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Can’t Wait to Use these English Conversations for Everyday Scenarios — Listen & Practice

Mar 07, 2024
Have you thought about the theme for next weekend's party? Hi Dylan, yes I was thinking of a beach theme, what do you think sounds fun? We could have tropical decorations. and food, great idea, we can serve fruit punch and have beach themed games. Should we ask everyone to dress in beach clothes? Yes, that would add to the fun. We could even have a best outfit contest. I like it. Do we need to prepare a summer playlist? songs absolutely music is important to set the mood can you take care of that? I'll definitely create a playlist. How is the food?
can t wait to use these english conversations for everyday scenarios listen practice
What should we plan? Let's make a mix of snacks and barbecue. Easy to eat and enjoy. Sounds good. I can grill some burgers. and perfect hot dogs and I will prepare some salads and sandwiches. Do we need to rent tables or chairs? I will review what we have and let you know that we want everyone to feel comfortable. OK. I think this party's going to be great, me too, let's make it memorable chapter 18 weekend plans




hello Zoe, do you have any plans for the weekend? Hi Ethan, not really. I was thinking about going on a hike, what about you?
can t wait to use these english conversations for everyday scenarios listen practice

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can t wait to use these english conversations for everyday scenarios listen practice...

That sounds good. idea I was planning to catch up on some reading reading is always relaxing what book are you reading I'm reading a novel about an adventure in the mountains it's quite exciting that's interesting maybe I should pick up a book too any recommendations if you like adventures I can lend you this when it's over. I would like to, thank you. Do you usually spend your weekends reading frequently? Yes, but I also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking. That's great. Maybe we could go hiking together sometime. I would like to. that, let's plan a hike next weekend, it sure sounds perfect, it will be fun EXP, explore some trails, I'm looking forward to it, me too it will be a nice change of pace, chapter 19, cooking together,


ing and practicing, hello, Lily, what should we do? cook for dinner tonight hi Adam how about we make spaghetti?
can t wait to use these english conversations for everyday scenarios listen practice
It's easy and fun. Spaghetti sounds great. We have all the ingredients. We have pasta, but we need to buy tomatoes for the sauce. Well, I can go to the store. Do we need anything else? Maybe get some. Garlic bread and a salad to accompany it, good idea. What kind of salad do you prefer? a green salad with lettuce, cucumber and carrot would be nice, sounds healthy and delicious. I'll get great ones. I'll start boiling the pasta and preparing the perfect sauce. I'll be back soon with the shopping, thanks Adam, cooking together will be fun. Chapter 20 Hobbies, listen and


can t wait to use these english conversations for everyday scenarios listen practice
Hi Emily, what are you doing this weekend? Any hobbies you plan to enjoy? Hi Oliver. I'm planning to do some gardening. I love working with plants. And you? That sounds good. I'm going to spend some time cycling. It's my way of relaxing. Cycling is a great hobby. Do you take long walks? Yes, I usually travel in the countryside. It's very quiet. It must be nice. see the landscape and definitely get some fresh air, what do you like most about gardening? I love watching flowers bloom and plants grow. It is very rewarding. Sounds like a great way to spend time outdoors.
Maybe you can join me in the garden sometime. I'd like if maybe you could teach me a thing or two about plants. I sure would love to know that gardening is more fun with company. Chapter 21 Sports talk, listen and practice. Hi Rachel, did you see the basketball game last night? Hi Matt, yes. It was a very exciting match. Did you see it? I did it. The last quarter was intense. I couldn't believe that last minute shot. That shot was incredible. I was on the edge of my seat. I also play basketball. I used to play. Now in high school I enjoy watching what about you?
I play from time to time with friends, it's good exercise, he's definitely your favorite basketball player. I have always admired LeBron James, his skills are incredible, he is a great player. I like Steph Curry because of his shooting skills. Curry is also phenomenal. Do you follow any other sports? I also enjoy tennis. The matches are always very exciting. Tennis is great. Maybe we could play sometime. It would be funny. I'm always up for a game of tennis. Chapter 22. Chat about the weather. Listen. and practice Hi Sophia, have you noticed how hot it has been these last few days?
