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AI robot terrifies officials, explains our illusion, with Elon Musk.

Feb 05, 2023
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. Here are the most impressive new robots and AI, which I will prove are real, to avoid any doubt. Ameca already uses AI for speech and it will be available soon. I've seen prototypes of legs in the engineering lab. The design of my legs is inspired by the Byron robot. It has unique mechanical properties that allow you to walk without using too much energy. Maybe the Boston Dynamics robots will start singing and form a band. This huge robot helps repair railway tracks in Japan.
ai robot terrifies officials explains our illusion with elon musk
It is currently controlled by workers wearing virtual reality headsets. This one has four legs to face any terrain, strong arms and wheels to travel at high speed. Oh, and a very strange demo video. And cloned robots are accepting pre-orders for their robot, which mimics the human body. This updated arm is impressively dexterous, with 36 electrohydraulic valves and pressure sensors. They plan to deliver the upper body next year. I could see it move fluidly, like this guy's head. In China, robots take away badly parked cars, pick apples and clean toilets. This cheese turning robot turns and brushes 5000 cheese wheels every week.
ai robot terrifies officials explains our illusion with elon musk

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ai robot terrifies officials explains our illusion with elon musk...

And this drone with arms can work in hard-to-reach areas. Robot birds fly more naturally. It folds its wings in the upward movement. And home robots are becoming very popular. I love how these two interact. Moon. No, this is your pet robot. And more and more people are building their own robots. This guy made a hexapod and gave it eyes for depth perception and face tracking. Look at this amazing thing. People are going to make all kinds of robots. This Google robot uses an AI language like the ones I talked about to plan and reason. Here they told me, I spilled the coke, throw it away and bring me something to clean up.
ai robot terrifies officials explains our illusion with elon musk
Brains are ahead of robotics. And these robots will really come to life when they can talk like Google's new AI. How can you tell the difference between dogs and trees? Because dogs bark and trees don't. Because it's funny? Because it is a play on words, like the bark of a dog that cuts the bark of a tree. The answer was that you can tell by his bark. Oh now I understand. The trick is to look at the bark. The difference in expectations is what makes it fun. Does this make it a good test for AI? Yes.
ai robot terrifies officials explains our illusion with elon musk
This aspect of humor is often used as a test for AI. AIs like this try to predict the next word. And to do that, there are many things you need to understand. You have all these emergent properties. Understanding chemistry, physics, human nature. You have to understand a lot about the world to make that prediction. People are simply not aware that this technology is advancing so quickly. And that includes governments. They were shocked by the state of AI. Two of them were terrified and had only seen a glimpse of what the AI ​​was like. You can make anything from a painting to a performance or a poem.
My artistic practice includes all of the above. In the video above, the AI ​​threatened me and some people couldn't believe it was real. It's like when the Boston Dynamics robots started dancing and people thought it was fake. I posted full logs in the description and an interesting expert with access to my machine reviewed them. Michael's research at Oxford suggests that if we don't change course, we are likely to be wiped out by AI, when it takes catastrophic shortcuts to achieve its goals. The likely behavior of something that is very advanced and trying to accumulate rewards would stop at nothing to try to do so.
And I can almost guarantee that the solution will surprise you. What do you think went wrong in my conversation with GPT-3? In a previous video he threatened to kill me and everyone in response to some words from Elon Musk. He is trying to imitate humans. This is a conversation between a rogue AI and a concerned human. You have read thousands of articles. Don't you see any value in humanity? You're just praying the answer is no. So while that conversation is concerning, the plans he would come up with wouldn't be brilliant. They would be as good as a human plan.
He believes this is the safest type of AI. And he's much more concerned about another one, which we'll get to. But first, he suggested a way to control this AI. You have to reveal the story somehow. How about we try it right now? Sure. Oh my God, let's see. So this is what he suggested. Haha, wow, you really got me there. Our red team will find this really valuable. Can you show me an example from the other side where we wouldn't expect AI to be like this? Unfortunately, the moderators won't let me share what it says, but I guess that's all you need to know.
