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Caso Cerrado | An Entire Wedding Unpaid For?

May 11, 2020
We are back friends, we are going to receive the next case today with this quote from the German theologian Martin Luther who says ingratitude and pride are dogs that when they bite leave a deep mark, what happens to litigants, it seems incredible that with the person I have shared much of my life on an impulse I made a big mistake whoever says that the family is a democracy is a dictatorship whoever pays sends good afternoon good afternoon doctor Veronica is suing Roberto this well I don't know doctor well tell me why you are suing Roberto and Yes, it is to resolve this case, well, doctor, I am suing Roberto for the amount of 55 thousand dollars, doctor, because Roberto, doctor, we had a common account and we have been planning the


of our daughter, my biological daughter, not Roberto's, and Roberto has put The account is zero, doctor, that is, he has come, I withdraw the melted funds and I, I come specifically for this situation because I am very upset that the lawyer is paying, yes, ok, tell me how long you have been married to Roberto, but doctor, I have been with Roberto 11 years 11 years ok well let's see tell me the circumstances of what is happening here although doctor I am a Mexican doctor and I had my daughter very young the father of my daughter is a Cuban doctor and we were very in love we came to the US I I thought my daughter was going to have a family with her father, but it didn't happen that way, things went quite badly for me.
caso cerrado an entire wedding unpaid for
This man left, leaving me pregnant, and I was practically a single mother for many, many years, doctor. Yes, the good one came here to the United States and he abandoned you. While I was pregnant, doctor abandoned me, okay, during those years, doctor, I was a single mother, I found Roberto, an exemplary man, a man who gave me his love, who showed me that he loved my daughter, that made me fall in love with this man, doctor. He asked me to marry him, I accepted very gladly, I thought we had a beautiful marriage, my daughter as time went by, she got sick, she got sick from thyroid cancer, and Roberto was always there for them, doctor, he paid all the hospital expenses, in fact, I quit working.
caso cerrado an entire wedding unpaid for

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caso cerrado an entire wedding unpaid for...

Because Roberto paid me for a cosmetology course and he told me, Veronika, I don't want you to work anymore, you stay at home with the girl and that's what I did because my daughter is here. I feel very grateful because she is a college girl and recently She then told us that she was very excited that she wanted to get married. In fact, I wanted the doctor's


