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Cajun Food | Basics with Babish (feat. Isaac Toups)

Feb 27, 2020
how we doing folks welcome back to the




this is not how i normally do the start of the show but we have a special guest with us here today





meatery tube south doing you both good he did well both of us and he is Here today to teach us about Cajun Creole cooking Cajun cooking I decided to put my diet aside today let's push ourselves yeah me too so we're making RIANZ we're making jambalaya jambalaya making dirty rice and chana sausage gumbo well oh well I was only in New Orleans for a week and now you brought me back a little bit that's how it was I miss it already it's only been two days at least I don't miss the heat oh god it was hot down yeah that's summer in New Orleans for you um ok so what we're doing here is ok we're cutting our Trinity and what is the Trinity Trinity is very similar to French mirepoix except we swap the carrots for bell pepper because basically this is what grows in the Louisi and not so much the carrots so we use what we have around us we have the Father the Son the Holy Ghost but don't forget the Pope the garlic she never heard funny things, oh yeah, i heard someone else say it like i used it. that's fun we're just going to give these dice medium nothing fancy because all of this stuff will cook and keep so even if you mess them up a bit it's not a big deal so I'm just telling people just give it a thick cut don't worry about it something fancy like that just slice it nice great thank you thank you Isaac you're welcome it's just me or Holy Trinity it smells better when you sauté them absolutely when it smells so when you're affecting we start roasting it that's exactly what


country smells like, yeah like when we start making this dark roux when we add our vegetables to the dark roux it's like it's going to bring you back like oh that's my mom's house right there and I guess we won't be adding new garlic until later. in the game, we're going to add the garlic right after, I think it's a good talking point that reminds me to mention that we're going to have the garlic after we add our Trinidad because we don't want to burn it. he's going to be very he's going to be very careful when he's cutting the garlic to eat it he doesn't want to wow that's my favorite joke that scared the ones who always love yes he does I know I know I do every time Wow one more time well you go super funny i do the same without cutting my mango to the edge on the edge the fans get an order let me do it let me do it with the right hand because the left hand is long let's try again there you do better ok better ok let me try one more time put the power behind it yes i did it left handed that was a very good mistake yes take out those frustrations you now and now we got garlic on both of our aprons put garlic friends ok oh friends ashtag ok ok ok what school is he in well then we have our Holy Trinity we have our Trinity we have we have our Pope the poet let's make some space we discuss are you going to make a 15 minute dark roux how do you make a dark roux so fast do? a holy psycho but it's dangerous so I suggest y'all take it this is your first roof yeah take it low and slow make the 45 minute line so they're making it hot let's heat the oil then we . you're going to add our flour now to this you've got to have everything close to you you've got to have your you're deglazing beer you've got to have your Trinity you're going to have all your stock for yourself because if you walk away you'll get burned and once you burn a roux, there's no going back, you have to start over, well, I'm going to be very interested to see how this goes, yeah, and I'm sorry, just because I love symmetrical reality.
cajun food basics with babish feat isaac toups
I'll be fine so yeah there's like a cup cup and a half yeah but a cup I'm going to do a little more right now so I don't have to make it root twice for the show. Very good. Many people use a wooden spoon. I prefer a whisk. Wooden spoons are fine, but I feel like you can really get a good stirring pattern. that might help you get a corner dip like this this is it if you want let's try that on the show and we'll burn it i'll say it must have been west you're welcome ok i'm here to give people outs so we just let this guy get really hot uh-huh and then I'm terrified I'm really excited to see no but I'd burn him instantly if he was that hot no saying I'm not going to burn time saying i'm probably not going to burn it now isn't hard not scary if people think you're just dealing with the hot oil but they will fry some chicken.
cajun food basics with babish feat isaac toups

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cajun food basics with babish feat isaac toups...

