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7 Teams That Lost To The 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats

Jun 09, 2021
Charlotte Bobcats at Milwaukee Bucks were part of a three-team trade that sent Corinne McKinney to Charlotte in exchange for that man, Stephen Jackson, turning over his former teammates and his former owner, now a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, who is back in town for the first game since the beginning. well, there's the former Buckhorn the Getty up there with the alley-oop Throwdown, he was 6 of 15 from the field and made a vertical jump from his number there 50 on that big magetta jump at the end of the second quarter, Brandon Jennings, has all the shots. on the mountain he gets 22 points, the highest of the game, Milwaukee by 11 and looks good Stephen Jackson is penalized for his fifth personal foul of the game in the third quarter argues with the rest receives a technical foul while listening to Steve Jackson's joke from the end again with six points and six fouls after the third quarter, a worse injury list that helped the Bobcats turn around again.
7 teams that lost to the 2011 12 charlotte bobcats
There are 9 plus 11 boards. I am the butcher. Kemba Walker, look out for the potential, just look at this embarrassment, oh boy, Kimble Walker has all the moves inside. for the small agile left area 13 points and yes, Michael Jordan likes what he is seeing on the court, then Gerald Henderson athletic to the rack and above the Bucks defense there and yes, Charlotte all the way in this one game they are up by 359 66 advancing towards the bull room of Steven Jackson's aerial ball Milwaukee drought yes, they don't look good Charlotte looks good DJ Augustine with the layup he will make and Charlotte with the night Coursera 85-77 dollars making a late run Brandon Jennings pure the jump shot there 89 84 that create five points 125 remaining in the game Brandon Jennings this time outside on Mike Dunleavy Jr's court fourth of three 92-89 now Milwaukee in front from one side to the other go DJ Augustine driving in towards the lamp gets that 93 92 Charlotte in front in less than 20 seconds to go Mike Dunleavy outside open this is the look they want but he misses the triple Kemba Walker the rookie gets the rebound and you know his money because he goes and scores their free throws to seal the victory, the Bobcats start with a victory, take it 196 to 95.
7 teams that lost to the 2011 12 charlotte bobcats

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7 teams that lost to the 2011 12 charlotte bobcats...

