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15-Year-Old BILLIONAIRE Gets BULLIED, What Happens Next Is Shocking | Dhar Mann Studios

Apr 11, 2024
oh my gosh, I love your shirt, you look so cute today, it goes with


the hell, Roslin, now I have nothing to eat for lunch. I'm so sorry, I didn't see you coming, yeah,


ever, it's just food, right? Big problem for you, Miss Millionaire. I'll buy him a new lunch right now. No, thanks. I don't need your sympathy money. Just because you can waste your money on all your problems doesn't mean everyone wants that. Yes I do not. I be rich like you but I'm not begging I wasn't trying to be rude ooh look at the Royal Lunch even the way she eats is so pretentious no wonder why no one wants to sit with her she acts like she's too good for everyone no I don't think I'm better than anyone else.
15 year old billionaire gets bullied what happens next is shocking dhar mann studios
Oh, look at that last time I checked. We were going to school, not to a fashion show. She is so stuck up that she even wears designer clothes to school. This is the only type of clothing. I have a good way to rub it in, you should try this thing called empathy, not everyone can afford a dressing room with Chanel and Dior, what the hell, oh no, Walter must not have seen the puddle. Thank you very much, Rosland, now we have to do it. ride all soaked is there anything I can do like carry them and what are we supposed to do with our bikes?
15 year old billionaire gets bullied what happens next is shocking dhar mann studios

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15 year old billionaire gets bullied what happens next is shocking dhar mann studios...

We don't have a private driver to take us in a Porsche, don't let us keep you in your car. Wait princess, hey, why do you like your new school? I still don't understand why you wanted to change private. Everything is going well. I was wondering if I could have school lunch tomorrow instead of Chef's cafeteria food. Not at all, who knows what they put in that. The chef only uses fresh ingredients anyway, I had to run to the office, there is a big problem I'm trying to close. I thought we were going out today, but like I said, there's a big problem I'm working on, don't forget.
15 year old billionaire gets bullied what happens next is shocking dhar mann studios
This job pays for your clothes the driver the chef the maid this house I have to go look when the driver leaves me I will have to come back here in case you want to go somewhere with your friends friends, will you at least do it? Home for dinner Hello dad, are you still in China? Yes darling. We are having some manufacturing issues so we had to stay an extra day. Don't worry. I promise I'll be back in time for your birthday. On Saturday, you win a lot. promises you can't keep like when okay okay I'm sorry but your birthday is going to be different there's no way I would miss your sweet 16 okay I gotta go baby you and your mom enjoy dinner I love you, not mom.
15 year old billionaire gets bullied what happens next is shocking dhar mann studios
Even if you're fine there, would you like me to ask Chef to make you some lunch or are you going out with her friends, Miss Montgomery? I'll eat at the mall when Walter


back. Excellent Chef is preparing a special cake for you tonight. a pre-birthday celebration, make sure you leave room, it's all good Miss Montgomery, yes, yes, I feel a little bad, I hope a little retail therapy helps you. Your mother instructed me that she wear the black card, oh, which one of these dresses. Should she wear it for my birthday? I would say: why choose one when you could get both?
Actually, can we go to Urban Outfitters or H&M? I prefer to wear jeans and sneakers. I don't think your mother would approve of you being a Montgomery, after all those dresses are much nicer. Hello, are you finding everything? You got to be kidding. Rook, I didn't realize you worked here, I sure didn't, it's some kind of power trip to you, no, not at all, my mom. He was going to bring me here but he couldn't come so he gave me his card your life must be so easy just walking around with mom and dad's money while the peasants take care of you you don't even have to carry your own suitcases.
Be kind living a perfect little life actually um my life is far from perfect. You see, Miss Montgomery, it's so good to see you. Is your mother here too? No, she couldn't come. Oh, I see, she's still great to see you. What are you? Waiting, can't you see she needs a fitting room? uh I was going to buy both, I hope one works for my birthday, it's for your birthday so you should try them on because we have to make sure they're going to be perfect, continue Brooke, don't keep Miss Montgomery waiting for an early piece of cake , Miss Mong, thank you Ken, your mother asked me to go over with you many options for your


