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2020 MHSAA Battle of the Fans IX - Zeeland East

Feb 18, 2020
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9 we have 943 students out of school and planning ok green conference our nickname is the co-op wackos let's check it out baby so these are the three things you know about the cooperative. it's one thing we break down every single defensive possession we make it so loud here the other team can't hear and that affects the game and it helps our number two team we have unity we're always all together everyone is included and everyone have a good time we invite the high school students tonight they were freaking out they were amazing three is a party go crazy there we have a lot of energy literally everything is fine i'm just cheering up your body they say no violence no one sees it scholarships for officers amazing as always our school helping our almost like having a smaller campus sets the tone so that's how we want to be we want to be excited all the time and keep shooting and that gets everyone going sooner Not just getting everyone together socially in our school, but it allows everyone to express and encourage our school spirit and really when you come together like this, it doesn't get any better.
2020 mhsaa battle of the fans ix   zeeland east

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