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4 Levels of Salmon: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Feb 17, 2020
Hi I'm Rihanna and I'm a Level 1 Chef folks Lorenzo here and I'm a Level 2 Chef Hi my name is Kelvin I'm from the Institute of Culinary Education and I've been a chef for 12 years. I'm ashamed to say that I don't cook often. I'm quick and really get in and out of the kitchen so this is good for me. I eat


all the time. My recipes are a little different. The presentation site is fried


skin. I created this recipe after eating salmon for two weeks straight when I wanted to create a new dish. I don't like to eat fish and I really enjoy this. joint and we're going to start preparing our vegetables, okay?
4 levels of salmon amateur to food scientist epicurious
We have to wait. May I reference Rachael Ray today? I am using purple skin potatoes. These are fingerling potatoes. I'm going to throw it in some water now that we have our potatoes done it's time to cook them see you in 20 minutes and now I have a beautiful weird variety of fingerlings let's start by preparing my baby's back joint it's usually a little big baby, my carrots are actually very small, so I'm going to help. I don't want to gobble them up with options, we just attack the potatoes in my mashed potatoes. I like to add a little cream, a little butter and a lot. for love i like to use a


mill it will really give the potatoes a nice fine texture and add the potatoes right into my pot stir them up this is the consistency we are looking for nice beautiful creamy actually honestly actually i just plucked the leaves off the bok choy.
4 levels of salmon amateur to food scientist epicurious

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4 levels of salmon amateur to food scientist epicurious...

I got heirloom cherry tomatoes. The contrast in flavor will be very nice for our final presentation. We're only going to cut two at a time. One time, I saw on Pinterest that you can take a handful. this and cut them like this I cut my hand so we don't do it anymore I'm going to score it right on top just making a little cross hatch from the throw it in the boiling water for about ten seconds we don't want to overcook the cherry tomatoes ya that we're going to cook them one more time in the sauté pan open them up so these spices can soak in I cut my finger I can already see the skin starting to flake off now we're going to fish it out in our ice bath that's going to stop the process cooking so I'm going to cook the tomatoes one more time you don't want to leave the tomatoes in there too long you don't want them to soak up any more water they already have Pinterest that has you here thinking you have a trick for everything but some things just need to be taken with calm down but if there is any level two three four out there that has a different gimmick let me know because this is boring you can see the skin is starting to peel off which is exactly what we want.
4 levels of salmon amateur to food scientist epicurious
I'll take my paring knife right where we marked it. The skin will come off immediately. The studs will break. Right now I have beautiful zucchini. It won't take long to cook now we're going to zest this involves a lemon this is going to add a little lemon flavor to our asparagus garlic I'm going to crush it I'm not going to keep it whole because I wanted to incorporate into my baby bok choy and julienned carrots ok let's start here we can literally throw it all together we can all go at the same time to cook some vegetables I like to use vegetable oil over extra virgin olive oil it has a higher smoke point a little bit of kosher salt a little bit of pepper so what we're going to do is double as thin as we can let's skip this through a bunch of people make the mistake of adding liquid back into this the liquid from the bok choy will dissipate on the pitch so I'm going to take all these lemons that I sliced ​​so nicely and I'm going to put them in this bowl because again I think the lemon is going to soak into the asparagus I'm not sure if it happens but it looks really good contained in this bowl the zucchini danson you want to make sure i fill in some color first i'm going to go for some golden brown i don't want too much carmelization you don't want the babies if you have to be mushy you want to have a little bit of bite we're going to take all these chopped greens and we're going to spread them around so i have some onion powder hepper garlic powder dried rosemary I tend to over season things that's probably why


