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Bonanza - The Magnificent Adah | Episode 10 | Best Western Series | Full Episode

Apr 18, 2024
Help Paul, yes, you know, it takes a red-blooded man. man to persuade a woman, yes, but where are we going to get one? Hey, where are you going? See how to shave some clean clothes. This is no way to meet a lady. Look at the house. Who is it? The room service. Well, you must be wrong. I didn't order. anything congratulations mr cartwright, how kind of mr cartwright to a lovely lady dressed in the light of her own beauty, joe carter joker, that's your service, miss menkin, little joe, just joe, man, you, The cartwrights, they have a taste for the unexpected, I think that when you know this card a little better, madam, you will not be surprised at all, oh Anna, you take, you take my brother Adam, now he is reliable, he is a warrior and then there is my horse. he's just a horse and what about your father who shows up and never changes?
bonanza   the magnificent adah episode 10 best western series full episode
He is the same year after year. You've got everyone pretty figured out, right? I guess Paz had her day, but of course, that was when it was a lot. younger and now you think he should retire into the background is that we don't have to talk about him, right? Why don't you serve the champagne too? You're a very handsome man, Joe, oh. I don't know if you have a lot of girls, yeah, some of them are crazy about you, yeah, some of them are dumb and lose track of you, yeah, hey, let me fill your glass, well, we have plenty of time.
bonanza   the magnificent adah episode 10 best western series full episode

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bonanza the magnificent adah episode 10 best western series full episode...

All night ahead Hey, how would you like me to bring you something to eat at a time like this? You're a wonderful girl. You make a woman feel comfortable. You would want it. I'm glad you came. Hey, boy. I know it's really hot in here now it's perfect miss miss megan I hate uh hey hey hey aydah I don't want you to have the wrong idea about why I can't I don't have the wrong idea I know exactly why you're here and I won't let you down you get everything What do you deserve, hey, what was that for?
bonanza   the magnificent adah episode 10 best western series full episode
Teach you a lesson that you obviously needed and was doing. I can explain to you. I should bring your horse whip coming here with the ideas I'd heard, I only did it for Paul, show him what kind of woman I am, yes, ma'am, no, I mean, no, ma'am, let me tell you a little, your father moved away to this hotel to protect me from someone. from my past and for no other reason I'm sorry, ma'am, I didn't know that this is something between my paw and you and I'm sorry, I made a fool of myself, you carters are a whole family.
bonanza   the magnificent adah episode 10 best western series full episode
It's just that Paul usually checks to see if I'm okay you'd better stop by what's up with the champagne the flowers don't worry I won't tell him you were here oh I wasn't thinking about myself you're sweet hurry up just a minute then it's okay where is he but where did the carter boy go I know he's here you're drunk well you always noticed jada look at you fighting in bars in the back alleys okay don't change the Subject Where did a kid go? He's not here. Why are you doing it John? Why do you act this way?
You could still be world champion if you wanted to be. It's all in the past, so forget it. I can not forget it. I remember what you were like but how things used to be between us now I have to hear them say you're done I can still handle myself you should see the respect on their faces when I'm done beating up one of these Rubes he's still the great man aren't you okay? I'm all the man you'll ever have now. Where did the boy go? John. I don't have much left. A few jewels. I'll give them to you if you promise.
I'll leave town without causing any trouble. You know, I could never woo you with a champagne hater, but I also never had three children to make love for me. Get out of here, we'll make you feel like an assistant to the queen. ben cartwright proposed to you but he has no intention of marrying me that's not entirely true adam make a move reagan so I can kill you well I'm not, I'm cartwright don't interfere ben I'm asking you to be my wife ada that gives me everything the right to interfere regan, you will be in that morning scenario towards Salt Lake or get a gun now come out, I will fix this card my way well, you will not shoot an iron man, I will give him the same chance you gave him That miner was a fair fight Ask his mate Ask anyone at the bar to get out Move I hope you know what you're doing Cartwright Little Joe How did you do it?
I don't say anything else about aydah menkin whatever you want I'm not even my mouth yeah well just don't finish your beer I'll see you outside congratulations cartwright hey that's right my name is regan john c regan remember that when your paw asks you sure Oh you, you're one of those carters, aren't you? Yes sir, most people just call me horse. I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of drinking around John C. Reagan's house. Yeah, around here, well, I've known you for a long time. You know, I've thought about you often, I read about you, I wondered what had happened to you and I saw you here, Ben, you're a lonely man, maybe you're confusing loneliness with love, what about you now, for how long? will you be happy to go? on running away from yourself by regan, what do you think your sans would say if you married the famous aydah menkin, my children, what do my children have to do with it?
You are a very close family, ben, I wouldn't want to change that, well My sons need a woman in the house as much as I do, the boys, so our sons are grown men, maybe little Joe A Haas would accept me, but Adam, Well, Adam is stubborn, but he is my son. Yes, I know what you do. I mean he came to visit me backstage. He is very much your son. You are a very desirable woman. Thanks Ben. You are a wonderful man. But I'd rather settle for half a life and then come between you and your children. everything you've tried maybe that's all I understand maybe I'd better go to San Francisco tonight.
I wish I could have asked you before those little boys became men. I'll be reviewing shortly. Could you prepare my account? Please, yes, I missed a boy, paw, paw, paw, someone here could beat little Joe to death, he came to town, how come he cut his optic nerve? Brother may be blinded to him, someone knows who did it, little Joe couldn't say what it is. You come very easy son and don't try to move, can you see me? Don't try to talk, everything will be fine if you can see me blink, easy son, if you can see me blink twice, it's good. son, it's okay, everything is going to be okay, take a break here, well, rest easy.
I'll ask him who did it. I know the biggest heavyweights had never told Mark. That's my friend John C. Riggin, he bought out all the contestants and licked them all, he never called. In 37 fights, he would still be champion if he hadn't been robbed. Steven corrupt referee, give me a gun. Who do I tell to reach for it? Reagan let him catch up. uh, with this broken hand, well, I couldn't find a cheater. Cartwright now, if you want to settle for what I did to your son, you're going to have to shoot me or do it with your fists, Paul, let me do it, stay away from this horse, oh, you've got to let me do it, little Jordan, he paused.
You just have to let me do it, just stay by our side, I know God invites man and there's no kicking, hit a guy when he's down, ready, ah amazing, I'm not defeated, don't try to fight him, fight, get up, for for. she didn't hit him again I'm sorry aydah aydah help me help me it's okay john it's okay john I just don't understand how she can she is a woman in love with a man like that it's hard to understand isn't it? She could have any man she wants, as I think you will discover, I like a woman as beautiful as that one in love with her, many types of love hearts, as many types as there are women.
Let's see a little bottle so you can

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