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BiRTHDAY SURPRiSE for MOM!! Zoo Animals and Sprinkles! Adley & Dad decorating a bday party cak

Jun 01, 2021
mermaid in liquid mermaid will translate the queen is a donkey camel the donkey stinks someone needs to know someone said that donkey what other


do we have here look what the dress is dating mate good job giraffe you are what a good friend oh an elephant the elephant is drinking from the star water this mermaid will be in your heart oh she is going to swim deep in the depths of the sea monkey what are you doing in the depths of the sea? It's that sea monkey that you keep


I'm going to start cleaning this oh oh the monkey stinks someone grabs its tail I'll save you monkey don't sink into the cake that's good oh I'd better rescue an animal rescue this monkey it's good, date Hurry up, lick it, that's delicious, I'll just put it in a couple more, a couple more I like that one, it's like a whole zoo in there, you're laying an egg, it's going to be a donkey that's going to hatch, I think we'll end up with the cake ta- dah happy


mom, she will love this tomorrow if you want to see mom's



, watch our video tomorrow yes, tomorrow will be the best day ever and we will


her on pirate island she is going to love it and she has no idea that all this It happened, it's all a


okay, not until mom's birthday, thanks for watching, bye, dad, I'm on my way, bye, get points
birthday surprise for mom zoo animals and sprinkles adley dad decorating a bday party cak

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