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Airsoft Gmod Murder - Office Rampage

Feb 27, 2020
Alright guys tonight we're going to play


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we'll give it to you yeah it's the last thing we want to do with our night but the guys wanted you to play you have to. Jake and they ran out of Portage or joined us today for a total of 6 men, so the way this game works is that everyone will be armed with a spring pistol and a rubber knife. We are going to pass cards, one of the cards is red. The card is the only person in that game who can use his knife in the same way.
airsoft gmod murder   office rampage
There is a card that I think will have as a joker card. That person will secretly be the detective. He will have access to his gun from the beginning of this game. otherwise you have to go around the map and find orange bands and once you collect five orange bands and show them to your GoPro, you can also have access to your post if you are the detective and shoot someone who isn't. the killer goes blind immediately. You close your eyes and drop the gun. You can keep walking blindly, but you're blind for a minute. How do you know if he's not the killer?
airsoft gmod murder   office rampage

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airsoft gmod murder office rampage...

The game doesn't matter. They have not heard. The guy will be like what the heck dude, yeah there's six cards here, five of them are black cards, one of them is Joker, the Joker is the gun guy, yeah there's a red card, that guy is the killer, So since everyone thinks I'm like seeding the deck, why not? don't shuffle, pass them, okay, you want to pick the killer card, um, those were my magic tricks. murder, put your thumb down, detective, put your thumb up, detective, put your thumb down, all right hands in ISIL, felt Sam lift two rocks, like he heard it, you can hear the thumb when you hear the thumb make juice, just nobody, hey, there are hallways like this.
airsoft gmod murder   office rampage
It's hard not to be cornered in this always rolling place, yeah, okay girl, backyard, you know the burger could come back and kill me right away and that's where they got away from me, Ren, get the hell away from me, buddy, are you outside? No I just closed the door uh I think Nico just took all the bans in here I don't know how many there were in here you said there were four in each I only saw him take two oh wait I see one oh I'm not trying I'm trying to work on he's working in that, they said, I know why it's not open, it's only four and six, uh, yeah, can the killer mention this to take Vance?
airsoft gmod murder   office rampage
Literally I mean anyone I'm ant dude there's got to be someone here who got lost he's gone in two seconds I'm going to because I backed up your numbers he was trying to get in there to get a van. I'm going to get all the gangs out of here. I can't find anything you do. You literally took them all. doing ah ha ha ha sam and sam sam i gotta go see santa i got your back oh oh i guess i'm done alright whatever alright that's game what's that game ah who's the killer i guess i was on the killer it was really awkward yeah you were yeah i guess you were oh those are always tough so basically every game will end with the killer getting shot or right next to the hawaii but unless be really good at just playing a couple games to get the footage unless the killer catches the detective first yeah with his pessimism i mean i think if it was a murder he would have waited until there was a more opportune time instead of just running and killing Rent and having him die in a hallway. what he saw clearly deep down so dont be like i feel like wheels your man cause somebody got more than three last time you guys are thinking its hard enough for the broug residency yeah i guess you're right I'm going to get my man's hands head down eyes closed order up and our thumb murder thumb down the guy with the gun thumb up okay my lawyer stuff then he said eyes okay that's good just a heads up los games in real life don't work exactly the same as video game versions so you can restrict recreate the game perfectly the game is more adaptable to make sure it works and is the most fun don't stress it's not exactly like the game every time you get cornered oh my god getting cornered is the worst thing you can do run away i rent you better not be the killer just put these guys - justice haidee yes you are the killer no i am not the murderer is you the murder there is no plea If one of us dies, one of us is the murderer.
Wait, who's dead? No, no, no, no, no, hey, Sam. here now ok um soon Banzi a hide back here back off how you worried m Go and look I just don't have my gun I shouldn't have my gun no gangs here either Dee you clearly the killer all I'm gonna to do is with you on a Murder I would have murdered you both now buddy you wouldn't be born you know you once used here wait can I trust you two? Man here, there's a fair trade in your whip. Sorry, you can trust me. Brandon in the back so he's going to die ours J we're done we're doing you're your murder ah the wait around the corner is the most you'll see I've ever seen you're like I'm totally the killer very Miranda because Brandon was the only one back there and I killed Wren right next to him, jonna Bremen, I turned around lit his poker in the corner only to see Wren's body on the ground and I'm like I heard like the Wacken, there's like my head i'm like murders more than five feet in here yeah the last thing you'd be here before you die is yeah mate i was shaking a little bit so my chimera come in here i just got cheese my plan to framing Brennan was thwarted by Dean Fisher mission our fame no comedian has us all defenseless alright head down eyes closed killer thumbs up murder thumbs down gun thumbs up gun thumbs down thumbs down im available sanitizer Tante let's split huh the way Sam calms down Brandon he's a little nervous I'm in the room before anything else if I die red plum I'll fix it first wait wait wait calm down Jiminy Cricket okay look , that's more racist, that's ha ha ha, you come in. this back room stay away from me Ren hua yo it's alright whatever I'm going friends acting so shady Ren is acting super cheese I'm just getting that band, man I'm just getting that band was a banner, everybody meet, What if Nikko kills? me who i can trust who i can trust there is literally nothing back there.
You can definitely trust me. I know I can't trust you by the way your smile, dude, is so grim right now. Yeah, are you scaring my man? here no go all the way ok kick kick kick ooh shady Jake hey red come here and I'll do it it's definitely red my judgment man I pretend you're on trial being shady isnt against the law huh i have the right to be shady in murder city its not hate killing we need a gun so we can shoot ren yeah who has a gun? I'm going to look for more text messages, I don't know.
I mean, I haven't found any to see, see friends have to get more tapping. I just heard a sound there. I know they made noises. I don't see any band here. don't make it so we don't get away from me I won't come near you don't go up I won't do what's right so Jake and Ren back there yes or neither of them die who knows the other yeah Oh imagine Ray acting very mysterious. I have five bands or in my hand. Oh revs. I can navigate. He knows you to buy anything. I'm going to walk well, guys, right?
It's to undress me one morning, okay, Niko comes back up. I'm going with you. White, red, it wasn't murder. I don't read, you can react, so make it harder, you made it much easier for me to trust the brain and I change your job. you heard you and how you like to move yeah i was close as close to murders i got a park yeah see i got easy murder murder being fiction i got the two young men there jake business shots, yes, another perk, lemonade, rounded time, guys hands. head down eyes closed murder thumbs up murder thumbs down gun guy thumbs up gun g thumbs down hands down eyes open break it up break it up break it up whatever that means man that was intense ok oh wait I was ready I was ready you got a fine I'm not cheeky do it D did you know that I hope you did, you know, I really hope this guy bites the dust.
Oh, Brenda acted like he was the killer, yeah, like Rena, acting like he was like, oh yeah, I'm like he was killed, so we all came here and him immediately to kill. both yeah he crashed into my balls once all this was over wait it's y'all killed y'all think oh you got Brandon Jacobs sam yeah oh wow man murder wins yeah yeah Well, I was the murderer. The reason we cut it to you is because I thought we were both chasing more labels, oh

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