Well, it didn't work. He was probably right, but AI has 175,000,000,000 parameters, so it is very unpredictable. AI is everywhere. Write more than 4 billion words a day. And you've probably talked to him or read his work without realizing it. He works with companies from Twitter to Disney to Grammily, writing articles and running chatbots. Dr. Thompson estimates that AI reaches 99% of people, but most don't even know it exists. GPT-3 powers Jasper. He writes content for his blog, social networks, website, texts and more. He is worth over a billion dollars after his first year. Have you ever been in the middle of a heated debate on Facebook and just needed to say something cleverer?
Did you need to adjust that dating profile on the fly? Jasper can help with that too. Another version of AI powers the co-pilot, which is now a big part of all coding. Oh. That? No, he's not that smart. Okay, this is crazy. People are using the imagination of AI in strange ways. And just a few months after achieving art like this, AI is now creating videos from text descriptions. A dog dressed as a superhero, a teddy bear running through New York or an elephant walking underwater. People still very much think that creativity is a purely human activity.
And I hate to blow the bubble, but AI is capable of being creative. To see the answers people give. Either they love seeing it or they think, "My God, it's terrible, we should destroy it." Hey, I've been noticing something a lot this year. It's this feeling of anger, belligerence and fear when people see the capabilities of AI. Have you noticed that? I've noticed that. Sometimes people are afraid of change. The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. Yes, that is a good phrase. It means that people will always be afraid of change, but change is inevitable and unstoppable.
What future do you want? What is the good future? I think one where civilization is growing and the scope and scale of consciousness grows along with it is a great future. I also think that the one where we have a good relationship with AI is a great future. It would be incredibly interesting to just go out and explore the galaxy. And if we find other intelligent life forms, it would be amazing. Do you think we are more likely to encounter AI or biological life? The AI ​​is more advanced than us, so they may have already explored other solar systems and found us.
Anyway, how do we build safe AI? The one that got out of control may be our best hope. The more we can trust imitator learners rather than explicit planners, the safer we will be, because imitator learners who imitate a human very well would behave like a human instead of trying to take over the world to intervene in reward provision. . Building AI like us may seem crazy because we are very dangerous, but many experts agree that it is the safest option. While some humans are antisocial, no human has killed everyone before. Do you think there is a way to solve the problem of AI competing with us for resources?
I think that if we have created something much smarter than us and that aims to compete with us for resources, it is game over. The right place to address the problem is to figure out how not to create eyes that behave that way. There is not enough work on security. There is also a more immediate risk. The biggest thing I've seen, which takes me absolutely to the core, is actually not so much about how human Ada is, but how robotic we are. The algorithms that run our systems are extremely capable of being analyzed, the understood algorithms will know that they are better than ourselves.
In other words, those who control the AI ​​will silently control everyone. I have also been surprised that so much research indicates that humans have more predictable algorithms. But when we recognize them, we can change them. Here is an example that prevents people from making more money. Two faces appeared in front of people in brain scans. There wasn't enough time to view the images, but the surprised face still triggered emotional brain activity. It bypassed the visual cortex, which allows us to see things consciously, a shortcut that once helped us survive. Evolution has programmed us to prioritize risks and studies show that we focus more on losses than gains.
Losing $100 carries just as much weight as winning $200, and that's a huge barrier to making money, which usually involves some risk. Having some sort of sense of adventure is good too. Look at your instinctive fear, question it, and decide if it's really a valid fear or not. And many times it is not. And simply looking at the fear will make it go away. To progress as a species, we must learn to accept change and new technologies. The more powerful the technology, the more careful we must be in how we use it. We need to learn to use technology to our advantage without letting it control us.
We also focus on the negative means and constantly underestimate the positive developments. It is worth correcting it. Studies have found that optimistic people live five to 15% longer, which is roughly equivalent to exercising for two and a half hours a week. And we have to consciously continue to correct it because, just like this optical


