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2016 NBA Finals Mini-Movie (Full) Cavs Defeat Warriors 4-3

Mar 02, 2020
THE PREVIOUS YEAR The championship returns to the bay after 40 years. I didn't like how we got to the final last year. We didn't have Kev for the rest of the season, and we knew Ky was suffering from injuries. from the first round. It was a very different thing to have the whole team at their best. And I appreciate this moment. To be here one more time. The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, once again in the NBA Finals, looking to make their own history. Yes, it's nice to be here again, but there's a lot of work ahead.
2016 nba finals mini movie full cavs defeat warriors 4 3
And very eager to do so. First game of the NBA Finals. This it is. The city of Cleveland has been waiting for a title for more than half a century, while the Warriors want to retain their championship. The perfect ending to the 73-win season. Let's keep calm. Let's stick together, we'll make some mistakes, it's part of the game, but we have to stick together. We come from making an effort worthy of a title, from the beginning. We will not wait two or three games to


y enter the series. It will be from the beginning. Enjoy every moment.
2016 nba finals mini movie full cavs defeat warriors 4 3

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2016 nba finals mini movie full cavs defeat warriors 4 3...

Enjoy the atmosphere. Every second, every minute. Every play, every possession. Enjoy, okay? To win! One two Three. Let's go! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Oracle Arena. An epic seven-game series begins tonight. Chest pass from Green to Curry, scored by Thompson. Thompson slips... Curry with defensive mismatch. Curry for three... Hit it! It's all he needs. Iguodala defending LeBron James. James does a reverse fake that looks so easy. How gorgeous! And he does it with 2.03 m and 120 kg. Barbosa behind the back on the right side. The biggest advantage of the first half. Very good plays from the support players.
2016 nba finals mini movie full cavs defeat warriors 4 3
We are eight down. Come on, let's stay focused. Let's close the first half well. Let them get confused in the defense, let's go running. Here comes Kyrie Irving. He evades it, and Iguodala steals it from him again. 3 against 2 in the counterattack. Klay Thompson runs and... Tray against the board and inside! Iguodala may be one of the best defenders. It's the end of the first half. SECOND QUARTER Golden State up by nine. I see them in good shape. We have to play hard and have more contact. Do you understand what we are trying to do? Kyrie Irving carries the ball and makes contact.
2016 nba finals mini movie full cavs defeat warriors 4 3
He's worth double and a free throw. And Kyrie Irving has the opportunity for the three-point play, with the result Warriors 56 and Cavaliers 49. Let's stay firm and focused. They'll take some shots, okay, let's stay focused. Be aggressive, keep attacking. Kevin Love rushes the shot, the ball is loose. Love gets the ball and puts it in. THIRD QUARTER And Cleveland in front for the first time since the start. Relax, everything is fine. Hey, we're in a good place. One possession at a time. Let's go. Middle distance Livingston. 39 points from substitutes. Only five for the Cavaliers. Livingston from the line, rises again...
Hit! The roof of this place is going to explode. Keep pressing on every possession. Let's finish strong. James on Thompson, left hand, misses... Iguodala slaps her. Curry for Iguodala. What a beautiful pass! Curry passes it to Andre, who knocks it over. Lowest scoring of the season for Thompson and Curry combined. And yet they are up by 15. Final seconds. Three, two, one. 104-89. The Warriors take the first. Courtesy of your bank. Our defense was excellent, and they took charge of the ball. Do it again and we will always have chances to win. We did great teamwork. It can hit anyone.
PRESS ROOM Our job is to be ready. Shaun Livingston was terrific, but when you're beaten 45-10 off the bench, it's going to be hard to win, especially on the road. ORACLE STRENGTH IN NUMBER Everyone got involved. You don't win a championship without the whole team, so... Proud of how they played. We have to be sharper than in the first game. Ultimately, we have the same goal, which is to bring the championship to Cleveland. There are variants in the team, each one makes an impact and has a chance to help us win. Hope


