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Alerta Máxima - Tras las Rejas | Capítulo 13 de octubre (Parte 1)

May 05, 2020
today on high alert behind bars two rival gangs face each other in a meeting to fight in the middle of the bad everything was about maintaining supremacy in this prison a group of inmates attacks mercilessly some nursing home must intervene to avoid an agreed outcome some inmates in a fight to distract the officials and thus carry out a massive escape we managed to find an interior tunnel idiot there is a really new fault for you you and I mean except that you have to leave the dependency and know why china is so distraught and all this and much more behind bars this season I have received the hard training of the special anti-riot group well also but today I would not be armed but I will be part of the gendarmerie team that lives day by day with the resources without carrying any fire on this occasion I am next to Major Flores, there are just a few minutes left until the oval opens and the internal security office informs us that in one of the cells on 9th Street drugs would be being sold precisely to have the surprise involved and be the cash.
alerta m xima   tras las rejas cap tulo 13 de octubre parte 1
They have to be done quickly, that is, you talk to the staff in cell 18, you enter, it's going to be done directly, you search the inmates who are in the place, it's a complete search, we thought that the drugs were going to be hidden in some way, but It was not within the reach of all beings to arrive and take it. You can make it a link to the outside due to the issue of drugs. The information provided by the internal security office is accurate. In addition, other types of prohibited elements were found and, most importantly, we were able to find those responsible. data, yes, not the evidence of the best is that I am in a song the entire event but this being the keyboard icon because in this raid cell phones and drugs were found in just two cells the inmates are transferred but first they must give explanations to the commander of what happened these last 18, everything is fine in the work, making the lecturer control the average procedure in a graphic way and accepting his responsibility is a great advance, but it won't be that you have nothing to lose since you are sentenced to life imprisonment for robbery with homicide and micro-trafficking, plus you have already spent half your life in prison for surprise robbery and robbery with drug intimidation in the Los Cedros branch of villains, the neighbor was there, I can't but he didn't have any drugs, as you already assumed his guilt there is no turning back so now you have to go straight to the internet guard my day in the oval is not over yet it is intimidating to see how many of the inmates are armed and ready to kill another inmate or even a gendarme, a large part of them They are sentenced to life imprisonment for homicide, drug trafficking or robbery with intimidation and although they are deprived of liberty they still continue to commit crimes.
alerta m xima   tras las rejas cap tulo 13 de octubre parte 1

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alerta m xima tras las rejas cap tulo 13 de octubre parte 1...

The Public Prosecutor's Office, in coordination with the gendarmerie, has been investigating for several months a telephone used to commit possible local fraud, taking taxation where there is An inmate on a cell phone had the photograph and we also knew which cell was inside this street, therefore it was a super specific search, relevant and latent. Once we got to the room we found the first suspect but when we compared him with the image we realized that does not correspond to the resource indicated by the prosecutor's office, at the back of the cell the alleged perpetrator of the scams was hiding.
alerta m xima   tras las rejas cap tulo 13 de octubre parte 1
We want the problem to study him, glory, allow me to doubt and let me remind you that I came here for murdering your 43-year-old mother-in-law who tried to defend her daughter while you hit her here the soccer and he tried to defend his daughter he was attacked by his partner this central station house first he threw his mother-in-law to the ground she was still unconscious then this guy took a revolver and shot the victim but apparently You found a new way of doing your thing, which is by defrauding people, in fact, if not, what from here is the same inmate who was identified and thanks to that it was managed to be taken out of circulation, he is more, that is, it seems to be simply one of the stringers. from the cabin back on the planet and inside the sector where this state man was located is specially designed for inmates with better behavior.