Hi Chris, yes, it has been very warm. Summer is definitely here. I know. I've been thinking about going to the beach this weekend. Sounds like a good idea. Be perfect for this weather Do you like swimming or just relaxing on the beach? I love swimming, it's a great way to cool off. And you? I'd rather relax and maybe play some beach volleyball. Beach volleyball is fun. I would be willing to participate. great game, have you checked the weather forecast for the weekend? Yes, it's supposed to be sunny and hot. Perfect. Beach weather, good to hear. I was worried it might rain.
Luckily, it doesn't rain in the forest. It should be a beautiful day at the beach. Chapter 23. making appointments listen and practice hello Laura I need to make an appointment for a haircut when you are available hello Mike let me check my diary are you looking for a particular day preferably sometime next week in the afternoon? Does it work next week? It's pretty open how. around Wednesday at 300 p.m. Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. What works for me is that at a busy time it's usually not too busy. I can give you my full attention. Brilliant. I appreciate how long a haircut usually takes.
It should take about an hour, depending on what you want, just a trim, so it should be an hour. well perfect I will leave you at 300 p.m. on Wednesday then thanks Laura I'll see you then you're welcome Mike I'm looking forward to having a great day chapter 24 compliments listen and practice hello Emily that's a beautiful dress it really suits you thanks Daniel I just received it last weekend The color is perfect. Where did you find it? I found it in a small boutique downtown. They have unique pieces. It is very cute. You always have great style.
It is simple and classic, works well for you. Simplicity is often the key to elegance. I agree, it's all about finding what absolutely works for you and thanks again for the compliment, it made my day. Chapter 25 expressing opinions, listen and practice. Hi Sarah, I was thinking. about the new environmental policy in my opinion it is a big step forward Hello David. I've also read about her. I think it's good, but I'm concerned about its impact on small businesses. It's a valid point. I think policy could include more support for them exactly, it is important to balance environmental goals with economic realities.
I agree that sustainable development should support both the environment and the economy. On the other hand, what is your opinion on remote work becoming more common? I think it's a positive change, it offers flexibility and can improve work-life balance. I see your point, but I think it could affect team collaboration and company culture. It's true, companies need to find a balance between remote and office work. Each has its benefits and challenges. Changing the subject, what do you think about the trend in electric vehicles? Of course, it is a necessary step to reduce carbon emissions. I support it too, but I am concerned about the current methods of battery production and disposal.
It is an important aspect to consider. Hopefully technology improves in that area. I hope it is essential for us to think. above all the life cycle of these Absol Technologies is absolutely about making informed and sustainable decisions in fact it is good to have these discussions and share different points of view chapter 26 agree and disagree listen and practice hello Anna do you think that technology Is life getting better hello James I? I agree that technology has many benefits, but I am concerned about privacy issues. I see your point, but I think the benefits outweigh the concerns.
That may be true, but we cannot ignore the negative effects on social skills and mental health. You're right. However, technology also connects us in ways we couldn't before. It's true, it connects us, but don't you think that sometimes it isolates us more? In some cases, yes, but in general I think it brings people together. We'll have to agree to disagree. On that note, what about the impact of social media? I think social media is a great way to share information and stay connected. I disagree. I feel like they often spread misinformation and create unrealistic expectations. That's a valid concern.
Social networks have their flaws, yes, and it is important. use it responsibly and critically agreed it's about finding a healthy balance exactly it's about using technology wisely and being aware of its impact chapter 27 asking for help listen and practice hello Lisa I'm having trouble with this report can you help me? Hi Tom, sure. I'd be happy to help. What is the problem? I can't seem to get the data analysis part right. It's confusing, let's take a look together. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can see things differently. It would be great. I apreciate it. No problem.