y it stays in the second game.
STRENGTH IN NUMBER Come on, Warriors! Last year we missed game two, put us in a bind going to Cleveland... We know they're going to come out desperate. Only three of 31 teams that lost two games to none in Finals history came out on top. For the Warriors, it's all about handling the pressure and taking another step toward the goal of a repeat title. STRENGTH IN NUMBER We have to take care of the home court. Be present, focus on defense, and have fun, enjoy our audience. The concentration is the same as the first game. Defend each possession like crazy, and take care of the ball.
It will not be easy. It is a hostile public, and they will want it 2-0. Why not? At home they will both want to win, so we come prepared to play. Let's drop everything, let's go. -Believe, friends. -We have 48 minutes. United to the count of three. -Joined! -Let's go. -Three, two, and one... -Ready. And we are already underway. James advances and is blocked by Bogut. Pass from James to Thompson. Bogut blockade, the third already. Curry in transition. From long range, and the Warriors are in front. -Yes sir. Let's make a couple of stops. Bottom line, Draymond cuts... ...rises and Bogut with a new block.
Four blocks in less than eight minutes. Way to go, big man. They are being tougher than us. They are more energetic. Do not get wrong. We have to be stronger. Again James, in the high post. He penetrates and gets an easy layup. LeBron James' first points. And quick, Steve Kerr calls for a 20-second


