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Feb 20, 2020
Today I am so excited to share with you five new Easter Dollar Tree DIYs. I love Easter and I love decorating it, creating


and I can't wait to share them with you, not only will I be sharing with you some new DIYs. Today's video is actually in collaboration with Sarah Jane from Chick on the Cheap and I couldn't be more excited. I absolutely adore her. I think about the world of her. I love the DIY of it. I love the tours of her when she. Share with us like her, different like Walmart fashion, because we not only do


, but we all have to wear clothes.
5 dollar tree diy easter crafts for 2020
If you haven't discovered her yet, you should check out her channel and especially her Easter-themed Dollar Tree DIYs in neutral colors that she has created for you if you're coming from Sarah Jane's channel thank you so much my name is Jennifer and this is crazy a uncommon I hope you like today's projects and hit the subscribe button you can also find Me on Instagram it's a little up and crazy there just like here and let's go ahead and jump into today's projects so here you'll see all the supplies you will need for project number one. I will have a complete list.
5 dollar tree diy easter crafts for 2020

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5 dollar tree diy easter crafts for 2020...

Of all the supplies I am using for this project, as well as all the other projects listed for you in the description box below, I am using the wooden bunnies, they come 5 in a pack. I'll use all five and get more into that as I go. I am also using the little metal words that have spring bunny and welcome on this package. I'm also using the wooden craft cubes, some tape, as well as some paint and a piece of wood to get started. To finish, I'm using Waverly Chalk Paint in Elephant. You can pick it up at Walmart.
5 dollar tree diy easter crafts for 2020
I'm painting on the base or piece of wood. The nice thing about this is that you can choose whatever color you want to go with your scheme. of colors, you don't have to choose my colors now, my piece of scrap wood is 17 inches long and the reason I choose a 17 inch one is because I will be using my five rabbits, you could probably do that with them. 16 inches too, give or take, depending on how much you want to overlap your bunnies. Now I'm going in with five of the bunnies and that's because there are five of us in my family, so I'm representing my family in bunnies. and that's what I chose to do, so if you wanted to represent your family and it was three or four or seven, you could absolutely do something like this, so this could be a very personal way to do it and I'll see that I personalize it even more to as I progress through this project, so I'm going to use white acrylic paint to coat my bunnies.
5 dollar tree diy easter crafts for 2020
I'm going to paint the front behind, but once I get into this I realized I can't leave everything on his ear, that won't look very good on the finished product, so I used my wood filler. I filled it in once it dried, sanded it nice and flat and then went back in with white acrylic paint again and painted both the front and back of the bunnies once they were completely dry, then I could go in and I used some wood glue to attach the small wooden cubes to the back, once the wood glue set up Android I was able to apply the white acrylic paint to the wooden cube and paint them now.
I didn't paint them before because there are small pieces and they are hard to hold and I didn't. I want to try to paint the ones that I knew would be much easier to paint if I had something else to hold on to, so I chose to do it this way after the paint had completely dried, now it's time to move on and a place of my bunnies on my scrap wood and I went ahead and climbed my bunny so I put three in the front and two in the back and that's the way I chose to do it again this is a very personal thing just have fun. with that, once I had it there, I went in with some wood glue so I could secure them, you could heat glue them on.
I just preferred to use wood glue with wood when it was dry. I decided to embellish them and put on some little black ribbon bow ties for the boys and those little plaid hair bows for another girl, so we have three boys in the family and two girls in my family and this is how I personalized them now, once I had that there, I was able to go ahead and put up the welcome sign. I used some super glue gel that you can get at Dollar Tree and once I did it, it was completely done and I think it's absolutely adorable.
I love how you can personalize it. Customize this so it can fit your family. I think the next project is very nice. I'm going to use another one of those wooden bunnies, so grab one before using it for the first project. Some black felt and one of those gray and white buffalo plaids. baby blankets that you can pick up at Dollar Tree. To start, I take my baby blanket and fold it in half to line it up how I want. I'm just using the grid or buffalo check and then lining them up as well and combining them now to cut it.