I've reviewed the latest data analysis guidelines I have, but I'm still finding it difficult to apply them. Okay, let's go through the guidelines step by step. It seems useful. Thank you for taking the time to help me. You are welcome. We all need a little help sometimes. Getting Started I also have a hard time organizing information in a clear way. Well, we can start by outlining the main points you want to cover in the report. It is a good idea. I tend to go into details without a clear structure once we have an outline. it will be easier to organize the details logically, that makes sense, what about the conclusion?
I'm not sure how to summarize it in the conclusion, just summarize your findings and suggest possible implications or future actions, that's helpful, I wasn't sure how detailed the conclusion should be concise the conclusion should reflect what you have discussed in the report I see this really clarifies things for me thanks Lisa, you're welcome Tom remember that a good report is clear, concise and well structured. doing chapter 28 very well offering help, listening and practicing hi Emily I noticed you seemed a little overwhelmed with the project is there anything I can help with? Hi George, that's very kind of you.
I'm a little behind on what part of the project you're working on. maybe i can help. I'm struggling with the budget section. Numbers are not my strong suit. I'm good with numbers. I can definitely help with that. It would be fantastic. I'm not sure if everything adds up correctly. Let's sit together and that's it. through it, sometimes a second pair of eyes can catch things. I would really appreciate it if you were sure you had time. I'm happy to help. It is important that we all succeed. Thanks George, your help means a lot, no problem Emily, let's address the situation. together and fix it it's great to have colleagues who support you like you let's start chapter 29 apologizing listen and practice hello Anna I wanted to apologize for missing our meeting yesterday hello David I was worried when you didn't show up what happened I'm stuck on another task and completely lost track of the time.
I understand that can happen, but it caused some inconvenience. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt our plans. I appreciate your apology next time. Could you send a message? If you are late Of course, I will make sure to communicate better in the future. Thanks David, it is important for us to stay informed. You're right. I'll be more aware of our schedule from now on. It's good to hear. Were you able to complete the task you were working on? Yes, I finished it and took steps to manage my time better. That is excellent. Time management is key in our work.
I agree. I also prepared some notes for the meeting we missed. a good start, let's reschedule the meeting for another time. How about tomorrow afternoon? I'll make sure I'm on time. Tomorrow works for me. Let's do it. I'll send a calendar invite and reminder in the morning. Thanks David, let's make sure. we are both definitely ready for this again I'm sorry for the trouble I caused apology accepted David let's focus on moving forward and doing better Chapter 30 accept apology listen and practice hello Clara, I'm so sorry for accidentally taking your notes from the meeting room hello Ethan, it's okay .
He was confused when I couldn't find them. I took them as my own. I should have checked before I left. That makes sense. I wish you had realized it sooner. I apologize for any inconvenience. I brought them back first thing in the morning. I saw that this morning, thanks. I just had to recreate some of the points from my report. If there is anything I can do to help with that, please let me know. I appreciate that Ethan might check back next time. I will absolutely be more careful. mistakes happen in the future Ethan. I'm glad to have my grades back.
I'll also leave a note atmy articles so there is no confusion. It is a good idea. Clear labeling can avoid confusion. I agree and if you need help, don't do it. I hesitate to ask thanks Ethan. You may need some input on the project later. I'm here to help and again sorry for the confusion. It's okay Ethan. I accept your apology. Let's be more aware next time. Definitely thanks for understanding. No. problem let's keep communicating openly and everything will be fine chapter 31 making suggestions listen and practice hello Emma I was thinking about improving our team meetings how about we start with a quick round of everyone's updates?
Hi Hi Brian, sounds like a good idea. It could help us stay informed about each other's work and could make meetings more interactive. I agree that we should also set a specific time limit for each person to keep it concise. That's a great suggestion, maybe a two minute update from each person. Two minutes. It sounds perfect, it's long enough to say something meaningful but short enough to keep the exact beat. So how about we introduce a question of the week related to our field? I like it because it could be a fun way to learn and discuss new ideas that everyone may have.
Take turns posing a question for the team that could really encourage team participation. What about team building activities? Good point, maybe a monthly team lunch or casual coffee break. I think it would be easy to start with a coffee break. It is informal and relaxing. I agree. It could be a nice mid-week break, yes, and would give us a chance to talk about non-work related things, build better relationships within the team. I will present these suggestions at our next meeting. Sounds good, it's important that we all contribute. to absolutely improve our work environment. I'm glad we're on the same page.