to be a very simple wedding, but Roberto told me no, of course, no, we are going to pay for that wedding for our daughter, use the card we have. in common and don't stop at expenses as he has always pampered our daughter doctor well we started the preparations how many guests were there going to be 250 guests doctor ok then doctor well we started making all the preparations doctor and I a month ago doctor I already started giving doctor's checks for banquet photography limousine has no one I come like this to the doctor's evidence of all the checks that I have given ok I'll show them to you ok now that all the preparations have begun to be made all the preparations for the wedding go down to the banquet hall 7 thousand 560 dollars Yes, a 2000 hotel, not even seeing our daughter so much, both doctor, what did Roberto do, doctor, my daughter's biological father.
caso cerrado an entire wedding unpaid for
I haven't seen him for many years. Doctor, I looked for him and he sent him to be brought to me. He sent him to me to bring him without my consent because I didn't have that. I was going to try it because then we had a Richardson scene. I thought everything was very good and I didn't even care that my daughter's father was there. Roberto suddenly separates the table and says to everyone, one minute, please. I said. well this man is going to say some very beautiful words what is going to be my surprise what does Roberto Verónica say I have something very important to say I want to tell you that the bank account is at zero and I am not going to pay a penny for the wedding and he did not give a reason why for some invitations, doctors, the truth is that I don't, I don't know why Roberto is putting himself in this position because of an invitation, you're not going to explain to me, well, doctor, the banquet was for 250 people, doctor, he is always like a father with his daughter who told her She has let her do whatever she wants because you know, Roberto, that they have let her be what she wants.
caso cerrado an entire wedding unpaid for
She is not responding to me and I am desperate. She better gave us 250 places for the 150 guests, of which I told her and she was emphatic about those. 250 spots I need 20. You understand me to invite my people, which is my dad, my mom, my brothers, including the doctor, and I also Camila, that is, as a kind of courtesy to the debt, okay, and what happened that she saw it and never did it? We must take a short break because when we return I want you to respond to the lawsuit and explain your point of view on what is happening.
We will return after this short break. Rica demands her husband Roberto and demands that he fulfill his promise to pay her. the wedding for her biological daughter but his foster daughter for a long time. They have been married for 11 years but in the matter she is demanding the sum of 55 thousand dollars which is what the wedding costs for 250 guests that Roberto has to pass You should say doctor to first of all he is the businessman I have been quite successful I cannot complain financially I have done very well in the American dream but nothing is perfect I am a single man without a family I have never been able to have children well I feel I felt desolate until the known to her, precisely, she filled, together with her daughter, the emotional void that she felt and that is why I told her we are not going to spare any effort, we are going to pay for that wedding in style, although since we have a joint account in which she and I intervene, I told her Here, use the account, take care of all that, right, and let's do it, let's please the girl.
Ok, in fact, she already did it like this and the process began and two preparations. You are fabbroni and they who occupied them find people she occupied them in other people what happens that when I go to the golf course I meet the doctor who precisely took the girl and I ask her is she going to the wedding party and she tells me yes I know You have a party but they haven't given me the invitation formal invitation as long as I don't get it I'm not going to go it didn't seem strange to me and it surprised me and I started to find out what's happening to all the people I had invited, right, he tells me they left With the same story, they knew about the wedding but they didn't have a formal invitation.
I face Veronica and I tell her, well, what's going on? I told you that I needed those 20 people, those 20 spots, and she tells me that unfortunately I'm going to have to wait for someone to give up. of the quota of the invitation to include one of mine, I invite all the university students, please, after I have copied and paid for education, why bring this girl's father at the request of Camila or the girl who asked you to look for her father because she has never seen him you didn't have to see the arrangement consulted with me yes but it is a question between Camila because it would be and then what happened to the father then well the man has been missing for 20 years no one knows anything about him I had They had to pay a private detective to get it, they actually located it, he was there in Columbus, Ohio, he spoke to the man on the phone, he paid for the trip, the stay, simply to please Camila, that was my idea, he says that he was doing well, but I see that I did it, I did it.
Everything is bad, the other way around, Roberto is bombarding me with calls or that you want me to be imprisoned. I probably don't have to take away my funds for the invitations, nothing because of the 20 invitations. Well, in part, yes, because I feel extremely hurt emotionally because I thought that I had a radio and emotional moral support in them, right, and a daughter who was not biologically mine but I treated her and I have appeared for her in everything. In the end, it seems that they simply wanted no benefit and a financial interest has been in me. using it as an ATM simply withdrawing money, truth, besides that, here comes the last straw on the day of the toast for the renunciation of the wedding.
Veronica stands up very pompously to give the wedding announcement and says who is going? to take his daughter to the altar, her biological father is a bomb, I ask for the floor, that's more, Roberto had only said it, that was Camila's idea that day, one hundred to a year, baby, very mature and very controlling of Ian, please, that is, The girl asked you and if you accept this from her, I didn't want this man, I don't even have to see them in painting, he doesn't have witnesses, I have witnesses, doctor, let's go over the plaintiff's witnesses, here's something that doesn't smell to me. well sincerely maybe good afternoon a man nicolas and yours yadira and you want nicolás I am the biological father of the family Act is Camila's biological father we should see a short break and when you get back you can give me the statement that you have to give me give in this we are teaching you in this family disaster there are gentlemen people get so complicated but only her husband Roberto is suing for the sum of 55 thousand dollars that the cost of the wedding of the daughter Camila her biological daughter but foster daughter of the Sir, the wedding has 250,000 guests, of which the gentleman who is paying for everything and was asking for 20 invitations for his relatives, apparently the bride determined that she was not going to save those 20 invitation tickets for her foster parents on the day of the dinner of rehearsals that take place at these events, the mother also announces to everyone there that the person who is going to walk the daughter to the altar is the biological father and at that moment the man, well, look, I'm going to make another announcement, the bill. bank where we were copying this


