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BEST 100 Dunks & Posterizes of the 2019 NBA Regular Season

BEST 100 Dunks & Posterizes of the 2019 NBA Regular Season
and the level of commitment that this guy is shown give back in action pickup state amount ban Colonel the Tatum's drives and finishes the whole Taylor with a slam and it's back up to 20 feet pair of the fourth quarter follow your shot people cuz you never know you might get it back oh my word what a find there by Billy a little bit scar to revit get it ripped up Scott was a wild spin got into the lane though couldn't caress it home rebound ridiculous highway Custer how do you
best 100 dunks posterizes of the 2019 nba regular season
do it save a play give yourself an advantage you know I heard Jeff Munich II who is as Timberwolves this game pokey oh my goodness Myles bridges at Malik Buck both plates very well in the first half transition thunks but that one right there dip ball Hayley splits the double-team closed it down eight lead changes ten ties box goodbye you're a slam dunk contest twenty waiting to give a mere Jerry give him a honey but you got it you gotta see that ad with the rejection comes up with it Santa
Manila on the run get our energy power-play well that's suffice for now block shot you don't put on the play second effort and then this you know it's like we're gonna be smart well like who does anybody try to be dumb they'll McGee is seven to the rim will feel that one tomorrow it's healthy for the ICUs Bazin there's ivory show up oh man Simmons on lockdown he said that with his chest that you can I have this now he's got the back Simmons down 611 vs. 610 now
but he gets a lot of looks like that the things we talked about what to watch they're there for a reason I thought he was fouled but quite to pass as well from it be well sporting the new headband another rotation until the recent road trip but he's played the last three games in play oh how about that first my goodness about 37% of his shots from three if I'm guard comes up she was there to be on the key to come right in the face basketball they four seconds away Hospital foul
woman screams team up to center screen Westbrook by split the defense and elevates about this play saw the space and detonates just a great crossover man go man says he was trying to come over you see movement Wow in the first half LeBron and company have cut the lead to boots for the guy with the ball right now that this what does the yes Paula says yes he is leaving the ball field and guess what he now has two parts taking it up look at this grand turn the corner up top what I do I deliver
baby four assists there is looking for more nice still and sniff after a 360 slams at home each shooting 67% they get a steal from Winslow a three on one play they're throwing it down over topic ad Wow having a night he's at 19 right now look throw it down he'll go to the line and he says okay I'll just split a couple of defenders and then go up and get the finished art just past dr. J on the all-time scoring list capella just hammered it home on the Greek freak the Greek freak
just a little bit too late to challenge now I want it for the magic on a 13-2 to world leaders after Jones jr. gets into the paint to jump right out of the seat and finish for the authority stretch it out for the MVP the folks bought tickets to see a great game tonight and they certainly got their money's worth team in the West magic number for Golden State is three Rondo three let's in the gym he is one of seven oh that's bisexual the two-for-one situation potentially Durant goes
around the world and touches it all over at vodka this former OKC team eight-point lead Iran had the highlight but the Raptors have the big advantage he has not shot it very well either crispy on the three-point line that's his first points of the night some bonus that's a poster here we picked the bounce pass and a B+ cover just put your shoulder got a tableau here with the steel bleats Taylor let's in harassed that's - Lopez - to shoot Middleton of all six foot 11 with
absurd athleticism is the play though he hit him with the Smitty's we hit nine straight misses from the three losses but to their feet by Mitchell this is the dunk channel bringing you mr. Mitchell with the legs but his real Gutierrez after the first when he said who you gonna play through without boots she said by committee and that's what it's been weeks monk kicks it back out to bridges on the baseline it's just been a heck of a lot more aggressive over the last couple
best 100 dunks posterizes of the 2019 nba regular season
weeks why not young rookie he is everywhere but the Blazers coaches staff right now wanted day need to take that first attempt the pass Oh flash and open to it high step into the rim for the hammer Hills sorry I'm sorry it had to be you lizard eight here the line let it play in his City game it coming it's been hard to come by and escorted Fidelis Schwartz lost it Lawrence up ahead to Luca bring Senate House down almost look like it was a pass for DeAndre that's pretty good
defense there in the open court with Russell taps it right - it's in that term and that comes along with the Spurs improvement defensively oh no - Marge or Rosen welcome back - suck it right here Sean DeMar DeRozan beautiful spin move on Tobias Harris and then puts Gallinari in 13 minutes 7.6 rebounds recovery there by kuzmic picks up number 5 who's you with the strata finding a way to contribute a lot of hustle for him defense got cracked on the nose and he's still out there comes
jr. gonna put the ball on Whiteside but Derrick Jones with a full run oh that is just so nice to look at right there 76 58 ray Applebaum Catalans turns it in and gets fouled perfect pass and Collins right there - one hand at home game stuff the stat sheet oh yes hundred percent it's a little big here there that's all oh great stop and go let's get Vince fires murder gets it back to it welcome to the pantheon possibly going to the Lakers mob underneath I Luke Johnson they will go
come on for ready means he hits him coming down he gets on that trampoline and he just hammers it there's loony with the board now in B look like Chandler got a piece of that second try by Looney good pass Maxon bull so l impede a bang going windmill put him in the slam dunk contest Hartman moment there of course the stakes not nearly as high speaking of high did he get up for that slam away from the Wizards because we wouldn't see this play g-gary just read that just ran right
through the outside bedroom Chuck lock is down at two they've got the players that I'm so far could still he's among the leaders in steals by partly for history a statue yeah somewhere tape backing LeBron that's what were they used to do the whole team the whole a core approach the game but Hudson throws it down and stands over Kuzma a whistle and a foul Luke Walton wanted a charge I think Guzman was in the restricted area Marcus causes off the pick and roll delivery from Kevin
Durant decides that go cruise control with Archie Tiago no fighting hard the glass whatever that puppy you learn here it is a drive right here now Selden up there throws it upstairs only have two people who go up there and get sake don't just Alexander Lena's 5453 in the past therefore after the poked away and he was flying all those nice lacking any type of elevational nest shot folks look at the fast break opportunities 17 nothing now Westbrook creates another one this time it's
George on the other end and the windmill boom he just left the seals look what's happening is carried a lot of heart out there a lot of flown to the game they love his competitive nature off of the bench and drawn charges what you said hold on mr. Knight you said we don't have guys that end up down to finish above the rim well what do you call this Milwaukee football of a dynamite duck she was way above the rim that's a nasty dunk DeRozan how to wipe this off I mean he throws it down
no doubt about that take a look at this again this is an awkward shot I don't think he was ready for this but how about be on the way ports good job defensively I mean Begley's is showing out there made that shot little tougher Jim Bob Pollin 21 for Bagley they're on their fate here in Sacramento after Winslow eat the shoes trajan mr. fan trust the rebound FIO excellent timing strong fellowship team come in from the left side of your screen over the top of Nicola Vuckovich but
best 100 dunks posterizes of the 2019 nba regular season
just crushed him give up on the play kept it alive easy then Tara's a great finish Red Bull energy mama oh yeah oh yeah Yanis Lando's go to the free-throw line and shot one free-throw as a team exclamation point Wow is right were marching diaconal we had it knocked away and then back to marketing come for the massage ek for the facial hoots offense all babies call honey they gave my time Oh mark witness together in Detroit and obviously in LA DeAndre Jordan excellent finish from
the neck Brooking over Simmons exciting the crowd that's nasty Ross especially their clothes at I'm nauseous he's getting stronger you can see it might like the weakest those bounds down right Chris responds styling and profiling was Mario the plaster Kemba Walker that is perfect that ball hit the backboard the RIT kick press ball fake Chris barkeep crisp whose baby is that somebody get that baby off the street nuttin Imelda that's one of the


