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50 Cent Vs Diddy - What Happened?

Apr 17, 2024
In 1990, a guy from Harlem, New York, named Shan Colmes, would become an intern at Uptown Records, he would eventually be fired from Upton Records, so in 1993 comes who was known as Puffy at the time, he would establish his own label called Bad Boy Records. Puffy would name incoming rapper The Notorious BIG as the label's flagship artist, puffy, he also signed artists such as Craig Mack, Carl Thomas Faith Evans and more. On September 13, 1994, the notorious b released his debut album ready to die and Puffy's label was off to an incredible start. He came to have a very successful label during the 90's, during this time a rapper in South Jamaica Queens named 50 Cent would begin to pursue his rap career and in 1998 50 Cent signed a contract with Columbia Records and began releasing his debut album , power of.
50 cent vs diddy   what happened
The Dollar In 1999 50 realized that his release date was getting closer and closer and his album wasn't making any waves, so 50 came up with a plan. 50 decided to drop a diss track on the entire industry, dissing literally everyone and on August 10, 1999, 50 Cent dropped. His debut commercial single, How to Steal and Diss Everyone in This Song, would be where 50 Cent would take the first official hit on Puffy when he threatened to take Puffy's girlfriend at the time, Kim Porter, when he said Buffy wouldn't be offended. for this since then. this record wasn't really intended to offend, but rather to gain enthusiasm and attention from 50 Cent, eventually 50 Z power, the dollar was withheld due to being dropped from Columbia after being shot nine times in the summer of 2000 in the light of his problem with Kenneth.
50 cent vs diddy   what happened

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50 cent vs diddy what happened...

Supreme in 2001, 50 Cent was getting back into erratic music and according to 50, Jennifer Lopez actually told Diddy that he should get 50 to write music for him, so that's exactly


Diddy did during this time, one of Diddy's bad boy artists called G's were getting ready. until releasing his debut album, Child of the Ghetto, on July 10, 2001. G released a song called Let's Get It with Black Rob and Puffy 50. He claims that he actually wrote The Hook and that his verses on this song were seen first time I came back. write music after I got shot, right, I got shot May 2000, May 24, 2000, right, the first time I came back was because Jennifer Lopez told Puffy that she should make me come back to write music with him.
50 cent vs diddy   what happened
I came back, Puffy, I had a song, I used to go. make this money take this money there's no way you can take this from me they're getting money let's get it that doesn't feel like 50 oh in 2002 50 c would go back to making music independently releasing mixtapes to earn Buzz on April 26 2002 50 released his debut mixtape, guess who's back, which instantly made him the most popular free asian in rap. On this mixtape there is a track called get out the club and on this track 50 would attack Diddy when he referred to Diddy as a gimmick. On June 1, 2002, 50 Cent followed up with his mixtape 50 Cent is the Future with Gunit and at that time 50 Cent was the most promising rapper on the mixtapes according to Tony Yo, in an interview with the guy, Diddy was really interested in sign 50 Cent. to Bad Boy but he would back out of the deal due to his problem with Supreme J Rule and others from New York 50 were for Diddy 50 were for Diddy we were going to go for bad boy a lot of people don't know that We had the meeting and it was crazy that Diddy won't hire him.
50 cent vs diddy   what happened
I know that was one of Bad Boy's biggest mistakes. 50 Cent ended up signing with Shady Records in the summer of 2002. Later that summer, on August 1, 2002, 50 and June. released his mixtape no Mercy No Fear and the second part of the track and Bump Heads is a big break for Puffy in 2001. 50 Cent actually appeared on the track's master remix of the Jennifer Lopez song I'm going to be esta bien. 50 was eventually replaced by nas due to the bad press that surrounded 50 Cent after filming but this version would appear on the remix version of JLo's album J to the Loo during this time Puffy and Jennifer Lopez were involved in a relationship in the 2001 but in 2002 the first one would finish.
The beat of the track was the beat of the bloat song I need a girl, which was basically bloat and reflected his relationship with JLo, so 50 spit his verse from the song he did with Jennifer Lopez while rapping over the bloat beat afterward. of the first verse that would take 50. Puffy's clowning moment about making records about JLo on November 4, 2003. Jun dropped his topic by showing them things. In this song he references the altercation between Puffy and Steve Stout in 1999, where Puffy attacked him with a phone and a bottle of champagne. Stout would sue Puffy. but after the case was settled out of court, they became friends again after Diddy hosted the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards and presented the VMA for Best Rap Video to 50 Cent for entering the club winning on January 7. 2005. 50 Cent fell. part 10 of gunit radio 2050 before the massacre mixtape on this was a track called iRun NY featuring Tonyo which was a record towards Jus and the locks during their meat 50 mentions puffy at the end of the track because Puffy's own Jada publishes second the following On September 5, 2006, 50 Cent released the mixtape Gunit Radio part 22 Hip Hop is Dead and this mixtape was mainly dedicated to criticizing Puffy.
