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1969 Chevelle 500 mile Rescue - Vice Grip Garage EP20

Feb 27, 2020
well you ordered it so you're getting it this is another online car shopping you haven't seen I think it's in Iowa but it turns out it's in Illinois which apparently is a big difference it happens all day driving there to find out the car hasn't. It's been plated since 1979 and has Iran and many, many years and I have two days to fix it and drive 500


s home. This is going to be a lot of fun. Well here we have a


Chevrolet Chevelle two door. Surprised on the right. It's not a four door, I give it a little run and then I have to start pounding on this thing, the interior is in pretty good shape, though it smells like moldy carpet and Taco John's, it has quite a bit of weight reduction in the rear. needs quarters on both sides plus maybe not so lean on weight really nice guys and he has thrown these fenders those are fenders swapmeet 50 bucks he said you got those for windshields you don't have to do the old cellophane wrap supreme so ok leave let's see if i can find the keys and w i'll get in the trunk here my optimism level went up really high it's pretty weird i have keys to everything i own oh boy that's a really good sign oh actually even change i have two hubcaps air filter lo which probably means the carbs are bare cool speed hole probably the dealer for that oh boy we might have our hands full when I open the hood here it might even be factory red let's take a look under the hood illinois 1979 another good sign oh my yes current situation you have a vegetable The oil or pesticide fuel tank worries me a little, although it is not closed C has a distributor that's good news water pumps won't start seems complete no water so all in all good news.
1969 chevelle 500 mile rescue   vice grip garage ep20
I could work on this later. Looking at it I think I have some kind of list in my head here the first thing is we'll roll it over to see if it spins or if it's stuck it's not stuck we'll take out the spark plugs take a look at the spark plugs see how they look and while the spa the helpers rkle are out of it, Mazal tests compression to see if the engines hurt or if we have any chance of it being one of those 500


s and then from there we'll probably squeeze with a battery to see if we can get a start and if it comes on we'll sort out the fuel issue then move on to the transmission and I think I'm going to start interweb and some wheels because I really don't think that flat 80's donut is going to do I got home and yeah we got like eight hours today, so great.
1969 chevelle 500 mile rescue   vice grip garage ep20

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1969 chevelle 500 mile rescue vice grip garage ep20...

I don't know how many times they have to tell you, but any project starts with the battery on the charger and my nice unit from Walmart here. The previous negative post finally gave up the ghost but the best tool in the world came to the


