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Aston Villa 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2 - FA Charity Shield - 22nd August 1981 (MOTD)

Mar 25, 2024
Comex is missing the charge for the sixth time in eight seasons, but it is his first appearance with Maximus from Liverpool a week ago and the thanks experience is underlined by the fact that this is his 35th day at Wembley, as fans Steve Archibald will start the match despite his ankle injury and will be accompanied up front by number 11 Marc Falco, who replaces the injured Garth Brooks in defence, and Roberts keeps his places for now with new signing Paul Price from Luton named among five substitutes at home any two can be used Aston Villa also starts with a new signing on the bench Andy Blair from Coventry and there is only one change to the champion team which is in number eight where an injury to Gary Shaw gives David Geddes a chance in that final appearance at Wembley It was a four-hitter for City against Arsenal in the 1978 Cup final when he scored the winning goal.
aston villa 2 tottenham hotspur 2   fa charity shield   22nd august 1981 motd
Two things about Wembley pitch. It is five meters narrower than last season because the Speedway track was laid and there is a new mark ten meters from each one. corner flag and that is to indicate where the defenders should stand when a corner is taken, they have to be ten meters away, it is an experiment and it is up to the League clubs to decide if they do the same or not and put the mark in their fields. and today's referee is our quarry of big paper officials, so Aston Villa start and that's betting on it, assuming Whitewood sees our distributors Brian Roberts Spurs back, as it was in the FA Cup final , we, Perriman, played back with six who were des Gretna for Villa looking for a whistle with Ray Clemence will appreciate an early feel for the ball and will receive an appreciative chair from the fans behind the goal Clements occupies in the first half are distributors in race Archibald cut by Evans knows what this jato Gordon hits by Archibald McNaughton falco polished could be stronger on his left foot than is on his right that fell on his only foot and the reason it fell on him was because Ken Mcnaught made the mistake.
aston villa 2 tottenham hotspur 2   fa charity shield   22nd august 1981 motd

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aston villa 2 tottenham hotspur 2 fa charity shield 22nd august 1981 motd...

Now it's favela interpeter with Back to Mortimer, now our distributors before the start of this season, it may seem unfamiliar to some of you. He had that beard for quite some time. The captain of the


to spell, go to our distributors. I wanted rewards from Planet. II. The cue came from Colin Gibson and is. Super DNA, timing seems to be the goal introduced in the meeting, there is Perryman again, this field looks very rough around the edges. I must say where this Speedway track has been, it was invented by our dealers. I was from Swain, there's Archibald Falco, whatever level he played at.
aston villa 2 tottenham hotspur 2   fa charity shield   22nd august 1981 motd
Several goals are scored, you finish normally, they would be eager to take their chance while Garth Brooks recovers from that rubbish operation. Archibald was the one who tested the ball there to start under control, he hooked it and Falco got there under pressure when finally someone will lower the bowl and it was difficult because of Bali's magnificent pass to Archibald the clay gray ballet music referee said there is no Glenn Hoddle's magnificent boredom in the first moment an exquisite skill of the new season provided by him hits the attackers in midfield just in time by players who stood out for their outside defense against Archibald.
aston villa 2 tottenham hotspur 2   fa charity shield   22nd august 1981 motd
I say it wasn't because the models in our dealers at one time were players who just wanted to go forward, but that is a characteristic of Tockman's game that he really improved on his way to winning the Cup. Last season, as I indicated, he is spotting the use of the arms in the penalty area, good spot from Alf Gray there, when he went up and Mcnaught got close, just look at the long free kick being taken here, Peter goes up first and then look at me. uses his arms there on Brian Roberts and then Ken Mcnaught got a little touch, but the whist had already sounded, there's Archibald fighting with Swain Gallivan Tony Galvin, a player who can cut inside with his favorite right foot on that wrist, rated well to Jimmy River. played by Aston Villa and here comes Geddes, well, stop by Ray Clemence, I read Gatos' intentions correctly and now he is stranded, the linesman's slug is up, Felix, they were received by business, but the initial shave was the first of importance for Topman because Cats was over. made by Tony Moly with a lovely little ball past the Tottenham defense and got his claim on the angle speed limits, read what Geddes was going to do and just put those hands on the ball so the scores were void.
Aston Villa void the


