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Bentley Continental GT 2019 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

May 30, 2021
this is the new Bentley Continental GT, now the old guard has a bit of a reputation for being driven by people who tended to tinker with these things for a living and this, you want? It may end up being the same thing because if you have a lot of money and he wants something that's really cool and stylish and fast, you're going to go for this now. I love the design of this car, so it's so cool, these wrinkles, the chrome detailing the wide haunches here in the rear, now some people I've seen it say I'm not so sure about the rear, but I love it.
bentley continental gt 2019 in depth review carwow reviews
I like the way these lights match the exhaust and it's all sleek and squat and strong. There at the front, you have a beautiful grill, this car is. Impressive, the guy who designed this has created a masterpiece. He is to me as beautiful as any agent. So yeah, I'm not talking about cops. Obviously I'm talking about art. If you know someone who is looking to buy a new car, click on the pop-up in the top right corner of the screen or the link below the video because you can refer them to Car WA and if you buy a car through from us, I'll give you a £50 Amazon gift card as you imagine the interior of this car is just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, no the particular car I have here has almost £50,000 worth of options and 34,000 pounds of that is the first edition spec and that's represented by this little number one with the Union Jack on the dash, so it includes things like Melina Pat, which includes diamond quilting, the car also has the knurling on the air vents and in several of the parts. and pieces like the little stops on the organ, it's just quality of feel.
bentley continental gt 2019 in depth review carwow reviews

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bentley continental gt 2019 in depth review carwow reviews...

I mean, everything is lovely, there's a metal effect for all the switches and things like the door handles are actually solid metal. I love being here. I really love it, so there is attention to detail. as for the way the vents match this strip of metal that runs all the way around the cabin, I mean, that really pleases my OCD, there's something I wouldn't normally do, for example, the stitching here makes me, Andersson , which I can forgive. Actually, that's the reason why is because this is hand stitch. If it was done by robots I would want it clear, but the fact that it's a little crooked lets you know that a man did it, obviously, if it had been a The Japanese would probably have made it very clear, but that's how we're British in England and it's a bit like John Lennon's voice.
bentley continental gt 2019 in depth review carwow reviews
The fact that it is imperfect is what makes it so perfect and the quality of the leather around us is simply lush. super smooth, it has a boutique custom made feel but there are some things I'm not so sure about so you have digital dolls in this car and they are really functional and I like what they have done with them. They look almost real in the way they have a 3D effect, partly they just want old analogue dials, but there is great functionality with this, so you can do things like look at the satnav, turn it into widescreen, connect your phone, look through various functions and yes everything is fine and then there is the wide screen infotainment which is fine to use, you can say it is based on the system used by Audi, for some reason they tried to customize it to make it a little more Bentley, but it really isn't.
bentley continental gt 2019 in depth review carwow reviews
So easy to use now, if you click the pop-up button in the top right corner of the screen or the link below the video you can see my full in-



