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Ancient Aliens: Inside Area 51's UFO Secrets

May 27, 2024
yaka flat Nevada May 19, 1953 at 5:05 a.m. one of a series of nuclear tests codenamed Umbrella called knole result is triggered seconds after the explosion, a disk-shaped object is seen descending rapidly from the sky heading south toward Las Vegas Then, it disappeared into the mountains alone 2 days after this event. Government officials secretly assembled a team of scientists for a curious task: investigating the crash of an unidentified flying object outside Kingman, Arizona, a city 175 miles south of the nuclear test. There were 40 engineers on site who boarded a bus and took a long three and a half hour trip from Phoenix to Kingman when they got there, it was night, there were MPS in every corner of the ship, it is a ship shaped like a 40 foot diameter dish that was perfectly intact, there was not a scratch, there were four beings associated with this ship and they sent it to prepare the lake Groom Lake is the region of


51 in Nevada, when Area 51 was just the basics , they took the ship and the


to it. location in the middle of the Nevada desert because it was so remote and surrounding that they built Area 51 hidden within a ring of mountains deep in the Nevada desert.
ancient aliens inside area 51 s ufo secrets
Area 51 is a top-secret military facility that has long been rumored to contain evidence of extraterrestrial technology. and there are even stories that a special facility at Area 51 once held a survivor of the Kingman UFO crash in 1953. An alien entity known as jrod jrod is an alien who supposedly worked at Area 51 over a period of years and It was jrod's mission or duty. to help reverse engineer technology apparently coming from the 1953 King UFO crash, jrod was one of the survivors of the crash and worked directly with our own government. Captain Bill U house, a former Navy pilot who later worked for the US Air Force conducting experimental tests on aircraft.
ancient aliens inside area 51 s ufo secrets

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ancient aliens inside area 51 s ufo secrets...

He was assigned to Area 51 in the mid-1960s and claims that he not only studied the ship that supposedly crashed at Kingman ER Arizona, but also had direct contact with jrod. We had a long introductory period to meet alien and I called him jrod, that's right. the name the linguist gave him and he talked, he talked, but it sounded like you talked, it would sound like you, you know, he, he's like one of you, a parrot, you know, but he would try. and answer his question, he knows it was basically just engineering advice or scientific advice.
ancient aliens inside area 51 s ufo secrets
There's also another whistleblower named Dan Beish and Dan Beish said that he was hired as a microbiologist to basically take care of Jrod, making sure that he stayed healthy and this was it. For years and years and years, according to Dan Beish and Bill U, the jrod house was housed in a special underground chamber at Area 51 and there have been many other accounts of


working with the United States government. There are many stories that we have worked with the aliens at Area 51 or, some say, at a nearby base in the desert and we have been working with them in underground laboratories and they have been sharing information for us to improve our technologies.
ancient aliens inside area 51 s ufo secrets
The United States government has met and worked with entities like Jron and other extraterrestrial visitors since at least the 1950s. According to UFO researchers, there is evidence that the aliens have not only been held in secret military bases but even They have met face to face with the commander. boss inside the walls of the Pentagon One of the most detailed accounts of a presidential close encounter is the story of a visitor from another world named Valiant Thor. The story of the brave Thor comes from a gentleman named Frank Stranges, who is a chaplain and apparently had a top secret clearance, as the story goes, in 1957 a UFO landed in Virginia, very close to Washington DC, police officers were called to the place and a human-looking gentleman came out who wanted to visit the then President Eisenhower, they took him directly to the Pentagon and took him away. able to arrange a meeting with President Eisenhower, in this meeting he basically stated that he was very concerned about our use of nuclear weapons, just as another country would send an ambassador to the United States; the theory was that Valiant Thor was the United States ambassador. extraterrestrials and occasionally advised President Eisenhower and the US government on political issues.
This idea that an actual physical extraterrestrial visitor could be influencing the course of the world is one possibility. I'm sure there are envoys who do the same. not just on one planet but entire planetary systems Burbank California June 1943 In the midst of World War II, the government pressures Lock Heat Aircraft Corporation to develop the next generation of military aircraft, fighter aircraft designed to flank propeller planes and help change course. of War a team led by Lockheed engineer Clarence Kelly Johnson delivers first production model in just 143 days his shooting star p80 starts H jet for US military Kelly Johnson's secret research and development team is finally known as Skunk Works Clarence Kelly Johnson was the first head of Lockheed's Skunk Works division back in the 1950s and 1960s until 1975, he is the developer of the U spy plane that was capable of flying to the incredible altitude of 80,000 feet equipped with photographic capabilities that were astonishing and is a great legend in the aviation community for sure despite his conventional credentials Johnson becomes the main witness of a now famous UFO sighting in a California gure on December 16, 1953.
His report of the encounter and his personal sketches of The Craft were preserved by Project Blue Book, the US government's official account of the phenomenon. U at the time was with some of his colleagues at the time he saw a very, very unusual object that did not Johnson risked his career by reporting the sighting to his superiors, but instead of being penalized or demoted, Johnson is apparently rewarded 2 years later. , when he plays a fundamental role in the founding of the most secret military base in the United States in