we're talking about a GM here so if I can get this to roll I'm about eighty six point seven percent sure it will shoot, so let's dig in here on the Old Crank Screw I'm gonna get there Just chill yeah please baby Jesus Oh it turns like butter to Good we got a positive Turnage which is fantastic but I heard the valve train and they're just breaking down which is a quick way to tell the engines have been sitting around for a long long long long long long time step 37 B subsection a is pretty straight forward you guys have been here a a million times we're gonna pull the plugs just try to read them look at that stuff i could tell a guy a lot they know how to read plugs and then we're gonna i can't believe i'm saying this d os times today we're going to test the above compression which is something I usually never do but hey I took out all the lightning shooters the good news is they're all shooting but the bad news is I have very large shells on 3, 5, 2 and 6, so it's probably going to smoke like a chimney, it could be a riser, it could be rings, play some more, maybe if we fire it and see, and then I bring you here again see that this might have to clean some of these things so we're not one of them one of their fires and it doesn't smell too good when those things start to cook and then the house silicone in the old water then a nice treat looks factory, of course if you're hitting the above max optimizations you want do a compression test of the hot engines and obviously that's not going to happen in this case and since it hasn't worked in fifty eight million years technically we're going to make a wet compression test because I'm going to throw some Marvel Mister oil in the old throats so we'll have some top cylinder lubrication in case it works yeah and for you kids at home don't forget to jam the Old carb so it gets the proper amount of air, see that a lot on the interwebs and as far as actual compression goes I don't really care if it's only ninety as long as they are within ten to fifteen percent of each other.
1969 chevelle 500 mile rescue   vice grip garage ep20
I don't care if it makes a fire and makes noise. exhaust pipe ready to rock you know the trick here is just to try to shoot it in the back ya know since the cylinders leaned it's all going to leak spark after the hole so you want it up up so she'll run back down that makes some sense to you guys and i like to give her just anything between two and seventy four pumps of the old oil she can hear what you feel unless it's a wednesday you want to go to three the only reason i brought this battery it has a gold handle on it but you know what i probably should have done is test it to make sure it was a good battery and then i brought an extra clamp for the battery post and i'm glad that I've done it because I'll be sunk if it's not missing one so just ease up on the new clamp here even after two new battery clamps are you getting any juice?
1969 chevelle 500 mile rescue   vice grip garage ep20
I have to get one of these magical machines out. Find out what's going on. I'll be here all month. machines for dummies like me hulka mana ground and the old light the bulb comes on you got juice and what i like to do is just go down here to the fuse panel and if i don't have power on one side of the fuse i know i have a motor problem starter cause power comes from the battery to the starter from the starter to the fuse block let's see what we got no light bulbs kneeling on rocks is probably one of my favorite pastimes well nothing makes me feel more alive than sketchy support work the kids don't do that, but this is enough to reboot and get them under the frame, so I stick my tummy in there.
I used every foot-pound of schematic engineering experience I have and that leads me to believe the ignition cylinder is bad so I'm gonna cut this quick '├╝ber down for a nap and on the way here get that one there . I'll spend some money on some other junk. You could actually buy a new battery cable. Write down that which has never happened before and then us. Let's see where we are and it's already two d I haven't done anything right if I did my digital geometries right I think the starter solenoid was bad so a new starter negative cable positive cable both are a way to short the battery hanging incorrectly Yeah I confirmed there's a neutral kill switch and check that it was working so if all goes well let's get a crank here it's definitely cranking probably need these things but okay let's click compression test and let's throw in some plugs to see if we can get this thing going I'm losing light fast so I had to go find a throttle opener 200 something like this hooked me up and lit it a couple times 150 planning so cylinder number five was a little low and that correlates to the spark plug if i'm reading them right this should have a lot of compression yeah it was almost 180 ok i went ahead and finished the test to compression and we definitely have a sick engine we have variants from 140 to 180 which is a little too extreme I mean it will work but we definitely have some issues with the rings or valve train and I have it written on my fender here so i don't forget which ones which cylinder but it correlated to the spark plug so this is going to be really interesting 500 fucking miles.
I'm an idiot. Now it's time to throw some spark later on this thing, yeah, and see if it can fire. that dodge video of course i do i just kept going no go to the next empty space but actually small block chevys like around 35 but every engine is different depends on their compression ratio and its lift and cam duration. and all the other things local to the diagram. I would really like to know how many of you know more than one firing order to talk about his head other than the above eight four three six five seven to put it in the comment box there. as you click to browse them if mazal go ahead and click the old button and subscribe for me i would surely appreciate that you pulled the guy who went ahead and installed the trigger i'm a lone wolf 600 these are really helpful if you don't you got a good one ah we need a fire maker when i know its most likely starting something for 50 days.
I add a little to recycle oil in my gas or just run the chainsaw mix whatever works for you but this will give you some lubrication. the old top end while you fix the engine, well I'm thinking I normally have a start up checklist from a priest but I just came up blank so I'm going to chuck some of this down my throat and at least see if we can get it to light up and then i'll try to figure out the bigger stuff kion and i need the mission cable to have battery to the distributor we're in business tons of smoke that's marvel mystery oil or a bad motor or both ways she it fires yeah the fuel tank on this one was a bypass which probably means ns it's rusty full of junk or leaking or all of the above but i can't run it on a boat tank 500 miles well i mean Guys, Rob Lee, okay, let's try it out, so I'm going to put this filter on.
Before the fuel pump hoping we can go 17 miles and then we can see if it comes out of the tank as well. I'm going to have to do a loop like that. some of the gas he was using and unfortunately we probably just filled the gas pump with that but there's my new let's try that instead help me that's out now you usually have a fight with these filters that this jerk wants to go out that's actually a good sign and pressure built up if it's coming off the top and there's no sliminess left like you get wet and paint with it pretty easy don't get the right wrenches just get the wrench up don't do anything no I won't even hammer for you if you like.
I am still in shock with this motor after who knows how many years since I made it. it's the last shot start that's probably why I'm a diehard GM Buick fan not to say I don't like the Ford or Mopar stuff but they never give up wow this got really interesting the sun it's about to set and i was going to bottle feed him some more get the oil pressure back up after the oil change and i'll dip into the field and just leave myself so i'll get this one out again and run to the auto zone and I'll take another.
I guess and hope that one lasts more than ten tries, great great, can I tell you about those Illinois parts stores that are a million miles away? It's cold. Someone is burning grass and bushes at eleven at night and I keep hearing a buzz saw. I know how to throw a party for second starters. I think the plan is just one bottle. Feet on it for a while and let's see if we can get to the post. Tank fuel. I have three point two seven gallons there. It's probably not enough, but I want to get it going anyway with bottle feeding, so let's go ahead and work on it. we've got jim again hmm im going to try to fill the canister again wow ok the fan clutch is definitely shot sounds pretty decent. it's and we're just going to touch or in there just touch around I was pretty good yeah it runs like a champ well now that it's running a bit I think I'm going to go ahead and get some gauges so I can keep track of the guts like this That I'll put a temp gauge on it and at least an oil pressure gauge that will make a man feel a little better, well now I really have a problem.
I went ahead and turned it off and now. all coolants run on the side of the engine. I'm sure it will stop right where I don't need it to. I replaced the starter for the third time tomorrow. The cold is like I'm going to put the wheels on it that's going to give me some motivation and now I have to go to a hardware store to get some easy outs that brass fitting that I broke on the head I've never done that and I've put fifty and eight million pairs ofgauges but of course it's this weekend and I don't know I think that's probably all for tonight we'll have to get there ASAP tomorrow morning we've got some old school craigers we're going to go with a 2:15 lead and of course in the rear we're going to 255 they need to clean up a bit but I think they'll look really cool on this car so I'm going to put them super quick this will be really good for the neighbors guys I should learn my lesson and look at that wheel. having the dust cap opener well this seems to be a common thing to me on


