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Barstool Bro Show Episode 6 Featuring Zoltan Mesko

Jun 07, 2021
First, we present where Dedham High School passes FieldTurf, punt, punt, Arizona and Mexico, proud Michigan, we have a Michigan reunion today, some of the best graduates the school has ever seen, he and I will make a little punt here, let's see how many punts we can catch, which leads to the next question: how many will there be four of us? We were thinking we didn't make the clear, so how many hits can you give us? Like I was going to say, maybe two guys say five each, but if you want to eliminate that no, okay, okay, we can even do ten each oh you'll do it, man, okay, so what's your guess? about our capture?
barstool bro show episode 6 featuring zoltan mesko
You know my guess is it's going to be hard to get 10 out of 10. he thinks he'll get 10 times no I never said that they think you said 5 out of 5 I said 4 out of my flower funny guy yeah I possibly think you'll get more than 5, sure, don't hate you personally. It's not a windy day, it's pretty calm. I read the break and what are they going to do? Hit us. Are you going to try to do something funny with you guys right now? Let's look. Let's take a break. Yes. The longest punt picks. First, yeah, no, what about having a neck injury during this?
barstool bro show episode 6 featuring zoltan mesko

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barstool bro show episode 6 featuring zoltan mesko...

I think I should almost be in the neck brace at this point. I think you gain confidence. I think David gets an extra 10 yards just for the pants, thanks. I mean, he loses five to Los Pumas, yeah, you look very athletic, so our team, thank you, yeah, no, it's not going to hit me when he said that. Did you see our combo now? I know that none of the 40 were sub 5, so since we are not surfers, no, it's football. speed we're looking for is not a nice combined speech there we go to the right around 15 right Oh, we take steps, although it's a shame 27 that has a chance to work by the way I think I've trained better third graders in this.
barstool bro show episode 6 featuring zoltan mesko
I'm seeing a lot of balls on the shins. I think it will surprise well, it has a chance, your role in that is what we are looking for. I'm probably more nervous than I was in the game about hitting these guys, I just don't want to hurt them. Michael Berg thinks he's a good athlete, ah, thinking, thinking Ophir has a little face in that, okay, that's the best thing that's happened to him in his career, at least a powerful professional, no, you take it off the chip, They don't have to be pretty people. I'm going to put this one on his head, the two hardest ones, but one like backing off a lot harder than my neck really kills.
barstool bro show episode 6 featuring zoltan mesko
I'm not just saying that anyone has caught any of these, they're like getting Truxton who has a drip. he kicked it through the back of his hands held for a mile, a fundamental barn, with his elbows together, he had his hands extended in front of his body, first of all, he was above one, I mean, he kicked one out of the end zone. In fact, I'll give you the end zone the other one we hope the three of us had ducks he even said if I count one I shouldn't count no one had a duck like that everything landed here we go spread it out like the fifteen and you would stay on top it landed on the fifth I'll give you 17 here's 17 well, well we've got it recorded on this I was a baby in 27 we're on 27 here no, we're on 30 you know, look at your big guy from the Knights you know how sure I am, no I've caught none and I think I'm the big favorite oh yeah this is uh yeah you caught zero of course it sucks say Mizuki I'm still too much with you you have to go to three targets.
Understand that I prefer to be my how does that make sense? What do you need to catch the first one? the night I don't know what we have loans I should have caught at least the job they were hitting you in the face and well, I love where I am, I've been hit in the head by a ball, tell me about the law like you. you know quick my neck my neck is in ruins if we're totally honest can you do a little bit? I don't know anything right yes I know you think I'm joking no I can't connect this is how I ordered when I was sick fight Katya alanya disastrous you can't be afraid sometimes your future children can be a snake but it's okay what today was at zero solid zero point I don't understand how you're camped under that and you miss him Tori this this Next round it's really one, four, six, he's 1 of 6.