51. Kelly Johnson was the person who identified the location. where Area 51 is a good strategic location, it is fundamentally located in the right part of the world without prying eyes, but was Area 51 founded simply to test experimental aircraft as the military insists or did Kelly Johnson choose the location as the best place to reverse? engineer of the alien spacecraft he thought he had seen with his own eyes Rachel Nevada March 17, 2018 just outside the perimeter of Area 51 Georgio Sucos meets with researcher Wolf McCaran and mining expert Christian G.
No, they are here to Investigate rumors of a supposed network of tunnels found beneath Area 51. This is amazing, isn't it? Wolf and Christian believe this location. The tenute mine is one of several old Nevada mines that have been used to expand operations in Area 51 at great depth. I'm a miner about 100k north of the Area. 51 here and have been mining there since 1992. I also own a mine in Goldfield so I'm just an Abbot Miner. You know, I'm looking for this. What can you tell us about Area 51? What Area 51 looks like in Google Images That was in the 50's, 60's and 7 since then, they have sunk, everything they do is underground and what evidence have you found as a miner that corroborates your idea?
People wonder if they are going down, where is all the land? okay let's go to these nearby mines and they're putting it in huge mountains and they're heap leaching it by the time they're done Heap leaching on a huge mountain, now it comes down to nothing for the uninitiated, what does heap leaching mean? Do they pile up the ore in a big mountain hundreds of feet high and run hoses through it like every 2 feet and absorb mercury and cyanide and what that does is take rocks this size and actually just bring them in? Actually, yes, is the government using heat absorption within the Tempu mine to hide the enormous amounts of earth being removed in the course of its excavation operations, but if so, how is the government able to carry out such a huge operation without attracting the attention of the government?
Be suspicious of the local miners, these mines around here have gold, silver and lead, so any mine would be more than happy to accept the o and it's like hush money. I have witnessed this silencing and dealt with it a lot. than silencing the base of the Area 51 tunnels, okay, it's self explanatory that the reason people would go underground is if there are experiments where there is no interference or there is less interference, exactly yes , has the US military been? expanding their operations at Area 51 not outward but downward to keep their top-secret work even more secret than before.
My own belief, based on a lot of good research, is that there most likely exists a large, I would say even a vast, network of interconnected networks. underground bases and tunnels that exist, they originally started doing it just to protect against an atomic attack that could have come from the Soviet Union and secure underground facilities are needed, well they took it and just ran with it, there are those who believe that The underground operations that taking place at Area 51 are just the tip of a huge iceberg. It is just one of many secret government facilities, each of which is connected to each other by a vast network of high-speed subways and the subway system is said to be centered around Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs.
This is a mountain that has been excavated by the US military, it is NORAD Central Command and they go from Shyan Mountain in Colorado Springs to Douce New Mexico which is said to have an underground alien base and then goes to Los . Alamos in New Mexico, then Albuquerque, Roswell and Area 51 in Nevada, all of these military bases are essentially connected by a secret underground metro system Beal Air Force Base 1967 US Air Force Capt. David Freehoff, joins an elite group of pilots who fly the most sophisticated spy plane aircraft, the SR71. I was an SR71 pilot for 4 and a half years.
In terms of aircraft performance, it was an hour coast to coast. It would warp your mind with that kind of performance and you felt very proud to be able to. We had the opportunity to fly that plane and be part of that unit and those people who were family. No one is surprised when the military assigns an elite pilot to duty at America's most secret Air Force Base. I worked at Area 51. For 6 years, from 1979 to 1985, you had to have a special clearance, a top secret SBI special background investigation. Luckily, I got it while flying the SR, so it was an easy transition for me to go from the SR71 and my clearances and everything.
Freehoff traveled to Area 51 along with his colleagues every day from Aaren Airport in Las Vegas to Area 51 using a mysterious government airline called Janet Airlines. One of the great stories about Area 51 comes from engineer T D Bornes. This is what he said if there were UFOs being reverse engineered at this base. I wouldn't know because you flew on a Janet Airlines and the windows were blacked out so you didn't know where you were going. However, I noticed that on their daily trips a select group of scientists and military personnel also boarded the Janet 737 in Las Vegas when the plane landed at Area 51.
This group boarded a bus and headed to an even more secret facility. . Cod called site 4 or S4. When I was there, we knew about S4, but we didn't do it. I don't know what they did, all we knew is that there were certain people who got on the 737 in the morning and we got to Area 51, they took it and went in a different direction on a bus and then we continued north going up. toward the hangars, Freehoff never knew exactly what was happening at Site 4 during his stay at Area 51, but when he heard Bob Lazar's story years later, he discovered that Lazzar's description of flying to Area 51 on a Janet 737 and traveling to S4 rang true in every detail when I heard Bob Lazar describe how to get on the 737 and fly to Area 51 and get off and go through the terminal and go to S4 and everything he talked about and the way he phrased it, it seemed to me Entirely credible, critics maintain that no Eyewitnesses have ever come forward to confirm that Lazar worked at Area 51, much less fit, but free of claims.
Otherwise, I know people who had worked for me who after I left there had seen Bob Lazar there and admitted it to me recently. that criticism of him increased because he obviously did not want it to be known that, in fact, there were UFOs in our possession and that he was revealing to our enemies an ability that, in fact, we were technologiesaliens.

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