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May 09, 2020
hey guys welcome back so let's go back inside


see what you guys got maybe some new bags some new


idk but let's go inside oh look they got a lot of jewelry around here that always have. some really nice watch sets look that's BB it's $26 really nice bracelet set look that's a nice set you can change the bands on that one it's $19 these will be some really nice gifts and they have a ton of stuff come on look here you got Betsey Johnson look that one comes with earrings that are $24.99 ok these are cute hugs and kisses kitty kisses this one has an owl and these are $19.99 let's see those were the only really cute ones I saw . pugs and kiss this one oh what is this is only from 1999 and it comes with the watch the earrings and it looks like there's something lemme see it says look inside but i can't open it but i guess you can keep this as a little jewelry box that's cute here it is a Nine Westbound for 1999 which is nice and then there's Kinsey which is from 1999 too which is kind of cute that skirt is $14.99 what brand is it an ECI not bad no here's another nice skirt they have all kinds of patterns of spring and everything look that has an asymmetrical drop down the middle right there this is cliché for $19.99 a nice matching sweater to go with that and that's the philosophy 16.99 it's sleeveless but it's pretty would be a good match oh I didn't let's even look at this one let's see it's $14.99 what's that that's also a philosophy that seems like that's pretty cool They have some cute skirts right now.
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Look at that with the big buttons on the front and it sort of falls on the front and the sides go up nice what's that that's Luca's and that's 1699 for that handmade in Vietnam $12.99 okay let's see what bags they've added since last time i was here oh this is cute what does that mean london fog i like the style of that like the little handle but it has the shoulders wrapped in and it comes with that little charm on there it reminds me of coach this thing reminds me of coach for some reason and it's only $24.99 this is a super cute Betsey Johnson bag let's see it's only $29.99 it looks like that floral on the inside I like that it's this Nanette Lepore this is $34.99 this is Nine West for $27.99 I see a lots of Nanette Lepore like this striped bag here it's on clearance for $19.99 this one is nice oh this is Steve Madden for $37.99 that's not bad look it's nice and big.
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I like that one if I could put it back there, okay let's see. I'll scan it. He's kind of busy. here today cute little BB Rossetti bag cute little spring bag for $19.99 oh I like this one it's kinda cute and it's from Tahari and it's $27.99 for that and it comes with the shoulder strap Nannette clearance for 1999 another bag Nine West right there for $27.99 and I skipped this one this one is $29.99 this is nice - it's a little different on clearance for $21.99 steve madden these are on clearance for $24.99 check out this michael kors 139 bag a little gold on the front it's a little cute and then you have that style behind it that's 119 I like the side pockets on those DKNY 59 little crossbody bag this is on clearance for 69 this is Calvin Klein what's that on the back Calvin Klein also that's a nice floral on the front let's see how much that one that's 89 made in italy by trevi trevi I think I'm not sure it's 99 but it's very smooth it's very very nice ok I like that bag, it's really big too and it has the buttons at the bottom for when you sit on a seat.
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Oh look, there's another one too. brown I don't like brown or blue I don't know which one If you like brown or blue there I think they are both very cute ok you have so many bags you all kinds of bags many Tommy's hilfiger. Juicy Couture bag backpack for $19.99 which is kinda cute I like this Steve Madden backpack and it has Madden or Steve Madden on top it's $34.99 see Smoke $19.99 of course we know this is Betsey Johnson this is $34.99 oh I like this oh this is cute look at this it's only $14.99 and it folds up so you can wear the shoulder strap like this it can be like this with the strap or you can just carry it like this That's actually very nice and it's only $14.99. look it has some like bees and they're like heart like hardware or something lemme see what that is hmm i don't see a name or a price tag on that one i also like the one on the back it's kind of cut and then you can use this bag on the interior to put your stuff inside 16.99 no brand on that but that's very very cool you know here are some slant bags $24.99 that one in that color no penelope project that's nice I like those colors even though they look a little little weird I like those colors and $12.99 is ok so I literally scanned this whole section and I don't see any branding at all all I see I mean they always have is like bb but today no luck at all of the colors of the city, there is no luck in anything that would be name brand for fusion exploration.
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They have these outfits, but that's all I see. Collection 72 is $12.99 lots from Paris Hilton. That's it for the makeup. It's okay, they're also bringing out their summer stuff, as you know, for the beach and everything. look at this this is from stella sui 14.99 how nice this is i think its like a bathing suit to cover myself but i would literally wear it as a robe $5.99 we just saw that b ck for the bags and then they have that one here's another one cover up by violet sky I love the detail on that one and this one is 1699 and then they have some cute hats this is Ellen Tracy yes Ellen Tracy for 9.99 they also have that yellow $9.99 and those below what does david and young's si vaycay mode mean?
I think that's 999 and then here's another costume aka a robe, well I wouldn't really say a robe but as you know you can walk around your house oh that hat fell off. you can walk around your house in it and feel comfortable you know when you're trying to be glamorous this is really really pretty i like that lemme see what it looks like on the back it has a paisley print i don't know if you can see it but it has a print from Paisley and it's only $12.99 and then I see a guest bag with a little floral print.
There are two, look at that $42.99. I like that purple they're both really cute and some