I feel like I need to pull pulling. I think I'm in good shape to make it to the final 4. Love watching you. Oh yeah, do that in size since I didn't catch any, no one caught one. I feel like that makes me very good, but the only thing that scares me is that the loss of the chest could cause a little cardiac arrest, don't worry about the neck, don't worry about the neck, don't worry about the neck, ah, he is. No, how's that neck? I mean, I didn't have a day camp. I'm diving. The guys should have never let me back into this game.
They never let me return during the day. No, Dave Dave came out in uniform, it's like a sign of commitment. I'll do that, okay. I'm going to go to the final round here. I'll go straight to moonballs so you don't have to go as deep, yeah, so I promise I won't kick it in your head. I'm exhausted, you say there was one on the radio that wasn't a movement, you get it, this is what he does it's Big Cat City here, Big Cat City, it's just like you guys and all I do is competitive spirit, whatever , just stop. this is worse than Clancy's let's not talk much about it for a second but already everyone has been saying vital jobs the best athlete never focus on you have been complaining that I never said a soccer ball we kill each other but let's do it right, let's that streak of likes right now, clap your hands and me, these guys come here to talk to you and me, we're all around, you know, how this is the first one to pitch, this is the first time I'm not going to do it.
I will be a rival of his for the last two months, the two of us are the best athletes in every aspect, of course, we play all sports, all sports will compete, you can't just come here and be like that and be like me. Yesterday in the office you said I'll start when I said we will because you specifically said it's starting to get the feeling that I'm not invited because I'm the best athlete so I said it yeah that's what you put. today was solid zero point zero. I don't understand how you are in a camp below and miss it.
I mean, it's the end. Varg asked the last burg of him at this point, so this is what we're going to do since you just caught. one, John kaat, one, you caught two, I count four, we will be in the championship, I still have three left, you are ready, I caught four, he caught, I'm like this, I doubled his score, which is why the finals are so low, right ? so I think in the finals we shouldn't do the moon balls or whatever, okay, how we did the first two rounds, okay and you go first, okay, three, three, three, three, so just one Round title, I'm going for the Achilles heel, the straight neck. next shot, he's talking about the neck, this is still, this is like that, every time Dave says that LeBron flopson bran doesn't confess looking at what he's doing right now in the championship round, he gets on the ground saying that like this manner. he can say he's a hero, classic LeBron Portnoy right here, this is an abyss, the big one: I feel bad for his knees, I know that's it, I don't think he'll get up, this is like the punch of Tyson, so three four five six. no seizures, I should have had that, but my neck, damn, it's good to go tell you right now, a lot of pressure on the big cat, what he's going to put on himself right now, just kidding, drop it here , it's catastrophic, get this. for the championship yeah this is the big cat yeah that felt good guys it felt good he won fair and square.
I make no excuses to congratulate, hey my neck is in ruins, oh if I had excuses I'd bring up our final score, six sacks. two, three, so I doubled his score, an extra wrap on an extra, two strong scatters, uh, from the combine, kind of transition to the best part, returner, best effort, you know, just a guy Oliver, one Vespa, no, here, so we are leading our special. He makes a punt with the muscle he's


ing right now, he could probably be a good blocking force in the midline. Long center. Long grip. My draft stock skyrocketed.
I'm so happy when I say yours. We are all winners. total failure and everything he says about LeBron he does, so that's where we end up. I relied on the state shakeout, so I don't know the links. He is not paralyzed. I am paralyzed. I am a paralyzed man who walks. Yes. Thanks, Alton, thanks guys. thank you so much for you want to walk right outside Oh, Jerry Davis would have a field day with that strike, although wider, so we finished the punt contest and uh, they kept beating me fair and square, we played a hundred times, you probably beat me. once today was that day I have no excuses I'm perfectly healthy I couldn't feel better in top shape he beat me in my prime so what are you going to say just tippy cap you know I was healthy I had no pain key perfectly beep, that is out, congratulations to your big cat, live large, that will never happen again perfectly healthy

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