Me too, Brian. Let's try these ideas and see how. Go to Chapter 32 Responding to Suggestions Listen and Practice Hi Lisa, I have a suggestion for our project. What happens if we use different software for data analysis? Hi John, that's an interesting idea. Do you think it would be more efficient? I think it has better features. For what we need, I'm open to it, but we have to consider the learning curve for the team. That's a good point. There are good tutorials and I can help with training. It would be useful. Could you also investigate the cost?
I will do it for sure. prepare a cost-benefit analysis and present it to the team. Excellent having detailed information will help you make a decision. I also thought about asking for customer feedback. Halfway through the project, that's a good suggestion. Regular feedback can guide us in the right direction, exactly that ensures that we meet customer expectations. We must schedule these feedback sessions in advance. We agreed that I will draft a potential schedule and share it with you. Thanks John, and what about the weekly check-ins with the team? I think it's a great idea, it keeps everyone aligned and informed.
You could use these controls to address any challenge from the start. It will definitely encourage open communication as well. Your suggestions are really constructive. John, I'm glad you think. I just want to make sure our project is successful. Let's implement these ideas and see. how they work chapter 33 travel stories listen and practice hi sophie just got back from my trip to italy it was amazing hi nick that sounds wonderful what was the highlight of your trip definitely visiting rome the colosseum is even more impressive in person. I always wanted to see the Colosseum. Did you try any Italian food?
Yes, the food was amazing. I ate the best pizza in Naples. Oh, I'm jealous. Italian pizza is supposed to be the best. It really is. Have you traveled anywhere recently? I went to Japan. Last year, the cherry blossoms were stunning. Japan must have been fantastic. Which was your favorite part? I loved exploring the temples of Kyoto. They are so calm and beautiful it sounds incredible. Have you tried any traditional Japanese dishes? Yes, I tried sushi in Tokyo. It's nothing like what we got here. I imagine fresh sushi must be a completely different experience. Do you have any upcoming travel plans?
I'm thinking about going to Spain next. I want to see Barcelona Barcelona is beautiful, the architecture there is impressive. I heard that I can't


to see the sagata Family, you'll love traveling really opens up your world, doesn't it? Every trip is an adventure. I agree. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip to Spain. Safe travels Nick chapter 34. buying a house listen and practice hi Julia my wife and I are thinking about buying a house it's a great decision hi Eric that's exciting what kind of house are you looking for we are looking for a three bedroom house with a nice yard lovely sounding butt, are you considering any particular areas?
We're looking at the suburbs, maybe somewhere with good schools for the kids. Good schools are important. Have you established a budget for the house? Yes, we have our finances sorted out. We have a budget in mind, that's good. Have you spoken to a real estate agent yet? Not yet, but we are planning to do so. We need someone who knows the area well. I can recommend someone if she wants. She helped us find our house. She would be great. Thank you. What should we look for? During house visits, check the condition of the house, such as the roof plumbing and electrical systems, that is good advice.
We don't exactly want unexpected repair costs and consider the neighborhood and its amenities, right things like parks, shopping and public transportation, yes, and think about the future is important too, like resale value. We want a house that is a good investment. Buying a home is definitely about finding the right home for your family. I agree, we are excited, but we want to make sure we choose wisely. Take your time and you will find. the perfect home good luck Eric chapter 35 sharing memories listen and practice hey Emma remember when we went hiking in the Rocky Mountains it was an amazing trip hi Luke yes I remember the view from the top was stunning it really was and setting up the tent was Quite an adventure in itself, oh I know it took us a bit but we laughed a lot at what we did and cooking over a campfire for the first time was fun, yes the food tasted great after a long day of walking, definitely and I remember seeing the deer early. in the morning it was so special it was like they were welcoming us to a new day exactly it felt like we were part of nature what was your favorite part of the trip I loved the sunrise walk we did on the last day the colors were incredible That was unforgettable, the entire sky was lit up in oranges and pinks, and the photos we took don't even do it justice.