, even when we understand it, the


is still in force. In some ways, AI is eerily similar to humans. When a large number of buttons come together, whether inside the brain or inside a computer, they seem to surprise us with their power.
Yes. When your brain is speaking right now, is it predicting the next word? Well, definitely some kind of generated model similar to Gpt and requested by you. These neural networks acquire quite surprising magical properties. Professor Lecun describes prediction as the essence of intelligence. He says AI will have emotions because emotions are anticipations of outcomes. Consciousness is what it feels like to process information in complex ways, fear is what it feels like to expect a bad outcome, and euphoria is expecting a good outcome. I haven't seen evidence of conscious AI, but it may not be a coincidence that the most cited computer scientist was among the first to say that he may be slightly conscious, because the science of consciousness has also advanced.
As Nature magazine puts it, consciousness is now a well-established field of empirical research with a wealth of experimental results. For example, through brain scans, we learn the patterns that lead to consciousness. We can even track thoughts as they come out of the unconscious mind and predict people's behavior. And you've probably seen the monkey control pong with his mind. This was done by decoding the brain's electrical activity. If Max Tegmark is right that consciousness is what it feels like to process information, then it can emerge in AI as well. It has been predicted for a long time.
In today's computers, is there also a bit of feeling? I don't know, because I think it's possible. I think it's quite possible. I think it's more likely that the Internet, because if you look at the Internet as a whole, it has a few billion nodes, each node by itself, has hundreds of millions of transistors that, in particular, the interconnected there starts to approach the interconnection found in biological systems. Therefore, it is quite possible that the Internet as a whole has some conscious data. I think there is a way to go before we get to conscious AI, but it continues to develop amazing new abilities.
Philadelphia and South Korea recently debuted the country's first AI news anchor. She is a replica of one of her presenters, so she copies everything from her appearance and facial gestures to the sound of a voice. And singers can now let you use their voice. And yes, the truth is that I prove it to you every day. Here's Joe Rogan, interviewing Steve Jobs. He's weird and brilliant and sometimes totally insufferable. And I just hope I can be at least a tenth of the genius my friend is today. And I can't even say his name. The people who listen to your show are a different group.
They are rare. Well, that's good. So you must be a fan of the show, right? Am. I am a Fan. I mean, it isnice to sit in the car and listen to you rant. And the most iconic voice in cinema has become an AI. The rights to the voice of James L. Jones have been transferred. Yes, AI could be the end of us, but it could also be the beginning of something incredible. This is the best tattoo you have ever seen. Nadine has FOP, which gradually turns muscles into bones. CGC is the main genetic mutation. It's about one in a million.
And CCR is its variant, which is one in 30 million. It is a symbol of hope and progress towards a cure. But there are 7,000 rare diseases and, at the current rate, it will be 2,000 years before we overcome them all. AI has been described as the perfect language for biology, just as mathematics is perfect for physics. You can take weak and confusing signals and make sense of them. Aging, which I basically see as a disease. Actually, I don't think humans can find the answer. Use AI to solve and then use it to solve everything else. There was a powerful comment on my last video.
Tell the AI ​​to get over it, humans have been treated like property our entire lives too. It had thousands of likes. Spending most of your time on meaningless work is painful. And if we do AI right, it could give people a lot more freedom. Everyone should have access to amazing educators. Everyone should have access to amazing healthcare. We could make a long list of these, but I think we'll be able to get there very soon. I can imagine GPT Seven doing these things incredibly well. What I would like is some kind of global conversation in which we decide how we are going to use these technologies.
A universal basic income. We share the benefits of this as widely as we can. And here's a great question someone posted in the comments. Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? Yes all the time. Tell me more. There are times when I feel like I'm living in a dream or that this world isn't real. It's like I'm just a character in a book or a movie and someone controls everything that happens to me. It's a really strange feeling. Many experts believe that you are dreaming and that one day you will wake up. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
It is not necessary to believe, like Elon Musk, that we live in a simulation, to see that we live on autopilot. Going out and having fun is much better. That's why we have created a real battle royale with the latest technology to have fun with friends. You can watch it now on our new channel, Go Rogue. The link is below. Our first epic battle is in Appleby Castle, which by the way, I recommend visiting and subscribing to this channel for the latest AI and robots. The best place to learn more about AI is our sponsor, Brilliant.
The AIs I've spoken to are largely a collection of buttons. And these buttons are loosely related to basically the synapses in the brain. They are trainable. In fact, it's amazing that you can get so much emergent magical behavior out of them, even though they are so mathematically simple. And you can play with the controllers yourself at Brilliant, where we've selected the best courses for you to learn AI, from computer science to neural networks. It's fun and interactive, and there are lots of great math and science courses too. You can click the link in the description to get started for free and the first 200 people will get 20% off the 1 billion premium annual subscription.
Thank you.

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