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Best new cars coming 2020-2022 - my A-Z guide of the Frankfurt Motor Show

Feb 27, 2020
hello everyone Matt Watson here and welcome to the caravan


2019 no actually don't prepare the video it's not the caravan


it's the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 and in this video I'm going to go over all the new models from A to Z now, before you do, make sure you subscribe to this channel, hit the bell icon to turn on your notifications, and make sure your phone settings are set to receive notifications from YouTube; otherwise you won't get any videos anyway with the program here. have the alpina b3 touring all good now a bit later i'll show you the new BMW 3 series touring in standard form it's the Alpena version so it uses the m3 engine no 16 less than four seconds obviously it also has X Drive for extra traction it also has some Alpina wheels Alpina grille and inside slightly tweaked to make it feel a bit more luxurious here at the Audi booth there are absolutely shared loads of new


going to start with this now that you know the drill by now people say it's slightly lifted up it's got some extra cladding to make it look a little tougher in terms of engines we're talking diesel only yeah it's the SUV for the people who don't like SUVs below we have a proper SUV instead a chapter family car it's not really an SUV as such it's more of a bloated hatchback it's the q3 sport back so you have a sloping roof compared to the regular q3 so it's a little sportier than the guys in a hurry i think it needs a bathroom and that affects passenger space ok come on i think it looks good on the outside inside it's a little tighter for headroom but you could live with it.
best new cars coming 2020 2022   my a z guide of the frankfurt motor show
This is a facelifted q7 so now it has a grille similar to the q8 which is more important but it also has the interior of the q8 so now it feels a lot more up to date now that we come to Odie's for the


from animus concept that ma'am sit back and relax let the car do the driving for you now everyone has AI in their name so there's the a icon which is for long distance stuff basically getting in will take you down the freeway never will you do then you relax taking a sip of Juris then there is the AI ​​me which is a small town running then there is the race to I which is a super sports car now all these cars have been revealed before but what is new today is the a I trail which is a tough off roader that also has an autonomous shot if you click on the pop line there think of the video you can watch my full in depth video on that interesting car because it could be the Land Rover Audi Defender for the Year 2013, this is the new S5 Coupe, it's no longer a 3 liter V6 turbo petrol, it's a 3 liter diesel with 50+ horsepower.
best new cars coming 2020 2022   my a z guide of the frankfurt motor show

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best new cars coming 2020 2022 my a z guide of the frankfurt motor show...

However, it left me cold. No? This is the new r s7 though, so it's got a turbo gasoline engine, a 4-liter twin-turbo V8, for that matter, 600 horsepower, a top speed of up to 190 miles per hour, but still not would have this. Because if you're looking for this engine you better have i in the rs6 avant check it out it looks super cool love it with the wide wheel arches family body line it's better isn't it? Put your comments in the box below, get Matt and RS6 and I'll send all of that to OD and see what we can do.
best new cars coming 2020 2022   my a z guide of the frankfurt motor show
Fingers crossed here at the BMW booth. The most important new car is this is the concept version of the next four series. corn actually remember it's the official title because I'm very professional, but yeah, it gives you a good idea of ​​what the production of the series will look like now. I'm not going to go into too much detail about this car here because if you click there on the pop up banner you can see my full detailed story on it but I'll show you some other cars here in power and here we have the new BMW m8, it's the competition so 4.4 liter twin -turbo v8 600 and 25 horsepower 750 Newton meters and talk a little less than there is to say go back to and our own channel Henry God the cheek of a so yeah yeah It matches and I really like this paint it's kind of a matte creamy blue it looks super cool now I'm going to be driving this car real soon so make sure you subscribe this channel hit the bell icon and I'll do a review on this wonderful m8 here we have the new x6 this is not the


angle to really show you because the xyx is all about the rear end so we go cameraman in the wrong place see this is what matters stay right there god i'm a too direct ally, m anger, this is what matters, the door to my art is fine, this is Emoto, people, this is crazy, this is this sloped roof line and how much space, the reason why I feel white Walker in the ass there come on thank you very much good timing let's see the space in the back come here what does that sloping roofline do for headroom? oh shit it's very narrow I'm almost fine but I don't know if you can see anything because it's very very dark here talk very dark king of which here we have an X 6 in a new paint called vantablack and it's basically the darkest material known to man it absorbs 99% of all light its more or less like a black hole so like a cone it escapes from it and you can only see the outlines of the car its totally crazy i think if i get too close i pass the event horizon and then i turn into a full stream of liquid plasma and i will never be seen again so i wont see but there you have it the darkest bmw x6 in the world as ever so here we have the 8 series gran coupe , an 8 Series coupe in the front, a normal 4 door coupe in the rear oh it's absolutely tight in the rear so let's see what this is like come and check it out with me yeah well anything is better than Series 8 average not exactly palatial but ok , could do quite some distance in this nice here we have the next BMW I hydrogen fuel cell vehicle so it's due in