shot blockers in the entire NBA
and they're competing - they're competing at both ends yes the end here comes our playing the day tomorrow unbelievable this shot look at the explosiveness with the left hand to right and extends they're gonna get a second opportunity taken away by the Lakers here's Josh her Oh Oh Showtime he gets in the open court and does this time beyond the arc Dornish came in with 33 triples in their first two games that's the most of the way Derrick Jones jr. that's athleticism
the crossover and here comes the pike as he rises in a period of times and they talk about understanding and reading so that you can react before you're relieved after we happen they're turning the corner and there's the thing okay if you serve this again when he turned the corner on Jerebko and Jerebko looked like he was expecting help there's none there Sunday afternoon crowd I mean that is no verbal communication that's just I there's George puts it on the floor his
pants too and happen this this is on the previous possession all into the bucket you know what we call that individual supremacy Sullivan the purpose is move the ball there very definitive also in what they do not be denied this dive yeah another big time screening hole there the Blake look at how high he well there's that length again that time being used on the glass you see the we talked about that is incredible certainly can and it's worthy of multiple looks back to town


look at the free-throw line here slicing it half wasn't the fraternization that they have today from Thomas seconds for reverse zone mesmerizer on Robinson that Boston out of two big ball six five six six do you believe that one didn't think he could get it goodness and here's the great thing about it they get to dunk here they go with ballet he fits perfectly with this group James accelerate Milwaukee knocked up jumping that just goes up by two Kairi kicks it out smart good ball
movement Horford straight away through North Oh Jason spider and children all in bed because that was insane to the corner Anderson five incredible points that is amazing Megan nipple Walker will be in the starting lineup for Team be honest if Nicola bucho will come off the bench Terrence Ross parents given a nice day that's what this is our flight of the game the shoot that word probably wasn't expecting that pass here and Randle it'll make posters anymore food a sitting right here
for that seventh game of the Western Conference final and astonishment here by the Rockets oh you gotta love him today basketball get don't dawn he loses the basketball and Jeff Green gets the steal he's got saturon ski back to Jeff paranoia uncle Jeff and the bench nuts they stripped Marvin Bagley they doubled them they timed it perfectly 986 to rent that's 26 Kings just clicked over 20 second ago I turn over ahead of the pack as the bard here he did he put on a show with that
word mr. Carl's camp has the turnover and Cousteau's it out ahead and brought off the bounce good is Middleton you've got Brogdon all those guys can make threes so the spacing is there for Yanis to continue to attack saturon ski attacks and he slaps it down with the foul Thomas sadder and sadder is he who would not be denied of vicious slab and the Wizards up for nothing absolutely freezing outside Furguson stitched behind him the other way but hid because he was a little late with
turning around he was able to make that play on Oladipo of time up Giles trying to feed Mason Tim rolls forced to turn over again we said he can run he can also fly everything going right now for Minnesota watch these guys fly out of the way Jessica be making stuff happen yeah her temple looking stolen by Burke Burke ahead to mudiay throws it down no what a steal from Barker the finish from moody in that one yeah sting Garrett temple has fouled out it can roll to get the switch he says enough
Wow gotta see this one again you come on Leonard surprised at the left hand over Allen what a slam you kidding me inside the and just sweeps that thing on through the jurors got Alfred and he's got to eat the other trail smile let them take your picture at home Dallas it's got the lead dodge it throws down a sledgehammer don't sling foam Luka open early had the mismatch you thought I was gonna let up now I'm touching it on you stripping six out there in George oh yeah and
they've really feasted on the Southeast Division with after today's result they've got a 12 it - against the southeast seven and one on the road against the southeast throw that in because it was that was uncanny finish look at that athleticism that's amazing