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Communicating with MASSIVE Alien Creatures and Convincing Them to Leave Earth - Totem

Jun 08, 2021
i have a screen here terminal maybe oh it's saying something oh my gosh okay so right before we run into this this game is called


pole uh it has a crazy premise where we have to communicate with big giant


beings that have crashed into


with questionable intentions and we have to convince


to drop the fact that we have to talk to him as a remark or the arrival of the movie, oh my gosh if this thing could potentially destroy the


, I love how he is letting go of his will to be.
communicating with massive alien creatures and convincing them to leave earth   totem
Like hey, I'll get back to you, your little aunt, come in the door, look at everything, uh, twisty and square, what does that mean? I said it doesn't look like confusion knowledge contempt committed ok so he's a little compromised and a little empathic ok what do I do now oh my god knowledge empathy confusion what's going on ok i have adjustments here wait what is all this uh full stop general question wait oh , it was good, what was it? enter and then there was an eyeball insertion perception then there was a zigzag verb and then a square ok so you want me to try to perceive what you're saying maybe ok now what are you saying jesus christ buddy i'm so uncomfortable right now what the hell me in ok oh it's you come in peace end of sins ok and then where are you oh he wants to know where you are oh this is great hold on ok uh you're insta-ring i say


head territory alien oh you were entering alien territory no no no no you were not entering my territory no no no no no he comes in peace so im gonna say this oh my god buddy i am i got goosebumps all over this moment, what does this say?
communicating with massive alien creatures and convincing them to leave earth   totem

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communicating with massive alien creatures and convincing them to leave earth totem...

Do I have a time limit? What's that? uh, general question, uh, knowledge, are you looking for knowledge? I go near him you're going to hurt me if I go near you holy holy okay I can't oh good to know good to know it's so dark here we are uh we deny oh I see otherwise what it means that yeah, um, territory is what that means, yeah, territory is a good knowledge, end of sentence, what are you okay? So he's establishing that. the territory is good that's awesome now he wants to know what i am uh what i will say i uh weapon no we are not a weapon we are not a weapon i am not a weapon entity i am a love entity that sounds delicious oh my gosh catch , no, don't get me, knowledge, i want to know, knowledge, holy jesus christ man this is great im gusty right now i can't believe i didn't play this game when it came out what the hell look? empath committed to knowledge and happiness is so happy right now, what if i make him mad? should we get angry?
communicating with massive alien creatures and convincing them to leave earth   totem
I multiple we are what does the hammer mean work entities or we are knowledge entities or w we are good entities or we are potential let's do good and then oh my god I am multiple our purpose is love or we are the universe wow wow galaxy we want to explore the galaxy im thinking of the first one because then we are multiple we are loving the universe yes im going to do the first one there we go empathy knowledge is rising there he looks angry though im reading this wrong how can i even know right uh good knowledge incense what are you what to do you know what you know I don't know anything I don't know why I'm here ok ok ok ok we have a big plus where is that oh here it is more more more more a moving energy we are moving energy or love is dead buddy that's so deep i wanna push it just because of that i'm doing it oh what are you saying wait a general question love is death do you get knowledge Am I more than me? oh, love causes death, no, what is this? glyphs, what does that mean?
communicating with massive alien creatures and convincing them to leave earth   totem
I'm going to say that one, oh, he got sad, man, why what? i said listen boy the universe is uh the entity the universe the entity is neutral ok i am oh i could literally ask him what energy knowledge im going to say that ok cause me my knowledge is not technology oh your knowledge is not technology it is easier than just that knowledge our knowledge is not technological knowledge oh wait but it is even though our knowledge is a weapon you don't have that knowledge why am i saying this i feel like i am saying this ok that would make more sense you are us all of you have the opposite of a knowledge tech easy you guys have hard tech knowledge i


the territory oh yes i did get out of here wait you are not confused sad and confused no no you said you were leaving you said you were leaving general question or am i fine ok are you you are asking me says question In general, you are not good, I am going to say that you are good, opposite of no, yes, you are good, yes, and more, oh, what a good answer, we a It's you, oh god, what did I do? hiding in the desert logged out dude that was the best thing i think i've ever done in a video game this was such a unique puzzle solving method to communicate dude that was great what the hell how did i not play this? before, oh, let's go to the next one, you know damn well, we're creeker, date of discovery, okay, oct 25, 1987, blind pack hunter, a tall bipedal entity, oh, here we go, composed of meat and machine.
It has large jaws and no arms. seems to be temperamental and lacks much restraint a system has been dispatched to launch large piercing and tranquilizer rods to maintain engagement to the