fans now make themselves. It was heard on the far right, as we know, very fashionable with the foot there, this shot at Peter and the chase must surely be bought into the referee's books. Peter wins, that's a creeper people with now for Roberts or he cut it. This is becoming something of a vendetta. between with and toplin right now we're going to take the free kick Seton is getting up and here he is again included save and then hits with the rebound shot initially really high here is Tony Morley so Frank was looking for positions he will come to Colleen Gibson and take us to the distant closes and marks and Graham Roberts intercepting, otherwise a sure goal for us.
David Geddes was just waiting to capture the cross, I just have the feeling that he has increased a little in these last few minutes, although I think he was possibly put in with his The ray of smell Clements did not make the crossing and the Player of the Year of the town the Last season, the great Pisa put them in front, there is Clement Sky. Hawk got confused with his own defender and put the ball for Ray Clemence, most unfortunate, but for Peter with the type of goal that center forwards enjoy when it falls like that, it goes in the back of the head, oh, and for me, when they use their head in more ways than one, but here comes the person with Galván, our distributors, this is Vidya and Falco but notice Falco Venis looking for Tony Galvin, it was a bit like starting, I think ten minutes left in the first half and league champions Aston Villa go there that way and it was only thanks to Wayne, although spraying the passage over Spurs. looking for the distributors of the tie they cross Roberts with the header Miller is there and the rictus also grows towards the other side of Robertson Thomas to show the disorder behind his Hilton is this again Swayne and Brenda both on the other side this is Gibson Holy shit, that's great, Tony Moly is tough at controlling an offside here and they have it.
Take notes. I guess we won't see much about this season. A team is being formed. The criminal is there, but that is a particular tactic that was used a lot. the first division last year and, for my part, I deplore that it was Falco Dávila Sonia that is Archibald ah de les Falco magnificent preparation of chakra man what a devastating ending that was our dealings and Falco controlling the ball with his left pivot and hitting it with his true a magnificent finish from someone who prefers his left foot and that's how the afternoons are Tony Moly I'm sure that Garth Brooks has been the best in the baby zoo today we appreciate passing on this type of things from his substitute to give heart to Falcao and confidence is they blend well.
Spurs manager Keith Burkinshaw will be very pleased with the strength of his team if he can bring in a reserve and can produce such a move when this outside Mortimer is delighted that Spurs remained very square in defense during the first half. experience purrs to our dealers Swayne - Aston Villa actually had no chance without him Rimmer, so the harp ends on a high note gives them a round of applause, come on Coco, the mood that led to the game, the embellishments of the tapestry, which was much simpler for PETA's width. I was baking the piece because the idealist after the wallet times of the tempestuous first half and after the score between the league champions and the FA Cup winners of one, all good, that's the


they're playing for and the event actually moved to Wembley in 1974. the year Liverpool beat Leeds on penalties, but today there will be no penalties because if the match is tied after 90 minutes, the teams share that