timeout. We are not focused. Get out there and focus on both ends of the court. On defense, they have to talk. Keep playing strong and being aggressive. I want to see it. Keep attacking. Dellavedova in midfield faces the hoop. In for James who overturns it.
And the Cavaliers get a 6-point lead. So it has to be. With intelligence! That's how it has to be done. Let's go! You have to have more circulation in attack. You have to move the ball. Let's play like we know how. Outside Shumpert takes her. Pass no look for Draymond. He is open and shoots. Three ball for Draymond! Kay! Good pass! Opportunity for the Warriors. Thompson leaves Jefferson, out to Green, tries three. The hole! Draymond Green is on! He Wears 15! The Warriors to the max! A turnaround of 18 points. Let's go guys. Keep going so. ... down the right, he gives it to Draymond on the post.
He passes, Klay Thompson gets pushed, pulled and in! He gets fouled by J.R. Smith from behind. And Klay Thompson who can give the Warriors a 20-point lead. This is how it has to be. The defense is very good, we get to the board well. The ball moves, good screens. This basketball does fall in love. Is very powerful. A competitive spirit. ...out towards Barbosa. For Klay... It's what this team always does. Take away your will Klay, for three... Yes! golden state. What an impressive performance. 54% effectiveness in shots from the field. And they take a 2-0 lead in these NBA Finals.
LAST QUARTER Good win. We did what we had to, win at home. Now we will be the visitors. It will be much more difficult than today, you know that. We will have to pass them over if we want to win. These matches are over. There is no mental barrier. We know we have to play better. And we have to pull this off and play on Wednesday. We trust each other, but... we don't get ahead of ourselves. There is no point in celebrating. We still have to go and finish the job. Report updated on 20/20. The NBA final between the Cavs and the Warrios moves to Cleveland.
In the first two games... SPORTS RADIO ...the Cavs as a team didn't look like what we saw in the playoffs. LET'S GO WITH EVERYTHING IN THE FINAL The Cavaliers have their backs against the wall against the Warriors. Game three on hold. It starts at 21:00. We are 2-0 down. We know we are local. We trust. And we can't afford to go 3-0 down. We will give ourselves to the maximum and leave everything on the field. Our public will give us energy. We will also give it to you. Tonight the focus will be kill or be killed. Everyone is preparing to bury Cleveland, but if you make some necessary adjustments and play your best basketball, that's what this game is about.
We will have to do our best, we know what awaits us. Do what you know. Follow me from the beginning to the end. Let's go. Dominate at three. Ones, two, three... Dominate! Let's go! Irving, aggressive in attack, leaves Curry behind, cross exit, takes a jump shot. And he scores! He can be felt right now. He was the one they needed to start marking, and for now, everything is going well for them. Irving for the triple. Hit! Kyrie Irving from the house! Irving has 16 points in the quarter! What a way to start game three for the Cavaliers.
I like what we are seeing. They carry the ball fast on the counterattack. We are fine? You have to be. We have to be stronger, more aggressive, and faster. Barbosa for Livingston. What a beautiful pass from Shaun Livingston. Draymond culminates the counterattack with a dunk! This is a team capable of comebacks. The match is not over yet. We did a great job to get back in the game. Let's finish half strong and we'll be well prepared. Klay Thompson. That beauty! And the lack! He dunked and was fouled. And he fell hard to the ground. Beautiful play by Klay Thompson.
SECOND QUARTER Magnificent closing. Go get him, Tristan! Go for him! Tristan Thompson, back to LeBron, over the... And he dunked it! Receives from Tristan Thompson, spins and scores... A wild first half. Carry on with confidence. Keep playing as a team. They're going to do some runs, some shots. We know that. We have to stay together and fight. The Cavs were up 20, and now go into the third quarter leading by 8. Jefferson passes it to Smith, feints with a three-point shoot, shoot, hit the 3-pointer! They have responded for the good of the Cavs. This is a different team from the one that played in the first games.
Smith, right flank, tries a triple. He Scores! J.R. Smith to pass from Kyrie Irving. This time it was Curry who didn't get to cover in time. 77-59, Cavaliers lead. Brand change! Brand change! It comes over there. Brand change! Lose the ball. LeBron to the floor to recover it. James... manages to keep dribbling. The ball falls... James with it, passes it to Irving, returns a balloon to James. LeBron receives it! And LeBron dunks... he buries her! And that's it. The buzzer sounds, the Cavaliers take game three by 30 points. Final score. Cavaliers 120, Warriors 90. And the Cavaliers who, through pure fighting, manage to get back into this final series. -It was special. -Yes sir.
I'm wondering the same. We had to win, we had to. At home, with the energy of the public. I'm glad I succeeded. A painful night for Golden State. They will be able to turn it around Friday night. Winning an NBA championship is not supposed to be easy. It's up to us to live up to it. It didn't turn out the way we wanted...we felt some urgency knowing how important Game 4 is. A match for true professionals. We need everything that we show on the pitch and what we don't show as well. It was time. Cleveland works.
Cleveland believes. That's what the Cavs are, they embody the spirit of Cleveland. No matter what the world says, or how many games you are down, you don't give up, you don't stop believing. With your heart and soul, you must believe that you can do it. We will win. STAND UP FOR THE LAND Because we are Cleveland. It's the moment. Lets go for everything. After winning Game 3, Cleveland is in full swing. The defending champions have a tough challenge ahead of them, looking to regroup on the Cavaliers' home court and take control of the series. YOU WILL SEE IT WHEN YOU HAVE FAITH We have come this far for our team, because we trust all of you.
When we play together, when we compete together, that's when we do our best. To fight and take care of the partner's back for 48 minutes. Here we go. Follow me, you all know what it's about. United at three... One, two, three. Joined! Irving comes off the screen, penetrates. Pass to Thompson marked by Draymond. He takes the ball away, feints, takes the shot Draymond Green fouls and counts the point. Two minutes to end the quarter. It's run by Curry. Curry goes off the screen, stops and throws at Shumpurt, and hits a 3-pointer from one step from the line.
A stab at Curry. FIRST ROOM Good room. Keep going so. It's a good job. Let's play hard. Let's keep attacking. Curry branded by Tristan Thompson. Curry shoots... Irving's block! Kyrie Irving said: "no." OMG! There are only five and a half minutes left in the second quarter, which has been very even. J.R. Smith misses the shot, James takes the rebound. Another offensive rebound for the Cavaliers. Outside pass to Kevin Love. Love settles down. He shoots a triple. Love is right! We got to halftime. The result is 55-50. Golden State, 5 points down. You have to play and attack faster.
Being aggressive all night. We fight like crazy, and that's the main thing. We are in good shape. The pressure is on them. They have to win this game. Green's run. Draymond to the bottom, looking for Klay Thompson, is open for three and buries her! Klay's triple. Iguodala to Thompson and towards Curry. Curry and Thompson's best match in these


