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7 Things I DON’T Buy From Costco

Mar 05, 2024
no, definitely not, never again and absolutely not. Costco is one of my favorite places to shop. They specialize in large products, so you can find everything there, but it is in large quantities. The downside is that if you make one wrong move you can waste half your money. easy grocery budget today I'm going to show you the seven


I no longer buy at Costco when I'm trying to save money, some of them you may know and some of them will surprise you, stay tuned for the end of the video I'm going to show you how you can get Costco to pay for your membership fee every year.
7 things i don t buy from costco
I'm also going to recreate one of Costco's most iconic food products that is available at their little Food Court St, so grab a pen and paper. We're going to want to take some notes on this and start saving some money at Costco. The first item on our list of


I no longer buy at Costco are pre-cut Stakes. Now, of course, the butcher mage we had to start with. No steak, the reason I don't buy pre-cut steaks from Costco is because they knife tenderize all of their steaks, even the best ones, which basically means they're going to take this steak and run it through a machine that cuts little holes in the steak. to make it more tender if anyone at Costco is listening please stop doing that you don't need to do that to a steak they are fine just the way they are you don't need to tenderize the blade when you read the label on these stakes it suggests that Cook the steak to 145° and let it rest for 3 minutes.
7 things i don t buy from costco

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7 things i don t buy from costco...

