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Andy Learns Thai Cooking Techniques from a Thai Chef | Bon Appétit

Feb 20, 2020
Thai butter thumpa thumpa, okay, great, can you explain the ingredients to me? I don't have just half, yes, not even two whole chilis for a medium heat and then they hit us like it's nothing inside the machine. Lee comes to bite your eyes before we make sure and this is the kind of tone that lowers the heating the chiles and adding a little sweetness to the salad punished if we are going to put the tomato and the next little plant a little punch now everything with everything is very difficult to do when you're right-handed make me look bad this is the fermented fish sauce yeah right now it's like everything looks like this spicy so I think it's like you're mashing everything up, extracting all the oils and flavors from the chiles, garlic, you're breaking things up to release the oils or juices, they're water so everything comes together and then it's not just singular, okay, so the next dish is the normai soup, which is not a soup, it's a vegetable dish and it is a cold dish.
andy learns thai cooking techniques from a thai chef bon app tit
I've never tried this before, so I'm very curious. I'm going to stop you, you have to take a look at this, the seats are squishing together and almost becoming like a paste, like this, a little bit of white sugar, a little bit of brown sugar, why do you use two sugars and what is not brown sugar and we need a smell and color from there and why sugar is sweeter so I really break it down to a paste really if I have red onion red onion Korean mint this is the bamboo yeah shoot logs of romantic tweets, by the way, I really like this dish.
andy learns thai cooking techniques from a thai chef bon app tit

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andy learns thai cooking techniques from a thai chef bon app tit...

Oh and a little bit of chili, that's a lot, thank you very much, that was a lot of fun, so this is the moment and you mentioned that we should probably have it with a little bit of County off the sticky rice and this is just the County, yeah, this one It's not the coconut, this is the food that I crave because I didn't grow up with it and it's what I've always wanted and craved, so this is very, very satisfying and it's very different from the typical thing I've ever made. I have eaten either just the addition of field crabs and fish sauce which has a viscosity and is thicker and much more complex.
andy learns thai cooking techniques from a thai chef bon app tit
I feel it is very useful. I just want to eat this, it's so intense, so this one. I've certainly never tried it before, I've never seen it before, mine's super is also very, very typical of the region, very, very typical of Isan food, when you think absolutely Nam, the first flavor that comes to mind It's salty, salty, salty, it still has a good amount of spice, but at first you get salt because you get two different sauces. I love bamboo shoots, it's like that wonderful kind of texture that's a little fibrous, almost. Actually, I'm not for a little more.
andy learns thai cooking techniques from a thai chef bon app tit
It's also a little refreshing, you know it's spicy, but the bamboo itself feels like it's very relaxing in your mouth. You sound like people, you know they find ingredients like in the back of the house, like a mega yacht, so this is one of the ingredients. which they always find if you can't find a green papaya, then you use, you know, you make this dish. I want to thank company


Jim, sometimes or the eastern region has a special place in my heart, so I hope everyone watches it and falls in love. I am in love with this food and thank you, thank you.
I just left some thunder. It was great to meet Supa Knee and Chef Jim. Well, I entered. I definitely had a good idea of ​​what I was getting into as far as flavor and the different ingredients. It was still great to try each ingredient, so I think I'm going to make the fried chicken and I think one of the salads, I don't know which one, but definitely one of the salads I'd like to write about as well. Playing with the crocodile again and trying to master my technique, which is a little sad after being honest and very comfortable with a pestle, but at one point it's like a completely different beast.
Hey guys, I'm back in Test Kitchen. I'm going to be preparing plates of som tum dura and today I have a full meal with me just a snack hello, have you been to any tumblr? I haven't been in some time. Wow, but now I can eat, I come this far. Yes, Tom Tom dear, prepare food from the eastern or northeastern region of Thailand and I will show you some of the Claver profiles that make up that cuisine and then we will cook some great dishes. I'm going to recruit. So the first part is a sweet profile that you get from regular white granulated sugar, brown sugar and then these are fermented fuel crabs, okay, get in there this week, a little bit sweet, like c