I'm just as dangerous, that's true, yeah, you've got to do something cool. k faster like Sarat if you yell it hey hey let's go a little faster please hey hey you that's not working well okay look we already got a good quick reaction what's the consistency you're looking for the thinness you're looking for wet sand wet sand ok ok if for lack of a better term yeah oh my gosh this is already smooth yeah so exactly in what 30 seconds you already have the milk chocolate roof which usually takes 15 minutes i usually do we got in 30 seconds yeah Wow so the darker it gets the more often you want to stir it you don't have to perpetually stir it you can actually let it brown a bit a lot of mistakes are made when people stop here yeah , and you'll get pale gumbo and then I'll judge you harshly.
cajun food basics with babish feat isaac toups
Good table. Let your roux get nice and dark. color of a hershey bar yes i say that because everyone can get a hershey bar in fact this gumbo if you can get chicken and sausage you can anywhere on the planet and if you want anywhere in the world planet can't get chicken a sausage moves it doesn't have to be pig size to be beef sausage be any kind of sauce you want I like a good smoked sausage turn off the chicken or for the turkey yes if you can't find andouille I've found smoked kielbasa isn't exactly exactly subs use what you have around you kielbasa andouille chorizo ​​shareece you'll be the same that's already chocolaty we're halfway there okay it's been a couple of minutes it hasn't been long yeah yeah i think you're going to hit five six minute max minute mark yeah no problem so you let it sit for a little bit with just a little bit of stuff still not gone yeah and the darker it gets the more it I go to stir, yeah, and like my dad says, if you've never burned a roux you've never made, which means sooner or later your eternal times, you make enough Roos, you're going to burn one sooner or later, yeah, just it happens and then you look at yourself with it, you just start over, don't worry about it, yeah, almost, perfect, yeah, what color would you call it?
cajun food basics with babish feat isaac toups
Call that going into the dark chocolate as 65% pure cacao ok that's a bit technical for me but I like where you're going we're just reserving a little here for dirty rice later or jambalaya rice dirty jambalaya is a correction for Turn dirty rice into jambalaya now you realize I threw my bay leaves in there so I want that carmelization to take care of the babies it's going to pull out a lot of that flavor and this rue has such a pungent smell that's Katie that's Cajun no that's what brings me back yeah and now normally you'd have to sweat this for a long time in a pan yeah but this roux is so hot that ya you may notice that these vegetables are beginning to caramelize. a and break down, yes, think of beauty, right?
It's almost like they're semi-fried, but there's so much moisture in there that they're like, I don't think that's too far from the actual truth, it's them. It's almost like frying, yeah oh man look that color is perfect. I can't wait to make gumbo again. The last time I did it, it took me 45 minutes to get my roux where I wanted it because I was being so picky. be so picky about it yeah right now that's calming down a bit mm-hmm this is when we add our garlic we're going to add our garlic now because we added it before you have to press burn it will burn yeah how long are you going to let the garlic go? probably just for another 30 seconds yeah and then we'll get it with our beer ok use any kind of beer just don't use a light beer yeah light beer tasteless now what's the most important thing about cooking, drinking, tasting your