Basically what happens is that those little knives have the potential to contaminate the meat you eat with bacteria. on the outside, you put it on the inside, as we know, since it is cooked with remnant for that 3 minute rest that you will see as 155 say goodbye to medium cooked say goodbye to medium we are medium Category from Well to Well Done yes Follow the rules from the package, they don't blade tenderize those whole subprimal cuts, that's one of the main reasons I buy whole Primal cuts instead of these pre-cut cuttings. There is no reason you should buy pre-cut stakes at Costco so next we move on to the pork section.
7 things i don t buy from costco
I feel like in this section you will find the best deals in the entire meat department. Then your wife of 20 years turns to you and says, "I really don't like pork chops that much." I've been eating these pork chops this whole time we've been married and she says yeah, I guess you can save even more money if your wife doesn't like pork chops. My Costco sells pork chops for $22.99 a pound, the problem here is that sometimes they are very thick, sometimes they are very thin, they are a little inconsistent in what they offer, so I love getting whole pork coins, they are very easy to cut and with minimal preparation you can have any type of pork chop.
7 things i don t buy from costco
I want you to like those thick daddies you like thin ones whatever you want you can have you can also grind some I mean the possibilities are endless and those pork coins are $1.99 a pound take the big pork loins cut them up yourself let's Hit the next for the next two articles I wanted to show you some of the prepared meat products they have at Costco. Now these are two convenience products that they have that I think are very easy to recreate, so the first one is the Carnitas and now the Carnitas. basically just a pork butt that has been slow cooked and they add garlic powder and salt to it.
I looked at the ingredients list for garlic powder and salt and malto dextrin and some other things you can't pronounce, but we can easily recreate this, they are two 20 or packages that sell for $16.99 that's $679 per pound of pork butt at Costco a $249 a pound and I'm going to show you how easy it is to recreate these Carnitas here we come, we'll bring you our roasted pork butt. You're going to put it in a slow cooker, you're going to add the garlic powder, you're going to add a little salt, you're going to put a little water or chicken broth in the bottom and we're going to cook it over low heat.
Slow that thing down for eight hours, done, done, when you're done, remove the lid, destroy it and you'll have pork meats ready for your next taco night experience, but wait, there's more, let's talk about smoked pulled pork now As far as barbecue goes, pulled pork pork butt is the most forgiving of all the smoky barbecue preparations, it's super easy, let's take that pork butt, you cover it with yellow mustard, literally, season with your favorite spice seasoning. I love it. The Meat Church guys, if you haven't watched the Matt at the Meat Church channel, that channel is amazing and I've learned a lot about barbecue on that channel, so go watch it, but it's simple, we'll take it. take our seasoned pork butt, we're going to put it in the smoker.
I have a Trager pellet smoker, we're going to put it in there for about four hours, you're going to get that nice smoky flavor, we're going to put it in there. in a foil-covered pan and cook for another six to eight hours until falling apart like a dream. Now, a word of warning: This quick and dirty recipe won't win you any barbecue contests, but it will give you and your family delicious barbecue for cheaper, this premade pork is $13.99 for 2 pounds, per which is about $6.99 a pound, remember pork butts, 249 a pound, boom, save your money, here we go, what do we have as number five?
We're already flying through these. Let's talk about my favorite food in the whole world, can you guess what it is? Could it be a ribeye steak? Is it smoked brisket? No, it's a shrimp cocktail. I am an unapologetic lover of shrimp cocktail. I've been a big fan since I was a kid. I go to a buffet and there's shrimp cocktail everywhere. I'm filling my plate and I used to buy it a lot at Costco, they have this beautiful shrimp cocktail tray, but I don't have it anymore. Here are the reasons why when you buy this shrimp cocktail tray, the price is per pound $88.99 per pound, the thing is they weigh everything, your lemons are $8.99 per pound, your cocktail sauce 8 .99 per pound and of course shrimp, and because I'm a psychopath, I went and weighed everything to see how many shrimp you get for this pound and a half tray in total and this is what I found, take my notes.
Here it turned out 20 oz of shrimp, 4 oz by weight of cocktail sauce and about an ounce of lemon wedges or so again I thought this was the only way they had this in the frozen section peeled and deveined precooked shrimp it's so good like the shrimp cocktail they are selling $8.99 a pound this is only 7.95 a pound and again because I'm a crazy person. Then I made another tray that looks like this. Look at the style of the food. Look at that tray now. The same exact weights and measurements as each other. Let's go ahead and break down our pricing.
Take out my notes. This one came out. at $14.3 like I said before I broke it all down now this one here with our frozen shrimp Frozen pre-cooked shrimp I bought some cocktail sauce at the supermarket easy lemons this one came out to $114 so we saved this one was $143 we saved about $ 3 boom if you're a shrimp cocktail fan like me, this savings will add up to several thousand dollars a year. I'm sure we'll buy the next one. Lunch meat is a scam when you go to the supermarket. Deli At the counter, you can expect to pay more than $15 per pound at Costco.
They have a thick sliced ​​turkey that charges $8.79. 9 cents per pound is another thing I no longer buy at Costco. This is what I get. Instead, this is turkey. Meat for lunch just needs to be cut in a previous video. I showed you how to cut it. Which slicer to buy watch that video in the description of this turkey. It costs 479 per pound. Look at this. It's an easy way to save a ton. money on turkey meat why is it so expensive anyway I don't know I don't even know I don't even know let's move on to the next thing let's talk about salmon at Costco they have a farmed athletic they have they have a farmed Atlantic salmon that's $1.99 a pop pound is that salmon that has that very faint pink color.
It's a funny story when I used to teach culinary school. I showed it to a student who was from Alaska and he said, "Oh, that's the pink fish." today and I'm like, what are you talking about pink fish? He says, that's this, it's the stuff we'll send to the lower 48 and we'll keep all the good stuff. It is the offer with the least salmon they have there, they also offer it frozen. Frozen farmed Atlantic salmon costs $11.33 a pound. The one I like is that you go down a little further for seafood and find that it's Farm Rais, but it's a kind of steelhead salmon.
I think it tastes much better than Atlantic salmon. both are farmed, but again, steelhead is better quality in my opinion and costs $9.99 a pound. I get better salmon at a cheaper price. Yes, please register me. How can I get Costco to pay for my membership now again? It is a membership club, so you have to pay to enter the regular membership which costs $60 and the executive membership costs $120 per year. I like the executive membership and this is why they give you 2% cash back in the form of a check at that time. that your membership expires you have to spend $6,000 yes I said $6,000 in the entire year so you can earn enough on your 2% cash back to pay for your membership and I know you are saying there is no way I would spend $6,000.
You'd be surprised it can happen very quickly. Here are some things you could buy at Costco that would give you that $120 cashback check. You could buy 29 riy sub primals and if you've been on this channel. You know, I made a ton of videos on how to break them down so you have bets for life. You could make 46 whole loins, 1.22 roast chickens. You could buy two 2.3 of these TVs and don't act like you don't. If you want to buy a TV, you know yes, or you can get 4,000 hot dogs from Costco, which is a lot of hot dogs, but seriously, I have a big family, so I go to Costco a lot, it's very easy for me to spend that amount of money. money, so I can get that refund check that pays for my membership.
I haven't paid for a membership in I don't know how long I have. I'll get that thing covered every year. No Costco video would be complete without talking about the best deal ever on the $150 hot dog. Costco hasn't changed the price of the hot dog forever, making it $150 for a five-pound hot dog and a soda. If you can't leave Costco without a hot dog, maybe it would be against the rules. That's why they check your receipt at the end, what do you think? Do you think you want to make sure you get a hot dog? I don't know, the problem with the Costco hot dog is what happens if I'm not at Costco that day? as?
Can I have the same experience, but at home they sell the same quarter pound hot dogs that they have at the food court, but you can take them home now? I thought there was no way their savings would be the same, you have to be at the store. to get the cheap hot dog, no, I did the math and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Let me take my notes again. You can buy this package. It has 14-pound hot dogs for $13.99. Break that down, that's 99 per hot dog. Add 22 cents of hot dog bun and you're in business for $121.
You have to bring your own refreshments, but I can't do everything for you. Wait now I see it. You may need two rolls. Next, let's talk about some of the items I buy at Costco I'll put the link to that video here see you in the next one.

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