier with wooden beads and glue the fox face next to the puppet's legs with a wooden stick using fine string a puppet develops hand not for much fun and it will cheer you up look how funny though questions you have to go it's time to learn the basics of hairdressing to hone the skill you will create a model of a common notepad you need a printed face of a doll and a hardcover notepad take an awl already these holes on the front of the cake glue the printed face below the holes take a paper clip and faux fur with the faux fur to the notepad hook dolo in the middle with the clip now you have everything good very good to become a style and tap top to the braids ponytails and invented personalized toppers crafts can be the best entertainment get ready to try it draw the silhouette of a man on a sheet of paper mark the edges with a black marker and paint the details arm yourself with a paper knife and cut the pants following the contour I have a napkin of some bright color in the back and it turns out that the funny pants are hiding behind the pants bored unfold the pants and tape the pants to the floor with a piece of paper tape if a friend is in a bad mood show this drawing this will make him smile and now let's create a three dimensional illusion of a hole in the palm of the hand you will need acrylic paint and a hand that is of work material draw from it teeth red petals shaded with a light pink glow highlight the middle with l a dark burgundy shade and illuminate the drawing with white and at a certain angle a hole extends in your hand you can take a photo and surprise your friends and in this trick you will learn to make a three-dimensional illusion with a simple sheet of paper draw two figures in the form of semicircles displaced for your convenience connect the tips of the semicircles with red and blue segments figure chord by the girls fold the paper along the multicolored marks blue on one side and red on the other open and close the card and paper moves in circles creating the illusion of rotation looks very weird not to boring to your maze toy in a cardboard box chrome and we will need plastic straws and the box itself cuts the straws into segments of different sizes build a maze in the box combining straws of different sizes and shapes here everything depends only on your imagination even a woman or with a sharp knife and this will be the starting point arrival of the game put a small metal ball in the maze and start playing to move the right direction we want today balance the box in different directions you will find the exit from the minotaur maze with the naked eye evil birds are not as evil as one can think in fact they are also ferocious we draw funny birds and pigs from the endurance drawing fold a piece of paper in half then fold one of the halves again and now you have twice as much paper draw as a pencil silhouette of the key called wheel on the folded sheet marking the drawing with a black marker and open the fold of the paper and continue creating connect the drawing with the lines and draw ferocious fangs on this beautiful bird paint the bird with colored pencils fold the paper and the bird bird its beak in an incredible way how funny the craving of this bird starts scaring here with its angry fangs we get bored and organize high jumping competitions r Record two identical figures from a sheet of cardboard Glue the figures to the base Turn around and glue again with a scotch tape Decorate the toy with a piece of paper Turn the elastic band and adjust the in the middle Stretch the plastic on the peaks and flip the bouncy toy over so the elastic stretches like a string stick out your finger and send the frog into free flight whose frog will fly the highest you like to solve complex problems we create our own version of the conventional puzzle i choose a card with a fun design glue the card on a thick cardboard and mark the size of the card on the cardboard cut in the middle of the sheet through the outline and glue the cardboard substrate with frames cut the workpiece into nine equal squares from sothern to the puzzle pieces inside the frame and pull out the corner piece suggest a friend shape the picture let him get confused that's what puzzles are for weird stress toy help you will help you relax and calm down you are not yourself sometimes you will see with flexible metal wires and multicolored straws wrap a cylindrical vase in the wire and carefully cut the straws into small pieces until the spiral wire reaches the bits of solvents through the wire and turn the spiral and the multi-colored snake runs merrily everywhere and if you take a longer piece of wire the stress effect will go better you like interesting and informative experiences let's make newton's pendulum from improvised materials you will need seven glass balls a wooden frame and toothpicks so the toothpicks with the pliers glue the toothpicks into the inner corner of the frame and glue two more toothpicks onto these it turned out to be something like a horizontal para I attach a short string to each of the balls with hot glue and hang the balls between the horizontal bars at the same level and distance from each other hot glue the book and if you lift and you release the first ball release its energy last and the balls in the middle will remain immobile an unusual souvenir to decorate your desk and save you from boredom the next trick is also related to the world of physical experiments let's see how bubbles react to the presence from our old friend static electricity more than detergent with the water in a measure of one or more two add a tablespoon of cosmetic glycerin and put the soapy mixture on a large tray or baking sheet until a few bubbles fruit the tube with a rag and zoom in on the bubbles a band of bubbles flip the tube over and they happily slide over the soapy surface and finally let's do a little bit of makeshift materials you will need two plastic bottle caps notch my circulars in the caps with a knife fix the toothpicks for coffee crosswise and leave them with hot gun with the wooden cross on the bottle cap and cover the top with the second stage let's build with hot glue and hole in the lid in the middle with a thick hot needle use pliers to poke the point out or a pen and insert the point into the lid the peg rotates around in your own way you can paint the wooden blades the color you want the toy will look even more interesting you liked our recipes to combat boredom and they remind you more of the fox puppet the illusion of rotating circles or the cartoon in the notebook write your answer in a comment below our video subscribe to trump tom selleck press it here click on the bell so you don't miss our new video
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