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Amazing Pets Who Saved Their Owners' Lives

Feb 27, 2020
Did you know that dogs can do the Heimlich maneuver? Let's talk about that mythical good day, as many of you know. I needed to see something cute in the middle of my death, right? I would say that Jade is probably in a similar situation. things heroic efforts to save the




human masters time for heartbreaking stories of a positively perfect ex okay let's start with Carrie the horse in 2014 Carolin horse a dairy farmer Fiona Boyd was doing her thing late on dairy had to separate to a newborn calf from its mother because apparently all calves are sent to a boarding school that's not sad the mum didn't take kindly to this so she headbutted Fiona to the ground pinning her against the crush of her kalka. a any minute start yelling for help there ain't nobody around except lead the horse so gary do cooroo cooroo cooroo eli rode a horse hours down he gallops out and starts kicking the shit out of this cow till the count room back off sure she made exactly that noise and she's leaving now so Carrie came to the rescue now this makes a lot of sense when you see this picture of Carrie she was apparently three times the size of a tree but you know what Fiona was a giant too so she needed a giant horse and it all makes sense when you see the picture of the cow which as you can see is about 30 times the size of a normal cat yeah look at that cow on the left oh they are all giant so they all came together and figured things out and then Carrie was rewarded with extra apples and carrots which I'm sure were also jumbo sized I'm the cash cow of the team on this separate from mom I don't know let's not get into that at least I love milk Zoe the chihuahua is also a hero you can have I heard about 2007 in Masonville Colorado a Monty Long was in his backyard with his one year old grandson Booker who of course he loved we know he loved to play in the birdbath, oh yeah Booker in the birdbath. the bird probably isn't the main scene, yeah ok i think you're right but this could make for a great singer.
amazing pets who saved their owners lives
Booker is in the bird bath. Suddenly, a rattlesnake appears and attacks, but then out of nowhere a chihuahua named Zoe flies up and intercepts the bite. from the rattlesnake say ok i thought you were going to quit i thought you were going to clap then this is your cuticle so i'm so proud of the truth that's right Zoe went in front of the kid and took a bite right on her forehead , the chihuahua swelled up to the size of a grapefruit in the head region ok now I don't have a picture of Zoe but I do have a picture of a chihuahua and a grapefruit do the math oh there's a lot of math involved ,okay 2013 all lengths Pho toshop Knoll 78 year old born he was also doing a birdbath farm job he's okay with a cow and damn cows bad cause he knocked down Knoll and broke his hip, falls into a big pile of cow manure oh oh and he can't get up that's an insult to injury but good thing his goat man D and his dog Mandy yeah they're both called Mandy, if it ain't broke they were there to spend the night with him multiple nights so anyway two is stuck. in a dung heap and the dog snuggles next to him Mandy to get warm and then Mandy feeds the goat milk Malka dog laughs sucked on what he actually said he had a cup well he said he had a gun nursed the goat for five days, what looks like some kind of spa package to me, like goat milk and dog bun or dog bile package.
amazing pets who saved their owners lives

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amazing pets who saved their owners lives...

I'm saving some pride pay for that if it's in Australia. I would love to go to Australia anyway afterwards. five days he's going to dump the manure on you folks go back to Australia and I don't Since you can't see he calls an ambulance and says he's now recovering from the incident but claims this goat milk Mandy's milk is the elixir of life. five days your brain is really working to try to say I'm Emma well I'm a grower man that's what happened in 2014 in Bakersfield California Erika Treant if I didn't say I was watering the plants in her front yard while her four-year-old son was playing on his trike in the driveway, evidently Erika got a lot done with the surveillance cameras because she has like three of them in her house and she captured this