. He rolls for three. Basket! Golden State led by three, an 11-point comeback in the third quarter. THIRD ROOM We are fine, but we are harming ourselves. We have to communicate and talk. We can't shoot them. There's a lot of time left.
We do not want to enter and let the ball circulate slowly. If we have an advantage, we go. We want shots. Love drives over Andre, he backs off, they block the pass. James goes up without the ball. What a move by Andre! Irving on the counter, jump, block from KlayThompson! A second half with defensive dominance by the Warriors. Another rebound from Iguodala. Andre Iguodala appearing at the moment of truth. Seven seconds left, Curry pulls three... Inside. Stephen Curry from the line of three. There are 17 triples. Record for triples converted by a team in a final. LAST QUARTER The Golden State Warriors hand the Cleveland Cavaliers their first home loss in the postseason, leading three games to one.
I think we compete, that we play with intensity. Every time we messed up, they made us pay. This is how we respond. We did it all year, it's no different in the playoffs. You have to be braver. Good, Dr. One more. The next game will be the hardest. With blocking... It was a key victory. But we can't relax. There is a lot of work ahead. They will do their best, so it will be a very tough game, and we will have to be prepared. In the NBA Finals, you have to risk everything. If you don't think we can win, don't get on the plane. 2014-2015 NBA CHAMPIONS It's not hard.
You have to go out and do the work. You give everything you have to your team and your teammates. I know what I'm capable of, and I know what our team is capable of. Especially in an all or nothing game. There was a particular conviction on the Cleveland roster. A serene confidence that wasn't fabricated or artificial. This team really believes. He does not plan to retire gracefully. Come on Warriors! This is our night! Let's go! The Warriors are looking to make history, but they'll have to do it without Draymond Green. A very important game for both teams.
One who fights to survive. In truth, I am also fighting for my life. Trying to consolidate our season and make a great team fit. We are losing but we continue. "Never die" is our attitude. We know it will be one game at a time. We have to fight. The two most important days in life are when you are born, and when you find out why you were born. And I think we were born to be champions. We have it complicated, but we can do it. We are 3-1 down, and we have to be mentalized that we are going to play tonight to win.
We have the same opportunity in front of us. Focus on details, energy and effort. Let's stick together. One two Three. Together! Eight to throw. Curry on the left, dribbles and shoots three... Stephen Curry goes through the bank to collect! Kyrie Irving comes off the block to the right and to the bottom... to the rim, with his left he goes to the backboard and dunks. The match has started well. Stay focused. The whole game, the 48 minutes. They are going to run, so are we. Thompson, from far away! Thompson, long distance. Again. 26 points in the first half. It is his sixth triple of the game.
Well, keep pushing. Trust your partner. Here we go. Livingston leaves the screen, they get confused and he goes to the hoop. And he dumps it on Jefferson! A right hand dunk from Shaun Livingston, which ties the game at 38! Changes on the scoreboard in this second quarter. Attack! So! Attack! James feints, drives, dunks and is fouled. Brilliant offense from a member of the NBA's elite. SECOND QUARTER And so concludes the best half of these


