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After 1,514 days… I logged in!

Apr 24, 2024
It's been over four years since I


into this Fortnite account and today I'll be


in along with my wife's account, my brother's account, and other accounts I forgot about. I even had to see if you have any weird skins that I've almost completely forgotten that my first account needs a security code, so there's bound to be something good in it. This account is called real OMG it's Ali-A and for each of the accounts I'm about to log into today I don't. I know what I'm about to find, we're on Oh and look at these unlocks, we've got some free emotes, even some battle stars and v-bucks, but what is this real account?
after 1 514 days i logged in
Oh my god, it's Ali-A level one with fire. Renegade Raider if we go to the race and the profile, there are 56 victories, they have even lost a new Asian on the friends list and Vicstar. I must have used this account quite a bit, the real question is what will I find in the locker, literally without emoticons. a nasal phrase was applied, what about masks? Travis Travis, okay, that will make people jealous. Already the first account of some really strange masks. We have some more icon skins. We have Marvel masks. Star Wars masks. Midas is here. I have some gold on him, how did he get the gold?
after 1 514 days i logged in

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after 1 514 days i logged in...

I got all gold on this Galaxy account, okay, depending on how gold the real thing is, okay, it's not gold at all, so I can't have reached max rank that season. Some of the free Christmas skins are here and even the Recon Expert herself and of course the OG Allier skin we all know and love. Loki didn't expect to find an account with skins like this that are so sought after and it's just one of many accounts that I log into before I log out, this account still has almost 5000 V dollars so I feel like I should buy at least something to fill the box a little faster.
after 1 514 days i logged in
Enter my cone, of course. I know what this is really discounted. I'll pick them up, thanks and there's a new Locker package. That's all. They told me that account number two, hey, it's me. Alia, this account we have some free rewards. I love you. Apple has blocked your ability. To update Fortnite and iOS we have given you V dollars equivalent to the current balance of unspent v-bucks in the App Store. Holy cow, Apple almost stole $11,000 from me. It's funny considering I literally had a thief style skin added to my account let's see how many wins I have here zero wow so this account wasn't used much at all but it does have a skin it will be free from the Christmas update my controls have editing and confirmation on the Thumbsticks I must have played a little on this account only if one person had it, what will I find?
after 1 514 days i logged in
What free Star Wars skin, a Reno and the original Ali, a skin on my gliders? I got a win in season 9 and I have a few OG gliders and also a free glider, wait, wait, wait, dude, there's a cat, it's doubled my V Bucks. I have 22,500 V-bucks in this account, like a hundred dollars worth of V Bucks. Is there a way to take them? V dollars from this account and I will put them in my main account because I will probably never log into this account again and that is a lot of vbox. I know what I could do if I add this account as a friend to my main account and gift myself skins. every time something hits the item shop until all those v-bucks are gone it crashes I'm not, oh my god, I'm blocking myself from being added as a friend.
Now I'm logging into my brother's account, he doesn't know. I'm doing this and we're going to lay out how many wins and what skins he has while I log in. I just found an account associated with an email that is literally like I smashed my hands on the keyboard. I may have used it to record in the past or it could be a secret account full of weird stuff that I've completely forgotten about. We'll take a look at that next, but for now it's time to expose my brother. Simon I'm going to mess up your username because you'll probably get spammed with friend invites, not that you're on much, he had me add one of my accounts and someone else whose name I should probably blur too and I went in.
Seeing it, Ali asked what a big brother, thank you Simon, thank you, let's take a look at your profile. Four wins, 140 eliminations, 130 games played. Not the most impressive stats, but I'm pretty sure he earned one of those victories by literally hiding. a cabin for the entire game and then the last guy died from the total damage, we're talking five years ago, that's 300 V bucks. I'm not spending any of that. I'd feel bad if I did, but what about the locker he has? the old Oculus of his blood rapping Alia's full outfit his favorite color is green so I can see why he has the green accents there and it looks cool and where he has all his default dance wave and wrap emotes Alia in everything, oh it's like she has some OG backstory in season 5, she's played the most random season 4 pick, the most random season pick ever, but what about her skins?
His locker is stacked. Has my brother been hosting some ultra-rare Fortnite skins? Let's take a look. It's literally just me. You know how special I feel now, what a great brother, he would never contaminate his locker with other masks. I have to respect that, but what about an account whose email is literally me spamming the keyboard makes me think this account probably isn't real? Ali-A on Xbox is interesting, so if you didn't know, I sometimes made accounts for different platforms when I bought different consoles to basically get exclusive skins. In fact, one of the oldest accounts we logged into today was over four years old.
I guess I haven't touched my Nintendo Switch account because I was playing on PlayStation and also logged into the PC with that account. I created an Xbox account and a Switch account and this is the Xbox One. I can't lie, I completely forgot I had it. but it could contain some very expensive and very rare Xbox exclusive skins. It has a free packaging without spray. The final moments of season X. Damn, this account is old. I think every account I'm logged into has this classic lobby music. The first default skin that was set when I logged in.
I think there are no V Bucks for this account, as in the case of this account. Instead, you may have some victories. No, he doesn't have any victories. I don't think this is going to have anything to do with it. is dead, it's literally the most default account. A like is equivalent to a prayer for Ali-A or Xbox. It's time to log into my wife's account. I know this account has masks. If you're an OG viewer, you'll know this. Not only did my wife Claire and I play fortnite when it first came out in some extremely sweaty and intense Duos games, but I also gifted my wife Claire's account a lot of skins and then let her sit, open them, and see what I thought of they.
I don't want to make people jealous, but my wife's Fortnite account might have better skins than many of yours. We'll have to discover some free stuff again. I don't know how people get them or what I have to do to get them, but hey, free stuff, free stuff, let's see if this is the right account. He has one victory and 17 games played. I'm wondering if this is the same account I gifted the skins to or if it's Claire's second account that she wouldn't have known why she would have a second account for, but I feel like we definitely got more than one win together when we used to. play.
Let's take a look, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, this is, wow, just the Black Widow costume. You didn't know that this skin hasn't been in the item shop for over 1500


