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Capítulo: Problemas De Armas

May 05, 2020
Welcome back! That first case was rife with fraud. Let's welcome our next case with a quote from Chinese philosopher and military strategist Sun Tzu. He says: "Guns are deadly instruments and should only be used as a last resort." There are weapons everywhere. Send in the litigants! It is a threat to society. I'm sure he'll kill again soon. He was a danger to everyone. If it's any consolation, he didn't suffer. -Hello. -Hi, ma'am. Priscila, who is Jorge, why is he suing him and what does he demand to resolve this case? I want to sue him because he is demanding $50,000 in damages because he killed my husband and a restraining order.
cap tulo problemas de armas
That is a serious accusation. Did he kill her husband? That man? -I didn't kill him. -You did it! Wait. He has to explain the facts. Yes, and for that I will tell you about myself. My husband and I had been married for four years. We had a baby and we sold jewelry. One day we were driving home. Then a huge black man with a gun approached us. He took us to our house. He beat my husband and him and stole our jewelry. It almost hurt the baby and me. I was scared, terrified. My husband was a peaceful man.
cap tulo problemas de armas

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cap tulo problemas de armas...

He was an innocent and kind man. He did not possess weapons. After that incident, I asked him to get a gun for our protection. I didn't want to go through something like that again. I never wanted to see my baby in danger. I helped my husband get a gun license. So he got a gun. One day we had an argument. The baby wouldn't stop crying and we were tired. To relax, she went to the bookstore. She went there to study and enjoy some peace and quiet. That's when the police contacted me to tell me that my husband had been murdered.
cap tulo problemas de armas
What did you do...? Well! He fell. Wait. I'll hear from you next. What did the police say? What happened? He had to go through a metal detector, so he pulled out his gun to remove the magazine. That's when this animal... Was it taking out the bullets? Yes, that is correct. And this animal shot him! He killed him, ma'am. That's what happened. Did he work in the bookstore? He was a security officer there. I own a business... Did you get arrested? He was detained and questioned. They said there was no case. They said he was in self-defense.
cap tulo problemas de armas
His death was justified. I didn't have to kill him. He could have tried something else. He didn't have to kill him. He could have contained it. So what's happened to you since then? I want justice, ma'am. I am traumatized and scared. It is a danger for everyone. It's a threat. Are you going to shoot every time you see someone with a gun? He can't do that. I want you to help me get justice. I can't sleep at night. He ruined my life. I lost my house. I'm alone with my baby. I can't sleep at night. Did he try to contact you?
He created a social media account, which he used to talk to me. He is harassing me. He says I need a new man, I should be a happy widow. He has offered to comfort me. He wants to be with me. I am not happy! He ruined my life, lady! I can not do this. I demand justice. I need his help, ma'am. Well. Understood. How do you respond, Jorge? Well, ma'am, I'll be honest with you. I think... I didn't kill her husband. I just... avoided a tragedy. Well, her husband pulled out a gun... Tell me what happened.
What were you doing in the library? They had contacted me before the incident. I have a friend who works there. He asked me to come in to show me the new codes. It's all part of the training. I was outside at the time and contacted my guards... What are you doing? -I run a security company. -Oh, do you have a company? Yes, it is an established business and we have great clients. That's why I tend to react quickly. You were there to visit a friend... -It was training. -Good. In the library. What happened after? She was leading me there and her late husband was ahead of me in line.
There is a metal detector in the library. He was about four or five steps in front of me. I was right behind him. As he entered, the alarms went off. Alarms went off and I noticed he was removing the magazine from his gun. When I saw that, my training kicked in and I took out my weapon. I saw that he had his hands up, so what I did was take out my gun and shoot him. I knew he was dead as soon as he hit the ground because he looked like a fish when he was out of the water.
He was unarmed! You are a bastard. Wait. You said you saw him remove the clip. Yes. He was not aggressive. She is demanding $50,000 in damages and a restraining order to prevent him from ever contacting her again. Jorge...she killed her husband. However, authorities deemed it a justifiable homicide and he never faced charges. I would like to return to my point. You have been trained. She took out the magazine and raised her hands. Why did you shoot him? Because there is always a bullet in the chamber. That's why. I saw him remove the magazine... But you didn't know about the bullet in the chamber.
He was mentioned in the police report. That there was a bullet in the chamber? He didn't remove all the bullets. I understand. Now, why contact her? How did you contact her? Ma'am, the thing is... I contacted her... We met several times with our respective attorneys. I noticed that when she wasn't angry and we could talk, she would stare at me. She looked at me like she cared about me. -I hate you. -No, that's something else. She has trouble interpreting a look. She interprets them according to what she wants. No ma'am. Besides, there were other things too.
While we were meeting with the lawyers, I noticed her looks so I decided to do a little test. I created a fake online profile so I could get closer to her. He wanted to see what was really going on in her head. In fact, she brought copies of our conversations. Can? Yes. What did you discover? I discovered several things. I pretended to be a woman. She posed as a woman. He said, “I am here to help you in your time of need.” She said: "I'm going through something very difficult. I miss my husband a lot." Although, I have deduced that he was a violent man." That's right.
