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2 HOURS of English Conversation Dialogues Listening Practice

Mar 06, 2024
and prepare a delicious breakfast. Having breakfast while feeling the sun is the best. This has been something. I have always done it since I was little, there were four children in my family and they all loved sports, they all had a big appetite from the morning, that's why my mom always got up early and prepared a good breakfast, thanks to that my mind and my body worked. very good since the morning a while ago when my friend stayed the night at my house, she was very surprised to see the breakfast that I had prepared, my friend is the type that can't eat much in the morning so apparently she always only has one cup of coffee according to my friend if she eats a lot in the morning she feels unpleasant in my case I always reduce my lunch if I eat a lot at lunch it makes me sleepy in the afternoons causing my efficiency at work to decrease my friend and I are complete opposites because He doesn't eat much at breakfast, he gets very hungry around 11.
2 hours of english conversation dialogues listening practice
That's why apparently he eats a lot at lunch. It seems like everyone has different rhythms for their body. I saw it on TV a while ago, but there are also people who only eat once a day. day instead of having breakfast and lunch, they apparently eat around 2500 kilocalories at dinner. I'm worried about their health if they eat like that, but people who do that seem very healthy, they exercise a lot every day, so apparently they don't gain weight even if they eat a lot at night I can never copy them one of my friends only eats salad for dinner that one friend also goes to the gym and is very skinny I copied her once and only ate salad for dinner however I gave up after two days if I don't eat meat or fish as the main course for dinner I can't sleep at night because of hunger In the end I woke up at midnight and ate a slice of bread with a glass of milk and finally I was able to sleep peacefully depending on the country there may also be times when you eat five meals a day there are doctors who say to eat four to five light meals It is healthier for the body however to eat three meals a day The day is the best for my body.
2 hours of english conversation dialogues listening practice

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2 hours of english conversation dialogues listening practice...

I think everything is fine if you eat a balanced diet and feel that your body is in good condition. Sorry, I'm late. What happened? I missed the train. Is rare. You are generally punctual. I'm telling you the truth. Yesterday I couldn't sleep much, that's why you missed the train. Yes, he was very agitated last night. Did something happen last night? Suddenly I received a call from my mother. Oh really, she said my dad collapsed, so I rushed over there and my dad was lying on the floor. Oh no, did you call the ambulance immediately? Of course, when we got to the hospital they told us he needed surgery right away.
2 hours of english conversation dialogues listening practice
Oh no, that's really horrible. Yes, on top of that, the surgery took four


. That must have been worrying. I was with my mom, but I couldn't help but worry. However, the surgery ended successfully and there was nothing life-threatening. It's good to hear. I am very grateful to God, but his right leg. He's not really moving, so what is he going to do from now on? apparently he needs to go through rehab from now on, if he rehabs he will go back to the way he was, we don't know yet, for now there is nothing more. but work hard on rehabilitating him, oh, I see that my dad, who used to be very healthy, now he is weak and I am a little sad, I know how you feel.
2 hours of english conversation dialogues listening practice
I also felt the same when my mother was hospitalized. I guess we're the ones who need to be louder, but thank you so much for


to a lot of what I had to say, no problem, I'll listen to you anytime. You should go home earlier and rest, but I have a lot of work to do. It will be fine if you tell the manager about the situation, he will definitely understand that everyone knows that you are always working hard and seriously, but I need to finish it by tomorrow. Don't really worry about the work because I will help you too, thank you.
I'm really grateful, no problem, we should help each other in times of need. Sure, how far do we walk? We start from seven in the morning, so it should be about an hour, an hour, huh, I've been losing stamina. Back then we could walk three or four


without any problem, yeah, yeah, how about I go buy us a drink? Thank you and then coffee with milk, please wait. upstairs, sorry for the wait, the coffee shop was a little far away, it's so good to drink coffee when you're tired it's the best, the fragrance of the coffee in this shop is good, yes, walking with it makes it pleasant, it's true, but after passing 30 I have been losing resistance if you train maybe I will go back to how I was before.
Yes, do you go to the gym? I don't go to the gym, but instead of driving to work, I've been cycling. What time do you leave home to go cycling? I think around 6.30. What is so early. At that time I get up. I just started this year. Getting up early. I mean, what time do you sleep? At night I try to go to bed at 11 and wake up at 5:30. Wow, at first I thought I wouldn't continue, but after I started I felt good and my health started improving after all, exercising is the best, and after all.
I started riding my bike to work. My work pace has been efficient. I also feel like my worries are gone. It is full of benefits. Yeah, how about you do it too? It reminds me of high school days and the clubs we used to


together every day. so that was really funny oh yeah, what happened to mike recently? Are you in contact with him? We only email each other once in a while. He looks like he is now married and has three children. He's been a very kind person for a long time, so he must be. a very good father now I hope we can all meet again I agree, let's get in touch with those from back then and meet up I wonder how they are talking about the situations now with everyone it seems fun okay, let's start walking soon yes, how far should we then walk I feel full of energy so how about we walk an hour and a half later that sounds good I'll go with you I'm hungry because we're walking what should I eat tonight I'm going to eat pizza I'll eat pizza too How was summer vacation? ?
I went to my Japanese friend's house. That's good, it sounds fun. Yes, it was really fun. How was the? Let me hear your stories this time instead of staying in the hotel. I stayed at my friend's house and then you could probably eat. Japanese homemade dishes, yes, yes, it was very delicious. My friend's mother is very good at cooking, so she made many things. Did you have any Japanese dishes that you didn't like? There was one who couldn't eat. What type of dish was it? It was called natto. It's healthy but the smell and texture made me not like it, oh actually most of the dishes were delicious so I was always very full every day.
How nice, I envy you, oh, and they showed me many beautiful places, which place left you with a strong impression that the hot springs in the mountain were very good. Going to the hot springs while looking at the scenery felt very good. I heard you can't wear a swimsuit in Japanese hot springs. Yes, yes, you have to go naked to Japanese hot springs. It's embarrassing to go completely naked. I don't think I can do it right. If you visit the place you will get used to it. Oh yes, I have a memory for you. What is it?
It's a toothpick with your name engraved on it. wow, it's very beautiful, thank you, do you have any photos of the trip I took? I took a lot of photos, so check them out. Now I also want to travel. Traveling is the best. I feel very renewed. How about we travel next time? breaking up with the two of us sounds good come on I want to go to the beach next I was thinking the same thing when was the last time we went to the beach together maybe two years ago so it's been a long time yes I am I need to buy another swimsuit .
I'm getting excited too. I need to lose some weight before that. I gained about three kilograms in the last two years. You really don't look any different, although I know that very well. Don't worry. that being healthy comes first

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