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And Scene! (Part 1) - Shoot From The Hip

Apr 03, 2024
You are alive, that is true, I am alive and from the prison cup and I have lost many people on the way back, look, in prison, that is true, I was tortured by two men who gathered next to me, they. You're always doing that, the Nazis, yeah, but now I'm back and I'm back with my right beak, oh yeah, your right beak, about you, put your against my left p, a Nazi symbol, we have a Nazi symbol on everything my body. are you with man oh we she was just telling me about her passion telling me how excited she was to have me in her house I'm so sorry I didn't know I thought you were dead Johan Luka I invited him around but we didn't have sex I just wanted to tease him a little he.
and scene part 1   shoot from the hip
I am French, it is in my nature. I love you, of course, but I love flirting with all the men in town, but never giving them what they want. Looks like we'll have a good fight, so where's your no? Oh, when I say night, I mean a huge Katana. Well, I'll also get a new weapon any day now. Yeah, where did you get my B from? Oh, that's good, whatever you are. Did I get lost? I will die as I have lived sh How beautiful you have here thank you what a place to find true love and meet and look into their eyes and get true love, not you, oh, be 52 52 where is that thing?
and scene part 1   shoot from the hip

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and scene part 1 shoot from the hip...

Coming from there you have a visitor oh who is it is Amanda I'm here to see T oh oh you're Twin's first M we met once at a Christmas


y you bled oh I H I just fell while I was singing a song it's Here he is still alive oh I'm so sorry not your face What's wrong with you? What's wrong with me? He is meant to be here. The French waited and said he would be here in the Canary Islands. I never left England, but I saw the ship leave. Oh, Tar wasn't who you thought he was.
and scene part 1   shoot from the hip
You thought he was a big, strong, brave man, but no, no, he wasn't. He ran away and cried. I know about smuggling him. I don't care because he does it for noble reasons. Do you really know how many animals he killed on the way here? You said he never left. You're lying to me? I have a gun. I'm not afraid to stab you. I also have a gun. There is a man lying Kos in my a


ment. What is happening? I know this man is weaving a web of lies. I am not weaving any web of lies.
and scene part 1   shoot from the hip
His accent never stays the same. My accent is perfectly fine. What was time? I've missed you I've been doing vocals and I'm sick of it I'm the one who clearly always wanted to be Tarin Twiin and you, it's been so long waiting for you hey, hey, I just stabbed you with a glass of whiskey oh, how did you