turns out bad so you know I'm going to add sesame seed oil soy sauce wine vinegar of rice and all the stuff I read online that you're actually supposed to get more olive oil in your diet, so I tend to overdo it.
4 levels of salmon amateur to food scientist epicurious
I also have oyster sauce. The oyster sauce is the key, but I am NOT going to add the oyster sauce. it's time for the cherry tomatoes to join the party and now my veggies are done so now I'm going to take the tomatoes and potatoes into the oven where they will roast for 10 minutes now it's time to add the last ingredient and that it's my oyster sauce which is about a tablespoon and a half and it's good with vegetables so now we're going to make fun little additions to the recipe which are a marinade and a crispy panko topping so we're going to start with the marinade because it looks the most elegant we have about half a cup of soy sauce and we are going to add half a cup of honey.
I'll stop it with my finger. Very important step. Know well. Alright. Lighting my little stove here. The timer is on, sorry folks, it's time to make the pineapple butter sauce. I am using pineapple juice. I chose the pineapple because it leaves you wanting more. That's when you know you've got a home run on this plate. A couple of tablespoons of oil, well, and my little tribute to you. hi Emily cheers ketchup now the pineapple juice has reduced to exactly where we want it we are going to add a tablespoon of butter we are going to let the butter swirl so we have a pineapple butter sauce i am going to make now apple cider vinegar mustard sauce soy a little salt always a little salt time for our citrus rind i'm going to have a half stick of butter i have to churn the butter a little just to know who's the boss we'll have one lemon this recipe is deep lemon then size up all the lemon so let's cut it in half get all the lemon juice out there's a lot of careful technique here a lot of twists I don't expect everyone to pick this up just the first try so try rewatching the video a few times to get the hang of it the technique, we'll pour it in here and gently whisk it so that it's basically a light sweet and sour sauce that's kicking itself up.
I actually don't. I need to make a cornstarch mix. I did this once we started adding any liquid to the butter. It's starting to firm up a bit. That? I forgot the water and cornstarch to thicken it. That's why it looks fun. my sweet and sour sauce for my salmon now we are adding some panko breadcrumbs it can make you or the salmon a crunchy topping so we are adding this melted butter as i fold the butter into the panko i know i have enough when we are ready to spread it thin have some wax paper here add some of our butter another wax paper on top put some pressure on it exactly what we're looking for a lovely lovely citrus rind.
I'm going to pop this in the freezer for 10 minutes we'll be right back and it's going to be a lovely crispy topping for our salmon and this is why we're here start the show here it's salmon time eat a nice steak o a salmon I am going to remove the skin we are not going to serrate what is going to let the knife do its job so we have a beautiful skinless tuna make about 8 ounces for the salmon we are preparing the salmon with just a little simple seasoning we have garlic I'm probably going to put a little too much here onion powder ginger powder salt and flip it making sure we're seasoning on both sides hello beautiful silver skin I like to fry the skin now I'm going to flour the skin side we're ready to cook a little of salmon and I'm using neutral oil because we're going to add flavor, you can never have too much olive oil, so I'm going to drizzle it on us. we're only cooking the salmon for about 2 1/2 minutes on each side because we're still cooking it once we put the crust on top hear that sizzle I want that right away I wanted to see it with salmon it's always important to cook the presentation side first, that's where you'll have the highest heat content.
I can always extend this side more and make it lighter when I flip it over, so it'll be somewhere in the middle eventually anyway, okay. I am going to reintroduce my wonderfully roasted vegetables, placed with a magic spoon, this asparagus will now be placed on top of all the vegetables, now you may be wondering where those beautiful Findley sliced ​​lemons went, here they are, let's take our marinade and drizzle them. top with panko breadcrumbs and we're going to grill it and it's going to be delicious ready to flip my salmon beautiful golden i don't have umbach i just said that was my inner monologue you have time to add the aromatics we're going to add our garlic rosemary and our thyme see opaque it's a different color it's almost like the color of pumpkin cream if the fish doesn't smell fishy it's pretty good fish it's ok i finished a ringy- dingy to dingy there you have two perfect pieces of salmon to add our last