, they have it for six months.
It's an interesting opportunity. Steve Archibald says God cooks. up on our porch look at the way these guys finished it will be a good thing to get your spot back after Falcao's goal in the first half so the Waco Spurs are now playing from the start of the second half like Galván here it is Bremen, knowing that either side can. use two substitutes of the five on the bench in the second half, I have no doubt that you plan to bring in Gary Brooke or Chris Jones because they don't want us to miss out on the first league game along with the receivers.
Attention let's change these gloves a couple of times Jimmy River there archibald espares goal something risky but Chris your courtesy of Peter with no one on his right the three players taking their nap to monitor their Galvan for the Lord it's Heaton's cake Misty to Galvan well which about that is making the Spurs fans celebrate once again to take the lead, in fact they are dead Final replay Gorgons cross outen dangerous who shot but the filter Falco, who completely missed the first, suddenly garden Retta curled up Galván yes, Falco now finishes with his trusty left foot So if we had scored from crouching in the second half and scored a hat-trick in the chair since 1957 against Aston Villa, yes, the boys got polka here and this time they were frozen, it was Tommy Taylor who qualified a sailor in Manchester.
United and the last quarter load here Patrick so inside I knew who died in the Munich plane crash when it comes to games at Wembley it's very hard to keep them down really fantastic when they record talking wake up sleep I played the load of this unit when David is a substitute because Dennis Mortimer is still suffering from that injury, he leaves and Andy Blair signs from Coventry City, the court finally settled it and he will have his chances. Mortimer leaves with injury Andy Blair wears the number 13 and started on the left side of midfield with Gordon Cans in the centre, but it must be made clear that in reality in doing so, none of the bigger teams this season were very lucky in our season with seven ever-present players who played in every game and have also had a European campaign this year, so the reason Mayor could sign was to strengthen the team.
Edmunds Geddes Clemont laughs. I can see there being an ability to go out and control that area behind his back where he likes to be in charge. Andy. witzy when it comes to Tony Moly again, the center beats Ray Clemence Pisa who puts the ball in the net and Aston Villa after 52 minutes, a very good initial work from Colin Gibson, great driver of mercy, the plus finally came from Tony Moly and Peter with the arrival. behind David Geddes here as Clements missed his strike and to be fair Peter on leave was already beaten before he got injured so Peter worked with 21 goals last season in this match and the Tottenham goalkeeper signed to Liverpool last week he is celebrating Halloween. debut here now it may be that Neely or Alexa, who has been displaced by Ray Clemence, have to be prepared now to come on as substitutes because the 5 substitutes obviously include a goalkeeper and Amelia Alexa Kincaid in the Cup final is just preparing case Ray Clemence cannot continue or looks anxiously, so in his 35th appearance in this famous stadium, Ray Clemence has a very difficult match, so Peter Wirth delays the score two to two, by wide and I talked about that my impression Glenna is a model. coming out of the game after that rather dramatic study made in the first minutes of the tentative date, we both recover his sadness that there again he could run for Peter, well, it has been a fitfully lively game in the penalty areas and I have still been very near. to go 3-2 up there, good sound, I like it, oh man, Jimmy Remote suits that type of shot very well, it's one of his specialized Gopi pieces that he places when a player goes on goal, he was absolutely on the correct place. and made the save look a lot easier than maybe it would have been Falco coming in and finding space for this shot, but look where Rimmer is, he's a coward, here's one of penitence turning against the bar and approaching Des Gretna and is smiling.
Clemens worked his way through a layup, but on one of those days he said he was really playing with the ball and when David Geddes comes in, Kelex spins him against the bar, typical Knowles who was on top because God bless him, provider in the penalty area, pushing a little. Fifteen minutes left and then in the Charity Shield the score 2-2 has been a natural fit some stars that have been some white areas and suddenly she's excited that you're going to achieve Gibson's success, get us on the left wing well placed . Later, as he entered the penalty area with three others, Roberts turned it over again.
Caryn is there and again, his breath was violated, the whole law was violated there after playing thereturn. Paul Miller was the offender Andy Blair trying to put it back into PETA's width and while he was doing it, Paul Miller arrived very late with the tackle, they have three tall men to enter this Aston Villa, they have Mcnaught Evans and with Blair squaring the tamal Evans there, so his Geddes and the point about Geddes is that he is playing in place of Gary Shawn, who is in three of Villas' six friendly matches before the start of the season.
Gary Shaw has been replaced, which suggests to me that Ron Saunders is not entirely happy with Shore's form at the moment despite his reputation. Geddes is playing for a place where Ron Shawn is known for keeping players grounded and doesn't tolerate anyone getting bigger than the rest of the team. G


Villas' preseason preparation has been much more forceful than Tottenham's in terms. of the number of games played and where they have been and it may be that they are closer to matching their physical condition and are a little stronger in the last minutes here jargon and there is width of Roberts they let him go as a mistake by number four Brian Roberts, which he quickly acknowledged, sometimes defenders can get on the wrong side of a sucker, which is what happened there, he just missed Roberts, but the angle was tight and the shot was deflected, even the best of us miss the place sometimes, Miss Graham found herself when Bogans addresses if it is a corner for Aston Villa in two different where again I will see our dealers to clear, they seemed to put back with Tony Kelvin and that so far they are making a real mess with this Tottenham Geddes, well my God, he thinks someone could have taken that ball from him and I'm sure Keith Burkinshaw thinks they should have, that just brought the pressure.
All the way back on themselves, Tony Mori, as he fell, there was some anxiety in defensive football from above and right at that moment, which certainly won't do at the start of the league season, mr. Bennett shut down the spices in front of Illya and indeed in front of our dealers and is trying to turn Flair into Calvin containers, so we will see a stand finish his bold exhibition over a corner anyway up to us as far as we are concerned to Archibald, but Jenna wasn't taking any chances Steve Archibald since it's hard to make a large amount of a gold size, but he hit him on his left foot anyway I could tell Morty came forward looking for Tony Moly's box oh it's too strong but does not contain the referee. he got fouled after the board was gone, this Falco back was tougher on Falco, but there wasn't much for him, his Swain, oh, and that back here went wide and here comes Kenny Swain again and he chased him and simply made it so that The