alerta m xima   tras las rejas cap tulo 13 de octubre parte 1
In addition, they are given tools so that they can take advantage of them by manufacturing various wooden articles, but this unscrupulous subject used all of these resources to be able to almost perfectly hide a cell phone and thus commit their scams, all the records were sent to the prosecutor's office to be included in the investigation as to Alexis Rojas Astorga, who was transferred to the isolation cells and lost all the benefits he had. If you are a victim of one of these calls, always remember to contact the supposedly affected person first of all, do not give any type of personal information or fences and lastly do not deliver material goods or make money transfers, as we have seen, resources always have many excuses to justify the use of cell phones inside the prison then they hate to call then design the phone no no anyway you never stop surprising us just like the owner of this cell phone that we found hidden in a double bottom inside his cell in prison enderica is with her facebook profile and with the facebook account open christmas but now that we know you virtually the time has come to see the iris in person it is true and slower in the challenge of settling this is a launcher is that too with something crazy and then there is to communicate the whole family in addition to the truth to call to have sex part 2 well instead of showing his Facebook profile we will see a criminal record Ricardo Antonio Toro Ahumada alias 'el tachuela is currently convicted of drug trafficking friend you will not be able to update a vast Facebook status but I tell you something now we will all know your location because you will spend 10 days inside the isolation cell former penitentiary of Santiago 11 in the morning as we well know the calm inside the oval does not exist for a moment to another, conflicts can happen, Major Gustavo Flórez receives an emergency call because apparently a problem had occurred while the resources from gallery 12 were transferred to the prison's medical center. try to write among the people who had the doctor this was warned by the official by the staff that the procedure was successful in removing this inmate from the line with all due respect even in that state the rest of the inmate is going to cause disorder under the inmate was contained It is true that he was referred to the good intern and then for his hiring of injuries and doing is part of the respective we have already talked to the shore and now what do you expect you come to be the same well yes 9th all the major reason and as for you if we review your criminal record Rodrigo Andrés Rojas Castro alias El Chesto, 36 years old, you are serving a sentence for robbery with intimidation and in the past you were also imprisoned for the same crime in addition to twice for surprise robbery and thefts.
You will be deprived of your liberty until 2017. Let's not say a crime, let's just say it was an expletive and it will be right, no to the disorder, the internal report is made and the visitation is punished, a visitor's suspension in this inmate has recently had several situations that go against the norm and against the regulation establishes between saying "I" some time ago, they even exist, he bit an official when he was transferred to the prison hospital in the previous case where there was an attack, there they already left the public ministry where they are making a new case and the public ministry that later Obtain now investigate and establish criminal responsibility against the offender.
We return to the Arica prison and Lieutenant Gutiérrez goes to support the special care unit because one of the inmates apparently broke a water supply pipe. The present revolution does not be shy that it is going to change now how ridiculous I think you are envious because this foreign inmate has brought out all the personality in the world and she is also very well known in this prison because she has already served several sentences for nothing and now because of the brokenness d no I I have a card for you but here inside I crochet I have a street not outside you don't have anything to lose they don't know that this one of the other advises everyone comfortable the pains and she should no longer decide on one anyway I hope that your suitors who are watching the program Do not be jealous, otherwise you will have to give more than one explanation for your extensive but loving record.
In the women's penitentiary center of Santiago, there is a sector designed so that inmates with very good behavior can carry out paid work, but regardless of how well they perform. These women can behave, they are not exempt from being searched for me, so the search must be thorough. At first glance, there is nothing suspicious in this place, but since it is a prison, most of the inmates often try to circumvent the gendarmerie rules. an English dictionary which must belong to a prisoner. Also, sorry, I must admit that I have seen this technique many times in movies, but inside the CPPF, we never found the life event here, a cellular device in a book and they had to tear up an English book.
They found the cell phone by making the holes, as you can see, they have plenty of time, little girls, but Lieutenant González, over the years, has sharpened her intelligent intuition. They have to find a way for us to have access, nor do we look for a way to find prohibited items, she will be wrong. responsible now to carry out the corresponding procedure the internal guard we are going to take the lieutenant who is in charge of the section so that the intern is referred to the section lieutenant martínez bring me the ingrid yes where the bags listen because in a public center the public telephones charge for minute 200 pesos minus five seconds 200 hundred 200 and in the end the money there are doubts with caleta behavior how long more than four years ingrid del carmen merino sotomayor at 28 years old is in this place for robbery with violence I hope you haven't gone to a library, I'm not going to tell myself how far I'm going as a low and good adult.
Maybe going from very good behavior to just good doesn't sound so terrible, but this inmate will automatically spend a week without being able to receive visitors, in addition to losing certain benefits such as For example, opting for a reduced sentence and for a month performing lower-paid work is prohibited because they can lead to bad cells, also where it has been known many times that from prison to make the same transactions with cell phones and this internal knows it. to have hidden a cell phone in this way and with that creativity is because she is more than clear that she was committing a mistake and if you believe that this woman went too far to be new to what to see, now you have plenty of imagination one of the most Popular for communicating today is WhatsApp.
