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Best Fails of the Decade | Try Not to Laugh

Mar 18, 2024
I got the C oh my god oh my god they're trying to trick me bro daddy the rings please oh god no oh my god oh my god again take it, take it, take it, hey, how much do you pay for that taco, hey, you know this kid , has its free taco stop. I'm here on Barry Island beach and there's no sign of St. a PlayStation. I have a PlayStation, no, yeah, oh oh oh, going up and through CP oh uhoh uhoh, you gotta be kidding me, kid. I would buy food Kaye you just want thousands of followers come here Qui oh my god really musically what did you do?
best fails of the decade try not to laugh
Press, but hold on to your ear, have fun, ready for impact. ow slam dun contest 2020 yes sir oh oh move this is not a good sign friends I don't know what happened but that's not a good sign that's why I should never have done it. Can you see it? He trusted my girlfriend to cut off my fucking control. Wow, she's okay, no, she's, oh, oh, what's up? I'll show you how to use Wu Tang. I thought for sure that would end in a face plant. Come on guys, keep pulling, don't hold on to the rope, oh you guys, wow, it's going to come loose, okay, okay, okay, holy, awesome, I've got that. motion video hey, are you okay? no, no, oh my god, don't crash into our car, holy shit, you did your


, get off, oh, no, up, do it again, all right, all right, do it right, guys, no, no way , I have a video. here please, that's ready, two girls, he's a boy, daddy quick, he's going to flip the whole table, no, Emma, ​​Emma, ​​he's a good guy, he'll probably even B you, but once you understood it, you got there, you go, oh yeah, oh my god, someone doesn't.
best fails of the decade try not to laugh

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best fails of the decade try not to laugh...

I don't know how to launch a boat into the water the boat is floating it's not the smallest car the bucket there you go what are you doing oh my God oh my God oh my God I just got that video I just recorded it on video oh no and it's gone oh really Co boom, I told you, I got him on camera oh my god no, oh he's trying to headbutt me, bro, okay, geez, there you go, wanna see what he's going to do, oh, he's watching, there you go, oh you. you're holding it too high AO something traumatic happened that changed my life I don't know what to do like push it hard ORS be car broken be car broken down ORS be car broken down I'm not coming to help her save her soul hey hey oh, that's not good, come on, so three, two, one, you win, oh you get it, send it to me, how cute, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, yeah, it's Sarah, help me, Sarah , Help me. n my kayak sinking Sarah Sarah I don't know what to do, I can't help it.
best fails of the decade try not to laugh
I'm sorry, get up, no, yeah, no, it's too deep, oh my god, I can't, oh no, those are good, help, help, help. CA holy f, I have it on video, move baby, grab oh Kitty, are you happy to see me? ow ow I guess that's not right I got it now oh man, great job, red man, no strain on your back, having burgers, it's fine, oh that was How funny, the bottom thinks you never saw food. He stole my fries. No, no, you're sure you want to do this. CH, are you okay? no, that's not good, do you understand that, you have that, you have that, oh, oh, oh, I'm trying to take a selfie with you, get ready for BU, so I wanted to show you a quick and interesting feature on this lens, it has this ? blocking mode that if you just press PR is a weak and vicious okay, are you okay, oh, are you okay?
best fails of the decade try not to laugh
Kobe, what not, that's good, oh no, no, no, no, guys, I'm stuck, okay, so, oh, yo, this kiwi is just so good, oh God, that's okay, dri, oh , okay, this, yeah, no, bro, straight with panties on your face, are you okay, are you okay, so good, don't come close, I think this might have been the real-time video? oh, there we go, that's it, he's free, he's free oh marel marel, are you okay? Not with that 4 minutes he dripping he dripping oh he dripping he dripping oh oh the C F oh my god no what you're doing what you're doing is no Are you okay?
Are you OK? Well, oh up, oh my God, what's not wrong? Rescue dog. That's exactly what I thought was going to happen, but then you lean in, but what's the score if you go back and then go ahead and start? to speak in a foreign foreign language oh my god oh my god oh my god charge bad choice bad choice let's go car oh could have here oh my god he's going to drive W he didn't let it fall to the ground what's wrong with you? Say goodbye to everyone Hey, say goodbye to everyone. I don't know if there are safe scissors and I say cut the little elastic.
Tell us to call the fire department. No, yes, honestly, I think it would be appropriate to call the fire department. The thin set will solidify. so this is what's happening in your stomach that's on my m mine oh no no you're not going to get hurt again oh my god oh my god come back come back your eyes open and the cow has to eat more chicken sign up D son those two Chi are those two chickens oh friend oh friend oh my God oh uhoh uhoh shit oh shit don't die oh and jump come here here he's in the pool come on K oh oh I'm going to fall because he's too extended go to the left go left if you are on your left you can push to the right oh and one back a little to your right to your right not to your right fraks uhoh oh sh speech foreign speech ahead speak my man on his electric scooter please jump down please lay down go on go on go on buckle buckle yes yes yes no way hey walk walk why would you do that in the front eyes that wasn't part of the plan also the army he was putting oh no no oh my god, take my S and then up here you need help no, I have it, are you sure I have it?
Daddy, he said you had it

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