shared a shed with the two clubs who kept the trophy for six months each.
Marc Falco will be very satisfied with his personal performance. Two goals for Tottenham, one with the right foot and one with the left. Peter with everyone was available when there were occasions. in the 6-yard box he twice benefited from Ray Clemence's errors to even the final score at 2-2. Spurs maintain their unbeaten record at Wembley. They have made eight appearances here to win the FA Cup, two League Cup wins and a place in the FA premiership. Last season's Cup final and now a draw in the Charity Shield, so it taught them as a club that they are yet to lose at Wembley and this record crowd for the Charity Shield match 90 2500 now watching the two teams progress together to receive his memories, then it is Mortimer. the Aston Villa captain who was injured and Steve Perryman behind him the two captains head together to the royal box where the famous figure of Tom Finney will present the awards so there you are Charity Shield is shared between the elite champions of Aston Villa and Champions Tottenham Hotspur would be this good, there was certainly enough drama in one incident in that match to send a record Charity Shield crowd home happy, respective coaches Ron Saunders and Keith Burkinshaw weren't too upset either, most of players on both sides obviously said Clements was a bit remorseful after his Spurs debut, but having recently been asked to play in some strange venues for Liverpool's reserves and in front of just a handful of people, maybe it's It was understandable that he found Great Peter's threat with lightning a little different.
We didn't make the crossing, what woke us up was that we were trying to hit them against the near post of the far post and interestingly I changed, I stood in front of Ray and then I walked away from them and when I was coming, I thought I wasn't going to get you because he chose that it was his ball and he didn't do it. Palmer seems to just fall. Did you make contact with him? No, no, I just backed off and let him do some things, but he just seems. he snaps his fingers and it just went down really well for me, so when I was about to hit him anyway, you wouldn't want me to make excuses for you, it must be a disappointment after your debut, yeah obviously you're out.
There at Wembley I hope he put in an impeccable performance and gives heart to all the Spurs fans for the season and of course the first goal was a tragedy for me and that was a goal that I have to attribute to myself and I miscalculated it. the corner flight and of course I just touched it with the tips of my fingers and made it very easy with the stick in the net worried about Peter's presence, presumably well, they obviously have so many big men who are I'm going to cause problems for nobody and I have so many minutes in the six yard box, as you yourself know, it is very, very difficult to get a clear space and I tried to anticipate before they hit the ball exactly where it was going to land and in fact it was about halfway yard and that half yard was the difference between catching it cleanly and just hitting it with the tips of your fingers.
The second was an even more difficult ball because it was at the far post and you had to move your feet quickly backwards. Now you stayed down there, what happened in that well? I was like jumping, they just hit me from behind and it was only five minutes later that I realized that it was an ingenuity that had hit me and he told you to let the ball go into the net and I was lying on the ground, you must have been really happy with some of those saves off your line and all I mean is a lot of practice you're looking for, also you played everywhere during the preseason, yeah well I play everywhere. place and I have played it with Naz mr. city ​​and stuff, a dream, only I didn't have the only first team game I had, they asked me, I thought I was united, so I like it a lot, practice, 2495 people are missing, um, yes, it's true, like that which I knew was going to be a problem today, but I have to say that I'm pretty satisfied with some of my work, but obviously I have to work a little bit on other parts of my game, which you know, no one is infallible and it just means a little more of hard work next week before the The season starts well.
The honors may have ended even today in the traditional season premiere. The only trophy taken to the Midlands tonight was the BBC goal of the season. Save. The winner was, of course, Aston Villa's Tony Morley, who received. the award from a Spurs player who was terribly unlucky not to have been in contention with a goal in the cup final scored just after the competition had been decided. It's a pleasure to see my goal again and I want to congratulate Tony on your goal. of the system okay, thank you, thank you, thank you very much Tony, let me ask you about that goal which of course was in February, the goal you scored against Everton at Goodison Park, what are your memories of that?
I really don't remember it. having an attack and the ball breaking our left defense towards Gary Williams playing there, shit, caddy Shawn turned brilliantly the time you sent me down the wings and I remember breaking up a foul you came across, I think I might only do five or six . yards and I was tempted to walk away from the painting. I saw, I saw there Sonny go to myself, which is up and in, and I said, we have another speaker, look, nothing happened in the top corner and I'm sure that this beautiful trophy will take a prized place in the danny cupboard if I'll send it to me my dad stays all this will be done I'm hoping to win so we stepped aside again and our congratulations to Tony good news tonight is that all Ten first division players sent off abroad in football matches preseason will be able to play on the opening day of the league next Saturday.
The FA Disciplinary Department has informed us tonight that the suspensions that may arise from the recent incidents will not begin until 14 days after the referees' reports arrive from the different FAS abroad and so far they have not been reports have been received, so all the sent-off players are available for their clubs next week and that is especially good news for Leeds United, who had three men sent off, and for Nottingham Forest at Southampton, who each feared be without two players when they meet in Nottingham next Saturday. A transfer was completed this afternoon when Swansea City paid a club record £350,000 for Liverpool's Colin Owen, meaning Swansea's own former Liverpool manager John Toshack.