The reason 50 Cent got bloated like this was because, if you remember, in 2005 and early 2006, 50 Cent. He was trying to sign Mace to Gunit after taking Mace on tour appearing with 50 Cent on magazine covers and in music videos. 50 even gave him his own mixtape on the Junit Radio series with the Junit Radio part. 16 Mace 10 years of hatred crucified by the neighborhood. mace being Puffy's bad boy artist, supposedly puffy would block the deal, so mace never officially ended up signing with gunit, so 50 would start arguing with mace about this in the intro of Hip Hop is Dead, there would be a moment to look back at all the rappers 50 fight to beat them up and among those names was Puffy Pizza for the man Puff Daddy uh-uh uh-uh can you H with me uh-uh uh-uh on the hip hop track 50 Cent with diss Diddy when he says That Puffy knows who killed Biggie and that Puffy was afraid of the meat he had on the west coast.
Usff scar in the sketch. The new 50 diseases? Puffy even more when he clowned around. Puffy's new song at that time came to me saying it's the same shit as. the other songs of his and goes on to say that Puffy would like to be him, turn that off, man I'm not in the mood for that right now, put a new puffy IAC on it. I'm not the one for that now because it's the same thing. You know


I'm saying, you think the puffy N likes me a little, think about it, you think somewhere deep inside you likes being like me a little, maybe just a little, maybe just a little on the track. get down honest verse 50 once again sent more photos to puffy and mace where he clowned puffy for working with a proactive skincare brand in early 2006 heard joining the team also pimp 50 and then ends the mixtape with the skit drunk Diddy ending, which was a video that appeared in 2006, when Diddy was drunk criticizing Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson for not using proactive before promoting him, everyone knows very well, everyone knows very well that Linday Lohan and Jessica Simpson do not They were using no proactive, so now they did.
In skincare products, everyone now thinks it's official. Well, I have a secret. I was proactive for seven years. That's why I bought the Sickly Soft Cocoa Butter Skin. So Lindsay Jessica, you're late, you should have followed my pretty from the beginning, but now at the end of the following year, on September 8, 2007, 50 hosted a party at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas and was photographed with Diddy on the 11th. September 2007, 50 Cent released this album, Curtis and in the track called fully loaded clip, 50 with this. Puffy and Korter on the hook said I love you I was shining, you know, on this album it was, of course, the hit song.
A Forbes 123 remix of I Get Money featuring Jay-Z and Diddy Due to Everyone appeared on the album. three claimed the top three spots on Forbes' first Hip Hop Cash Kings list that year 50 c and Diddy performed together on stage alongside Kanye West and Jay-Z at the 2007 Screamfest at MSG after this it seemed as if 50 and Diddy were finally on good terms again in 2009, 50c became engaged to Rick Ross and on November 6, 2009, 50 Cent took Rick Ross's son and baby mama to Floyd Mayweather's mansion in Las Vegas, where Diddy would go with 50, but after this is where 50 Cent and Diddy's friendship would quickly fall apart the following year on January 26, 2010.
Diddy and Dirty Money released their track Angels Remix featuring Rick Ross, of course, 50 they would worry about this and get angry that Diddy is now working with their biggest enemy at the time. On Rick Ross, what made matters worse was that in April 2010, Rick Ross confirmed that Diddy was now his manager as the two would begin a long business relationship. Now, if you know, the 50's mentality is that if you align yourself with his enemy, then you become his enemy like Well, on July 8, 2010, 50 Cent launched a petition to stop Diddy from further exploiting the catalog of Big E.
Small said enough is enough. Biggie's name should never have become Diddy's black card. He just watches the latest video of him. The ghost of Christopher Wallace let Diddy know. Let Big rest in peace, when was the last time Diddy was actually biging up his brother, not bigging up his brother? Fast forward to March 3, 2014. 50 Cent took to ig to post a photo of Diddy and Rick Ross looking like they were kissing and a photo of Diddy and Steve Stout with the caption I'm not saying anything but something's not right LMO In 2014, 50 Cent became a minority shareholder in the Effan vodka liquor brand.