True, some moments you just have to experience. Would you come back in the blink of an eye? It was one of the best trips I've ever had. I've had myself once too. We should plan another hiking trip soon. Let's do it. There are many more trails to explore. I'll start looking for some destinations for us. Great idea. Can't


for our next adventure and more memories to share chapter 36 news discussion listen and practice Hi Chloe, did you hear about the new environmental policy that was announced yesterday? Hi Mark, yes, I saw it on the news. It seems like a big step towards reducing pollution.
I am particularly interested in renewable energy. energy initiatives mentioned that those initiatives could really make a difference, but financing them could be a challenge. It is true that the government mentioned some subsidies and tax benefits for green energy. That's a good start. I'm also curious how you plan to engage communities. Community participation is key. perhaps local projects and educational programs. I hope so, education about sustainability is very important. Have you also heard about the proposed plastic ban? Yes, I think it's a great idea, we use too much single-use plastic, reducing plastic waste is crucial, it's a big threat to our oceans.
I'm trying to use less plastic in my daily life. Everything helps me too. What about the new public transportation plans? If they can make public transportation more efficient and accessible, it could reduce traffic and emissions, which would be beneficial for both the environment and commuters. I definitely hope these policies are implemented effectively. We agreed that it's about taking action, not just making promises. It is encouraging to see these issues being addressed. Let's hope for positive changes. Chapter 37 expressing concern. Listen and practice. Hi Emily, I've noticed you. I've been looking a little tired lately, is everything okay?
Hi Ryan, Yes, I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with work and haven't been sleeping well. I'm sorry to hear that it's important to take care of your health. Have you considered speaking out? to your boss about the workload I have thought about it but I don't want to make it seem like I can't handle my work I understand but your well-being is important maybe they can offer support or adjustments that's true I could talk to them I've also been worried about this big project what is coming right now. Projects can be stressful if you need help or someone to bounce ideas off of.
I'm here, thanks Ryan. It's nice to know I have support, of course, and to make sure you're taking breaks. get some rest I'm trying it's hard to switch off sometimes maybe try some relaxation techniques or a hobby to relax I used to do yoga maybe I should start again yoga sounds like a great idea it could help with stress you're right Lo I'll try thanks for your concern Ryan, no problem, it's important to take care of each other, I appreciate our talk, it's already made me feel a little better. Chapter 38 giving advice, listen and practice, hey Laura, I'm really struggling. to manage my time effectively, do you have any tips?
Hi Derek. Surely you have tried using an agenda or a digital calendar to organize your tasks. I haven't been very consistent with this maybe I should try again. It can really help. I try too. Prioritize tasks by urgency and importance, that makes sense. I often get distracted by less important things. Happens. I try to tackle the most critical tasks first thing in the morning. I'll try. I also have trouble saying no to extra tasks. Some advices. About that, it's okay to say no if you're already at the limit, it's better than overcommitting I guess I'm worried about disappointing people, it's better to be honest about your ability than to do a poor job, that's a good point, what Do you have to deal with distractions?
Set aside specific times to check emails and messages, don't let them interrupt your focus time. Notifications distract me. I'll start putting away my phone and remember that it's important to take short breaks to clear my mind. I tend to work during breaks. When you're busy, taking breaks can make you more productive, so don't skip them. I'll remember that, thanks for the advice Laura, you're welcome Derek, just take one step at a time and you'll get there. Chapter 39, taking a taxi. listen and practice good afternoon, where would you like to go today? Hello, I need to go to the downtown shopping district.
Please make sure you have a specific address or building in mind. Yes, it's 200 Main Street, near the city library. I have it. 200 Main Street. prefer a faster route or the quicker scenic route please. I have a meeting in about an hour. Understood. I'll take the quickest route to avoid the traffic. Thank you. How long do you think the trip will take with current traffic? It should be about 30 minutes. That works. I can pay with credit card? Yes, we accept credit cards. There is also a receipt option if you need one. I will need a receipt. Do you offer Wi-Fi in the car?