, it's very simple, very sweet and then the next thing is that. unsalted type salt profile that comes from fish sauce two different types and this is the super cloudy unfiltered one I know it wakes you up it's so good you know what it reminds me of is when you buy a can of anchovies the type like sludge in the bottom, you know, around the side edges.
Yeah, now we move on to the Birds Eye hot chili and then this is just the dry powder. You can see Caesar there. Sorry, I'm cured. He snorted a little. Look a little. chili flakes well oh yeah I'll be fine so it's still bitter you just have fresh limes tomatoes can be very sour they're very sour and I'm sorry it's still there and then here you have Tamron the last one is the bitter taste. which is obtained from Thai eggplants that are used raw, freshly cut into thin slices, no, Raya has almost seven, it has a little spice, like a nightshade, of course, yes, so this is the young herb juice that comes from here in Cinna. it's called it's a Jung Nang extract leaf a little more subtle a little too sweet definitely has that bitterness towards the end a little like the wind from the bottom of popcorn watching movies at home the first dish of making just so things work is your fried chicken there is this so perfect the dough is aromatic as far as it is coriander root and lemongrass and I have crushed black peppercorns like a little more than a tablespoon of red curry paste I'm going to add two tablespoons and then six cloves of garlic, okay, I'm going to add tempura flour with your sauce.
I think it will also need a little salt. Okay, clearly it's very, very thick chicken. What they do is they use skin on bone and they will separate the meat from the bone Oh Jess so it cooks really nice and evenly and I add the chicken right in while the chickens are marinating let's make the sauce the sauce I mean , the chicken itself should be spicy, that's fine, but I think the sauce is definitely on a higher level. of you guys I'm going to use half dried chilis we have toasted rice powder and then a little bit of fresh lemon juice and then fish sauce yeah it's great the chicken has some good sounding guts so ice definitely not It's completely melted, but what is spitting, I mean the dough, dipping this one by one, do you always do that when you put things in the fryer, moving back and forth?
I think so. I have a habit of doing that. I also saw him do this at the restaurant to do a little dance yeah sway sway sway sway beautiful relaxing saying crazy people chocolate mary-kate and Ashley what's that leaving me I'm like what color are you looking for did you go a little darker than this Wow let's leave this and how long are they meddling in this? I was going to go another minute, doesn't that look good? Hot Bofill herbs. You love a mortar. You love a mortar. I love it more than a mortar. This is one of my many mordrem mortars that I actually bought. from Thailand Oh yes, it's called a pot and they will spend some time here, but they will also use the pot to prepare all kinds of dishes and one of them that we are making is normai soup, which is the bamboo type.
Specially, it is actually the spiciest dish we are going to prepare today. In this case, we will make this sauce first before adding the bamboo shoots. Twisting sesame seeds. I mean, I've already eaten about half of this, so I'll just bring it. I'll turn this up a bit. I'm going to add the chili. I will add the young green juice. 2 tablespoons. Now you are trying to form a real paste. I'll add a little sugar. I'll add half a small shallot. cilantro and some mint leaves. I feel like this is where you switch from just using the mortar and pestle and using the mortar and spoon, so you compress it slightly and then lift it, compress and then lift the fish sauce to liven things up, oh look at you.
We are getting cute with that the final dish will be papaya salad at some point my dish of the same name well, the specific one at some point because there are so many different types of papaya this is called tongue and putana this is the one with the field crabs I'm going to Start with just one tooth, I'll give it a crush. I'm going to make two chilis. We're going to pound it pretty thick, like this. I'm going to add a little bit of sugar and then I'm going to add some tomatoes. that's adding a little bit of juiciness to that equation you're done with your dry ingredients a piece of lime that I'm going to squeeze let's add the squeezed plant this is just a green long bean papaya can you do something with the seeds?
I imagine the same thing as papaya, look, it's as if they were edible. What did it taste like something very familiar? Gaby, please come here, look, yes, it's expensive, but what does it taste like? I know these, I know them well, I know they are juniper berries Chris Chris Chris Chris What is this? It tastes like cyanide. It manages to be both bitter and metallic acidic. at the same time a little Miyabi yes, yes, like a custard, it reminds me a lot of a kind of mustard greens oh yes, yes, yes, oh yes, also, that can be a little spicy and yes, yes, I think so Maybe it's poisonous and I. just take some grass, I don't know, can we look up if it's okay to eat it, so let's move on.
Only if we lock you in to go, I'll add the filling rubbish too, so we're trying all the dishes. We get the other chicken mole or with Molly we can really use this, okay, so let's get into all of these dishes. We got into chicken because Molly ever did, anyway, where do you want to start? How do you like to approach crab? I like to take a bite. I'll take a bite of the papaya and then grab it like a claw, suck the claw, I mean it really tastes like crab, you almost do the crab. It has a sweetness that overpowers everything else, it is there, although mm-hmm, you have it on your lips, yes, my Belgian, mmm, the eggplant is really the most important thing for you, it is a little refreshing when you receive it in the house like a super aromatic quality NIM how much does it cost without the sauce yes, that dough is so tasty chicken so juicy garlic is my favorite I love that sauce and I love the way I chose it duck I didn't attack the toasted rice I love that texture you like I haven't tried anything like it because I have that crumbly, stringy quality, it really reminds me of jackfruit or something, it's really disgusting.
I stopped eating yes, thank you for a meal, thank you so much for showing me all this food, thank you for having me, so come back and try those recipes. There are things I would love to try again to really understand the spoon movement using the crow correctly, but I would also like to get the likes ratio right. the ice, the batter for the fried chicken, trying to find the right balance for each dish. I think I'd love to delve a little deeper, but it's also given me a deeper love for your son's food. and just Thailand in general, as I have always loved the food there, there is a lot to absorb and move on, I hope you learned something.

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