it runs on electric


s for the benefit of you Singing hydrogen over a normal electrical system like charging batteries is that You can fully refuel this thing in four minutes, it's still zero emissions, keeping with the mission zero theme here at the BMW stander. from around 100 miles it could launch 60 in around six seconds yeah i prefer the cars a few moments later yeah let's stick with two wheels for now with this bmw vision dc roadster its a concept bike it has like sticky bits like the crate


s you get in normal BMs to the internal combustion engined blue bikes that obviously do anything the prodigious batteries so I imagine looking at this thing will be super super fast and probably pretty deadly at the same time but no for the environment than The main thing is that it is now electric.
best new cars coming 2020 2022   my a z guide of the frankfurt motor show
If you're a car reviewer who gets a lot of hate on youtube you might want one of these he said armored x5 so it has protective glass it has foil armor on the body panels too but it looks like a normal x5 for example if I open the trunk you'll see only the passenger compartment is armored now all this adds weight this thing can weigh up to three and a half tons it's Which is why it's powered by the M8's 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 from 59 to 60 in less than six seconds. Now I'll just demonstrate the armor, so I'll just take my weapon and if you look at the damage I've done to the body. 'Cause it's all smashed but none of my rounds have gone through I mean I was just using a Glock but you can shoot this thing with an AK-47 and the occupants will still be fine my friends it's the BMW M vision Nicks so it's effectively a hint at what the i8 replacement will be like now not the i8 which is a bit disappointing on previous performance steaks this isn't quite a picture electric hybrid yet this time you've got a force in the motor gas obviously turbo and electric power and combined get 200 horsepower r swims to 60 in about three seconds top speed a hundred and eighty miles per hour maybe a little more who knows just a concept for now we finally have the tour from series 3 so follow me this is the part that matters backend of that it's a series 3 it's going to be good but you've got the most practical family rear let's take a look in the trunk come on come on let's quilt the gate t standard and there we have a good low salary, I actually like what they have done here it is great, plenty of space.
I think positive work is going to fit under it guys. I won't do it here. I don't get too excited because obviously after illustrating it I have to put it down. I throw it into the bushes and end up punching another journalist in the face. BRABUS has the answer to a small problem. I have to see. I just don't find my long term g63 powerful enough. You know it only has like 585 horsepower. GV 12 900 as the name suggests has 900 horsepower out of its 6.3 liter twin turbo v12 it's a I also got 1500 Newton meters of torque which is about to limit it to 1200 meters because otherwise it will just rip your tires to bits yeah It's a crazy vehicle and besides an upgraded engine it has some upgraded body panels and the interior doesn't either. although it comes cheap if you want one of these £700,000 oh and there will only be 10 made here at the Buyten stand which is a Chinese manufacturer it's the M by 2 electric SUV it looks a bit like a concept now. done oh yeah now apparently from their electric motors it makes 470 horsepower and has a range of 300 miles it's amazing and someone told me it will start with around 35,000 parents but i can't believe with those performance numbers and range it it will be so cheap who knows soon it will go away and be sold in china and maybe we can get it in york too unfortunately if we deliver an understanding of limy to show you the inside of their new car but they have a car here from - that's a 14-eight-inch widescreen that goes blank when I talk about it, but let's see if it starts up again. eerily close to saying it's made for a reason, probably why this concept car is called the Tavis camera anyway, which sounds a bit like an indigestion tablet when Terrell Curie passes the Tammis gap, actually this thing is electric two electric motors 300 horsepower 77 kilowatt hours battery goes from zero to 60 in about six seconds and has a range of 290 miles KIBRA is also showing off a special edition version of it's a ticker same motor for later power beefed up same transmission 7 speed dual clutch same all apart for a few extra bits of tuning and most importantly looks great shit itchy exhaust this could be loud let's take a little break from cars and Let's talk about cycles. a solid tire but with these vents it would effectively act as suspension so no need to inflate the tire so it never gets flats great for a ride around town only problem is we can't actually have these tie it in Europe because they have to be homologated, have them in Asia, we're a little behind, as usual, anyway, with the cars here at the Ford booth, we've got the new cougar SUV taking care of the truth.
I do like Puma's new small SUV though, it's a bit quirky but interesting, then there's a seven-seater SUV, the all-new Explorer, but we won't get it in the UK, some European countries ok and the US .obviously they will take it. now yonder in the distance there's plenty of current for cars that are electrified in some way so they're mild hybrids or regular hybrids or plug-in hybrids and that's their lot at the Ford booth here at the Honda booth the Lily is getting a lot of people's attention just by buzzing around her, so it's Hond. It's a small electric city car and it's super cute, right?
I really like how it looks. It's great in white. It's okay. Don't worry. The thing has a hundred and fifty horsepower motor it can go about 90 miles an hour yes it's quite a stir but it's fast enough I can load it empty to a temple in just 30 minutes and I'm going to be torched oh, it happened. I knew it was going to happen but like I said this car is getting a lot of attention anyway let's take a look inside. You may love the interior design. I have never seen so many screens. I mean it's like the mercedes a class but they added an extra screen beyond that it's super cool and it's got wood trim here and here and it feels great and it looks traumatic it's actually better positioned you've got rear view cameras and he said the door mirrors i think han is doing a good job on this thing oh yeah no acting i really want to borrow if i buy one let me know in the comments below and i'm pretty surprised at the amount of space What's on the back of this thing?