Obviously, inmates who are prohibited from using cell phones should not do so. This is where the ingenuity in the Nica prison reaches unsuspected levels to the point of creating their own particular communication system by writing but If I don't see paper and pencil, I didn't get it right with the women with whom they have a closer relationship, which forces us to also learn in a certain way about how they communicate, which is complicated in reality by the same 47 that they change the word many times. the vain abbreviating they don't have all the time in the world and it shows no 7 i and nothing once now I understand how it works but why don't they teach me how to decipher the words they write and they learned that here that has its keys or students is happening but How was it congratulated on Snow's ingenuity and talent?
I prefer that this new means of communication does not just use it, much less say bad words to us. It is a complex date for the gendarmerie, a time when we all want to share with our loved ones and those who are confined. They dream and long for freedom when the law is not allowed and they saw a way to achieve it. This is what happened in the Quillota prison where, days before Christmas, whoever would lose detected the construction of a tunnel in the back of one of the parents stuck In the fence, the inmates hid an incipient engineering work.
They had dug a meter and a half deep, equal distance to the street, as captured in this recording inside the jury, and they had even kept the earth they were extracting in these bags made from their own clothes. As soon as we heard the news we immediately traveled to the fifth region and they have important information against 4 academy and an employee was doing something and we are seeing what its size is and how far they managed to get it down from their motive imagine an immediate raid let's go to mass From this moment on we will witness the raid on the inmates' cells, among them the ideologists of this number, taking out all the symptoms, the name of the ward, the people they had in their hands, that is, they will not evict the entire general population that He was in this pavilion now that another group of gendarmes is going to carry out a thorough review, a raid on each of the premises in search of any indication or any substance or element that is prohibited inside the prison, accompanied by fifty police officers. gendarmerie will unexpectedly enter the module in question happiness we entered the surprises that this huge spear tells me we just found began to appearOne of the typical spell weapons was with its team keeper, another longer one.
You can see that most of these spell weapons have a peculiarity that they are practically perfect. They do not swing, so that allows them to throw them on many occasions, but like a real javelin and they can hurt. another person at a distance another one carries three weapons in just a few minutes knives and more knives hidden in the most incredible places usually in this type of raids you have to search even inside the mattresses because here it seems that you can see that there is something in The interior is now going to crack and look what we found a cell phone that is one of the typical ones used in these very common telephone scams, surely in the inmate who was sleeping who had, so to speak, his parallel activity that text things here a Calita says a letter every moment does not say a candidate another cell phone they practically simulated the structure that you can see this fits perfectly successes lieutenant this is a DVD vasavely that forced him to review permission and they are state-of-the-art smartphone cell phones that perfectly allow them to be connected Outwardly, one of the most precious elements for the inmates are these small saws, generally installed on a piece of wood and thus they begin to scrape the metal cabins to extract the tips with which they will later confront the other inmates, usually in interprison language.
It is called getting sparks when all the inmates begin to sharpen this type of weapons. Their touches on the floor had been heard in recent times this noise and all the gendarmerie specialists will not be wrong. You can see the number of points that are absolutely deadly weapons. themselves a charger that can presumably be used for some cellular device. Every day the equipment is made in such a way as to be able to see at a glance what is happening and yet the time that no one has allows them to otherwise prepare daily at any time. type of elements prohibited by a positive always positive we know that they are arming themselves daily and it must be stopped as immediately as possible the inmates responsible for the tunnel were isolated from the rest of the prison population and the excavation was immediately sealed it was an identification of seven convicted inmates, of whom at this moment they are already being transferred to the Paraíso penitentiary complex, the security prison and also to the security canteen, the stir-fry, according to the investigation, these individuals were working for around four months secretly from the officials and the The rest of his teammates, from what you can see, he only had about 60 days left to play in this good place here in another part of your house, you can see these balls that inside have nothing less than the dirt that these guys are taking out. inside this tunnel that they were creating inside this prison, you can see there are a large amount, they have a large amount of earth and stone and they continue to arrive further back here, more stones, more earth than the product of this tunnel that was there.
