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Mar 08, 2024
josh we just beat


2 nil in the first leg of the



quarter final although i might add but i'm excited about it come on no it's absolutely brilliant isn't it mate ? I was so nervous after the weekend and I'm so relieved and so happy now, that was brilliant right, so we lost five too, we don't want to do it anymore, don't talk about it, we lost the weekend, everyone was so nervous, You already know how we are going to respond. how we respond we play against a very good Porto team and obviously this is our channel.
advantage chelsea instant reaction to 2 0 champions league win over porto
Let's talk about Chelsea. Do you want to give Porto credit because they don't have their two biggest goal threats who are back for the second leg and us? I'll mention that, but Porter is a good team and, um, it certainly wasn't a comfortable tuner, right? something to expect, after the weekend, Porto had some chances in the first half, maybe a little more than half chances, but you know enough to keep us honest and focused and then obviously we got the breakthrough. No? I don't want to waste any more time. I want to talk about the goal because what a pass from Georginio and what a turn from Mason Mount and then follow up with that shot, honestly, I lost my


, mate, when that.
advantage chelsea instant reaction to 2 0 champions league win over porto

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advantage chelsea instant reaction to 2 0 champions league win over porto...

It just happened, it's one of the best things I've ever seen. I was very relieved to see him come in. Yeah, they just showed us that he's the top scorer since two great guys took over. Five goals so far. he's just a goal, as you say, the intelligence just to turn sort of a pivot there and the next thing you know he's in the box and in the shot you can see he's alluded to that, he's working on that side of the game and is actually paying. No, isn't it because it seems like someone is quite confident in front of goal?
advantage chelsea instant reaction to 2 0 champions league win over porto
No, definitely, I mean, it's what we've been asking for, don't you know? Since we started this channel he's obviously been brilliant this season and we've kind of talked about a couple of times that maybe the only thing he needs to add to his game is more goals, being more clinical in the final third and he's doing that, already You know, the goal of the weekend today, but like you said yourself then it was how we achieved that goal today I mean to show the kind of maturity and skill of a player beyond his years it was a fantastic turnaround it really was it was for me the words ended but honestly if we had gotten along well camera and my


to that goal was ridiculous, yes, the same here, the lady is not here, she is at work, so it felt strange running around celebrating alone, but it's what happened, great goal, yes, they told me to calm down. to say, although, um, the portal possibilities, we have to recognize them, um, I mean, it was strange, it wasn't a shot, but from a corner, Mandy had to react for a corner that was going in and there was a chance one to one.
advantage chelsea instant reaction to 2 0 champions league win over porto
I made a really good save, I don't remember who shot, they definitely had chances and we had to defend pretty well. I know we had more ball, but I thought when they had it they looked pretty dangerous, but we saw more. of Chelsea that we have seen in two calls where we look strong defensively, I want to say a couple of thanks before moving on to the second goal, which for me puts one foot in the semifinal. but rhys james tonight uh, he's a powerhouse, isn't he?, he was up for it, no, he is. um you know, we obviously knew the system that you would obviously play in, that's what we were looking for them to expect, uh, and I made an Instagram. post about essentially putting Hudson Odoi back, so I wondered if we'd potentially see him at right back, but now that Rhys James has come in he's done a great job, I mean he's really done it, you know, with the euros coming in now.
He really has a reason to fight, doesn't he? Know? It was just a brilliant performance on my part. He seemed so confident in everything he did tonight again. It was full of everyone, but it was really difficult for him to make much of an effort. Acting, just embody the players like there's one where his game sunk in the box, like you complain, only if he puts his body on you, you won't get there and, um, yeah, there'll be all these conversations about England. I know the whole discussion, all the right backs for me, I'm just enjoying it in a Chelsea shirt at the moment and the thing is there are parts of his game he can improve and his potential is huge, isn't it like he's been bright tonight?
That's what you were talking about about things you can improve and I've had this debate, you know the whole trend versus Reese James, it works, but you take a look at how young he is and it seems like he's getting better with you. I know he's brilliant at crossing the ball going forward, but he's also very good defensively and, like he said, if he crosses you, it doesn't really matter who you are, you'll get out of the way and give Rich James a chance. Ball, isn't it? It's exciting to see. I'm really excited about this kind of young core of players we're getting and they seem to be making leaps and bounds in both call-ups, which is just brilliant.
Look, yeah, I think he's going to get a better position season after season. Lee's position will improve another player again. One of the standouts in midfield coverage. Um, we'll say very briefly. Georgino played well after an absolute horror show. you know who against you know who um at the weekend but he played well but he covered the church how good he is on the ball just because he's a midfielder I think it's universal throughout the major