At that time, Diddy was still promoting the Sarak liquor, of which he had 50%. The profits from the shares in 50 Cent were actually slowly trying to take away from him. sarak promoters like DJ Envy being on team FN vodka instead of sarak In August 2015, sarck heavyweight promoter French Montana was caught on camera saying he likes effn vodka when DJ spun King one of the effn vodka promoters from the 50s posted this video. My man came with that kind of water, but I love it. 50 responded with the video on Instagram in the caption he wrote. French Montana is down with us, it's the bloated unit that tried to set him up where it's his real money check Puff we Street, he's not stupid, look at this, so yesterday F Montana had the in the store in the Bronx. 10 people showed up, said this, let me have a puffy drink trying to make me go against 50, put me on. up French Montana responded by throwing an entire case of effn vodka in the trash, this is how I feel about you, what would these 50 need to respond with another video titled LMAO swollen, send cheesecake to the whole crew, damn , I just saw. a clip of fren M trying to throw shit bottles in the trash, you know, bloated, called, I'm like you said you like this, you want your record to come out, right?, you fool, you're playing, they're putting us out of business .
You better do something in early 2016. 50 Cent posted a sketch on his IG alleging that Puffy got Tupac killed. Now keep this in mind because he will be back later. I told you you can't trust these now swollen, don't kill. Tupac Man 2 years later in 2017, 50 Cent sold his steak in FN vodka for $60 million, fast forward to January 9, 2018. 50 c appeared on The Breakfast Club, where 50 would criticize Diddy for supposedly offering to taking him shopping at Chris Lighty's wedding and calling Diddy a fruit cup like he said, he said something to me once a long time ago at Chris Lighty's wedding, he told me to take me shopping.
I looked at him like, what, what, what did you just say, let me move, man, before you do anything, you're going to make me ruin the wedding, oh, that's a nice gesture, let me out, don't take what a guy he says to a girl, but you've been getting it for over a decade. I remember when you said the top feels much better. that the bottom, yeah, I've been saying this, I've been saying this, what you guys do is a little fluffy, now you guys are all into some hip hop later that month, on January 18, 2018, Diddy appeared on The Breakfast Club, where he responds to 50 Cent calling him a fruit cup and his story of Diddy trying to take him shopping.
F FY came here and was giving you Flack for asking Fab the party, so he'll ask you, oh he asks you, play, play, play. the clip, man, yeah, play the clip, go ahead, why are you rampant? You partied with me for your birthday, man, I'm we, we partied for my birthday before you came to my party and no, except me, and you're never really partying, you know what I? I'm saying I asked 50 about it and he said you did the same thing to him. You asked him to take him shopping. Yeah, I thought he needed some clothes.
I'm a good guy. Why are you there? I don't have a problem with I don't know why with five He loves me He loves me I mean you guys can't see it, no we can't see, you guys can't see that he loves? I really put up with it you really believe that I really hate you whenyou really break it you've been here a long time you know he loves me I don't think he likes you you know he loves me I don't think He likes you okay but why would Eminem really get involved September 14, 2018? Eminem dropped his diss track towards MGK called Killshot.
In this track, he throws Jabs at Diddy saying that he threw the punch to get Po to kill Diddy and he laid. After that the beef would go quiet and in late 2019 50 Cent would publicly denounce Comcast after it was reported that Comcast was removing stars from their service which as you know 50 shows Power was on Stars so this meant lower grades quickly. As of November 21, 2019, Diddy would actually issue a statement about Comcast as part of his lawsuit, so 50 would take Diddy's side when he took to Instagram saying I'm with Diddy on this Comcast, annoying that they're racist. in February 2020. 50y sent an interview. with Rap Radar where he would discuss the situation between Mace and Diddy at the time Mace claimed that Diddy refused to sell him his publishing rights and even claimed that he offered Diddy over $2 million for catalog P disent actually sided from Diddy on the situation in his interview with Rap Radar po through the Grammy speech can say about the poish this is just a personal fight between the two of them and that and those feelings are there because they dealt with each other for a long time. years and years and years, right, and it's deeper than you can really see on the surface and even deeper than I know, but I met and dated both parties, but you look at it and you say when he points to publish and he is doing.