. He may never return to the game. We've found accounts here with legitimately rare skins. I'm going to have to ask Claire to come back to Fortnite if you guys want to see that, let me know in the comments. I bought us some masks that I thought I would hate like a spider skin and then some cuter angel masks. It also has real John Wick skin and many masks that were considered quite rare in the past, but many of these have returned to the item shop since we got our little whip.
I don't remember what she thought of this game when I bought it for her. It's creepy, but I think it's a really cool look. I swear I gifted her some skins that I never ended up opening, but there were no gifts on the account when I first logged in, so she must have seen them all and her. I think my favorite was the shiny bomber, a very respectable choice and I'm talking about, overall, a pretty full box of mainly female skins, to be fair, even the old objective-bound skins. I think these are potentially super rare as well.
I actually can't believe I have the original. Black Widow Skin when I gifted and bought these skins as Black Widow and Travis Scott, I had no idea that they would end up becoming rare, which leverages a final account to check this, like I said, is the Ali-A account on Switch and account that I use to play on Switch. I think I dropped some of my highest kill games with 20+ kills in one game and videos that got millions and millions of views, but I don't know what I'll find when I log in. In the account for the first time in four years, we are at the usual free rewards that we have obtained on some accounts and if we go back to the menu we can see the default Zero V Bucks Ali A skin on Switch.
I feel like I've had a lot of amazing surprises on a lot of these accounts during the recording of this video and I was blown away, it's been a lot of fun, let's take a look, two wins, only eight matches played and over 20 bombs dropped on the people you have this account. Zero friends, hasn't been touched in so many years, but what will I find? Am I about to find secrets and skins I never knew existed in my four-year-old account? No, it's completely empty, but this Fortnite account dropped about 20 bombs on people, even though it was four years ago, this was a lot of fun.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and click the screen here to watch an hour-long video of the funniest Fortnite moments from each chapter that will definitely bring you back. some memories so click on that video and see you there

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