birthday celebration, oh, won't she be home soon?
I'll just wait for her so we can go over it together. I think she may be late, but if I can make some suggestions, we can make cavier wagu loel, whatever, it all sounds too fancy. I was thinking maybe a burger in a shake. from a restaurant oh I have to take this for a second, hey dad I was thinking if you came here early before my birthday could you help me? Let me guess another broken promise. uh, really, really, Tred, honey, but if I can't get it. These problems were solved, yes, you know, there, the stores will not have any products to sell.
My company really needs me. What about me? I need you, when am I going to start being a priority for you and mom? Look, I'm going to prom, I swear, baby, I swear. I'm going to make it up to you and the good news is that I've sent a lot of gifts that should arrive on time. I'm receiving a call. I have to go to this Montgomery, the menu, just do what you want. Oops. I'm so sorry I didn't see you there just like you didn't see me yesterday, come celebrate Roson's sweet 16. No one is going to want to go to your pretentious birthday party.
I decided not to invite anyone because you think you're too hot for everyone here no, I never said you didn't have to, it's obvious the way you broke down and had the audacity to show up at my work and completely no, I didn't know you worked there , that's a load of crap, do you know how stressful my job already is? Oh wait, you don't know because you've never worked a single day in your life. They give you everything on a silver platter. Breaking news. Not everyone can live a fairy tale. But that doesn't make you better than us.
My life is not a fairy tale like you two think it is. I may have been born into a rich family, but my parents work constantly. They never have time for me. Their jobs always. come first while other children are with their parents. I'm usually alone. It always hurts to see parents spend time with their children when my mom and dad can barely give me a second of theirs. The hardest part of all is having to spend. Just holidays and birthdays, I've lost count of how many Christmases, Thanksgivings, and Easters I've spent alone, with no one to celebrate with.
Yes, there are always plenty of treats available, but it's not the same. You see, I don't think so. I'm better than you two or anyone, if I could I would give up all my fancy stuff if it meant seeing more of my mom and dad or even just having friends to hang out with. People look at me and think my life is great but they don't know I'm going to have to spend my birthday alone I'm sorry maybe we were too bad I never would have imagined that's how our life is you really never know what someone is going through and that's probably why it's It's best to always be kind, happy birthday to you, Miss Montgomery, a few more packages arrived in the mail, they're from your mom and dad, would you like them with the others?
Sure, happy birthday Miss Mon, happy birthday, would you like to open some presents now? um, I'm not really in the mood to party, I think I'll go to my room, but thanks, happy birthday, what are you doing here? We wanted to celebrate with you, if you like, we brought games and gifts, although we probably won't. Compare it to anything you have, believe me, being here is better than any other gift you could have received. Oh, come in please, who is this? Sorry, there's no one here, it's not a big party, but if you're hungry, Ken can prepare. give us some food whatever you want and Walter can take us wherever we want ladies please accept my sincere apologies for splashing you okay but it's your birthday what do you want so nice to be wearing sneakers and this smoothie is amazing thank you guys for celebrating my birthday with me means a lot, of course, and even though we know you have all the money, this is on us, oh my god, look at that loser drinking a milkshake alone.
I know he's a complete bug. Hey, it's Brooke, right? I want to come sit with us Ashley and thank you. I just lost my daughter and it is very difficult for me. Very sorry. Come on, it's very nice of you to do charity work. You know you guys might think you're funny and all, but no. You're not Ashley, she just lost her dog, the last thing she needs is for you to make fun of her, oh I feel really bad now, we didn't know, I'm exactly sorry, you never know what someone is going through, that's why I always You must be kind birthday girl, happy birthday, thank you.

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