You're watching the night in New York, the Knicks hosted the Charlotte Bobcats and look who came back from New York. Amar'e Stoudemire, back in uniform, missed the last two. games injury David Stern Commissioner making the trip across town to see this and Halleck in a walker Charlotte rookie from UConn are returning to Madison Square Garden recast Huskies won last year's Big East tournament Loving e Stoudemire getting From the beginning he does not show any negative effects, he is given assistant Tyson Chandler, now Amon Shumpert, the Georgia Tech rookie who feared he would miss four weeks due to the knee injury suffered on Christmas Day, instead returns ten days later 12 points in the first half for Shumpert 18 in the game for New York, Boris Diaw had a great game, good move here, that screen made him miss his need for an easy layup and the eight point lead for Charlotte, the Bobcats They shot very well in this game, Gerald Henderson uses a 24 point screen. for him on 10 of 13 shooting and it could change more in the second half from pl's point of view, he surrounds Stoudemire and puts him at 27 points to lead all Charlotte scores in this game and they were up by a dozen taurima Getty in transition. let's say here he fouled Carmelo Anthony, drops the cards, repeats one more look and many paintings at the end of the game to shoot his free throws, but then less and did not return 12 points for me, which made DJ Augustin miss here , but DJ White Court in the league in field goal percentage this season is the highest by staying in shooting here the putback hit 10 points 9 rebounds of the game less than 10 seconds ago in the third quarter BJ Mullen to take out Jay he had 16 points off the bench immediately after that Amar'e takes the entrance and look this is a great man he has 610 the triple running a bad look 25 points 12 rebounds and his return from an injury how do you like me now Knicks, although well, they don't like to stay down because of the lead we have Carmelo Anthony hasn't seen it yet in his highlight clips use the screen here to get a maximum of 32 points for him, plus six assists five rebounds just for good measure, Kimbo Walker, meanwhile , the rookie knocks down the 3 ball here 7 points 5 assists from the bench 118 to 110 Charlotte makes the Wims shoot 55% from the field and are 7 of 11 from three-point range all 5 Bobcats starters scored in double figures, that fruit looks like it's looking for a treat there or new ankles there or something.
7 teams that lost to the 2011 12 charlotte bobcats
Kemba Walker got a start and knows how to fit in and started getting to the rim. The Bobcats offense got it going from the start. Gerald Henderson to Byron Mullens, the big man, taking down all three. trace 3 by man 5 and then Kemba Walker good ball movement that's what you want to see that great ball movement Walker at 23 years old as a starter you know what he hasn't done double cross past Brandon Rush ends up on the other side 15 the first quarter 17 in the first half it's me or I'll stay, I'll give everyone their average and more, that means white the other night, who do you know if they give a little Monta Ellis?
7 teams that lost to the 2011 12 charlotte bobcats
Yes, showing mid-adolescence, at which point she skates, Ellis prepares David to lead and they call him. for a technique about this like we're dating a little bit, we're dating me well, he says to hang up, I don't know for sure 24 and 16 for Leigh, nice, CJ Augustin there, but there's not Augustine and Walker both in. night in the backcourt, little stars in the back, look at Mike and then guys, way to go, right, third quarter, Mullins rebounds, man, there, the big power couple, jump shot, now you guys get your rebound foot, we had 20 and 7 on the night, wow, Kemba on the edge no, but you know everyone in transition can get that offensive board and it's Henderson with a season-high 26 fouls for him all the Bobcats have fun oh , the world leader occurred Oh, so much oh, it was the buzzer that almost beat Nate Robinson with a three here The Warriors fall behind by eight again Brandon Rush reduces it to six Walker was used to having the ball in his hands in the crucial moment, that's been in the flip ball, that's good and saves it for the Bobcats who win in 112 104 Ischia didn't get the star tonight, ending a streak of 234 consecutive games starting.
I have no idea, you know? I had no idea, obviously, Koston knows it, or he knows it now, coach, everything is leaving Millcote now. To end Friday night north of the border, Charlotte comes in with 16 straight losers as the Raptor are trying to end their three-game skid and it's DeRozan's night of spoiled figures that fans enjoyed coming in. He arrives in Toronto and tomorrow DeRozan gets him going early on the baseline stepback to put the Raptors up by four. He watches this play after a crazy fight for the ball. It's Reggie Williams who comes up with it and buries it.
Charlotte is upstairs. by one José Calder with a big hit on him and DeRozan have been tremendous of late Baron gives it to DeRozan check it out one more time in Toronto took a three point lead a big hit five demar derozan on his night to In the third quarter, DJ Augustine returns to the lineup for the second time after missing 11 games with a toe injury. Reggie Williams Williams has a season-high 22 points later in the coldest third set and this time he gives it to James. Johnson on the fast break Johnson scored 14 points and 8 assists. Toronto up by 2.
The rookie did it. A great cross from Kemba Walker, then he got creative and fired. Augustin now, in the fourth quarter, goes hard towards the bucket, heavily stained by DJ. looking healthy 11 points 10 cents from Augustine Charlotte up by 8 and taking advantage of the failure here comes Toronto Leandro Barbosa ends he had 16 Charlotte's lead was only three but it was more than Demar Derozan 24 points this basket put him up by 2 92 to 97 can score and Kemba can also find a wide open Boris Diaw 94 90 Charlotte, could you guys close it out and snap that six game t16 losing streak?
It is DJ White who achieves it 98 91 and for the first time since January 14, Charlotte The Bobcats are winners, they defeated Toronto and handed the Raptors their fourth consecutive defeat. The Orlando Magic have won two games in a row and six in a row against the struggling Charlotte Bobcats. Dwight Howard is still a member of the Orlando Magic. The Bobcats well, they gave up 57 points in their last game against New Jersey and Deron Williams and tonight again fighting at home, they have


eight games in a row at home and you see why they are really fighting with their poll stylist and can't be happy at the beginning of the second quarter Ryan Anderson. open on the outside and he's a big guy who can score the shots taken he wasn't great tonight just 2 of 10 from deep but he scored 14 points that night now Courtney Magee goes to the basket loses the ball no foul is called on the other end Jameer Nelson knocks down three, he was one of three from distance.
Paul Silas didn't like the no-call and was ejected from the game, so his son Steven Silas replaced his father and apparently the Bobcats were motivated. Karema Getty is following the play. and Kemba Walker finds it, it's a smart move, easy layup, McKenney 9 of 17 from the field and then look at Kemba Walker, what a tough play, acrobatic laney to 10 points off the bench, Orlando's lead is down to 548 43 in the second half karema Getty again, this time the runner in traffic had a game-high 29 points, and Charlotte yes, Charlotte is ahead 49 48, Deuter scored outside, he's taking a three-pointer that doesn't work, but when Dwight Howard is around the basket, normally it works 15 points 17 rebounds for Dwight Howard inside although this man was a revelation Bismack Biyombo 10 points 15 rebounds in the game Charlotte up 64 60 how about this Biondo rejects Dwight's textbook shot Howard you never see him then be humble playing a tougher defense on the inside that had seven blocks in the game in Charlotte taking advantage outside Corey Maggette II scoring a triple Charlotte is ahead by 584 79 then Gerald Henderson that's a little jump shot over the Turkish heater loses 16 points where Henderson Charlotte wins by 8 and they are shooting this is gone down the stretch they are up 14 make 16 Campbell Walker knocks down the jumper Charlotte takes the magic in a surprise at home your final score 100 to 84 the New Orleans Hornets and Charlotte Bobcats have combined for 15 wins on the season needless to say both