? now like any time you play with any kind of ruler you want to stir your liquids and beat otherwise you'll get lumpy now dark roux is much more forgiving than a blonde roux so when you're making béchamel you really have to like taking your time and you really have to make sure you're whisking it right Darko is so much more forgiving once you stir me up and some of that broth in there you're too smooth for you smooth there you go you want all of this I want all of that alright, possibly more now let's add or get your chicken sausage let's do it. in our spices yeah after you finish the roux it's pretty much done for yeah yeah yeah you just have to get through the hard part and you're getting down ooh this smells good and snack on this yeah let's see what quality one works oh it's got smoke that's really all that matters in and out of all that matters but that's what will give you that control good local flavor fat teamwork oh man what a man we good to take weight off what i love about cooking you can spend your whole life and still learn something new oh yeah the rule of thumb about salt and spices is you can always add a little more later yeah so if you worry, don't add so much. it is not poured directly from the bottle, then you can understand that you can't eat it, you can't monitor, you can go forward, you can't go back, you can't go back, yes, now we are, we are leaving all this foam.
Does the foam scrape off? No, no, no, no, we never scrape the foam off any damn thing. Now, what is it that is at temperature? I see a little here here here is here is a lesson on how much black pepper to put in gumbo here good start I feel like I have an arm workout here Isak my arm is on fire no kidding there go see the first time I you had to stop and change it's perfect that's the best to go to first time someone going good god i'm they are perfect like my tired arms perfect over a perfect amount of black pepper wow you won't read that in the rest of the recipes look at the sentence for maybe years yeah i think i think it's actually in mine a little bit of smoked paprika. it's going to like it sort of double our smoky flavor so we probably have about a tablespoon of cayenne pepper and yeah sure im not measuring so ignore i should never have our measurements as a gumbo in the house now lucky for guys i actually measured it for my cookbook im going to look at that recipe there you will be my guest but going back and measuring something you have never measured things for that was a lesson we sent each other to browning chicken which had us in five you add right into the pot don't worry about cutting this stuff up because this gumbo will be almost done when this chicken starts to fall apart.
Make the sauce even better, yes, and do it. all this chicken fat here do something with it is there something do it yeah put it away and we'll sauté our veggies and i guess we're never going to skim the fat we're not going to skim the fat unless we have some kind of super excess amount of fat ever skim all that fat has all the flavor oh yeah so you never want to see anything completely but we have a big oil slick. I'll soak them a bit, but when you have a bowl of pixels. of gumbo, it should have a little oil in there and people know that tourists take it all off.
I'm like savoring oh I'm like oh this oil tastes good. I'm exactly like that, the nurse wants to put all that away. for the next dish, okay, we're going to cover this and push it back, bring this to a simmer, simmer, simmer, and let it roll slowly for a couple of seconds. Some hours will probably only need about an hour maybe a little more than that because if you don't cook to the ceiling then if you tell yourself what let's do a science experiment yeah look at that sauce and it doesn't. it actually tastes great, right?
Oh no yes it's horrible a bit bitter bad that's bitter that's raw that's chalky but people ask me why do you have to cook it so long. I'm going to allow the chicken to break down and all those flavors melt away and the root has to cook just like the béchamel and also this will thicken it on top of it. This will thicken a bit over time at the same time as you. I don't want it thick likeCool yes RIANZ RIANZ aka confit pork belly. we got the amount of pork belly we need here because I have two pounds so we need two pounds of pork belly look at that yeah skin on this yeah okay. skin on and we'd cut them into pretty much the same shape you pretty much want you know maybe a 1 1/2 by 1 inch keeps the crunch but doesn't crack once that's another video I'll have to come back to show you those, so you do it backwards, that's all. you're skinning a fish it's a dream once once you've had to do it's a lot you find out how theeasier way to find out now well that was the easiest way i ever had to get the skin off my belly so thanks for that you're welcome throw this in the pot throw this in the pot let's do it. and we're just going to throw this in the pot because we're going to throw it in the pot oh yeah oh yeah oh that's not going to be tasty at all no that's going to like your attitude oh my god now we're lucky that we were lucky and the butcher gave us some nice greasy bits.
Honestly, fatiah tummy parts are always going to make everything better. Yeah, I mean we're eating this for the fat. We are not eating well. I mean, it's nice to have it, it's nice to have some meat with it, but the fats where they are, so when we take ours and it's so, let's say some of them were cut like this, somebody's going to cut like that, it's okay because they that we want to end up is about the same size ok let's aim for that as long as they are remote just the same size you can be a little bigger or a little small but I think once it's cooked what's a bike?
You don't want to have to bite Ariane in half. everything in your mouth well done perfect well we added unceremoniously just a little salt not as much as I would say if we were doing it for a seasoned dish but like all cakes even sweet you always had that pinch of salt to bring out the flavor you must have this absolutely sweet mellow sweetness so we'll just give it a little bit of a random mix just let the salt soak in there so when we pour over the red wine caramel if we just salt it might actually rinse it out so we can leave it stand and do that for a second and we have as you specified a good cheap red wine cheap red wine you want something full bodied then a Malbec a taxi we have a taxi like you don't want to use light beer you don't have much much much flavor you want something intense yes i put red wine in something i want to taste the red wine ok now that we have our pork belly um seasoned we add our sugar and i know we don't like it for measuring but like app about 102 cups 2 cups yeah because here's the kicker if you make it with a little caramel you're ok yeah make too little you're not ok so you might as well if you're going to these things not to mention shelf life are also great they might as well add some of this Revlon ok we want a good Alton nothing Matt isn't worried about and we're just simmering this actually bring it to a boil and we'll actually reduce it a little bit to really concentrate it so that it's more fiscal and more syrupy so that it sticks to the pork belly and not just cooks around it.