I'm going to use a straight edge ruler that is used for quilting and then my rotary cutter. If you've been around, then you know this is my absolute favorite. rotary cutter I love the handle on this one I can't seem to use a rotary cutter that has a straight handle. I love that it has a little curve to it, so to prepare the blanket, I'm actually cutting out all four sides. To have clean straight edges, I'm creating a rectangle so I can make a bolster pillow and I just want nice clean edges. I'm not measuring that or anything.
I just want to make sure I have straight edges. the four sides that my opposite opposite sides are equal to each other other than that that's all you need and once that's done and I have two pieces that are identical they are ready for me to start putting the salute together so I have I decided I'm actually going to hot glue it on, but you can of course use your sewing machine, so for this I'm exactly like if you were going to sew it on, you're going to take the top two pieces of the top edge and you're going to face them one towards the other. another one and then you're just going to take hot glue around the edges and since it's hot glue, you're going to make a section and then fold it over.
You make a section and fold it, but it moves super fast once you get to the bottom. I went ahead and left a section open a little bit bigger than my hand or then I didn't close it because I want to make sure that of course I can still refill. We'll fix it with the batting and fix it in a moment. After applying the hot glue, I went ahead and turned the pillow over by reaching in and making sure to get those corners out. Now is the time to do it. I went ahead and created my bunny so I took my wooden bunny and I traced it with a little chalk marker and then I did it three times and I cut out the bunny and I went in with the exact same fabric glue and glued it on. my bunnies and then I decided to go ahead and give him a little Telles pom pom.
I think that makes it so cute now that I had an old pillow lying around that I could use the batting to stuff it, but you could stuff it with whatever you want once your pillow is ready so you just go in and fold under the edges and finish with glue hot or if you want to go ahead and sew it, this would be the time. I think this pillow is absolutely lovely and I adore it so this next project is so simple but not so cute so I already have this box but there are a couple of Dollar Tree options of course that you can absolutely use as well that there is a brush to wash mom's bathroom and dental floss.
It's the exact same size as the box, it just doesn't have the backing that the box has, but now it's the same size. The 8 by 10 canvas is a little longer than the box, but the same width, so you have a couple of options or you may already have something that lines your home. Here I am also using another one of those wooden bunnies and a page is chosen from a book I bought at Dollar Tree and I like to use it for various crafts. To get started, grab some Mod Podge, some paint, and a couple of paintbrushes, as well as the fun metallic word.
I'm just having some Mod Podge on the fun. I like to add a thin layer to it and then just lay it on. paper or book page there and smooth it out now. I don't like to trim this before, I actually like to trim it after the Mod Podge is ready and dry and I do it with some sandpaper and you. I'll look at that and then I go ahead and with this is blue, this blue is from Waverly, it's called egg ghave, it's a beautiful blue and that's what I'm painting the word and bunny with and I actually end up giving it two coats, so One Once the Mod Podge has completely dried, I use a sixty grit sandpaper and sand from the edges of the paper down and that's how I remove the paper.
This is how you get a beautiful trend that makes you look. the paper was designed to be in the sun or whatever you're doing, it gives the most perfect cut better than if you wanted to trace the bunny and cut it out. I love doing it this way, everything is ready now. It's time to put my bunny together, my bunny, so to put the wooden bunny together, I'm going to hot glue it to do it. To attach the metal bunny, I'm going to attach it with super glue. Sometimes hot glue and metal don't seem to fit together well.
Well then the super glue will do a better job of making sure it stays down, I just need the smallest amount. Well, I'm making sure you're getting a lot of use out of this bunny, but I love it this time, I think. It's so cute, it's very easy to make. I love the little pop of blue, it's one of my favorite colors for spring and Easter and I hope you love the sign too, so for this project I'm creating a garland that I love to decorate with Garland. So I went ahead and grabbed some of the carrot decorations.
I also grabbed some Buffalo check paper. I understand that Hobby Lobby. It's always four for a