profile of flavor which will be the first bite and that's the citrus rind so I got the citrus rind out of the freezer we're going to cut a piece that's exactly equivalent to our salmon I want to make sure we cover the salmon completely because it's meant to be our skin and once it goes on the grill it will wrap completely around the salmon and create this beautiful texture. the oven this looks like quite a masterpiece I'm impressed so let's start with my sauce very pretty pretty and that my baby bok choy with julienned carrots what guys there are colors there is vibrancy there seems to be flavor hello salmon you look great finish it off with a little citrus alright here we go I like to use cilantro because it reminds me of tropical flavors and I think of pineapple as a tropical flavor now we mix the cilantro with our beautiful pineapple butter sauce and I think we have a beautiful salmon dish that's it this is my salmon and here we have our citrus crusted salmon.
I'm scared to try this because it looks so cool and I don't want to get any lucious hopes I'm Brown oh well it's not this. it's nice and just a good combo these guys are working together pom pom pom one paddle says hi the other stack says thank you you get this burst of lemon the texture of panko breadcrumbs if you don't like fish you will become with this dish that guy rhymed salmon is a popular medium fish that is very versatile in the kitchen let's see how each of our chefs made their salmon dishes Liana used a combination of fingerling potatoes cherry tomatoes and asparagus each ingredient requires different cooking times for proper cooking leads oil heats well and gets very hot while preventing water loss when baking.
Oil also adds richness to the flavor of potatoes and cherry tomatoes. food, cut the potatoes in half to reduce the cooking time required, the cherry tomatoes burst when the water inside them turns to steam, which creates a bit of liquid on the baking sheet. Liana added her asparagus with the salmon because it cooks faster than potatoes and cherry tomatoes when you cook green vegetables for longer the chlorophyll that gives asparagus its bright green color eventually turns into a compound called shopping sensation which is More of an olive color and not very appealing to the eye Lorenzo served his salmon with baby bok choy and carrots, which ties in nicely with his Asian-inspired theme.
He used a quick fry method in an aluminum wok. Clean this wok I've ever seen. convection as heat travels from the heat source around the sides of the wok, he used hot red pepper flakes with fresh garlic soy sauce and oyster sauce made by cooking moist soil that is high in glycogen which breaks down into glucose when cooked Calvin served his salmon with purple mashed potatoes this type of potato has anthocyanin pigments in the skin that turn them purple this pigment is water soluble and lightens in color when boiled also sautéed zucchini with heirloom cherry tomatoes as a chef the hardest thing to do is make a dish exciting from start to finish.
You are adding different flavor profiles. It will leave your palate excited. this steam generator from the water inside the tomato helps to easily remove the stringy skin making tomatoes tender Leana baked her salmon on high heat for 15 to 20 minutes on a baking sheet with her vegetables salmon is a fatty fish so it can stand up higher temperatures will dry out the rents using a nonstick skillet to sear his salmon lorenzo focused on keeping the skin very crisp and cooked his salmon to medium doneness so that the inside of his fillet would be brighter in color and very tender due to I'm going to leave it opaque for a very short period of time because I don't like to overcook it and dry it out.
Calvin first seared his skinless salmon while searing it. In the oven she briefly added the lemon butter crust and broiled her salmon.Grilling is a method of radiant heat in which heat energy is transmitted by waves that vibrate at high frequency and travel rapidly through space. Leanna's simple one-pound salmon dish relied on the colors of the potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and asparagus to complement the pink salmon. The panko added textural appeal and rounded out her delicious salmon. You guys thought I loved one. Lorenzo served his salmon with the skin up also added hot soy sauce Dijon mustard and hot sesame oil which activate chemosensory receptors on our tongues to impart that spicy sensation we get from capsaicin or other spicy ingredients like hot sesame I like things a little spicy a little high proteolytic enzyme so it helps tenderize the fish and makes you dance that's when you know it's great each of our three chefs put their own spin on their salmon recipe the next time you're in the mood a delicious and healthy fish, we are waiting for you.
You will enjoy these tips from our three chefs.

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