I'm still fine. I dont complain. The rooms are good. Heavy rooms are good. That I do not like it? So here's the engine bay, sorry, the engine bay for the new Honda II or the run there and your charging points here. there will be no DIY maintenance on the car in the future is that, if you want to buy one ofthese things you can order now they start from just £6,000 on government grant or £300 a month on PCP we're going to start with the sensible here in the back stand and then things get more and more ridiculous so yeah , be sensible with the new I ten so it's lower, wider, a little roomier than the old car it has.cooler more modern design great infotainment system inside but still has very good value for money and you can get jhin's back there's a 1 liter in a lovely 1.2 e petrol you can also get a super economy version with a high ratio gearbox for super efficient motorway cruising this is the neck rear so it's a fuel cell car it's got 160 horsepower from its electric motor and you can fill it up with hydrogen in just five minutes now it gives you a range of 400 miles so that's the number on the beast the price is pretty beastly too £62,000 although it actually feels quite premium inside the overly large infotainment shows a lot of space so yeah if you want to have zero emissions but still be able to travel a long distance fuel cells hydrogen are the way to go, most shows are about time and on this occasion my time was off the mark.
Below is a car that was previously uncovered and is now covered. It's called the Veloster n et CR and it's basically Honda. first electric race car has a mid-mounted motor that drives the rear wheels you can't do anything sixteen three seconds it tops out at 170 but its range is only 25 miles because obviously you're going to be three stints yeah it's going to race in a special electric car racing series let's go somewhere else luckily I haven't missed the boat on this car and I'm not giving it away and then covering it up again to re-invade it like that red speed anyway what you got here is the hind i45, its a concept car that shows what the cars of the future would be like even though it actually goes back to cars of 45 years ago, hence the name, it has some real mountain cameras in there instead of the mirrors of the normal doors and inside it has a minimalist interior which is like a lounge I like the fabric on the seats it's actually pretty cool not the fabric on my jacket finally we get to the craziest car and the Hy undai stands up and says cars aren't really cars it's more of a pointy shape which is supposed to mean future car says it's fully autonomous and it's called the H space and it can project different things onto its glass everything is cool and it has very relaxing chairs as illustrated here by lara ucomfy it's hard work for some isn't it look what it is has been revealed yeah i don't know either but it's cool here at the honk we're standing up actually you don't pronounce much i think it should be Ponte now chinese viewers will know it's right or wrong anyway we have an electric SUV debuting here today and it's kind of a cross between a Range Rover a BMW in the front and some kind of Mansoori too maybe it's going to go into production apparently it's all electric now here something more interesting so we have a sports car actually more like a supercar it's a hybrid gasoline ettrick uses electric motors os and a v8 no 60 in just 1.0 seconds 250+ mph top speed thats crazy the front looks a bit crown center though parts of the p1 interesting very interesting the only new car and the booth from Jaguar is this facelifted XE now there's some minor exterior cosmetic tweaks where the biggest differences are here on the inside so you've got a new infotainment system that's a bit lower down as well.
We also have the infotainment system down here which is extended to control climate control and things like that, we also have a digital drivers display and instead of the pop-up knob we have a normal type of gear selector which is a little less fun oh and in the future you'll be able to get this car with 48 volt mild hybrid technology and that's about it really missing a lot of manufacturers on this show so no peugeot ferrari or volvo also kia have been quite astute to that you can imagine them having the argument, oh, we don't want to spend on a complete gimmick.
There's nothing new other than a facelifted version of the Discovery sport oh yeah of course there's the new defender yes there's quite a few so you've got a long wheelbase version with an expedition package on its own roof rack and a raised air intake. we have a version of the red cross which is completely basic but it also has some fresh water tanks there are also other versions of the 110 and lower than the 90 now i am not going to go into detail on the defender here because i have a detailed video of that car so click there to go and check it out now go ahead it's probably really good so there's a key car and the Lamborghini stall and it's the new Shawn era it's Ian Sean pretty strong anything else y'all the others, is the marine animal, so what is good?
