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500 Packs of POP ROCKS! TKOR Tries The Best Pop Rocks Experiments!

Jun 03, 2021
It's bubbling in my stomach like I can hear it bubbling a lot and popping and crackling like it's coming from inside me to outside me, so maybe it'll still explode in today's video, we'll see what we can do with about 10 pounds of bubbly candy, Alright guys, ever since we started putting weird stuff in our cotton candy machine, we've had people asking for Pop Rocks. So today we're going to try this, but we realized it while we were doing things with pop.


, we could also try several different things, so here's the basic idea. We've gotten a lot of requests for things to try to do with pop


500 packs of pop rocks tkor tries the best pop rocks experiments
Well, we've got our hands on a bunch of these in a couple different brands and we're going to test everything you asked for. This is like the biggest package of pop rocks I could find on Amazon. It actually came with a few more that turned into gum, but I'm 100% sure that nothing containing gum will work in the cotton candy machine. So we have these on the side and we're going to try some things with pop rocks, but I wanted a lot of pop rocks and I mean, this is a good number, but each of these is a third. of an ounce and you know, it takes three of these to make an ounce, it takes 60 ounces to make a pound, so we're going to get like two pounds of this and we wanted more than that, so I went ahead and made some I did some research and found another company that makes these carbonated sweets.
500 packs of pop rocks tkor tries the best pop rocks experiments

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500 packs of pop rocks tkor tries the best pop rocks experiments...

These are carbonated crystals made by the pop in fun company. I believe this is the only manufacturer of this type of candy in the United States and they sell four pound bags, so much more. Crystal for your money, you don't have to buy these little packets but we have big old packets and we have them in navy blue and red in case anyone is not familiar with pop rocks carbonated sweets, in general it is a sugar little. crystal, I mean, the main ingredients are sugar and lactose and the way they are produced involves introducing carbon dioxide into the candy at extremely high pressures and the carbonation actually gets trapped inside the sugar crystals and when you eat them and They dissolve, the carbonation escapes and you get fun sensations and sounds and that one actually just came out of my hand.
500 packs of pop rocks tkor tries the best pop rocks experiments
I guess the humidity in the air and the humidity in my hand was enough that it was fascinating, we'll play with that in a moment, they became popular in the 1970s as a fun little candy and then they became somewhat less popular when a rumor spread that a child actor in a popular commercial had died after eating a package of these and then drinking some Coca-Cola and rumors that his stomach had expanded and burst. and he had died in the hospital or something like complete nonsense that was fine but I think we'll play on that rumor too um so the first thing we'll try is putting pop stones in our cotton candy machine if you've seen them all our cotton candy machine videos so far.
500 packs of pop rocks tkor tries the best pop rocks experiments
I've explained to you at times that for it to really work you have to have candy that has mainly two ingredients, sugar and corn syrup, okay Pop Rocks, let's try the grape. I'm alone. I'm going to pour this entire package, that scared me. I missed a lot of them. I hear the explosion. We are actually getting something. Oh, and now I see smoke too. A little bit of smoke comes out of there, which happens with non-pop rocks, so I'm not saying it's just because they're pop rocks, see if this tastes great, there's traces of cotton candy sugar in there, it's hard to say, well, I'm going to go with green apple, which has a more distinctive flavor.
I think it'll be easier to separate them from the others and the color should be more obvious, you'll know how these are like apple ice cream, hey, we're getting cotton, we're getting a little bit of something thrown on the sides. and it's green, so we know something isn't processing very well, okay, green fluff, it tastes like a green apple, it tastes a little burnt and unfortunately there's absolutely no sensation of popping, it just so happens that one of the flavors of Pop Rocks is cotton candy flavor, so I think it's only fair that we try to make cotton candy with cotton candy pop stones so you can hear it like all the carbon dioxide, I think, starts escaping as soon as The pop stones start to melt and that's it.
It all disappeared when it got into the cotton threads, which one produced much less than the green cotton candy. The taste is not good to make the cotton candy look, how little it tastes like chemicals, so the pop stones become cotton candy, yes, technically a little, it works much worse than just white sugar, not even cotton candy sugar, just regular sugar. I've had better results with Skittles, better results with Jolly Ranchers Lifesavers work great pretty much every variety of Lifesavers I've tried works great. I want to try the pop and fun brands and see how they turn out.
I haven't even opened them yet so let's see how they are four pounds at a time, they also sell as a 30 pound bag, they mostly don't sell. As individual consumption like this, they are sold as similar ingredients, you can put them in other things like chocolate and ice cream and we can even try some of that later. They weren't kidding when they said like navy blue and it's not quite navy blue, but they look like aquarium rocks. Wow, that's a lot more energetic too, I think because we have bigger crystals, they still taste like slightly burnt sugar, no flavor added, so it makes sense, but less chemically.
That's because we're not burning off the artificial flavors that are added to the others and we got more fluff, but there's still absolutely no pop rock feel to the cotton candy, so although we did get a little better cotton candy sugar , I still would. I don't recommend it because you don't get as much return as real cotton candy sugar, you're leaving residue behind probably from the lactose burning inside the oven and yes, you're sprinkling a ton on the sides here, so yes, it's working. It just doesn't work very well, well we currently have more popped candy than I've ever seen in one place so I guess we need to do some