The star has now bought five players from his former club, Plus and Bob Latchford, from rivals Everton. Another transfer that looks likely to go ahead is that of talented Sint striker Johnston. Rangers manager Ally McCoist John Gregg has admitted making a substantial bid that would break the cash record for a Scottish club. Middlesbrough Wolves have also bid for McCoys, but all indications are that the eighteen-year-old striker would be more Happy to stay in Scotland. Finally, I'm afraid Paul's new fortune didn't come this weekend and there were 12 points. is based on coupons and dividend forecast is low, no claims required, the score numbers drawn are 1 2 7 15 16 24 26 33 35 36 41 and 49 well, I couldn't help but notice the sentiments expressed by Glenn snuggled up in the Daily Mail today but I think most people would agree with him.
Glenn is fortunate to have the talent to please himself and entertain the crowd and also the willingness to use it no matter what happens in his past, which created the Spurs' first goal or second goal in the face. This may not have seemed extraordinary, but even a short pass sometimes makes it difficult to get the precise touch and his shepherd Galvin had exactly the pace that was required and Falco ultimately reaps the dividends with that shot, but his play in the midfield when he is operating in that area is what really makes him special - his ability to shrug off a player using some intricate foot movement linked to the body for all players is quite remarkable as he was there and there. moment to detect the target without wasting too much time. it's Archibald's head at that moment and when mcnaught slips it gives Galvin the chance to test Creamer who curled up at his best in the middle of the field, that was fine but the extraordinary moment and the magical moment That took my breath away was when he did it. all to serve the midfield junglers.
Sometimes I call it and I clear it with one pass and it's a volley. This is what's coming now and he's done it all in one fell swoop. Archibald is not very special, he could have been today unfortunately he didn't make it to the end. to that very precise dance as happy as a beginning, but there is no doubt that Glenn Hoddle is a supreme artist and that brings me to the topic of entertainment and Bob to the topic of entertainment because we are on Torrey all day about that, is it more important? for next season to entertain the public or do you think that the kind of enthusiasm for success at all costs that the place seems to have in it is what matters?
It's always the big dilemma anyway, isn't Jim really an obvious success? It has become the beginning and the end of everything certainly in the first division and also in the lower divisions, but the big dilemma is that you know the great entertainment that defines that great entertainment with that balance of a really tough nature and I think that if You look through the great teams, I mean, I think of the Netherlands team in '74, which was fantastic. I hope they win the World Cup and that's fine, they give us a lot of entertainment, but they were maybe almost the dirtiest ID of the tournament, so you know. the dilemma is not that, yes, they had an exciting ability to I mean, some of those players could excite you in the same way that the group does when they express themselves with the ball, but yes, we know well that there is a feeling that there is too much midfield play, too much defensive running and the players can't get out of it and provide entertainment.
I mean, the crowds are going down, don't you think they're going to go up this year? Are you going to get the message or, again, it's all about this transfer business, doesn't it really mean that the sides that actually spent, all the clubs thatreally spent it, put themselves under even more pressure? I mean it's great to have new players, it's great for the fans, they love to see new players, but those clubs have really gone overboard, they've spent a lot of money, maybe they bought two or three players there and they're under even more pressure because the Fans are waiting for them because they have done it to win much more once again.
I think the pressure has become much greater for those types of clips now. That's a good thing because it's almost like putting those players in a pressure cooker. The intention to win almost at all costs comes from above, from the boards of directors, from the managers, you know, who see that as an advancement in their career and it is the players who should feel that pressure. Now they are going to respond by being too physical and we are going to see more things that we don't like in the game or do you think that this season with the ten clubs competing for the first division title we will see better football?
Well, I hope so, Jim, obviously we both hope so. So but I think and the eternal optimist but I think that the three points for winning are going to be the best. I think if I'm happy, a lot of people I've spoken to in football have turned around and said that. Oh well, we'll score a goal and we'll defend it, but when you think about it, if you win five games in a row and get 50 points and all you play five games in a row, you'll get one point, that's a lot of points to make up for that side that just draws them in.
I hope it's a really positive step in the right direction. Well, thanks for those opinions too. I know it was pretty weird about it. because the managers recommended it in a little pamphlet that they put out and said that three points for a win and one for a tie would be a good thing and then all the presidents when they met said it was a good idea, let's do it and then quite a few managers started to criticize it, so let's all give it a chance to see if it works, I don't think so.Anyway, it will do some damage, well, as the new season approaches, let's finally take a look at the drama, achievements and atmosphere of the last season summarized and set to music.

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