. I love development. Big name players are playing to their full potential. Irving for three... Iguodala gives it to Irving from the left.
LeBron James rises and the plug from behind. I like how we are fighting. Keep going so. James... Back off. He tries another triple. How good! LeBron James from the line of three! Good work! Let's go. Keep fighting, okay? This is within our reach. We can do it! Let's go! One of the best offensive performances I've seen in finals by Kyrie Irving. He enters the zone. And dunk! He gets fouled by Klay Thompson. And Kyrie Irving does it again. He's 33. This rowdy crowd has been quieted by Cleveland's performance. The Cavs up by 13. LeBron accelerates, from the free throw line and from the zone he tries a shot, he receives a foul.
He shoots and dunks! It is the first time that two teammates have achieved 40 points in a final. Cleveland forces Game 6. -Well played. I told you I had more. Yes sir! They played two great games... LAST QUARTER ...and I'm proud of how they played and competed today. Good game. So we have to fight. When we fight and play hard, no one can beat us. But it is not easy. 3-2 up, go play another game in Cleveland. We are in the same situation as last year. And we went to Cleveland and we took care of that and we won everything.
There's no reason not to do it again. We live to fight another day. We live to fight again. It feels great. A life or death situation. We resist. We're still down, and we know we're playing against an incredible team. You have to do better in game six. HAIRDRESSER It's our moment. I know that winning three games in a row is difficult to achieve, but it is what we have to do. Nothing is easy. After the other day, they gave us hope again. Much more playing again at home. JUNE 14,