anyway he's not respected or considered as One of the best midfielders because you know he might not have goals.
He is not a traditional CDM, but he has to be one of the best players in the prem. It is not like this? He definitely has them and you're right. To be honest, I personally don't respect much, I'm probably guilty of that until this season. I've had some games he's looked great, other games I think he's been a little lacking, but this season he's just taken a step forward. the plate for me and he really made that type of position his own, he was good with frank and then he sits under tuple now with this new system, I don't know how he said about the ball, it really brings out the best in him um, you know, we've talked a lot about, you know georgina or kante next to him or give him a like, even a billy gilmore shot, but what I've noticed is that you're really talking about his cover chitch and while and I think that's the big difference this season before, it probably would have been kante and I get what I'm trying to say, he's really come on and he's brilliant again tonight, but the good thing is that's pretty much what we expect now, so again just me. m oh mate, I don't know what to say, I'm very happy with the performance, yes I was, so we were a bit lucky, but I thought we defended very well, one to nil, you know, maybe it would have been right.
I think we would have been happy with that, but we got the second goal and Ben Chilwell was another one. I was going to mention it regardless of the goal, but he got the goal in the 85th minute and he took the gamble and pressed high. laterals and they worked hard throughout the game James on one flank cools down while the other bet he looked for the mistake it was a bad touch um from the Porto player cools down well he comes in three touches of the ball first one off his feet we know how fast which is and at this point do you think he's going to ride in the interview he said he would do a second touch this is our left back around the goalkeeper brilliant composure third on his weaker right foot just a simple little touch on what A brilliant goal again .
The composer like you said he knows that comes from a left back and he knows there has been a lot of talk about how to move forward in this system maybe Alonso is the man not Ben Chilwell and if he is just a traditional left back. So that's Ben, but you know we've challenged him on this channel to develop his game in the future and he's done it. If you know you look at the recent games, he's contributing with assists for England, as well as the goal tonight and the composure on that goal, like you just said, it was brilliant, you know, it wasn't a left-back, you know?
Even as a striker you were proud of that goal, so I couldn't applaud this guy more, he's brilliant, he's really good. and he's one of those signings that stay under the microscope, we paid a lot of money for him and I think the fact that he's English, obviously the label was inflated there, but yeah, very happy for him, hopefully he can move on, he's one of those players in their first season I think he will improve again it's not a finished article but I'm very happy for him um I'm just trying to think of um we mentioned that Mendy played well um yeah, just a couple of no's, you know, it's not negative, this is probably my favorite result of the season so far, the way we worked it, he caused havoc and Werner left just after the hour, it didn't quite work out for me with those two, Werner again a bit offside, it just wasn't like that.
There really was something for those two. No, I had that opportunity, right? At the beginning of the second half, the header, I don't know if you remember it, yes, and he just put it over the bar and we mentioned it. on the weekend, I know he's mentioned in the press in general and we've always really backed him, but I'm really starting to get a little impatient now, I want to start seeing these opportunities and I know that's the case. It's not the easiest opportunity but you know we thought we had signed a first class player, first class players bury them and then with havoc again I made a post on Instagram earlier and there was a lot of love for the habits of giving. a chance tonight and again it just didn't happen, but I think we have to not get bogged down in that, then we have to look at the result and, as you say, I would like to say now that that's what I thought, uh, in the semi-finals, right? don't you think?
Just fantastic, it was great, it was good, I was really excited about the clean sheet, uh, after the weekend, I thought Mandy had a good game, yeah, and after the weekend I was excited to get a clean sheet. , he really was, um, I mean purely, he came off the bench, almost hit the crossbar, uh, people were screaming for Tammy too to get a game, I think we have a chance, and um, it says a lot when Kante came back from injury he came in for a late cameo thiago silva came in we have a strong team there um so we'll end the video in a second where do you see this relating because yes, we're winning two to zero? and we have two goals away from home, but it is intriguing because the game will be played next week on Tuesday.
I think in the same place, it is strange at home and away and you have to keep in mind that Porter scored the two most important goals of him. Comeback threats took away this statistic, um, by the way, but 40 of their goals this season from these two players and it's not like Porto didn't have chances tonight, so confident, but it's not over, mate, would you say yes and I agree, I think the first one? 20 The 25 minutes of the second leg are crucial, we cannot concede an early goal, and I think if we get through that, I think then there will be no desperation, but obviously there will be a bit more of a sense of urgency on Porto's part.
So I hope you know that I won't just set the pace in the second leg because we know it's going to be a little bit cautious, so if we have pace we can attack them on the counterattack, so that's what I'm looking for, yeah. could be one for pulisic maybe for starters he's starting to um called cinnadore too yeah I had to die no I didn't play um yeah like I could see her score and I think that's going to be enough to get that goal and um yeah , it is really in fashion next Tuesday and we will mention it also because it affects us: Real Madrid beat Liverpool last night 3-1, so I dare say Hazard Chelsea in the semi-final.
I don't want to get ahead of myself, but um. I was going to say I don't want to get ahead of myself from Chelsea's point of view, but you never know. I mean, I know Liverpool haven't been very good at Anfield this calendar year, but you never know. Do you have a European night at Anfield? You never know what will happen, so let's see how it plays out. Yes that's fine. We'll end the video there absolutely exciting. If you liked it, please like and subscribe. Follow us on Instagram as you say. Josh, you're loving that right now, aren't you?
It's the underscore, it's a good debate mate, follow us on Twitter and the Chelsea underscore debate. I love making these videos and yeah, leave your comments below so yeah. greetings guys thanks

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