Yes the network and password are on the back of the seat great I can send you some emails on the way is it okay if I open the window a little? Of course, make yourself comfortable. Thank you. It's a good day to get some fresh air. You're welcome, let me know if you need anything else. thanks for the smooth ride chapter 40 rent a car listen and practice good morning welcome to Ace Car Rentals how can I help you today hello hello good morning I'm looking to rent a car for a few days great what type of car are you?
Interested in renting I would like something compact and fuel efficient. We have several options. How about a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic? The Honda Civic sounds good. How much would it be per day? It would be $40 a day. Includes insurance. Sounds reasonable. Comes with unlimited mileage Yes, yes, all of our rentals come with unlimited mileage. Perfect and what about the return policy? You will have to return the car with a full tank of gas and in the same condition in which you rented it. I understand, can I return it to another place? location yes, but there is a small chargeadditional for returns in different locations.
Okay, how do I make the payment? You can pay with a credit card. We will also hold a deposit on the card. Okay, I'll use my credit card. Is there anything else I can do? I need to know, just bring your driver's license and credit card when you pick up the car. Great, I'll be here tomorrow morning to pick it up. Perfect, we will have your car ready. Have a great day. Thanks for your help. See you tomorrow. chapter 41 health and fitness listen and practice hi emily i have been trying to get healthier lately do you have any fitness tips hi tom, great to hear.
Are you looking for diet or exercise advice mainly exercise? I'm not very active right now. A good starting point is to find an activity you enjoy, it could be walking, cycling or swimming. I like the idea of ​​riding a bicycle. How often should I do it? Try to start a few times a week and then you can increase it as you increase. comfortable sounds good I should join a gym to have more exercise options joining a gym can be helpful but it's not necessary you can do a lot outdoors or even at home that's true. I'm also trying to eat healthier.
Any suggestions focus on adding fruits and vegetables. to your meals and drink plenty of water. I've heard that meal planning can help, it's true. Absolutely planning your meals can avoid last minute unhealthy decisions. I'll try. What about snacks? Choose healthy snacks like nuts, yogurt, or fruits instead of processed products. food great tips thank you and how I stay motivated set small achievable goals and remember that progress takes time celebrate your small victories that's encouraging I appreciate your help Emily no problem Tom remember it's all about being consistent and making healthy choices good luck chapter 42 personal challenges listen and practice Hi Sarah.
I've been facing some challenges at work lately. It has been difficult. Hi Mike. I'm sorry to hear what kind of challenges you are experiencing. I find it difficult to meet deadlines. There is simply too much to do. It sounds stressful. Have you talked to your manager about it? I still don't want to seem like I'm not capable. It is important to communicate your concerns. They may not realize that you are overloaded. You're right. I also have a hard time staying organized. doesn't help maybe you could try some time management techniques or tools to help you keep track of your tasks.
It is a good idea. I haven't really tried any tools before. They can be very useful. It's also important to take breaks. Do you take regular breaks? Actually, I usually work during lunch, taking braces can help improve your concentration and productivity. I'll try to do it more often. I've also been feeling a bit isolated working from home, that's a common problem, maybe you can schedule virtual coffee breaks with colleagues. that might work, it would be good to catch up with them definitely remember that facing challenges is part of working life but it's how you handle them that counts, thanks Sarah.
I'll try to apply these tips and talk to my manager, you're welcome. Mike facing challenges head-on can be difficult, but it is also an opportunity to grow and improve.chapter 43 family relationships listen and practice hi Emily I have been thinking a lot about family relationships lately they can be complex hi James you are right family The dynamics often They are complicated. What are you thinking specifically? Well, I'm trying to improve my relationship. My brother and I have grown apart over the years, that is a common problem, have you tried to contact him recently? I have, but our


are usually short and superficial, maybe you will find a common interest or activity that you both can share, it could be a starting point.