I'm going to get them out of these bags. I need a bowl. I really thought this. The bowl was going to be big enough, but I actually still have like a cup and a half of blue and a half cup of red in the bags, but you know, we'll start using things. Ah, that's so much carbonated caramel. The famous fable is to eat a pack of pop rocks and then drink Coca-Cola and your stomach explodes to prove the verisimilitude. First let's have a bottle of Coca-Cola. I thought the bottle is a little more appropriate for the 1970s and buying one of our retro style has an original flavor and I'll just pour it into the coke bottle and see how much reaction we get.
Hopefully it will stay contained within this bowl that I'm now going to move further away from our large uncovered bowl of pop. Rocks original flavor Pop Rocks being poured into a coke bottle, we'll see how many, oh there we go, a lot of those Pop Rocks were pushed out by the floating Coca-Cola and now you can hear them, it's actually pretty much what sounds. like in your head when you are eating them, you just hear and feel the explosion running through your entire head, it made a lot of foam. I wouldn't call that a dangerous level.
In fact, I'm going to try eating the pop rocks and drinking some coke. What it does, so the hard part for me is how quickly can you eat pop rocks without chewing them up and putting them in your stomach. I'm a little confused about that, maybe you're supposed to put them on. your mouth and then swallow the coke to chase it, but I feel like it would just foam in your mouth, the goal is to have it happen in your stomach and not swallow as fast, okay, that's all I can swallow fast so far. I burped like that one time was nothing interesting, so I'm going to try putting it in my mouth and drinking the coke afterwards so I can hear myself.
I can hear it bubbling and reacting inside my belly that is bubbling in my stomach as I do. I can hear it bubbling a lot and popping and crackling like it's coming from inside me to outside me, so maybe it's still popping, maybe it's still coming, okay. I'm going to take a packet of pop stones and pour them into this balloon. now I'm going to take the balloon with a whole pack of pop rocks in it, I'm going to put it on the coke there, now everyone got there, go, you can look at it and see how much we've gotten out of this so far.
Not much, okay, let's just put this aside, let him do his thing, react no matter how fast or slow he wants to react. We have more


to try when I put some of the pop rocks just in my By the way, some of them started popping right away, so I want to try taking some pop rocks and putting them in a plate with some water to see how excited they are. and nervous they get, just a bunch of pop rocks, oh dear, some. Of those they really came out very small, not all of them, but some of them flew away oh.
Hit me hard enough that it didn't seem like it really hurt, but it wasn't comfortable, let's try this again. I am using the popping fun brand. I actually ran it through a sieve to get rid of some of the smaller ones, so we'll see if we get an even more energetic response with larger crystals here, oh my goodness, they're exploding out of there. Now I'm covered. Pop Rocks, the camera and the cameraman are covered in pop rock like it's stuck to my hand from being close. I had my phone there as a flashlight to give extra light and it's like covered everything, it's probably in my face, even like me. freshly decorated it's such a quick reaction it's a lot of fun so this cup of water is basically at boiling temperature we'll just pour in a whole packet to see what it does it started reacting instantly okay we'll try to make some ice . cream, we have done this before, we are going to use sugar flavoring, heavy cream and liquid nitrogen to make our ice cream and I don't want to put the pop stones in first because I think the liquid from the milk and cream will start to dissolve them, so I I'll run it until it's almost ready and then I'll add the pop stones a little more liquid nitrogen and hold it until it's completely frozen.
I think that will give us the


chance of not doing it. it just explodes everywhere, so let's get some of these tasteless reds. I think the color looks good, there's obviously some reaction happening, you can see it, that's exciting. It's okay, it's ice cold and it has carbonated crystals and pop. There are rocks in it, I just don't know if you can really like having the sensation while eating it, so here goes, yeah, yeah, you definitely can't have to let the ice cream melt on your tongue, but once you like it . The pop rocks are still in your mouth, well I really enjoyed the result of pouring very hot water over the pop rocks and the pop rocks are very hot water and I want to expand on that but I can't bring myself to do it inside so I'm going to do it . to take this outside, hey, look, this is what our balloon got, not a ton, and then I'll pour like a gallon of boiling water over everything and see what kind of chaos we get.
I'll be so covered almost close. it was boiling when I took it off the stove that was just a minute and a half ago so it's still extremely hot and I'm going to pour it right over this this is going everywhere ready three two one it didn't actually spray like As much as I thought about it, it's obviously reacting a lot, but it sprays more in very shallow areas, so it sprayed and I'm covered, look at my legs, it actually goes on, that's how covered I was just from spraying, this was It was so much fun, the water thing boiling was unexpected for me.
I think it was actually maybe more entertaining on a small scale, but it's still great and on a large scale. It's so much fun to try these things. I highly recommend the carbonated crystals in the ice cream if you like. If you've ever made ice cream, you can check out the larger batches we have from You get the four pound bag, so I think they also have a 30 pound bag if you really like making ice cream. Super fun. Super cool if there is. anything else you would like to see us try with pop rock let us know we might be willing to try more things guys that's all for today but know we always have more for you to see click the box on the top to verify. our most recent video and see you in the next one we'll talk then

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