looking for a rare victory Kemba Walker driving put it on the ground little floater there just inside the free throw line was 6 of 10 field goals Hornets although in front 26 22 Byron Mullens missed the jumper Hornets at halftime Greivis Vasquez passed to al-farouq Aminu who finished with authority had 8 points New Orleans up 30 to 24 after second quarter Corey Maggette II missed the jump shot Gerald Henderson grabbed the rebound and made the jump shot led the Bobcats with 15 but New Orleans still ahead 30 of 30 Chris Kaman makes a jump shot has a double-double 12 points 16 rebounds 36 30 New Orleans al front in the third quarter we would go from Gerald Henderson to Bismack Biyombo very high up the rim and shooting that down 6 of 7 from the field he had a dozen 55-51 again a four point lead for New Orleans Jer Jack turning it around let's go the other way side and Kemba Walker good plate for Gerald Henderson for the jam and the foul 6255 look at it once again you pass Kemba Walker and finish strong it's Gerald Henderson Charlotte in front 6255 at that point in the last quarter we go to Vasquez outside towards Jarrett Jack for the triple who led the Hornets with 15 points Charlotte ahead, although 71-65 al-farouq Aminu, a nice little floater that reduces the lead to 10.
Time is running out. 5 seconds left in the game. It's Minou who passes the ball to Trevor Ariza, who goes to the rack, but that's where you have to be humble. Is he the one who saves the day? Bismack Biyombo saved the day by blocking Trevor Ariza's jam attempt. He had four blocks on the night. He is a hero to the Bobcats as they took him 273 to 71. The Bobcats entered Saturday night's matchup there. They


back-to-back games, but for all their struggles this year they won five in a row against Toronto. Let's go to the first quarter with Jerryd Bayless coming off the big overtime performance on Friday night.
Here he hits a three-pointer to put the Raptors ahead. at four later in the first quarter, Kemble Walker's shot clock is running out, he's off target, look at his shoes, although I think you can enjoy this Boston Celtic that didn't bring him any luck on Saturday night, at least not yet after the first quarter. Ted Davis to Demar Derozan and dives for the dunk Toronto ahead 27:18 into the second quarter DJ White, he drives, gets into the paint, splits the defenders and throws it down. He watches DJ White explode into the cup for two of his 20 Bobcats. was still down 35 22 count Tyrus Thomas some defense Thomas to DJ Augustine to Cory McGee for the alley-oop McGinty 21 pointshitting 14 of 14 from the free throw line plus at the line at one point Toronto led by as many as 15 although here in the third quarter Andreea Bargnani, the bomb fake in Bargnani's facts, look at this, the big guy makes the feints and then takes the easy pass down the lane Toronto up by 7 DJ Augustine detecting and drilling the three leaving the comeback with 23 points and 11 assists.
Charlotte up by 2 gerald Henderson receiving the pass and then the 17 foot shot has Charlotte in front 63 259 in the fourth quarter let's go Jerryd Bayless continues his hot game the pull-up for three of his 29 also had six helpers 85-78 more from Henderson a 24-point performance Henderson avoided the double team and that makes it sound like home he was 11 of 14 from the floor 92 to 81 Charlotte 16 seconds left in the fourth Amir Johnson - Bayliss with the funds wide open in the three , it's just a two-point game: now there are 11 seconds left. Jerryd Bayless has to foul DJ.Augustin and Augustin would go to the line, he would hit the first and now the second to seal the deal and make it a two possession game.
Augustin comes out ahead, he was 9 of 9 from the Charlotte line as a team, 31 of 34 from the free line. shooting line Charlotte wins 107 of 103 24 Toronto turnovers resulted in 26 Charlotte points

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