area using a large horn fitted to its throat oh my god so we're getting there a completely different method of communication here, oh god, where is it? Where is the biped? I'm doing well mate, can you say I once again misunderstood that goal advantage? Increase your tensions. Reaching minimum or maximum rage will make him attack just like negative interactions. The perpetrator increases the threat level.
You need to hit Max Threat and Max Threat. rod to make it run away oh my god what are you assigning me here? Okay, let's look at this, but how do I know which one it is? You alright I'll tell you what I am folks this is good this one right here dude my friend and then it would be this it would be good otherwise it would be opposite or opposite so it's gotta be this yeah , I am. a good friend oh he's a rag ed he's mad he's mad at you your opposite turf close far your turf is far away where is your turf my turf is close i'm just going to be honest here just being honest oh god krieger took out the translator they didn't appropriate the manager pledge dammit dude come here and say your peace awful dude okay who whose turf whose turf uh ok i need to be ready to cast a rod how do i cast a rod?
I could get closer oh the shark head buddy ok more what's that good for me? what my friend good me opposite friend so i have to raise his threat level like i cant if i'm not supposed to pray the opposite of dam there we go rage came out i should have done it i just would like to appeal to his natural ideas alright alright you your turf close turf w here dude his rage is getting so bad what the hell my turf is close oh dude opposite I guess I'll appeal to that I could tell who would make him mad that would make him more mad why is your tarantula?
What kind of question is that? why will i say why yes get mad ok fine ok the whole territory is close oh pray easy ok this guy is like full of himself i'm about to appeal my territory is close i said that's ok that shouldn't why would that ? Why would that increase anger? it's going to make him so mad me my territory is closer or you run close short ok ah it's going to kill me wait it's not crowded ok i have one more chance give me an easy answer i'm so confused right now i'm sorry if they're finding out too easily , but okay, oh, three answers, you're your prey, you're more pr ey uh sure easy oh am yes I'm easy eat easy no don't wait they're super juicy come on I'm dead yes oh wait no you're still talking eat less strong more oh wait what are you kidding the rods the rods holy this guy is going to think I'm a hater why didn't I know this before so I'm going to be honest when I looked at this I thought I had I thought this was just for decoration for like the sounds and whatnot, I didn't think twice that those were rods until I saw that Creaker needs to be handled using the rage inducing rods and the rage was subsiding the tranquilizers so I'm guessing the rage increases regardless and i gotta handle it uh yo' I'm not a prey Oh he didn't like that He didn't like that Oh he's going to hit him Wait what just happened?
I'm running faster, okay, so he says he's going to run fast towards me. therefore he is going to beat me because there are no hills to slow down. I'm just going to assume that's what you mean my territory is sharp, right. t right sharper ok thats true what might make you mad god buddy gist more ok i will say god ok ok god worked like the concept of god ok god friends ok more oh we have common ground god ok me my friend gist plus friends yeah i'm a friend i'm totally your friend friend my gist is more or my gist is less my gist is more me he's so mad i did it even though i did it dear friend oh god no , I made the most of it. that's what you're told to do wait you're sucking my ass do it right now and his intentions reaching a minimum or maximum anger will make a fit just like negative interactions you must reach maximum threat a maximum threat threw a wand to run away I won't throw a stick oh no I can do this again.
I can do this again. God is death. I can say that God is death. God prays more about the essence. he don't like that god is life is what he means you eat, yeah he didn't I don't like that answer oh I did I finished him off with a spear I made him run run run. pretty pissed off so his threat level increased and i caught him oh the thief left immediate area he is nowhere to be found but presumed to be hiding amongst the trees in the forest all attempts to identify him based on of your horn have been useless it's not supposed to be a closed idle session we did it you're so excited to do it ok what do we have left?
I think I'll save it for another episode if you want to see it. read what the cow is doing i want to see it too a titanic quadruped robot has no face but has a large rotating circular segment placed in the middle appears to be extremely patient and has not yet been observed expressing any aggression behavior while inactive appears to ask questions and follow monolo Riddles about philosophy, his intentions are not yet known, okay, I want to see him first, let's see, oh no, oh, no, focus, it's sacred, okay, no, we're not ruining it, we're not ruining it, we have to do it.
Wow, thanks so much for watching. I hope you want to see more. This is an amazing game again. wait till you read the comments if you yell at me it will be fun thank you very much for watching i love you all and i will see you next time bye

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