There you have it. Was your husband a violent man? We had some problems because I can be jealous, but it was never anything serious. I loved my husband. and I was very happy with him. That's my private life! Was he ever arrested? No. He had a clean record. "Still, I loved him and miss him." "Forget about him and move on. Find someone else. You can't be alone." She replies: "I don't know. It's so hard." She was giving in. -Did you think I was giving in? -You killed my husband! This is sick. You don't regret what you did.
Besides, I don't think his death was that simple. Have you ever Have you been psychologically evaluated? Yes. Once a year. You're crazy. You don't seem remorseful. You're also very proud of yourself. You had the audacity to contact your victim's wife, asked her out and told her she needed to move on. "Ma'am, it's my way of protecting you. Your way of protecting her? She's nothing but a predator. -She's beautiful! -Oh, please! She's nothing but a predator! I wanted to protect her and her son." What happened was a true tragedy. It's true. You're sick, you bastard! I don't think so.
I think she misinterpreted my actions. True. It's all a misunderstanding. Hello. Name? Armando. You are here on behalf of the accused. Yes, ma'am. First of all, he is my hero. I was in the library that day. I noticed when your late husband came in and then I heard the alarm go off. Obviously he was scared. Then I saw him wave his gun at him. That was very scary. I ducked to cover myself. Then I heard a gunshot and screamed for help. Not know what to do! Then everything was silent. I turned to see what was happening.
I saw blood and her late husband on the ground. She killed him, but he's a hero. That guy could have killed me. He could have killed many others. You didn't know why he was there. How can you assume he was there to kill someone? He had his gun in his hand and seemed nervous. I didn't know what he was doing. Well. Send the plaintiff's witness. People today buy and carry guns, but you have to know what that entails. You need to know how to wear it and when to take it off. It is not a simple task.
Hello. What is your name? Jessica. Hi, ma'am. You are here on behalf of the plaintiff. Yes. Who are you? Do you know these people? Yes. We left before his crisis. You and the accused went out together. Unfortunately, we did. Alright. Hold it right there. Now, Jessica and Jorge once dated. What do you have to say? As you may have noticed, he is a psychopath. During that time, I noticed some strange things. One day, while we were stuck in traffic... As you know, people cut you off with their cars... It happens. It's an everyday thing. Jorge looked for his gun, but I stopped him.
He was furious. Reaching for his weapon was so easy for figure out anything. He wasn't angry. The man was coming towards us and got out of the car. He was seven or eight feet tall. But he just interrupted you. My life was in danger. You should be grateful. It's not normal for someone to react like that. That's not a normal reaction. The final straw occurred while we were in bed. He tried to use a gun as a sex toy. He wanted to insert a gun into my vagina. That's when I realized my life was in danger.
She thinks her gun and his penis are synonymous. It seems that. That was too much for me. Send Dr. Madeline Hernández and criminal investigator Héctor Schewerert, please. Do you think it's normal to use a gun during sex? -Are you sick. -We are partners. We are always together. Even in the bathroom. I still think that the test used to decide whether someone can carry a gun or not is ineffective, flawed and does not detect anything. It is not like this? I agree, ma'am. Obviously, there is something wrong mentally or spiritually with many gun owners. Dr.
Hernández, let's analyze this man's attitude. For starters, he shows no remorse. He thinks he's a hero. He displays many unacceptable behaviors. He is what we would call a psychopath. Here's the thing. Let's talk about testing permission. These tests are very sophisticated, but some personality disorders... -Can they be ignored? -Yeah. For example, a psychopath. Psychopaths are very intelligent. They know how to manage and manipulate a situation to avoid being detected as a danger to society. Psychopaths work their way into the fabric of society and hide behind the façade of wanting to protect others. That's why we have such a serious problem with guns.
We focus on the gun, but the gun is not the problem. It is the people who exercise it. Let's talk about this situation. This case is similar to one we recently saw in Dade County. Something similar also happened in Los Angeles, ma'am. Although the district attorney did not file any charges, I would like to show a graph. Removing the magazine does not mean there is a bullet in the chamber. What worries me about him is what Dr. Madeline said. He's a psychopath, a wannabe cop. He is a security officer, but he probably always wanted to be a police officer and has not been able to do so because he lacks the training.
In the state of Florida, it only takes 16 hours of training, eight hours in school and eight hours at a shooting range. His psychological examination is a written test. They are not interviewed by a professional. Officers must undergo a rigorous interview and a host of tests, including a polygraph. His actions were justified, but his behavior is concerning. He demonstrated his lack of training. Any officer would have ordered the individual to stop and leave his gun where he was. That would have prevented this fatality. People take out their weapons. The police have to act. We have to act.
I would like to add that he is harassing her and that he should get a restraining order. She is demanding $50,000 in damages. She probably thinks it's because of her husband's death. That is not the case. Her harassment and lies have hurt her. That's why she demands $50,000. Ruling in your favor. Since she has her own business, she will pay it in 30 days. I also issue the restraining order. If you contact her again, you will find yourself in prison. But that would be nice. You would lose your weapon. Given what we've heard, it's safe to assume that you shouldn't have a gun.
It's final. Case closed! Be kind, be careful, educate yourselves, respect to receive respect and may God help us! We will have many cases and many resolutions. Thank you! CC: TELEMUNDO NETWORK [email protected] (305) 887-3060

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