That's a good idea. We used to enjoy walks together. Why not suggest a walking trip? It could be a way to reconnect. I will and I'm also trying to understand my parents better. They have their peculiarities. All parents do. It is important to communicate. openly and try to see things from their perspective. You're right. I guess I hope you understand me without explaining my point of view. Remember that they are from a different generation. Clear communication is the key. That makes sense. What about family conflicts? Is it better to address them? Directly but calmly avoiding conflict usually makes things worse.
That's been my approach, but it hasn't always worked. It's also about timing and choosing words carefully. It's not just about what you say but how you say it. I'll keep it in mind. I want to keep a good relationship with my family, that's understandable, families are important, just take one step at a time and be patient. chapter 44 planning the day listen and practice hey Lisa, do you want to plan a day this weekend? I'm thinking maybe a hike or a picnic Hi Brandon, that sounds like fun. I would love to go on a hike. Do you have a place in mind?
I was thinking about the Blue Ridge Trail. It has great views and is not too difficult. Oh, I've heard of him. That trail sounds perfect. Should we pack a picnic too? It's a great idea. We can enjoy lunch with some. What should we bring? How about sandwiches? Fruit and some snacks and lots of water. Of course, it sounds good. I'll make the sandwiches. Do you prefer? any specific type, anything with turkey or chicken would be great. I can bring the fruit and snacks. Perfect, what time should we start our walk? How about we meet at the trailhead at 9:00am? m.? 9:00 a.m. will give us plenty of time. works for me do you think we should bring something else, maybe a blanket to sit on and some sunscreen?
Oh, and a hat might be a good idea, too good. I thought I'll bring an extra hat just in case and let's hope the weather stays nice. If we check the forecast, I'll keep an eye out if it looks like it might rain, we can reschedule. It sounds like a plan. I'm really looking forward to it. It will be a great day for me too. I'll see. you on Saturday, then see you on Saturday Brandon, it will be a nice break from the usual routine chapter 45 night routine listen and practice hi Sarah I have been trying to establish a better night routine what is your night like hi Daniel, that's a good idea My nights They usually start by preparing dinner, how was yours?
I usually order food, but I want to start cooking more. Do you plan your meals? Yes. I think meal planning helps me eat healthier and save time. Do you watch television or read at night? I tend to watch TV, but I'm trying to read more. Does reading help you relax? Reading even for 30 minutes helps me relax. What about exercise? I usually exercise in the morning, but a short walk after dinner can be nice. A walk is excellent. The idea is that it helps digestion and is a good way to clear the mind. I could try. Do you have a specific bedtime?
I try to go to bed at the same time every night. Consistency is key to sleeping well, that's something I need to work on. you do anything else before going to bed. I usually do some light stretching and have a cup of herbal tea. It's very relaxing. Stretching and tea sound like a good way to end the day. Do you avoid screens before bed? Yes, I try to put away all electronic devices for an hour. before bed, it really helps. I'll have to try to get my screen time probably too high before bed, it's a common problem.
Reducing it can significantly improve sleep quality. Thanks for the advice, Sarah. I'm going to try to incorporate them into my routine. you're welcome Daniel a good nighttime routine can make a big difference sweet dreams chapter 46 online shopping listen and practice hey Jessica I do a lot of online shopping. I'm trying to get better at that. Hi Kyle, Yes, I shop online quite often. Need help? I'm never sure I'm getting the best deal. How do you find good prices? I usually compare prices on different websites and use price tracking tools. Price tracking tools. I haven't heard of those.
They notify you when prices drop for items you're interested in, that sounds useful and how is quality decided? I read customer reviews and ratings, they can be very revealing. Good idea. I always worry about size or fit, especially with clothing, I look up size charts and check. If the store has a good return policy, do you have any favorite online stores? I like stores that offer free shipping and easy returns, it makes things less risky, makes sense, do you buy electronics online too? Yes, yes, but I'm very careful. I make sure I buy from reputable sellers, how about security?
I am cautious about sharing my card details. Use secure payment methods such as PayPal or buy from well-known websites. Great advice. I'll keep it in mind. I'll be glad to help. Online shopping can be convenient and fun once you Understand it chapter 47 favorite TV shows listen and practice Hi Emma I'm looking for some new TV shows to watch Do you have any favorites? Hi Max, I sure really enjoy watching the baking show The Great British. It's relaxing and fun. I've heard it's a cooking competition, right, yes, amateur bakers compete and it's very heartwarming. And you? Any genre you prefer.