I'm going to reduce more in the oven so the caramel starts to tighten up in the oven, either to cough Is it so that the top ones, but they might be pale, and the bottom ones, might be burnt? So that's what we're going to be tossing in fairly regularly so that the caramel evenly coats the pork belly as it cooks. whiskey friends here here little whisk is one of the most popular popular characters on the show and more popular than even without much ceremony just pick a moment there it adds a really good flavor to it really creates a confluence now i've tried this this is the original recipe I tried this with white wine I tried it with whiskey I tried it with a bunch of different things but honestly nothing beats sugar and red wine and time I don't know exactly why but sometimes Sometimes if it ain't broke, don't fix it right, take that candy, okay, okay, and this is just going to stir this up, pour, pour right on top, Chuck, try to cover it all up, but we're going to stir it up. anyway all that looks good yeah ok we're just going to pack that in there is a little not fancy just make sure they're nice and snug look how it's snug snug is the word snug the way to go, braising them again I guess, you want to keep them nice and compact. nice and deep so when this fills up with the hot molten oil we don't burn which is always nice and key ok let's put it in the oven uncovered ok yeah now we're making dirty rice rice dirty.
I'll have him refer to dirt in the restaurant. This is a good base for your dirty rice and for your jambalaya so you can turn two dishes into one now. I'm not going to do this the traditional way for all of you. there about to start making comments shut up he said it now i'm on camera you can't say that but we have ground beef i'm just going to give it a little pressure i could almost make a big burger ok and let's grab that pepper black to me sure you'll make me do the pepp work out stop there ok a little salt and I like to add my spices at this point because when you open them up in the pan they'll really wake them up and get nice and aromatic like roast your black peppercorns or sweat your stir-fry. the same this is cumin, cayenne pepper and black pepper.
We have a couple of tablespoons of hot vest oil and hot vegetable oil. you make your dirty rice better, but your beef stroganoff is better, it'll make a chili better, it'll make your I'm not lying about this, it'll make your helper burger better, not to mention we're actually going to turn this into another place after we brown it really hard and brown it all over we actually start to braise it so even though it looks a little dry yeah once we get our liquid it's actually going to braise that meat which will up your stroganoff game again your chili game in your Hamburger Helper game so this is a great lesson to pay attention now this is another thing people like to do people as you start playing with it right now don't mess with it let's say let it go let it short so don't worry about keeping the burger whole as we're going to split this up later you see this is what I'm talking about since you know get a nice hard sear that's my art in this. one time one time both sides of the browning i start to give a nice cut yeah you call this a one pot dish i mean you gotta make the rice in the right place now look this is where i do it Mojo, girls, I'm doing it restaurant style.
Traditionally, you would make your sauce by putting uncooked rice in it, putting extra moisture in it, and then generally baking it. Yes, that's traditional, it's all your traditional occasions. this is the way to go you have your rice cook a pot dish or Once you had your roommate this has an infinite shelf life if you think about it its just flour and oil but if you want you know you will do something else Late, save your room, save yourself a step now, let's just say we did it. I don't have any ready-made rules. At what point are we making roux in this dish?
We'd do it beforehand, yeah, or we'd do it at the same time we're searing, so now you have all our nice brown bits and beautiful brown and add a little bit of this trinity, oh yeah, that's not going to smell horrible, no, and something's garlic we're pretty cool right now so I'm not worried about burning my garlic yeah this doesn't look good and there's is so humid in here with the steam from the veggies and all of that looks like it's going to be that great mission this again starting to smell really good so all we're doing here we're looking like onions to get a little translucent and sweaty and then we'll go from there all r Well now I'm adding the roux after our vegetables are well cooked.
I'm just going to warm that roux up a bit, it's already a proper color, but I know trying to multiply a little roux out of charcoal and water doesn't work very well. so we're going to let it heat up gently, brew with me right there, we've got like two cups of high quality homemade chicken broth, slave to that check, not good, gosh, we didn't have cameras rolling, but we were totally done. that poop makes eight of us we even raised and killed the chicken it was the saddest day of my life but it's going to be a good dish and like gumbo we're going to let it simmer that root cooks good and doesn't mention that our meat is going to be grilled again improving the quality of our base dirty rice or dirty sauce dirty sauce so how long does this last? and the waiver is probably an amazing 45 minutes so g ot a dirty rice base it's all cooked it's still a little bit on the sauce side that's what's good and then we'll just add a little bit of rice in there how much rice do you think ?
Oh it's almost about 1 to 1 but if you were going to lean into the little extra meaty side of things but you really can it depends on your taste and you're really just going to want to mix that in there and that's why we did it again we don't see any fat yeah even a little bits of fat are really going to season that rice hmm we don't want to get all these chunks of white rice that you really want to squash you don't want your dirty rice to look lumpy through the camera for lumpy dirty rice and we always taste test yep making sure it's good before serving maybe swap spoons - uh huh we sure such a nice easy meal although totally easy I'm a pack of ground beef and some rice and some veggies yeah some dark root don't be afraid of dog