It's a plus 6.5 liter hybrid supercar, so it has 820 horsepower from its 6.5 liter v12 which is powered by 5 horsepower from an electric motor. yes we will drive o Of course the 7 speed dual clutch automatic gearbox no sixty two point eight seconds also has a top speed of 270 miles per hour it is the fastest accelerating and most powerful Lambo ever made like As expected, Mercedes is showing a lot of new cars here. at your home auto show I'm going to start with this one the Mercedes mg GL be 35 so you can probably guess what's going on with this car it's got that 2 liter turbocharged petrol engine with 306 horsepower and 400 Newton meters of torque obviously four-wheel drive and automatic gearbox should be pretty quick, not quite as quick as the 35 which is obviously lighter for more expensive though 45,000lbs when it hits the road sale later this year and you know what if I were why this wouldn't go. for this guy i don't think it will suit him he wants something great that mercedes macray is amazing so here we have the g le coupe you know how these things work it's the same as the g le over here so you have the Sloped roofline to make it look sportier means the Mercedes can charge extra for it, yeah let's look at the space in the back, let's see what that sloping roofline does, is it going to happen? oh it's tight but it's just a three finger pass this may look like a regular g le SUV but oh no it's not because the granny on the other side is another fuel filler cap and it has a horsepower of battery equivalent yeah it's the 350z hybrid so you've got two small diesels and an electric motor and combined you've got 320 horsepower which means it's good for nothing 60 in about 6.8 seconds actually this thing has the biggest battery mercedes has ever put in a hybrid as a result its going to let you go at any 54 mile range now this mercedes maybach s 560 not new here today but i just want to show you how good the sound insulation is on this car so you don't hear a thing but if i open the door and now peace and quiet again this is the new eqv it is the electric version of mercedes and v class so let's take a look inside i hope no one is there so you can see it well, wait, e wait wait a minute supercar blonde yeah you got me supercar not electric truck blonde whats going on here dude?
It's not really where I usually hang out. I'm like you know the features here so I thought I'd do a little story. Oh my God. Is this like your guilty pleasure electric vans? i know about this ok how much horsepower it has ok yes i know this ok i know it has 200 horsepower yeah home it has . 90 Kilowatt Hour Battery Oh my gosh sheep let me know all about it she totally wrecked it. AMG tlb 35 on super core and thi s is the A class you should have if you don't want a diesel you need good economy because this is the new 250 a plug-in hybrid you have a 1.3 liter turbocharged petrol engine paired with an electric motor and that gives it has a pattern of 218 horsepower or 16 six point six seconds but it has an electric only range of around 50 miles which means when you combine that and if you're smart to plug and charge it could do 200 mpg out of this thing this is the safety concept ESF is basically a test bed for future safety technology from Mercedes and it's based on a G le but it has features like a retractable steering wheel and pedals it's also fully autonomous it has a light on the sun visor which when you put it on mimics normal sunlight so it increases your alertness then you have a digital display on your grille and you also have a rear window display and you can use that to communicate with other road users to tell them what's going on.
Finally, we come to this: Concepts do help an electric S-Class, though Mercedes calling it laughs more like a Tesla Model S rival, so it has two four-wheel-drive electric motors, it has 470 horsepower and a range of 435 miles north. 60 1/2 second top speed a bunch of 25 mph call this and the headlights are actually holographic I want more info on this car just click the pop up banner there finally below the video it's like in depth Oh tell me which engine shows a flourishing explosion. I think I need to take a break, damn it's melting. Oh look, it's the electric mini you can tell because it has an electric effect trim with an e badge on the front and yeah.
It says mini electric here, so even an idiot like me can tell. All you need to know about this car is that it has 180 horsepower and its electric motor has a range of up to 270 kilometers and it could be zero 16 around 7 seconds and even though it's zero missions it's more or less A normal mini welcome to the Opel stand aka the Vauxhall stand, look this guy even has a box with a badge on it. Corsa and I think it looks great so to be available with one targeting their naturally aspirated petrol turbo petrol engines and a turbo diesel now this isn't the only version to arrive here is another one and this is the Eco sir actually this is just it's a 50 kilowatt hour battery pack that gives you a fridge range at 30 kilometers so this is the e-course actually and it looks like the normal course but they've added some extra trinkets so that look a little more upmarket and expensive because it's more expensive this goes from 32,000 pounds it still has a hundred and forty horsepower not sixty in eight seconds and of course you feel smoke because you're putting out absolutely nothing because there's no tube Exhaust Opel is also showing off the facelifted Astra now that this is the hatch version, so in some subtle styling tweaks they buff the Aero for improved efficiency. comfort and here they've done the same thing with this which is obviously the estate version and that's what I've done the thing look this is an old 1980s quarter GT I think it's good to jump in it and go I have fun so this little thing it's only gone with a 1.3 liter engine with a 70 horsepower bit because 800 kilos anyway, it's actually pretty nimble though you don't want to crash it because it's so flimsy you'd end up like new cars and a lot safer.
You forget that Porsche is actually showing off their new Tyco here in Frankfurt and here we have the turbo which of course is not a turbo because it's electric and it has six hundred horsepower and it has a range of 280 miles, that's a bit much. slow f or we have the turbos here in white so this has 760 horsepower in nothing 16 in 2.8 seconds it's not a turbo or it's not even an S i don't know why they do that here in the back seats of thai car it's good enough But it doesn't feel as roomy as a Panamera, this rear seat is actually quite a bit more upright than the 911, obviously through insightful journalism, isn't it?