Thank you very much that was building inside the Quillota prison, fortunately it was frustrated and today these same remains of stones and earth will be used to fill in this sector that is making a series of improvements for penitentiary establishments. Apparently these inmates did not want to wait until their job was fulfilled. sentence to meet with their families but precisely to prevent this situation the gendarmerie gives them the opportunity to be visited not internally it is not true to be able to receive their visit and serve them they have some spaces that they call a chamber in a wooden structure covered with fabric and there they serve to his family but they are not always used for this purpose so the shrimp has returned to his cell phone and sharp weapon we found this drug in this sky blue field like the Venegas plan 30 moment of return passed burning and bringing back the raids are done when They leave the module towards the visiting area in the gym and when they round calling bringing out and some cellular equipment, usually the officials already know the entire internal staff, they are Connery Sunday and they already know who the ones are who have problems or Those who can carry some item that is prohibited, the accusation of the knife brought consequences before inmates and their worst punishment will be not being able to see their husband. night and with this knife that plans to cook there is no other monkey but for you but there is nothing to see another blood brother of sight that the blood I expected this already on the shore ordered yesterday these are yours these are yours the fort other telephones would be Perfect, wait for me here, animals, but you don't know the yellow-haired project.
These inmates also know their sanctions well, which is why they accept without resistance their lack. They even know the procedure. They themselves take off belts, laces and any element that they can use to harm themselves, since Now they will have to go into isolation and what hurts them the most is that they will not be able to receive visitors for a few days. We have seen how in the different prisons of our country the inmates manage to communicate with each other. For example, and as a doctor, we saw a complicated method called WhatsApp with bottles and and in Rancagua the inmates of the maximum security cells used mirrors and spoke through small hatches.
On the other hand, in the La Serena prison they have a particular technique very similar to the one used by baseball players and both are prohibited by law. telephone this is the means of communication that the CPC inmate uses in La Sena to communicate between the other modules 30 are launched this is told in pigeons they have a piece of paper in case the inmates know what is valued it is already coming flying mine you are inmates They use the so-called pigeons to be able to contact a suitor but unfortunately that is not allowed even though there is an internal balance he released this method to find his better half d to arrive I want to ask you a favor if you did not authorize a visit with who will visit better not a child that I don't know and a very good friend but before meeting your special friend the lieutenant must review your behavior and it seems that you really want to see him because you have behaved very well and the gendarmerie has granted you authorization for the first time and if not Has he seen him?
I don't know him. How long have I known him? Well, speak up. Yes, I understand your nervousness. If I were you, I would be much worse. You don't know him physically, but since they came to contact, there was a presentation that I want you to answer and he could never get together and if he wins, but Since Yanina, you are married, it doesn't come from nationalizing me, yes, this is an illegal romance, it's a shame that your ex-partner is not the only one who is going to be angry, but the energy for you is for me, but you have your friend, I'm not around because in the house but the TV welcome he is 48 but we had it seems that you don't have the closest memory of your husband but now the time has come for you to meet your suitor if that is what he wants yesterday he also believes I think there is something I don't think I will tell him that nothing if you don't have to also plant in a visit we will know if Ricardo accepts his date with Giannina but first I want you to meet this inmate from the former penitentiary who also wants to request something from the officials but not exactly something loving compared to half the air Up to this point I still take a key because he wants in danger for you to be able to obtain your long-awaited freedom.
Unfortunately, I'm telling you something, the gendarmerie can no longer do anything to enter your sneakers because it is a gift that your wife will check for you and I doubt she has an exchange ticket. We now return to our friend Yanina who was eager to meet her suitor a little today. What do you feel for her? She has drawn up 10 and 5a because if the pitcher who wants some weight, if you have the mind as you imagine, I have been nervous a little, I don't think so. there is a repeated joke but still the nice moment is sure you already know you only have 15 minutes for your first date so petrochina I have always said the same way as always but yanina you saw that you should not judge people before meeting them I only regret to tell you that time It's over, so say goodbye to your prince charming and remember to maintain your excellent behavior so that you can have a next meeting and make sure that you are one more memory.
Now we travel to get rid of the screamer. The security cameras record how this inmate runs at full speed to the sector. of the suppliers of this yard, then in just seconds he returns to the field as quickly as he can. It is Bomba White. These types of individuals are true hitmen among the prison population. They receive orders to stab anyone at the cost of small payments. On the part of the leaders, suddenly other inmates begin to attack him brutally. Juan receives various kicks, punches and they even try to attack him with sticks and this is all that happens in less than a minute.
