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1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4: Regular Car Reviews

Apr 12, 2024
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1995 mitsubishi 3000gt vr 4 regular car reviews
Thank you all very much for participating in these giveaways. You're helping RCR get to Australia in November 20124. In case you're watching this in a few years, you're going to love it because I love it. If you are ever thinking about entering an RCR giveaway, now is the time to call 1800 cat and tell them. the automated message that says my name, come pick me up, my dick is out, you evil dark horse, you're not even on the Red Line and you still have a thousand more RPMs. Welcome to the Slayer, welcome to the baddest motherfucker to ever come out of the 9.
1995 mitsubishi 3000gt vr 4 regular car reviews

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1995 mitsubishi 3000gt vr 4 regular car reviews...

Welcome to danger, welcome to the VR4 Mitsubishi 3000 GT, what a name 7,000 RPM Redline and ball draining noises all the way, the Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 is a Mitsubishi in its heyday when build quality existed, when power meant refinement and turbocharging technology was as good as Toyota's. It's all the power you'd expect in an EVO, but more cylinders, more displacement, more turbos wrapped in a wind-cutting body and commanded from an interior that looks more like a sit-down arcade machine than a Brian car. I have to interrupt myself for a minute. I was just about to say this is a 1993 two, this is yes, this is a


, which means it has more power, 20 more horsepower to be exact, putting it exactly in line with a Toyota Supra Turbo, this car was a example that Mitsubishi could do it. could go toe to toe with giants, it's from an era that may never happen again, so what the Mitsubishi 3000 GT really was was Mitsubishi daring to punch the face of God.
1995 mitsubishi 3000gt vr 4 regular car reviews
God it's the 4th generation Supra, you don't own a high powered Toyota, you don't. You don't have a lot of boost, you don't have a top speed of 155 mph, yeah right, 155, not that it's much more and this is like it did in Grand Turismo. I definitely believe the reports at the time, I think I mentioned it. It was Car Week that the Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 is almost half a second. I think point 4, let's call it half a second, half a second, faster at 60 than the Amado, nobody is coming, nobody is coming, nobody is coming here, come on, precise NSX. and this makes me distracted because this car is so good that you feel like you are in a fighter plane.
1995 mitsubishi 3000gt vr 4 regular car reviews
I've driven Supras and they're fast, but they're definitely GT cars. The Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 is definitely a fighter jet. the 3000 GT commercial was that elegant brand of high-class self-confidence that only comes when your company cocktails start with a sample tray of powdered sugar. the commercial starts with a well-dressed Urbane or Suburban standing indoors applauding in front of a JD Power and Associates Award or something and then we see slow motion shots of a resale red 3000 GT driving slowly through the warm sunlight evening. The road is wet from the recent afternoon summer rains. The clear coat on 3000 is reflective and slippery. covered in warm water and precum and back inside, the men are dressed like Pierce Broen as James Bond and the women are dressed like Jillian Anderson as Agent Scully.
There is a photographer present to document everyone's erections. More slow motion shots of the 3000 GT approaching a vagina. There's no engine noise, there's nothing, there's no pictures of anyone driving it, just rich people and softcore porn, that's how you sell a car. Oh, and another thing that makes everything like sugar for your snot. The commercial. They don't really spend much time talking about the car. they also congratulate themselves like Mitsubishi on how wonderful we are, what you're not going to buy, look at us, we kick ass. I remember when I first drove a super turbo Toyota, I was a little disappointed, I knew I was driving one.
One of the best cars ever made, but when I waited for the turbo when the turbo was mid-grade and then it fell on itself, I thought, "Oh, a super turbo Toyota is very good, but the 2JZ needs to be woken up." It's a bit tame out of the box, while Mitsubishi had to end the conversation immediately. This car out of the box, no modifications, no tune. I mean, there's a 10 horsepower air intake in the box and there's a curiously American exhaust, uh Bor. the back, but the tune is the same, this is as good as if a Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 came out of the factory.
They wanted people to get into one of these things and realize it's crazy, right out of the box and it's there. There's something about car sales and production that's a little out of control right away. I think we're going back to that a little bit in the modern sense, where the EVS are very fast and each endangers the other, but that's not the case. a road not traveled they were doing this in the 90s downshifts oh they downshift so well oh you just hit the gas and you find the next gear I'm, I'm concentrating here, I'm concentrating here the brakes are good the brakes are good good brakes, this car is 30 years old, oh look, someone took care of you, you'll feel a little bit of that Subaru Drive Line or good curve, good curve, good curve, you'll feel a little bit of the Subaru drive line deflection if you also change gears a little.
He quickly did it again because it is an all-wheel drive car that makes a lot of power and accelerates very high. Gosh, the Turnin, the 3000 GT is a very big car by 1990 standards, sure, but it doesn't handle like one you'd notice. Evo and Mitsubishi's rally experience over 9 years, the winners that were are alive here, it's the same technology applied to do it, we call it, we call this surpass, maybe FM, diversity, anti-theft, Mitsubishi Motors , disco, Auto, Metal, how would I do it? a tape cassette you would almost have to ask a technician how a cassette player could automatically know that there is a metal tape here the mitubishi 3000 GT never had its moment in the sun, not in the sense that the super did, that's why the 3000 GT and more specifically the VR4 is the Dark Horse of the 9's power and speed wars, if you want to call it that for cars, and it's controllable too.
Mitsubishi really did it with this if you put someone who wasn't really into the cars in both. a Toyota Supra uh GTS GTE and then they put them on this, they would say well obviously this is faster because it's so punchy off the line. Mitsubishi wanted to flip the script on everyone and they wanted to say no, we are actually as good as Toyota. We are going to surpass Toyota, Toyota, we are going to make a car that accelerates much more violently, handles better, turns sharper and has more technology. They really tried, man, and it shows, wait, that doesn't mean it's good. uh missc 3000 GT is VR4 is not above some 90's tropes of having vents that don't really do anything oh wait oh technically they do something right, they go somewhere I don't know what they're doing, what are you doing? cool the tire.
I love that these things still work because even you sit on these things and you slouch back, so my hand isn't long enough to reach the volume controls, but I have them down here and I don't know what. Auto M and mcal, I've been pushing them, they don't really do anything, there's also a mute function here, but there's no car phone here, so this is just for convenience, if I want to talk to someone. I have it here, okay, it goes from 65 to 70, that's me, 80 to 90, how much does this thing need to come out 90° every time you change modes, the little animated LEDs change.
I like how you can see the unused ones in the background. a handheld game from Tiger Electronics oh, I just noticed something clipped in the crotch the crotch heater the crotch vent the ball cooler I didn't notice this is adjustable, you can point it I didn't see it oh, you can point it in and out outside look this is adjustable for a narrow beam straight to your balls or wide and then here adjustable up and down oh what do we have here in the back seat under the velcro? It's a CD changer. Yes, it is for home and car use, okay, so it says for home. and car use, that means, oh, someone goes out on a motorcycle, remove the trays from the case one at a time, oh, they work like this and then you load your CDs, well, I have to go get some CDs then, and if am I right Through these windows right here, when you put it back in, it will try to load the six discs that are here and there, so the Mitsubishi 3000 GT was produced from 1990 until 2000, making it one of the most 9 cars.
I never did I never set foot in any of the decades and shave my balls the year 2000 is still the 9 because that didn't happen yet the 3000 GT didn't have Generations as we understand them in the United States it had series and there There were three of them, I guess you could think of it as a series of facelifts. Now the base model of the 3000, the Mitsubishi 300,000 uh, had a transversely mounted 3 liter naturally aspirated 6G 72 twin cam engine that made 222 horsepower at 6,000 RPM. and 2011 pbet of torque at 4500 RPM, uses two small td04 03b turbochargers developed in-house and they spin fast and that's how the 3000 GT VR4 is faster than the revered Acura NSX, the lowest recorded 0-60 time of a VR4 300gt original is 4.9 seconds by Hemmings, while the NSX did 0-60 in 5.3 seconds when tested by Auto Week, the 3000 GT was built specifically to compete with Honda and two Toyota extensions and, like Mitsubishi used the evos to outdo the crazy Subaru STI, the 3000 GTS.
In Asylum, the NSX with all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, limited-slip differential and active aerodynamics, the 6G 72 would later be tuned up to 320 horsepower, putting it exactly on par with the fourth-generation twin-turbo Toyota Supra GTE, which also generated 320 horsepower. How do you like that? How do you like that 2J Mitsubishi can play this game but unlike the Supra which had sluggish turbochargers which I admit are fun? Well, Peggy, you know I like delayed gratification. Well, Peggy, you know I like to have my unmentionables rearranged. Well, Peggy, you know how I lock my Ronald Reik-shaped propane-powered urethral expander. Everyone has a Hank Hill.
Nobody has a good Hank Hill. The 3000 GT is not far behind. 90's style. It has a strong 2010 BMW style. And for those who are paying attention. that Mitsubishi Galant box reviewed two weeks ago also used a 6G 723 ler only with single cam heads and no turbochargers. The list of cars that use the 6G 72 is huge. Are you ready? Dodge Caravan and all minivans chryso New Yorker Dodge Raider Mitsubishi Montero Dodge. Maserati Chrysler's Spirit Chrysler TC read Mitsubishi Mighty Max Hyundai Sonata Dodge Shadow Mitsubishi Delica Mitsubishi Galant Mitsubishi Eclipse Dodge Stratus and a bunch of other JDM stuff, but it wasn't just Mitsubishi that used


