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Sep 18, 2023
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to sue me sup Little People my name is Al and welcome to my YouTube channel in today's video something a little different happened and I let something get to me so I don't was. I don't know them. You guys will see a little mood change near the end of this video, so yeah, I don't know how to explain what happened, so when I get this email in this video, you know I'm going to go ahead and do it. I'll talk to you a little bit and let you know exactly what happened to change my mood, just to give you a little bit of the backstory: A landlord in a previous video threatens to sue me, but we'll get a little more.
angry homeowner freaked out and is threatening to sue me
In that, when I am notified that that is happening, in this garden it started out being a super amazing garden, AP and I decided to collaborate on this garden that one of my friends sent me. We got there, the garden was super out of control. The driveway was so overgrown that it took most of the day just to shape it. The grass was very tall and super thick. The edges were completely out of control. A lot of shoveling, a lot of cutting, and the house had a city violation. in the window so when we were about to finish this garden I got a message and yeah I'll show you when it happens but I love you guys stay tuned until the end because I got the reaction from a


who kicked AP and me out. property from him after we helped them mow his super covered yard for free.
angry homeowner freaked out and is threatening to sue me

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angry homeowner freaked out and is threatening to sue me...

I was literally there for four days, but we'll talk about that later in the video. I love you guys, I hope you enjoy this collaboration, let me know what you think. in the comments below I'm not going to let a bitter person ruin my day so this is the lesson that sometimes people aren't very grateful for what you do but there is a bigger meaning there is a bigger picture , so always look for that bigger. image and I actually found out why this happened, like everything happens for a reason guys, but yeah, I hope you enjoyed the video.
angry homeowner freaked out and is threatening to sue me
See you at the end and yes, thank you, thank you foreigner, thank you foreigner, right now, foreigner, foreigner, foreigner. foreigner foreigner it's okay, it's okay foreigner, thank you foreigner, thank you foreigner, it's okay foreigner, so yeah guys, right now, in the rest of my video, my mood changes as I mow this garden because I got a email directly from YouTube and it says this is to notify you that we received a privacy complaint from someone regarding your content and I thought what the heck so I keep looking at the email and it says they are giving me 48 hours to review my video and giving me the opportunity to fix whatever someone was saying was a privacy complaint and it was pretty much saying they could penalize me if I didn't fix it, so I watched the video and what's crazy is that I had permission to film.
angry homeowner freaked out and is threatening to sue me
In this whole video I feel like the subscriber who wanted me to mow their yard set me up and they are trying to sue me or something but that was the first thing I got that email and then I realized I had more emails than They were from a specific person. I'm going to keep his name private. I'm going to keep everything private because I respect your privacy. It's a little crazy that they're trying to sue me, but I respect their privacy. I'm going to keep everything private. I'm going to hide them. I'm going to disguise his voice and do everything, but they emailed me and said this is pretty much a cease and desist.
I need to delete my video. I didn't have permission to be on their property, they said I damaged their property with all kinds of things and all of this just for helping someone mow their lawn for free and all of this will come back to me but I have all the proof I need . Between. I contacted my attorney and have more evidence. I'm just saving them for if we go to court, but I received countless emails. They harassed me, how they were getting numbers and everything she was definitely harassing me, she was contacting friends and family and harassing them.
Also, if she's going to press charges against me for mowing her yard for free and saying I damaged her property, everything I cut was sloppy or dead, so if she charges me, I have plenty of evidence to take care of myself. , I do not do it. I know if she's going to be watching this video right here, but I honestly forgive her if she just wants to start over. I forgive her. There is no ill will, just don't contact me anymore. Don't text my family. Don't text my family. Friends, I tried to fix everything, but you kicked me off the property and made it AP and I was afraid for my life because we didn't know what you were going to do when you came in and then came back outside and yelled at us.
So we left, they kicked us off the property, so a lot has happened these last few weeks. Let's turn a new stone and forget about everything and yes, I really wanted to let her know because all of her subscribers are part of me. life and anything that's going on in my personal life or anything that I want to let you know, so let's finish this yard right here and then I'll show you the reaction of what just started all this madness, but I love you, really. I don't know what else to say, you know, I'm just a human being, so this is all new to me.
I'm learning, we're learning together, but let's get back to the video, enjoy the end of this video. You see a little mood change in this video, now you know why, but yeah that's all I can do guys, I'm sorry if this video is a little depressing, but guess what, I will never stop helping people, No matter what happens, I will win. Don't stop, this is just a small lesson in the grand scheme of things. Now I cover myself. I have a good lawyer and there is always a positive side to any situation that happens, so I encourage you to go out today and help someone, maybe someone needs it. to hear this message I love you guys and let's get back to it foreigner oh yeah it's okay foreigner foreigner foreigner foreigner it's okay foreigner foreigner it's okay all done yeah let us know what you think put up a nice square for the bees yeah I think everyone They went to that incredible place.
Oh, you cut my gardenia and I showed it to you the other day. Where was it? I could get you another one. Where was I here? Put pink on top. Of that, uh, I can get you another one and plant that too. It's not there anymore. Check that you could get another one and plant it. Sorry, sorry, they're rooting it so they can grow back in the city. They ain't gone, oh what the hell? I holy moly guacamole in my pockets what a blessing they gave me I have options real steps check the shoes

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