they have all kinds of slides here's the boy buy we're original Lastly at Macy's I don't see the price of those You got Calvin Klein 16.99 for that one. You also have that one. it's $9.99 here a lot of flip flops oh those are nice charms on the side and those are invite for $16.99 oh look there's some champion fanny packs ok that's pool 1699 looks like you see those are the only two oh no , i see that color too so any of those and they also have light blue see more fanny packs they even have the ones that go this is like for your belt so this is steve madden looking for the price tag i think its $19.99 this is soft really soft , there is another steve madden for $16.99 they even have a michael kors that is $24.99 ok now i can probably do that one like i wasn't great with fanny packs like when i was a kid but this one could probably do well and that It also comes in this color let's see they have some of the sides for $12.99 and a bunch of different ones Catherine Malandrino these are $14.99 these are cute though Steve Madden 39.99 mmm I don't see a brand on those but those are $24.99 a fo When it looks like cork these are $12.99 what are those I'm not sure what that is it looks like it says Stephen 429 look at those Calvin Klein for $26.99 these are really quite biting Annette look at the back of those I like that these are 29 those and the detail it's just in the back ok these are about though $12.99 buy those from Cole Haan they say pinch me these are 39.99 you got some snakeskin Steve freak the girl out for $19.99 later these the student bees can't be these are the steve maddens are these literally just came out recently til i'm not sure why they're already here and these are 49.99 ok they're here ralph lauren 29.99 those are nice matt and girl these slides with the detail of the little goat on them these are 16.99 mmm those are different nice slides well the these are cute matt and girl for $16.99 very cute for summer ooh these are cute nine west $29.99 looking chrome what are these $39.99 those are Rebecca Minkoff you know here are some from Nine West on sale for $16.99 there are a few more these are kind of cool how much are they?
That's 39 and then you have these here with the cute puffy bow. I like these, these are 39.99 and these are from Rebecca Minkoff. Well, I'm not familiar with this name. Badgley Mischka but these are 39.99 and they are definitely a glam house shoe for me Badgley Mischka yes and I'm sure it's an expensive shoe it says the compare value is 102 99 and I think that's it for the shoes everything Else I'm seeing I'm seeing a bunch of these in different colors but everything else I see is just a repeat so here's a mountain girl with the little rainbow stripes they're cute but ok that's all over here.
I think I'm going to go up real quick and look and see. if they added any ne with pictures or furniture it was a cardigan yeah that's nice look at that 14.99 and then it looks like this look at those colors they just pop they always have really nice clothes it's hard for me to review everything a less than me I'm literally here looking for a certain item this is a gap sweater ok let me up ok last time I was here I saw all this summer stuff right here they still have it in the same place wait a minute, that's it.
Stranger in a bling-out hat that's so cute It caught my eye looking at it that $12.99 but yeah last time I was here I showed all this stuff all the summer stuff oh I didn't see this this is cute and then that search is $7.99 but I think everything else we looked at if you missed that video I'll link it at the end of this one yeah because I went through most of this I like those lyrics here you are R$9.99 if you would have seen my initials you would have bought these these would be very cute to put on a mantle or on your dresser.
Hopefully, I'll find my initials by now. This is a nice little tray that's $12.99 and they also have a round one that says Gather those are cute ok looks like they still have all the same stationery those super cute pens these pins I showed oh I would have thought ya they would have run out of the little lipsticks those are cute lots of notebooks and journals ok they always have a bunch of cute little stools come on Look they are cute though how they weave the little top and have the little balls on them they are 29.99 I see a pinkish gray and like a navy blue.