The gendarmerie managed to control the situation and transfer the injured to the Chillán hospital, luckily there were no fatalities. Lieutenant Francisco Arias knows that the surprise factor is essential when filling this place and taking advantage of the fact that those who do not have injuries after the fight are still in the patio of the east At the time of the event, they are not in the courtyard of the establishment, so take advantage of carrying out the procedure with the indicated personnel to try to find prohibited items in this facility. search again and again they constantly replenish prohibited items a prodigal item is found contact us to search it the raid pattern if not I don't know I can't responsible for the responsible sector is in the hallway taking the new york it's okay because it's supposed that a adapted table knife with point and edge at first glance we may think that it is harmless but it has two characteristics desired by the inmates due to its size it can be easily hidden and also since it has been sharpened in the wrong hands such as those of Bomba Juan it could be It does not have a deadly weapon.
Yes, I would like at this moment to show who is responsible for these cell phones. It would be practically impossible for me not to mention it since it does not have the corresponding yes. The training continues and there are more findings, the lieutenant areas even though he has reviewed this quality. on countless occasions he usually finds prohibited elements inside it the famous staircase where we normally find the object the internal a battery we go in the shot take out everything we can apart from being normally like this and the officer is correct I observed this image in slow motion and You will see how literally jumping to cell phone chips hidden in the edge of this sock ah yes the world no no no but I love it without thinking about the edge of cancer and they have arrived against the bund but if they are all once the procedure is finished the gendarmerie has already identified to those responsible for most of the prohibited elements but they still don't know who owns the cell phone inside the black jacket I have to deal with workshops who live in that cart play on the sector ah since the last desert defeat I already need the person responsible for the phone that is against new houses to you some responsible the phone is arriving yes i how 4 already a phone of were in a day inside the walls and remember outside the cart there is such since it is responsible no longer this inmate was awarded the ownership of the phone however the officials know that he only did it to protect the leader of his dormitory the backpack passes phone but this and but when we were training they told me our house is the ones outside the square the lieutenant areas will test this inmate and will ask him which cell phone belongs to him without a doubt be responsible for one of the cell phones that we found and I will show you only which one is that fly the blue one with responsible power the phone without a chip unfortunately we could say that the jail works like a prison chain There are leaders and those who serve them, that is, true links.
All of this is reflected, from claiming responsibility for a cell phone or even to the limit of attacking another subject as Bomba Juan did. These inmates took the blame to cover up other inmates of higher hierarchy, the complete opposite of this guy who invents a story and maybe not even the cement, then someone who is very close to us, the way they tell us the facts sounds very unbelievable or you are really trying to convince the elder that while playing tennis a ball hit you in the eye and now every time 70 sounds suspicious again with its online test version it says you inflate yourself with climatic flame mathematics and I'm sure I think you forgot that there are security cameras next to the site of the event and we also saw the exact moment when other resources approached you and as they say in popular slang they bore you like right in the eye he says they hit him there today I don't insist I know how to lie to us if not even Marcelo Chino Ríos himself had such bad luck in all his years of career to be hit by a ball I hope Sincerely, I have solved problems and that your eye injury has healed, but unlike you, there is an inmate in La Serena prison who is ashamed to admit that she was a victim of one of her companions.
What's wrong with your selected eye? They let us look. up looking at what happened to you there now in those games you have hello but we are playing lieutenant you don't have to server yesWe have the same, I'm not leaving now, yes, with my eyes, Natalia, if I have nothing, if a mouse learns, a legal storage room, since I have to wait for the doctor, good girl, she won't be your supposed friend. Thank you, less quickly, if it's nothing serious, stay when explaining to the man. I I think you are not the only one to clean the wound for the calm mind Natalia let the health personnel do their job or the water without confusion without anything thank you but fortunately it was nothing serious so I hope she returns calmly to your patio avoid that type of games and don't even think about taking revenge on your friend for money at 11 in the morning during the raids we always find cell phones stories but in the last one you find drugs however sometimes different formats of marijuana come and in the middle of the desert well at the It seems like the drug plus the artisanal chicha had effects.
You are an intern in six hours to separate why that's me for robbery with violence taking chairs. There are seven months left to go, a shot of 96 to your friends. Let's hope that in the isolation cell the effects wear off. of whatever you consumed were brought to hire lessons where they are left with the custody staff and we direct them to 9 between the unit to take the procedure or administration enter function that adjusting the two to then be returned to their modules before rich and not I like it the most behind bars these two inmates face each other in a violent fight to the death.
In addition, two rival gangs will fight until they claim the life of one of the opal Yanina's supplies, why are you crying, maybe they broke your heart

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