s for whatever reason do you ever have days where you just wonder why you're doing what you're doing it's got a broken stud but let's leave what happens I can't see anything, oh, that's not good.
I needed um drinks the car looks amazing with the wheels on boom they're tight they're going to work so go eat some junk sleep for like three or four hours I'll be back in the morning well I already dug this morning with a bunch of little things that probably they wouldn't want to see anyway, like using Easy Out on the broken brass fitting, taking the broken part out to new temps, taking out the old dummy oil pressure switch, putting a new one on. a brass one the plastic line hates the plastic lines which they didn't have brass so it is what it is blew all the crap out of the engine fixed the gas gauge sending line which is probably a point Moot because I think the fuel line is clogged.
We'll probably end up running the old boat tank let's see how that goes and right now I'm going to put a tach on it so we know how many digitals it's turning I have no idea what the rear gear is on this thing I'll probably run it at 2500 just to be sure so if its an engine i built i run it at 3500 all day but im in unfamiliar territory here i always mount my studs with flanges but apparently these here are hose clamps and you can mount it like this says the interweb, so I'll give it a try.
I'm going to put right here on my teeth, so a guy when he drives with one eye fell asleep and I was watching the digitals of his engine. see if he shoots. I would really like to try to idle and then I could start testing things like the alternator. see if it's charging then i also want all the seals and gaskets and everything to get nice and hot see what kind of leaks we find and also i would like to see fuel pulling from the gas tank that would be spectacular and i might try to avoid the 600 death trap putting a dinghy tank in the passenger seat with me so let's see what happens nothing much different from yesterday so i'll make sure i still have power for the dealer if i could find my magic jab stick has been sitting here idling for about five minutes i see she smokes like a chimney i'm really watching the temp shut down i'm thinking the thermostats are definitely going to be gross but i really don't want to take them apart because one of the bolts holding the thermostat housing gasket it's about to break our felt mic so i'm going to keep wrapping this neck of water here try to loosen the ter Mostato, you'll notice it when you touch the carpet immediately idle down below I definitely think the needles stuck in there say it's at 190 but normally when you don't have water moving like that it's probably even hotter than that.
I'll put my hand on the front of the head here. I'll be fine for a while. It should still be charging. I haven't put the meter on it yet, but if it's been running that long still in the water, you may have to turn it off to get into the danger zone. It has oil pressure anywhere. He has another mosquito car. i like to keep them down driving this through the neighborhoods no more flowing water it's definitely the drivers site that's smoking so i'm going to hit it one-two here we're going to let him eat some marvel miss roy and then I'll follow it up with some of Barry's money.
I'm going to favor this side of the engine. Let's see if we can. I'll follow up with Berryman. That's how you make them eat a little. Maybe she'll snap out of it. so i think it's time we test the transmission we'll let it sit like this for a while let the transmission warm up definitely have reverse and drive but this was a quick way to tell i have zero rear brakes and around the 4% front brakes. brakes i'm really thinking of renaming this little channel t he ain't got no brakes in the


well i took her out about six feet and damned if the old front brake line didn't blew me of course no one has anything near out of stock so I bought these little short lines here and I'm going to work mine some kind of ghetto replacement and now it's gotten extremely dangerous to drive because I'm sure all the brake lines are in that condition so which definitely won't stop me from trying to drive 500 miles too i came up with the name of this car i'll call it rocky because it fights me on everything i know i'm stuck ok that's not ideal or pretty but is it going to work yeah , well, here we go, the first time this car comes out? from this driveway in 40 years from what i've been told i'm still trying to wrap my brain stem around this is just crazy everything is going well do a little shake management see a type of problem we come up with then i have a hit throw it away i got 500 miles to go a couple of last minute things we're hitting the road thru a ner air filter on it changed battery fixed some grounds got a headlight to work on there ran into some issues of rust the bolts were held so that will do the master cylinders have a horrible leak they will just keep pouring oil on it added some zip ties to my fuel line is stripped went ahead and fixed it so this is it I guess oh yeah ok hit the road I guess my first deal pulled up I should check and see if there's a seatbelt I know I'm good so far.
Crossover, has a little oil pressure and enough temperatures. I've got about a hundred miles. Clearly I'm poisoned. I have a strong headache. I can't see out of my right eye, but I thought I'd better check the lug nuts. here and left my breaker bar at the boys' house. I've got this little cheesy here, but it's better than nothing, so I'm going to squeeze them in about a hundred and seven miles left. I'm going to fill the oil and check the gas. I don't see any leaks actually and it's running blow on wood fantastic it's not getting hot or anything a bunch of things I did saying it burns oil I think that's putting it lightly she's completely dry ok I'm going to put a little bit of snake oil in it a little diesel oil no lead 500 miles we did it this is crazy still running driving probably too good for me actually zero problems on the road here other than burning oil still always so aware Chevy's sitting for 40 years 1979 gives me a little trouble coming or going but I listened like a kid all the way here yeah I don't think I get enough rest the power outage but we'll find out alright thanks for watching great ride be sure to hit that button down there

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