engines and their premium models, their beautiful NSX uses the Honda c30a and the C30 BS, which are just 3L double overhead cam versions of the c27a, which is the 2.7L single overhead cam V6 in the Honda Accord and its 2J, which are jerking off, It's just the star child of at least 20 different cars when Justin said he found a 3000.
I was like, yeah, okay, I remember it's a little weird and here I am driving it, man, there are few cars after driving so many that surpass my expectations. Australia, this makes the three, the mitubishi 3000 GT VR4, reminds me of the Holden, we have the Pontiac GTO, they just sold them to people, yes, six liter V8 and a six speed, yes, go die, This is Mishi saying that here is the most expensive car. we make go drive it and die there there is uh antiock you have that um there is a viscous limited slip differential and permanent all-wheel drive I love Subarus, I love them very much and I had one and I love wrx and I like STI even more, but the best of healthy competition is that there is always someone on your heels and the 3000 GT is one of the great cars of all time because it was always the loser, so it had to prove that it is as good as Honda is as good as Toyota and during In the 90s I would say Mitsubishi was as good as those two.
How fast can this really go? This is rally car technology put into the frame of a sports car, let's have it all at once and usually that mix. It's a terrible ride when there's too much technology, but the 3000 everything comes together, everything works now. I drove a Dodge Stealth a million years ago. I think Rosemont, Illinois, I remember. I was disappointed in the car and maybe it's because I was in traffic I was in Chicago BBS enRosemont the BS is a nice area I don't know, I don't spend enough time in Chicago. I have to get back, but here I am on Pennsylvania Back Road in a fast twin-turbo car. with all-wheel drive and suddenly like, oh this is made for this, damn this is cool, if you're ever thinking about entering an RCR giveaway this is the one and who knows if we'll ever have a car like this. to give away again, so click the link in the description next to a mug or digital download and someone, and it could be you, will win this Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4.

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