And that's if we can get it up to the front of the car once these guys disappear to test, so here in the front of the Tyco and it feels suitably high-tech. I like the way they have a traditional part, look at the dolls the way it is with cave but it's completely digital. you've got an the entertainment screen there as well and the controls here which are all a touchpad like an ipad it's actually quite nice now this guy sitting next to me is called manos and he's already placed an order for one of these but you can cancel it if you don't I don't like the car so the question is will you keep your order? well i'm still not sure i had to make an initial payment of two thousand five hundred euros so what are you going to do because it will be about 130,000 euros we have to pay even more 150 tolls ok 150,000 and if you will play a little bit, you can end up with 200 toes, that's a classic Porsche, isn't it withthe options so I need to know if you will probably go ahead with your order?
Yeah I probably think so but first I need to have a trial right and get familiar with this with this material here which is quite different well I said ok I'll look up Honza's review because he's actually a freelance journalist as well so probably will review it and it will be the final verdict if you continue to buy it I've been walking around this confusing place for a long time trying to find freaking weird no I can't find it anywhere I wanted to show you the new capture plug-in hybrids it's a picture of what it looks like I need for this video to be complete, but anyway, I'll leave you with another BRABUS to make Dave very similar, this is Rams mobile Protoss and it's a strange looking car, in fact it's a custom built armored car, It only weighs 1.8 tons because its armor is made of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and titanium, now this thing can stop a 7.62 round piercing of its armor, but by being r lightweight can make for a quick getaway especially since under the hood is a supercharged 6.5 liter v8 yes the big news from a smart here at the Frankfurt auto show is the fact that the whole range is locked up there So as you can see it's gone all electric which means the four to the four four and this masculine of masculine cars the 40 Cabriolet the only thing you need to know about the side stand is this a plug-in hybrid version of the tarako 1.4 liter turbo gasoline go with electric motor 245 horsepower go Let's be brutally honest with you, there is not much that is interesting in the Skoda booth.
That is the most exciting. This is the new excellent in combi form. It has a plug-in hybrid look, so it has 1.4-liter turbo gasoline. By electric motor for 220 horsepower, it can drive up to 30 miles or less on power charge. I'll show you some of the things that are even less exciting. Next, we have this electric version of this city. pretty much the same under skid as volkswagen e-up 165 mile range finally there are multi color versions of the scala chemistry and look they are colored red and have a badging that says monte carlo actually I mean pretty fake for Skoda. make great cars especially like the khurram balance for you if you are the most despised car youtuber in the whole world you probably want armor like this though yeah it didn't do much for the night so probably it might not be very good at this in fully armored roscoe bremen xc90 so this thing can only carry automatic weapons.
It can take high velocity bullets. Cannon shots typical of the army. It's crazy. a hand grenade contains 50 grams of TNT, so yes, you should be safe inside one of these things. I mean all that armor adds weight. It's almost 5 tons this thing and it's a lot at the price you want one of these for a million. quid, but then, how much is your life worth? Oh man I need to take another good one okay y'all we almost made it to the end we here at the Volks. at 162 miles yeah the party is amazing that's not big news here actually it's up there another electric car one that has a whole new roof well here it is finally the id3 it's the first Volkswagen built from scratch, an all-electric car. you can think of this as a ctric golf item it's not really a golf it's its own unique model that won't be an electric golf anymore but if you want a golf in an electric car here we go this is the range 340 miles that it's pretty good not 68 seconds that's pretty snappy and inside it feels modern let's check it out roof I'm actually going to start in the back seats because there are people in the front but that's good because it shows you that even with someone Sitting in front of you there's decent legroom in the back of this car it feels roomy and because it's electric there's no hump in the floor like there would be on a golf or the exhaust system or the exhaust tunnel transmission for the four wheel drive system in all forms with also yeah everything right in the middle for the seats are kinda cheap i think they are supposed to film some kind of recycling also some cheap materials up there is a little dick nzoso because the design is kind of cool. the front though so i'll have to get these guys out of this maybe if i fart sneakily i don't want to leave ok there you go the old fart ploy worked the guys have screwed up so i can explain the interior layout of this car. so it's a bit futuristic you've got this big screen here and everything is like a touch sensitive button so there's no button pressing everything is sliding even the sunroof like you move the blind by sliding forward or backward so and here too you can control the driver screen by swiping your finger through different views and then through different modes its all slider to start the car toggles this toggle here reminds a bit of dads bmw i3 its not there Not bad and has voice commands like well then you can say hello I'm cold there's an error voice control brilliant again press push to talk excellent well done Volkswagen you fixed that system. with anyone once again the materials about the place are a little rough this is a 30,000 pound car and in some places you don't really feel it though it's nice and squid up there hmm it will be interesting to drive though that's really as far as it goes to matter and what is it can do that range that claims finally so let's take a look at the boots so here we're going to see that it's a correct size and it looks like there's some kind of scooter called a city skater there great for Europe Frankfurt, like here where people with random these scooters aren't in the uk where they're actually illegal the good old uk the id3 is the first in a range of fully electric cars