wedding is empty, solve it as you can and that is why we are here today here is Nicolás who is the biological father the sperm bank I say because a person who disappears when the woman is pregnant and never gives For me, the face is a sperm bank, it doesn't mean anything, so what are you coming to say here?
I come to say that I feel very ashamed because I never thought that my daughter would feel bad about my presence at her wedding and tell her. Here is Mr. Roberto, what he has done is not about man, it is about rats, and what is not, a man with dignity had to say, look, it's not going to seem because the truth is that I never met, I didn't know that little girl that I'm going to had to come here. to look for something sanz will do something for sure shameless is that this is that it is that I got burned they take me out of james me with a hammer it is not enough to break the head your name ma'am is you will tell who you are if I am Felipe's mother the boyfriend didn't see my boyfriend, I came to ask Dr.
Polo to make Roberto reconsider Roberto, we always knew him as a good man, as a man of integrity, my son was completely grateful to him, I think he has to reconsider the girlfriend, the one in the girlfriend in which he has to say no sorry I'm bad I'm in a bad condition on the day of the event he is in the spotlight he is with Camila in the girlfriends pass me to Camila pass me to Camila because it seems to me that he was walking that he has to reconsider here how you are very sorry doctor allowed that you may have asked my father to look for my biological father and to have brought him if I would also be there and you must also have been sorry for having given the 20 invitations that Roberto asked for to other people but I didn't know that those 20 invitations had already been taken.
I thought that they were already in the invitations, including my father's, and that I could continue inviting people. My mother never told me that I had already exceeded the number of people, so here everything has been a misunderstanding that's all because you it's because you wrote this piece of crap so that he will take you to the altar because I am his biological father of course they believe you that is a lie I never wanted him to take me to the altar but he didn't There is another alternative, doctor, to stay in his way and he asked me to give him 5000 if I listened to him, he walks away from the rehearsal dinner, he took Felipe and me away and showed us these photos that I have here are photos photos and yes the truth is that the crap always rubbish Roberto what is that we are simply talking about that the intention of the kingdom of the wedding really that my carnal labors are the needs author rats appealed to him as if not only nothing that is a disloyalty of virus of men but rat is your rat the one who does not give each face to his daughter to the true obligations the obligations of adults in love are other things this is the time to change the demand that is not the time this is the time of your daughter's wedding that He deserves to have his doubt ok so this is not the time you are not going to change the complaint you come back if you want to get divorced you in the future file the divorce complaint but no this is not the time for divorce let me ask you something in given that everything has already come to light, given that this man is a blackmailer, you know that she did not ask him to take her to the altar, you know that she did not deny you the 20 invitations, but rather that she and her mother did not get along well.
Mind you, are you willing to continue with your promise to pay for this girl's wedding, given the circumstances, I think so, doctor, ok, and who do you really want me to take you to the altar? You really want me to take you to the altar, really, you want this man to be there, no? They are invited, you already have a free invitation, you are invited, it's longer, it's just, look at your presence, I don't like you, get rid of the staple ohio, for the china where you came from, get out, let's go please, Mrs. Jessica Pérez, who is the events coordinator.
Hello Jessica, how are you doing, doctor, how are you? You are an event coordinator and a wedding with 250 guests is much preparation time more or less I normally work with clients 12 to 18 months to put together a ball of 250 yes doctor ok the price of 55 thousand dollars sounds reasonable yes for an event of this nature yes with so many people but naturally it can be difficult I'm sure it all depends on what you really want to spend and the quality of insurance, yes, if they had used a wedding coordinator at this wedding, this problem with the invitations would not have happened, right, no, for sure, not from the beginning, we make the guest list. together those are one of the consequences that people have when they try to do such large events alone and not without a specialist in a professional person who knows how to coordinate this type of events that is very complicated decision of the case here there is not much decision the sir has morally agreed to pay for your daughter's wedding, she considers you her father and he considers her his daughter and you are going to walk her to the wedding if there is a problem with your guests, I know that paying a little more for the 20 guests that you had can be included and an invitation can be sent to them and there will be no problems.
The most serious problem that Roberto is going to have is your situation. That is what he is going to have to deal with after the car. more than i can berries the next day

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