The same for the young people who are now five years old, you know what I'm saying, it's like he was there, he did the same thing that was done to you, boy, the one that you cried because someone did it to you and you did it to him. another person and you left here. man when they say there's a lot of gangs, gangs, gangs, a lot of gangs, you might not even get a record, you ain't gonna take the money that summer June 11, 2020. 50 Cent appeared on Drink Champs where he Also, Diddy the clown and he mentions him trying to take him shopping again it was like, first he was encouraging him to get a stye and then he said, "He likes it, so when we get the chance, you know, kick him." We can just hang out we have to kick him telling me we have to kick him he likes why don't we like to go shopping or something?
I mean, I pay for it and I was like this, just say I have the far from I was like just tell me to take shit and this goes off a little pile of fruit believe me, look at these weird things and like that, there's out there for no reason you see a picture of me like a kiss that doesn't happen by accident you know what I'm saying how I'm telling you I'm telling you later you're going to find out what I'm saying real do you understand what I'm saying? man, listen, I'm trying to tell you the truth, but the truth, sometimes it hurts, right, it hurts people and they don't want to hear that, but I'm trying to tell you.
Ask me if he could take me shopping and I look like I want to take you shopping. a bank throws this I want to take you why 'cause when you walk around looking so good I feel like, damn, with me that's all I want to do, that's all I want to do, but when you want to take me shopping, what is it? The problem with this, wait, where was this? After I got into a fight with Steve St and told you that you are going to accept God, everyone will want to be CHR ladies wedding right after that the fight will calm down and in April 2021, Diddy was seen with the baby mama of 50 Cents, Daphne Joy, and rumors circulated that these two were dating. 50 Cent of course would take to Instagram to talk about it saying no, PFF and I fought over business, if he liked the girl, he liked the girl me.
Let's not fast forward to September 20122 507 posts a photo of him and his son and in the caption he clowned Diddy and his baby mom saying oh that's your mommy over there with swollen LOL, remember what I told you the other day, these go crazy. my head in 2023 Kei D was arrested for being the suspect who murdered Tupac Back in 1996, Keyd later confessed that Diddy actually paid him $1 million to kill Tupac or Su Knight on October 9, 2023. 50 Cent turned to Instagram to denounce Diddy for supposedly killing two people saying the damn marijuana was lined for love of brother lol, time the lawyer got up, he could get sticky two days later, while on his final tour, 50 would call Diddy live on stage saying that he doesn't go to Diddy's parties and that he hates Diddy for killing Tupac in November 2023 is where things started to get ugly for Diddy on November 16, 2023.
Diddy's ex-girlfriend, Cassie filed a lawsuit against him accusing him of bullying and a decade-long pattern of abuse that began when she was 19 years old. One day after he showed up, the lawsuit would be settled with Cassie and the settlement amount was rumored to be $30 million. 50 Cent would clown Diddy on Instagram non-stop with multiple posts a day just completely trolling Diddy 50 even offered to buy the Revolt TV ad in the middle of all of this. saying: I'll buy you that Playboy for cheap because you know that Cadillac and AT&T are going away. I'll give you a few dollars for it.
Now sell it to me and then we can be friends. I'm serious. Call my charl. I, the God, would explain to me why 50 Cent is a diabolical genius for publishing Diddy Non-Stop and what he thinks are the 50's motives behind this 50 publishes, Didy supposedly takes a temporary leave as president of Revol in the middle of lawsuits 50 says I'll buy that Playboy for you on the cheap because you know that Cadillac and AT&T are going to pull out, those are the sponsors. I guess so, I'll give you a few dollars for it, now sell it to me and then we can be friends.
I'm serious, call my phone, why? "Everyone thinks it was cool to post and tell people who the sponsors are, so if they want to harass Cadillac and AT&T, that will happen and once the money comes out, it's a rat, in early December it came out that 50 was developing a documentary about Diddy's accusations on December 6, 20123 Diddy used ig to talk about the situation saying in quotes that enough is enough for the last two weeks I sat in silence and watched people try to murder my. character, destroy my reputation and my legacy. The disgusting accusations have been made against me by people looking for a quick payday, let me be absolutely clear, I did not do any of the horrible things that are alleged.
I will fight for my name, my family and for the truth Diddy Combs 50 c continued his slot on Diddy for the rest of 2023 and into 2024, on March 25, 2024, it was revealed that Diddy's homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by federal agents. . 50 Cent of the choir would take to Twitter and Instagram to react to the situation saying now it's not Diddy, do it, it's Diddy don't come like this unless they have a case. He has yet to officially respond to all of 50 Cents' antics that he has gotten up to. Whether 50 did all this for commercial purposes.
It's no secret that 50 Cent never liked her. he did it from the beginning

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