. Mod Podge. I have some paint. I have some chalk here, but you can also use some acrylic paint. I have the white twine that you get in the automotive section. I also have some orange. You'll see I change it when I have a little hiccup later on. To start I just take the Waverley chalk paint in ink and I'm painting all the tops of the carrots with black paint now I'm just making sure I cover the entire top of the carrot and I don't need to paint any more than that because I'll be using the paper for the bottom. half the carrot, so I went ahead and just quickly cut out my paper to have enough for each of my carrots.
Now I'm choosing it here to go ahead and make it ten carrots, there are five in each package. I'm covering a garland. that will be assembled on my mantle and it is quite large if you were going to make a garland in a small area you wouldn't need it or if you wanted to go to a larger area of ​​course you could do that too. I was able to cover all ten carrots with a sheet of paper, so once I cut out all the paper, I was able to apply it to the bottom half of my carrot, so I just took my thin layer of Mod Podge and applied it to the bottom like each one of my carrots. and I just went one at a time so I would apply a thin layer of Mod Podge clay onto my paper and then I would smooth it out and then I would go ahead and do that with the next carrot once all my carrots were completely dry, then I would go in with my sixty grit sandpaper and I sanded it again away from the paper, away from the carrot to remove the paper.
It really makes the most beautiful sewing. I don't even know if I can explain it. You have to check it out for yourself because it gives you that perfect edge better than if you traced it and glued it on, trust me if you haven't tried this technique. I hope you try it. I'm going to love the results so this is where I had my little hiccup so I started with the orange thread and when to apply it and I only had enough to make five with just this spool of thread and I didn't have a second. reel and went to the store, they didn't have it, it was fine, but I did have some orange raffia thanks to my friend Frances for helping remind me to try the orange raffia and guess what I liked better?
I think you see it a lot. Better matches my other decor better. I'm so glad it was a happy setback. In order to hang the garland, all you are going to do is pass some twine through the hole that is already in the carrots, tie a knot and then we will thread them through a larger piece and then hang them wherever you want to display your garland . I have it here on my shelf and I have combined it with the cute bunny garland I created last year and I love these two together. If you missed the video where I shared this bunny garland.
I just made a video of my 10 favorite DIY projects from the past year. I'll link to that video again at the end of this video so you can see it in this latest project. I have a can of spray paint, I have one of those six thousand shit bunnies, and a mesh wire basket to start with. I'm just taking a pair of pliers and removing that little metal part from the bunny's head. I have to take it out, it comes out very easily. Then I took some 220 grit sandpaper, so just very fine sandpaper and sandedany of the rough spots just to make sure my bedding was nice and soft.
This is really more for a child. crack and so some of the areas could be a little rougher and I wanted it to look a little better so I went in with my 86,000 on the bottom of the bunny but then I also went in with some hot glue and flipped the basket and I actually went and under it so the hot glue also helped secure this while the e6000 was sitting plaster is because the basket has a little more flexibility and understands that it's not a hard surface and I wanted to make sure that the bunny would stick to the basket and have a very good hold once the glue has set.
I went ahead and gave it to him. a good coat of spray paint. I wanted the whites to match and that's why I went ahead and spray painted and of course you can do it in any color you choose but that's all you need to do this. I love it, it's great. easy bell. I'm sure someone will correct me if I said that wrong. All I did was grab a decorative plate I had. I actually bought it at a thrift store, but it's a Pioneer Woman plate on top. You can get it at Walmart or you can drive up and grab one from Dollar Tree.
I think it's very cute. I put a couple of Easter things underneath. I love this and it was very easy to make. If you have a favorite today, let me know. in the comments below, I'm so grateful to Sarah Jane for collaborating with me on today's video. If for some reason you haven't seen her video yet, be sure to stop by. I have her channel and her video linked in the description box below. For you, if you enjoyed today's video, give it a big thumbs up, make sure to hit that subscribe button and I'll see you in the next one, bye.

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