I generally like science fiction. Have you seen any good science fiction shows? You might like stranger things if you haven't seen them. Still, it has a great sci-fi element and an intriguing story. I've seen it and I loved it. What about comedies? Anything light and fun. Brooklyn 99 is hilarious. It's about a police station, but it's very funny. Sounds interesting. I could use a laugh. Do you watch any drama series? Yes, we are so fantastic. It is very moving and well written. I'll see. Have you seen any good documentaries? Our planet is incredible. It's about the natural beauty of the Earth and wildlife.
That sounds like something I'd like to do. you like any mystery or thriller show Sherlock is a great mystery series it is a modern version of Sherlock Holmes oh I love Sherlock Holmes I will definitely check that out any other recommendations if you like fantasy Game of Thrones is a must see epic story and great characters, thanks for all the suggestions Emma you're welcome Max there's a lot of good TV out there enjoy your binge watching episode 48 favorite foods listen and practice Hi Sophie I'm trying to expand my cooking skills do you have any favorite foods I can try making ?
Hi Ethan, that sounds like a fun project. I love Italian food. How about starting with a classic spaghetti bologan? Spaghetti bolog sounds doable. Do you use any special ingredients? I like to add a splash of red wine and some fresh basil to the sauce, it really enhances the flavor. flavor, great idea. I also wanted to try making something Asian. Any suggested questions? How about a stir fry? It's quick and you can use a variety of vegetables and proteins. Stir-fry sounds good. Do you have a favorite sauce? I usually mix it. soy sauce a little ginger, garlic and a little cesame oil for the sauce sounds delicious I'm also curious about baking can you bake?
I do. You could start with something simple like banana bread. It's hard to mess it up. Canned banana bread is a good idea. you add something special to yours, sometimes I add nuts or chocolate chips to give it a little more flavor, mmm I'll try what's your favorite comfort food. I love a good homemade pizza, you can customize it with your favorite toppings. Homemade pizza is a great idea. Do you make your own dough? Yes, it's surprisingly easy. I can send you a good recipe if you want. It would be fantastic. Thanks Sophie, you're welcome. Ethan, enjoy your culinary adventures.
It's about experimenting and having fun with flavors. Chapter 49. Meeting at the workplace. Listen and. practice good morning everyone, let's start the meeting first, let's discuss our current project, how is it going Lisa, good morning Brian, the project is on track, we completed the initial phase last week, it's great to know if there were any major challenges, there were some technical issues but the team resolved them quickly excellent it is important to address the issues promptly what are the next steps the next step is to start the testing phase we will start next week good planning do you need additional resources for this phase?
We may need some additional software. tools I will send you a list later please, we want to make sure you have everything you need. Everything else, that's all for now. I will update the team on our progress. Excellent, remember communication is key, absolutely keep everyone informed. I agree that effective communication makes a big difference okay, if there are no more questions, let's conclude this meetingThanks Brian. I'll send a summary of our discussion to the team chapter 50 project discussion listen and practice Hi Emma, ​​do you have a minute to talk about the project? Sure, James, what's on your mind?
I'm worried about the deadline. Do you think we can fulfill it? It's tight, but I think we can if we prioritize our tasks effectively. Do we need to reorganize any of our current tasks to meet the deadline? Yes, we should focus on the most critical pieces first, maybe we can start with the design phase that makes sense, how are we doing with resources? We may need additional help, perhaps another team member can join us. Good idea. I will talk to our manager to get more. support too, how are we doing with the budget? Is there enough to cover additional expenses?
I will review the budget, we should have enough, but I will make sure it is great, it is important to keep track of our expenses. Of course, I will also update the project. schedule based on our discussion that will be helpful keeping the team informed is crucial. I agree, we will meet again next week to review our progress. Sounds good, thanks for the chat James, let's make this project a success.

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