Cleveland! We all came to the airport to welcome the Cleveland Cavaliers!
The entire state and city... WE BELIEVE ALL IN 216 ...the entire community supports the team. We wanted to come out and let you know that we believe and that we're ready for game six. STAND FOR THE EARTH Come on, Cavs! ALL IN 216 THE FINALS It is the most important game in the history of the Cavaliers. A win will mean that the dream of the city's first NBA title lives on. And the Warriors want to make their own history. They need a win to bring their incredible season to a close with a new ring. Let's go with everything!
It's our night! This public is exultant. This is what they expect. COMMENTATOR They hope their team wins. They expect a great performance. So you can't wait. Cleveland Cavaliers! Irving dribbles, drives. James with the dunk! James, on the left, blocked by Ezeli... Great pass to Thompson! James to Thompson. What a pass from LeBron James! That's the appetite the Cavaliers were looking for. Energy in the environment. Energy on the track. FIRST ROOM Be patient. Steal some balls, hit some shots. Curry, stops and shoots, and hits a 3-pointer. Curry in transition, rises, and hits a three-pointer! He gets it!
Curry from the line of three! Nine points in a row, and now they're down eight. You don't want to fall asleep in front of the dangerous Warriors. LeBron James advances. He drops a balloon for Thompson... Thompson catches it and tips it over! From a brilliant pass from LeBron James. Tristan Thompson gets a two-category double in the first half. And the Warriors go down 16 at halftime. THIRD QUARTER I like the strength, what we are doing. We have to continue like this. Make sure you keep up, okay? Varejã from the band to Klay, feint... Klay Thompson hits! He nails it from the left wing.
Trying to come back in the third quarter. Five for Klay Thompson's shot. Thompson shoots. Klay Thompson revives, and it's a nine-point game. Good work. We are getting rhythm. Well, let's keep it up. Hey, if we have a shot, we take it. We have to carry the ball. Be smart. The Cavaliers come out, long pass to Smith, gives it back to LeBron! LeBron! He hits an alley oop. Golden State tries to get back into the game, but the Cavaliers hit back every time. Draymond rises and they cover him. What a stopper from James. Leaving a warning on both sides of the track. attack!
It is understood? With everything we have in these 4 minutes. Go Go! The great player of his generation, with another epic performance in a playoff game. James and the finishing touches on what is a magnificent performance. Forty-one points in consecutive games in a final. And we'll have game seven in Oakland. Well, LeBron, it's obvious that facing elimination doesn't faze you. Congratulations, a great performance. I'm delighted to be here and witness it. I'm glad to see you. I love and respect you. I'm glad you were able to witness this together with the fans. We appreciate you very much.
Thank you very much for entertaining me. If they told us at the beginning of the season that we would win the championship in Oakland ... I would have signed right there. Go Cavs! Seventh game! The best words of sport. 11 TIME NBA CHAMPION Game seven. It can make or break you psychologically. Guys would ask me, "Are you worried about Game 7?" And I told them: "No. Let them worry." THE FINALS Not much to say, here we are. This is why one lives. Count on us, Cavs! Welcome to the 19th game number seven in NBA history. The Warriors will try to conclude what may be the best season in the NBA.
THE FINALS Will this very night be the night Cleveland fans have dreamed of for decades? Seventh game, next. I CAME FROM AKRON TO WITNESS THE PROMISE Come on! This is the seventh game of the final. It could be a one off opportunity. Leave everything on the field. We will give ourselves the great opportunity to leave here with our dream. That whatever has to happen. A tremendous series. They did a great job. -And you. -Good luck. Oracle Arena is alive and roaring as we head into Game 7. Irving is surpassed by Klay Thompson. He shoots three. A difficult shot from Irving.
He found great shot. Smith passes the ball through Curry's hands. Curry almost steals it, but it slipped out of his hands. James overturns it with both hands. seventh game. We are very excited. But playing a little rushed. Keep moving the ball. Green of three. Draymon wide open. He takes a triple... Five out of five! It's a little turned on, isn't it? keep playing. Draymond, cut to the hoop! Double cut! He moves fast. He stops below. What a great double! Draymond Green has 21 points, and the Golden State Warriors head into the locker room leading by seven. SECOND QUARTER We have to improve.
Change body language. Play louder, be more aggressive. Listen, let's put everything we've got into these 24 minutes. All. Let's go! Hey Ky! ky! You have to be aggressive, come on. Irving to the free throw line, wrestles with Draymond Green, gets fouled, shoots and dunks! Kyrie Irving with the opportunity for the three-point play. This is how it is done, this is how we have to fight. Keep up that intensity. Kyrie Irving marked by Curry. Kyrie Irving... hits the triple. And the Cavaliers have the biggest lead of the night. Irving with a great third quarter. Everyone calm down. In a six point game with a quarter and a half ahead.
Let's slow down. If you can run, run. Curry with the ball. Curry, three against three. Bounce pass... Livingston goes to the hoop! And he overturns it with the right! An entire NBA season that is reduced to a last quarter to decide the champion. twelve minutes. Everything we did this season, twelve more minutes. Trust your teammates. Trust each one. Curry, change of hand, triple... In! Stephen Curry from the three. And we are tied again. We had 20 lead changes and 11 ties. We are doing well, but we have to defend those shots. Iguodala escapes, they give him the numbers if he hurries, he passes it to Curry, he gives it back to Andre...
James block! LeBron James with the cap! Oh! 60 seconds left, tied at 89. Here we go. Irving, between the circles, goes to the left, marked by Stephen Curry, six seconds to shoot. He is in the right place. He paces, shoots a 3-pointer. He holed it up! It's over, the Cavaliers are the NBA champions! The drought is over! The curse... destroyed! Fifty-two years of torment and anguish erased. It was the best. This was. It was this, this very thing, brother. Right here. Right here! We are a group that wants to continue playing, and that believes in the other. We believe.
We did it. We did it, Cleveland. Cleveland! This is for you! THANK YOU, CAVS Congratulations. They are the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 deficit. And LeBron, the Most Valuable Player of the


NBA Finals. Congratulations. Our names will go down in history. I never thought I'd be here. When a group wins a championship, it's a blood transfusion. It is something that can never change. In the end we made it. People said we couldn't. We show a lot of perseverance and resilience. 2016 NBA CHAMPIONS This was our inspiration throughout the playoffs. We had all 16 puzzle pieces.
Fifteen pieces for each of the fifteen boys who sacrificed themselves, with the last piece going to Coach Lue. I was speechless, all I know is... we are the 2016 NBA champions. THE NBA FINALS

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