Here's a photo of BB for 29.99. Say number three. Coco made me do it, that's nice. kind of cute but the one behind her even though the flowers are falling down i thought it was pretty with that and then she has like the little fake flowers and 29.99 look she has all that bright sparkle everywhere she goes. I bet it would be the c option and that's $29.99 okay and then right behind you have this one that's super cute $19.99 and that's about it furniture wise they usually have a lot these days they don't have just these few stools this nice chair here that's $99.99 that pillow is $19.99 that's nice and these swivels I just don't see a price on those cute lifetime pumpkin spice $5.99 maybe she was born with it maybe it's caffeine ok I like it that one that's $5.99 and the future is female here guys there's a Nanette Lepore bag like um for her lunch so it's an insulated dome lunch bag that's only $6.99 that's really cute I like that and then here's another one with food all over it you see it's cute but I think I'll get that one here are more lunch coolers this is Betsey Johnson for $24.99 and it's cute with the little cat face and you have a few different ones.
And here's a different style that's really good for packing your lunch. I like that. Let's see. Those are $17.99, okay. What is this isothermal bag? and you want to pack a bunch of stuff in there see i'm in i'm one in a melon so you can put all sorts of stuff in there to keep it cool and they also have that when life gives you lemons that's what it says on the top and that's all it says but unlike these $25.00 they have some paper towel holders that sparkle look at that $6.99 you can get it in silver or you can get this one with the black You have all kinds, but I like that. one now check out this towel set here by Count Catherine Malandrino $6.99 so you have that one that looks a little plain but then I also see this one where it's sparkly those are nice and then I also see the matching washcloths here for $4.99 for one two three four four of them are cute ok so I'll see that one then you've got this one I bet this is probably Betsey Johnson let's see oh now Bibi so it's the unicorn girl which is $6.99 you can also get the smaller towels on that and then here is this one here for $6.99 Bibi girls bath towel with cute hearts or you can get butterflies or stripes here are some gold baskets these are the small ones it says $4.99 let's see how much the big one is the most large, it's $9.99, but there are different sizes inside.
I seegold, grey, navy blue or black. Look at your


bins. I'll see those self-service laundromats open 24 hours. Watch this. I don't think I want that one. i need this little dog to play paws because my dog ​​has his own b he already has his toys inside this is only $6.99 this one is cute at $9.99 you get all of these are ready i'm not sure i don't think so but they're nested baskets i think it's just you get one each because i see different tags so this big one is $9.99 and they have all these colors wash a fold and repeat wash dry phone and repeat live wash live vintage clothing laundry clean that's cute and comes with this little ball of pom pom I see I don't see a price tag on that one I don't look here they have these farmers markets open every day for $6.99 and they have farm fresh produce in different sizes and you have the beach theme this is $7.99 the small one costs $4.99 and let's see the large one is $8.99 these are large - these are $19.99 alright guys I'm done here I'm going to go down and out of here I'm still up here walking around looking at things these are some cute little cubes but i hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and i hope m and the camera looks better because my last two videos worked my last nerve guys i was trying to mess with the settings and i think i was messing up the color so you probably saw that but you guys are so sweet no one said anything or maybe you didn't pay attention or you didn't notice but I did so I'm kinda happy to see the color looks better.
This little organizer is $8.99 but I'll talk to you guys real soon in my next video okay bye $6.99 that's a cute little soap dispenser

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