from volkswagen and there are some concepts there that hint at what we can expect or hit a dune buggy some kind of less exciting MPV some SUV that people will love obviously but my favorite is an electric motorhome and beyond there are a some kind of electric salon that is kind of waist high welcome and now unless you are chinese you probably ly haven't heard of way because yeah it's not in europe but from 2021 they plan to come to europe and here in the Frankfurt auto show they have concept cars there is the way s which is a mid size sport suv and then there is the way x which is a large suv both are electric and both have decent performance zero 60 in under five seconds, a top speed of over 150 miles per hour, yeah, exciting, especially if they actually make it to production anyway. ended up on the stone road because i want to show you this is the vv7 it's a plug-in hybrid suv that you can actually get in the chinese market so it might come to the uk but here's something new it's a version sports car from that car that's been rubber worked on so they've given it a little bit bigger some fresh pearl white paints carbon fiber extra bits and looking in because the interior is kind of familiar it has a car vibe Mercedes.
If you look at the design, the center console, the doors and the line of things and with the carbon fiber it reminds me of a BRABUS Mercedes so you know it really is a surprise because of that association with Mercedes. I quite like it this is just a concept for now but they'll be putting it into production once again though only in China for now just one last car to show you guys a little bit past here it's just cool just get in there oh , no, as close as if the most exciting car in the entire show had just been caught, oh it was. obviously the maker that has zed in their name anyway, i enjoyed the roundup, be sure to subscribe to this channel, hit the bell icon to turn on your notifications so you'll be alerted when we do any workload.
I'll go that way and see. if i can sneak in the back if there's another video after this i did if not i got captured and i'm probably in a shallow grave looks cool i can't figure it out though hey guys guess what guess what guys they were . actually filming yeah yeah you enjoy your Twix that's my right shot it's doctor stop typical that's one for internet outtakes

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