rescue video from all the angles and then edited together this epic montage of a Cat Rescue check it out sorry creepy creepy music oh yeah you know something's gonna happen maybe when all that dingo now it's just a friendly dog ​​it's like a friendly dog ​​but it's on the move ok, ok, but no one comes close no no no no no no what what what yes yes that's the cat Tara who belongs to the terror Tara Tara t-ara and then she makes sure that her son is okay didn't she know that No?
amazing pets who saved their owners lives
She just runs them off she waits she didn't make sure the kids came over Tara stayed with the son to make sure the Sun was okay the cats with them is a pretty bad cat um excellent editing on that video and great job Tara is fine 2007 Calvert Maryland Debbie Parkhurst I was home alone eating an apple I mean this happens to me every day home alone I had an apple and I call it red my hey what are you doing in an apple again I thought Andy a piece of apple anyway it gets stuck in her windpipe and then she's home alone so she starts trying to Heimlich herself by going to a chair and getting against it that worked so she starts beating her chest which is great for intimidation but not to save herself now that she's drowning she should hit her stomach but she did get the attention of Toby her dog a two year old boy -The old golden retriever approaching her starts to perform the Heim lich but not really normal she's kind of a doggy style Heimlich yeah which is fine with the Richard Vox witches coming and punching you on the shoulder of her and knocking you down again. consists of getting on top of you and hitting you in the diaphragm.
amazing pets who saved their owners lives
This is the smartest kicking dog I've ever heard of and jumping on her until an apple pops out and of course because she's a dog she ate the apple, no report. I guess she licked his face again because he's a dog, she was home alone so people suspected that maybe she was making it up, but the dog corroborated all the details. Apple Breath 1998 Joanne Altman was resting in her vacation trailer home on Presque Isle, Pennsylvania, when she had a heart attack and collapsed, but luckily she had a huge pot-bellied pig named Lulu. End of story. I don't know outside into the traffic lies down on the road starts trying to stop the traffic no one will stop the cars it's like going around this potbellied pig was a big giver then goes back inside checks on his owner gets back out does it does it again until finally a biker pulls up and says hey your pig is in trouble and you know a biker a motor biker a biker a biker yeah hey your pig is in trouble she's like I'm in trouble and then they call Emma Lance and Lulu


the day Andrea you're smart you got a jelly donut on this okay I always knew I always knew you know a smart point for you right?
You always knew pigs were smart, okay 2010 Anchorage Alaska Ben Heinrichs is in his garage working on his car when a spark hits some gasoline and immediately catches him and his garage on fire, but of course he's in Alaska , it just comes out, stops, falls and rolls in the snow, ok, it shuts off, but we have a problem. the house is still on fire so k go back in the house to get Buddy the dog out and also to call 9-1-1 as soon as he opens the door but he just walked out of there we got the house on fire and now private Terence shanigan stay soldier he's answered the call so he's coming out make sure my little mischief is as it could have been he really messes it up if it's mischief though I think it's Janek alright so he's answering the call his GPS fails and now he's on these Alaskan backroads no sign and then he comes across this, check out the state trooper dash cam video, yeah go dude the dog, it's like Co, moose, it would become moose, he's not talking, let's be real, but and he starts running. and now the video goes on for a while but we cut it to show you basically going to every single turn he tells the trooper not to tell him he shows him every single turn until voila here we come to the burn can you believe this is your dog? to the burning house, sure it's the right place, though yeah, I'm pretty sure now, I don't know if this was a situation where a friend saw the stuff we were going to retrieve, oh, there's a being being hunted.
He knew exactly what was going on, but I like to believe that he's just like Lassie and was saving the day. one - Barbara Moser you can't give her a rawhide bone she'll die what really do look it up that's the hard part that dog id you want to celebrate the heroism of these dogs but you don't know if they get it like you can give them some extra love and a little bone but they get extra love a little bone or something sometimes that's all it takes Jaden Barbara i hope you're watching and i hope you're taking notes thanks for commenting and subscribing you know what time it is this is our ring and this is ginger and we are from new delhi india and these are dog biscuits and it's time to spin the wheel of myth some of you already know this but his murdered legs have a very special treat for him in good myth more but also don't forget to pick up your limited-edition let the Tigers tiger jersey available only for summer 2016 at internet support team at the rattling complex sal de roj store or for my birthday but now before Waffle House the musical here we go uh here we are I'm in the smoking section well but I can't smoke anymore because they changed the rules just give me a waffle man shut up you're singing you're an employee do your job you're talking to he give me a waffle man shut your mouth i don't want any babble from the man behind the counter says where he wants to smoke let him do what he wants men smoke while he's cranking wah-wah boy yeah huh you got a gu and miguel fit birthday 13 Burt I'm done I don't want any more children to be killed I did it to him hey calm me down because it's so cheap my insurance was a little screwed up at the time

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