with? I don't use it, we can get you help. I look into your eyes, whatever the year, this must be the kind of medical help we have or I finally found you, no, this is too much, this too.
Too much, this is too much, honey, I've seen it, I've lost too many, I've lost too many men, I've lost too many animals, don't go this way, what was that? Okay, Askar, what is this soup you have to show you? I have some tough competition today, stiff, yes, stiff like a baguette that's been left out too long. I guess you could say yes, stiff as spaghetti, it's not even quite Al Dente, but he just hasn't been there for a few minutes. I'm pretty. I'm sure you've understood the word like a naked chef's erection inside your mother, too far away, God, how public the dream I just had was, it was on all these screens.
Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, and it's a powerful soup, oh no, you haven't. I tried the power, Bo girl, I just killed those three little kids, that'll be fine, let's try this, so oh, before you do it, there's someone who wants to see you try it myself, who's this Jamie, what , Jamie, is there another little boy in the competition, little boy? a grown man, I defeated my master Darth Darth Oliver no, he told me about your battle a long time ago with all the ingredients. I banished you from this earth. Well, I broke the curse with another recipe.
The magic soup thing. All this has been a trick of the witches. you are also in the league with us, what do you really think would be slow? I'd have a soup competition that could last 75 years oh god that's why you were Al yeah no you think we all need to do it yeah Anley Harriet since joining in does it too not Ang. Harry and now the time has come for them to lock you up forever in this suit oh why were you going to go I was going to drag the bottle with you like they do in Spain oh and now with the witches also in tand All of them in the bottle, here have.
I don't think so, mother, yes, it's me, Mary Berry, no one understands her power because of the power of the Great British BAC. It's not even in it anymore. Oh shit, we're burning up. The soup is burning the soup is boiling the soup is boiling Jesus, mother, you are alive and look, thank you, well, it seems that everything went exactly according to a plan of CH Fran, chean chean, yes, any officer who loses control in the uh, what's the name of this room? The interrogation room is immediately relieved of duty. You know the rules. Yes, of course, I do it correctly.
I've been posing as your sergeant for quite some time. We knew you are. Young der told us you're the only one we can couldn't be broken, you know the story of Z long joh, enlighten me, they were invented in no FR during the height of the Cold War, that's why we need the war to be so cold , but one of your British agents stole it. What is this here? long J Soldier give me my long I have a SP you have one J Choice two options actually you can join us put on the long johns and be a woman toly you can die with your legs bare like a skinless chicken breast The quality of the stitching is so high so tight made of the best Finishing what we started so many years ago a lot of work good nice joh long long joh yes I can feel it now power the long welcome welcome to the strike force the Cold War never ended for us we do not rest until each The Westerner wears a pair of long JS and know the beauty of communism, that's why we have distributed the long Jones evenly.
Okay, let's do it with a dark ending. I'm happy with him. I really don't want to be here. Hello, look, listen. It's been a rough week, my brother got stomped to death by a giant man, that gun ain't loaded you know, but this is a twist, the butler, no, I mean, the owner of the land, so it's you who has been sending different children to your stables. These are my stables, you simply coordinate them, but you are no longer the first. I'm fired, who else has been fired? Johnny Jones, the guy I think he should be fine with, that's funny because Johnny Jones does everything I ask of him, he looks how.
So high that he can lift you with his hands He's got a gun, oh, looks like we're in a bind, no, no, this little guy is going to race the Grand National and you're going to do it, but on someone else's horse, I No. I don't care, none of that is happening brother brother, tell me exactly what happened, okay, no, no, I don't want this, my sh sh. He was traveling and this big guy came up behind me and I had to kick him. he and he boom and he exploded, so I picked up all the pieces of skin and made a meat soup and I came back and I thought, oh, and then and I'm alive, we had a funeral for you, I know.
I was there in the trees I paid for that funeral you owe me a lot of money oh well I've learned a few things from being Johnny to King Jones little guy leave my family alone or else oh you broke my hand with this. a gun, not a drink, it's a drink, the gun is on the ground, who, what, dad has, he won't be a butler anymore, what do you mean he'll be a farmer and we're going to ride horses together, but it'll be us? too close together, okay, set it up and I'll look, okay, sounds good bro, finally here we go and they said it was too big to I saw you hacking my main structure, you know there's a perimeter of mine set up to fly around this.
City, I know, but my trigger finger is a lot faster than your index finger. I call this meeting of the hairs to order, oh my God, your cardigan is love, the old head, oh the Wise, they took my son from me because he was too close to humans who wanted to be fashion I have no idea what that is It means having enough brother Jimmy I know but we are going to lose a lot more if we don't act fast there is a perimeter of mines around this city but I have been reading a book on how to set up and disable M from the underground tunnels we can reach all of them very quick, that's it, right foot, five, wow, foot five, come on, my chair is gone, I don't hear any mind, that's right, because before.
I used to knit I used to work with you the dead between oh my God, that's right, remember me you look so different B she looks wonderful Warrior Did I know about this or this? A surprise to me too yeah it is it's a surprise oh my god I disabled all your buttons every button you have in your life I disabled it don't take credit for all the work I'm sorry I hit your sweaters , okay, shut up, my wife or you have character, I'm whoever you want, oh. No Jonathan, I'm stuck, I just got stuck in some mud, I'll be there, I'll try to get there in a moment, there will be too many people in one room, oh dear detective, it seems like it's just you and me, where is that little boy, Robin, oh, that boy, come with me, Willl, he won from this B, oh, a lift, oh, I have to go wait, if we come back, no, he's dead, we, you'll see him any moment in front of you?
I'll do it when you're ready A terrible threat is that Lord, laugh still because here it says that you have been evading taxes, which is bad. Shut up minions, look at all these sexy minions. I have God, they are sexyart of that, oh, that elevator took a long time. I'm, oh my God, it made me stronger than an hour, no, I have to do something, I have Bane, now I'm doing a Bane thing, John John, no, what is it? I really try. I tried to be the best police king. Sorry, sorry, I didn't expect to have to go this far, you bastard Batman, are you pretty?
Help me, Batman, don't turn into what you think, oh, on that two, I see again that many of the cubes have died and turned to jelly. Many of the humans have died and turned to gelatin in the gelatin. We are all one. Have you ever thought about living in a cubic world? I don't want to live in a cubic world. I want to go around the world with my husband but I can't. Because you cubes killed it, so how about EG from Deedon World, a mathematically perfect combination of sphere and cube, speaking of peace, peace, Mr.
President, can you hear me? I'll unmute his cube. Did he just say peace? He's saying let's combine. our circular and square worlds C I'm sorry, I wasn't very good at math We'll give you a gift of life jelly A life jelly for peace Can I choose whose life jelly it is? What is he important or is important? Damn American, you can choose Life Jelly, my husband came back, no he's not a bomber, no you could do a birth. I love my husband, no, Sten H. Mom died for the right reasons, but her husband you didn't bring back the person you love, that's what it is to be human love love has no form love has no dimension the Love has no limits and if you can reach it you grab it with both hands and never let go, why would you raise your hands?
That is offensive. You blew off my legs, okay, maybe there's enough life jelly for you too to get your legs back like I have them back, no you didn't, it will be a choice that has been made. I turn into jelly, the jelly turns into your human. man, oh my god, man, oh my god, I'm inside the mysterious cube, I'm being, thank you

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