and now we can turn it into a real food by turning it into jambalaya and you notice the heat dissipates a bit too so we had to agree in that we had our rice stuffed with that nice sauce just you good rich just have that little bit of heat that i was talking about like great


the food just has that informs the heat where it's not overwhelming the flavor of the dish you're not paying attention just to the pain you only feel that one like that is indicative so good that you have to be able to taste everything all of the clock, why do we add for you to taste the onion?
I try the garlic. Cumin does quite well here. dirty rice straight dirty rice the all time crowd favorite everyone loves this dish if you don't like this dish yeah so we're about we're real close now the caramel is perfect the pork belly needs to go a bit more , but you have to worry about that, these are done just before they're burned, yes, so they have a nice caramelized lacquered look. don't go uh huh we should probably put some on a plate so you cool off oh my god im back at your restaurant im 14 again figuring out how my body works so im not getting getting rid of fat at all in this um actually the biggest effect stays there excellent oh this is ready to go yes it's ready to go with any rational ball or yes i'll let you do it.
The last step is to convert this. dirty rice in jambalaya and that's very simple a little bit spicy we're going to turn the heat back on a little bit ok the sausage is already cooked so all we have to do is heat it up again and then you can cut this chicken if You like it, but honestly, I just like to throw it in the pan. I also don't serve the whole chicken thighs if you want to like something. looks like an entree or if not just smack it with your spoon unceremoniously just smack the chicken a bit you can get those juices out of there keep the skin on it this is cajun food don't be picky about it. there's one thing i would say you're not being it's picky yeah yeah i really don't do picky don't call me picky you call me what you want don't call me late for dinner now golden rules of cajun cooking is i haven't mixed no shellfish in my gumbo yeah my dirty rice start my jambalaya now if we did shellfish it would be shellfish only and yes this is a rule so pay attention cages we don't like to mix shrimp with our sausage he puts shrimp where you'll just taste the sausage ok so you'll be lost so when we make a seafood gumbo we actually call it stew so know the differentiate with stew just like seafood and a gumbo will have meat now we have good old fashioned jambalaya again you got chicken you got sausage you got ground beef you can make these dishes nothing scary a little rule it won't hurt do it the slow way first you got it looks ready hmm I look ready ready and here we have a collection n of some of the most beautiful and easy Cajun dishes I have ever made or seen made like to say thank you this is absolutely beautiful this one of my favorite things the world and Madison long time on this once the cameras stopped rolling well thank you so much for come and show me how to do all of these especially these because they've been a mystery to me i know you've been oh you you were were wondering if they were going even though my recipes are a little more detailed it's much more in depth the recipe that got yeah so you're welcome if you figured this out updated this it took yeah it took a minute but I'm very happy with it yeah I'm one of the few people that does it and it's like one of the signature dishes on the butcher shop never goes anywhere thank god no and thanks for having me im in a great time thank you very much. to come next time we are going to learn about Creole cooking from who I don't know well Creole cooking take three Cajun cooking take three Creole cooking take four this is Creole cooking take five pages Creole food take six Cajun Creole food take sex the Cajun cooking that leads seven really wait Creole cuisine takes eight Creole cuisine takes nine Creole food takes tenCreole cuisine carries 11 kg who seen carries 11

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