of the infotainment system. That brings me to something else because there are Here are some parts that you'll find on other VW products, like these switches on the steering wheel, a bit like the ones you find on a Golf. Now the Germans may complain about that, but the fact is that someone who buys their car has never done so. nowhere near a golf course nor his golfing friends who know it is played in st.
Andrews or Pebble Beach, so it works functionally, it doesn't really matter, it doesn't feel cheap, in fact, all the metal effect switches, like I say, it's just great, it's lovely, so when the switch is down here, they're nice and placed. They are there but can be a little confusing to use when driving, but you can feel them well and there is a decent amount of storage here, so they have huge compartments in the doors, which is useful for your water bottle. Down here is the special storage area that I imagine could be used for your cigars, but I don't have Cubans, so I have to use a Troy white marker to illustrate that there is some storage here, but the glove box is gone.
It's not the biggest and that's okay, you can put your expensive leather gloves on, there's a bit more storage in there and this guy actually has a wireless charging point for your mobile phone and then under here there are some really deep cup holders, I want say, look at that. look at the way it opens I mean the quality here is just impeccable you know all the wood feels great and even the speaker covers for this upgraded named audio system which by the way is so loud that The bass sounds strong, it's almost like thunder. So good it feels glorious, everything you touch and feel is glorious, yet what is it like for the people in the back?
It's supposed to be a four-seater kupe, so come on, yeah, it'll slide the right way, you shouldn't have to do anything manually. In his Bentley the door also has soft clothing and has a small butler seat belt so you don't have to look for your own belt. Now I'm just going to put the seat back. I've never been in the back. of this car before, let's see what it's like, he's going to cross my legs, it's not enough, the foot room is a little tight and the seat is quite deep, so he's actually pressing against my car, so It's not the most comfortable back here and the headrooms are also tight, although my head is touching this beautiful leather headliner.
It's annoying that they have product on my head, it will end up leaving the body there. These seats are beautiful. You also have your own rear windows, which is nice. there is some fresh air under here there is some storage and cup holders you have a 12 volt socket you have a charging point for your mobile phone you even have some free time if you want to carry your skis in the back and look at this is a bit Unusual, never heard that this would normally be hidden before, but yeah, you could probably sell it on eBay for about £500.
Now let's check the trunk because it's a pretty big car, but I don't think it has the biggest trunk, I think you know it's a sports coupe, um, but it's a pretty decent size. I mean look, it fits a big suitcase and there's a lovely lip but to stop you scratching the paint there's a kick plate here, I think it might be plastic but it looks like metal and I'll forgive that because the quality of the trunk here it's really good even the mats here are thick they're almost as thick as the front and check this out for the 12 volt outlet it's cushioned now the thing about this boot is they are designed to be wide enough to house a set of golf clubs.
It seems like the golf clubs fit in pretty easily now, if you want more details on how to practice this card I would say Click on the pop up bat in the top right corner of the screen and you will be able to see how many things you can fit in the trunk of this car and some other things too, however this car is not quite perfect, here are five. Annoying things about it, this steering wheel looks super lovely. I really like the big Bentley logo. It looks stylish, a shame because they have to write air so big that under it I bagged the frames for these parking sensors, just look, they don't even fit. right there, for some reason you can't get the Bentley Continental GT with Android auto, what's that?
Because Android phones are as good as iPhones. I think not, because the new Galaxy S 9 is definitely better than an iPhone 10. Discuss in the comments box below. I love the shiny grill, it just looks expensive. It's a shame the rest of the vents are some kind of cheap plastic mesh on a budget. When you drive, the light reflects off this bright strip, but it catches the corner of your eye with your voice, it's not on the vehicle, just in your blind spot, don't worry, there's still a lot to like about this car, it's the y5 car, great features, the front screen is really big, bright and very useful while you are.
While driving, you can display things like satnav directions, your speed and the actual speed limit. When you attach the rear wing manually, it shows that you've done so in a little graphic on the car's screen, which is pretty cool. Absolutely. I love the look of the lights, they have been designed to look like diamonds and maybe they are just Swarovski crystals. There is a big reason why the digital diamond display is definitely too modern for you, don't worry, you can go back in time by turning it. Around the screen are some analogue dials and then when you turn off the car everything zooms out and reveals a nice simple wooden surface.
These are the largest iron brake discs on any production car, they are 420 millimeters in diameter, so no wonder it stopped so well, now it's time to hit the road to see what this car is all about. and drive it. How fast can a car that weighs 2.2 turns really be? Well, let's find out because I have special timing equipment there. I'm going to throw this Bentley crikey, this is crazy, this is very, very, very fast. Whoa, whoa, I have to hand it over to the brakes first of all, I mean you hit the anchors, that's good news, the brakes are fine, but what?
Regarding performance, the quarter time at rest is eleven point seven seconds. I'm going to check the zero 60 too. It's supposed to do it in 3.7 seconds, but what did I get? 3.6 seconds. This is fast, so why is this car so? it blooms fast, well that's because under the hood there is a 6 liter w12 biturbo gasoline engine with 635 horsepower and 900 Newton meters of torque and I love this engine, it is so powerful that there is something almost geological about it in the way it's relentless and makes the noise of our optional volcano, it's so good now there's a little economy thing in the missions that yeah, they're not great, they're not great, but I'm actually averaging 22 miles per gallon now , that could be quite expensive but If you can afford this car you don't care, what's more important is how far you can go between fuel stops and this guy is a great gas taxi with that economy.
I could go about 450 miles between having to stop and rub shoulders with him. normal people at a gas station, yes, I can turn a dial down here and put everything in comfort mode and it softens the air suspension and then the throttle response makes the steering a little lighter and yes, everything is shabby and relaxing and comfortable, the best. However, the mode is a special Bentley mode that is the best of both worlds between sportiness and comfort. Yes, you throw it into a corner and it somehow grabs and turns on, say, a winding road, and it's surprisingly good to see what this new Continental GT looks like. continue to maintain his line, while the previous one would have run out of talent and begun to stagger off the path.
It's actually a lot of fun when you get the chance to hit a perfect shot. That's a bit wrong. Doing this is a bit like driving the British Museum very fast down the road, you can do it with complete confidence in the four wheel drive system, just grab and grab and grab, it's really impressive and you can send a lot of power to the front. rear. I mean, it's a rear-wheel drive bias. so it feels sporty, it's not as agile as the Ferrari GTC for less, but I think it's better inside, but I could live with it.
It's a really very critical car, there's something I don't like about the driving experience and that's the rear visibility, which is kind of letterbox, that's the best way to describe it. Is there anything else I don't like? No, if you click on the popup in the top right corner of the screen on the link below video, you can get a kawaii calm to see how much you can save on a new car, so you want my final verdict on the Bentley Continental GT, if you avoid it, if you consider it, if you shortlist it or if you just go ahead and buy it.
Okay, dinner, Wi-Fi, wood, the lottery or if I were a soccer player, I would buy it. I love this car, I really do, man it's epic. If you enjoyed this video, please like, comment and share it. Also click on our logo. to subscribe to this channel and if you click on the bottom right corner you can see more of our content in the meantime, click on the right to go to the add offers page and see how much money you can save on a new car. Wow Now you saw the Easter egg in this video. It was the chocolateContinental in the glove compartment of the car.

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