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15 Biggest Insect Infestations

Jun 08, 2021
With an estimated 200 million


s on earth for every human being, it's not surprising to learn that you're never too far from a weirdo. Fortunately, we usually don't have to deal with them in large numbers, but when conditions are right, colonies of


s can quickly multiply it to extreme proportions make sure you have a can of insect repellent handy because it's time to take a look at the 15


insect pests number 15 locusts locusts are famous for their ability to reproduce in the Right environment and before you know it These huge swarms can wreak havoc across countries and continents, leaving devastation to all plant material in their wake.
15 biggest insect infestations
Once a swarm starts it is virtually impossible to stop them and all we can do is let it go and pick up the pieces of one of the most memorable events as this in recent memory took place in madagascar in 2013 when a plague of locusts developed. of Biblical proportions in late 2012 the government issued a warning that populations of the native Malagasy migrate Tory locust had begun to rise but it was in February 2013 when a cyclone hit that conditions became absolutely perfect for their numbers to explode by the end of the following month more than half the country was infested by various swarms each containing up to a billion individuals and was officially designated a pest despite spending tens of millions of dollars on pest control efforts that included the spraying of chemicals on 3.7 million acres of land over the next 12 months the locust posed a serious threat to at least 60 percent of the country's rice crop, which is the main staple food, also risked the habitats of countless endangered species that would be left without food sources of their own, and authorities clashed to a major environmental disaster luckily the swarms dissipated and worst case scenarios did not happen but it shows how easy it was to develop a swarm and served as a warning about catastrophic things c could be next time if preventative measures are not taken number 14 grasshoppers Grasshoppers are another species that can rapidly increase in numbers when conditions are right and this led to a rather bizarre phenomenon in Albuquerque New Mexico in 2014.
15 biggest insect infestations

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15 biggest insect infestations...

Weather officials got confused when their radar started showing a large green formation on maps but without any sign of a developing storm, it was soon learned that what they were seeing do was a huge swarm of grasshoppers that had been blown skyward by the prevailing winds a monsoon the previous year coupled with an unusually dry winter had meant many more insects had hatched than normal and had led to the worst infestation in the state for more than 20 years, in some cases, the swarm was measured as sweeping up to a thousand feet, which is higher than any other man-made structures and there was a constant possibility that they could suddenly fall back to ground level and cause havoc with traffic or whatever crops lay in t Your path are thankfully not as devastating as locusts, but they can still be an extreme nuisance.
15 biggest insect infestations
One silver lining to come out of this particular infestation, though, is that the weather service now understands a lot more about how swarms show up on radar and this can be used. as an early warning system to help residents prepare for an impending infestation, something that is expected to become much more common in the future as a result of climate change number 13 bed bugs Bed bugs are some of the most common insects nasty ones you will never encounter mainly because they are present around us while we sleep and this gives them ample opportunity to bite us which can be itchy and painful luckily as long as we keep our homes clean it is rare for large


to develop but in the In recent years New York has been found. having a severe problem with them between 2004 and 2009 the number of confirmed annual bed bug


in the city rose from 82 to 4,084 and began infecting some of the city's best-known buildings in 2010, for example the Nike flagship store was forced to temporarily close for fumigation after an infestation was found there.
15 biggest insect infestations
Outbreaks have also been reported at the United Nations Building, Lincoln Center, Waldorf Astoria, Empire State Building and many more It's not entirely understood why this has become such a prevalent problem, but bed bugs thrive in warmer conditions inside buildings and are believed to be developing resistance to pesticides and are also believed to be easily spread around the world by international travelers the next time you visit new york city the best advice is to carefully check where they stay because no matter how established a place they stay, they can never be completely sure that they have detected a developing infestation number 12 yellow jackets yellow jackets are a species of predatory wasp found in regions all over the world and, although they usually exist in manageable quantities and are actually incredibly important for maintenance Due to healthy ecosystems, their numbers can skyrocket when there is an abundant food supply and this can lead to serious problems in 2019, Alabama authorities sent out an alert to warn residents of a developing problem with yellow jackets that had begun to spread. developing as a result of the extremely mild winter a few months earlier, normally cold weather kills the vast majority of yellowjackets, but that hadn't happened on this occasion, it also meant there was a lot more food to feed on and this led them to breed at an incredible pace.
Yellowjacket nests normally contain around four to five thousand individuals, but several super nests were found to have more than three times that number. Being part of someone's household and their aggressive behavior to protect their nests means that anyone unfortunate enough to disturb one could potentially be killed by an attack. This was not the first time a large infestation of yellow jackets has been found in Alabama. and it probably won't be the last next time there is a mild winter just be prepared to be careful next summer just in case a super nest is built somewhere near you number 11 cicadas cicadas are a type of small jumping insect similar to leafhoppers and there are known to be at least 3,000 different species of them in virtually every region of the world with widely spaced eyes small antenna and almost transparent wings, they have one of the loudest noises in the insect kingdom, which is produced by the rapid movement of a drum-like membrane on their abdomens, however their life cycles mean that they pa They go underground most of the time to feed and only emerge on the surface after 17 or 13 years.
Because of this, swarms and infestations can be predicted with remarkable accuracy by calculating summer which is 17 years later than a year. which had a particular benefit. special weather systems for them to reproduce the last massive event like this took place in 2013 on the east coast of the United States when billions of cicadas began to emerge once the temperature reached 64 degrees Fahrenheit, known as progeny 2, they outnumbered people by at least 600 to 1. unfortunately they are completely harmless, in fact they provide a great source of nutrition for many other animals in the food chain and they all die once they have been able to reproduce their young are now buried a few meters underground and feed on the roots of trees. and they are expected to return again in 2030. number 10 flying ants the name alates is given to several species of ants and termites that have one particular thing in common part of their life cycles involve developing wings and flying to new places when this happens it can seem like an apocalyptic event because they all enter this stage at the same time and can give rise to huge dark swarms that fly across the sky for several days a year in some places the event is known as the day of the flying ant and is so disruptive that people often do their best to stay indoors while it happens so they don't have to be in the middle of it in the UK, for example these swarm events are notorious and usually take place sometime during July o august the species that is a particular problem in that country is the black garden ant and all males and queens can develop wings what is surprising is that Because they all seem to emerge at exactly the same time this is not a planned event on your part, however it has more to do with the weather, it always occurs after a prolonged period of warm temperatures and higher humidity acting as a signal for the ants that it is time while there is no threat to anyone and it is perfectly natural swarm event can be very disturbing when it happened in early summer it has even been known to affect wimbledon tennis championships where players find it almost impossible to concentrate on the game follows me surrounded by bugs number 9 beatles in 2011 residents of queensland and australia began noticing a large number of beetles practically everywhere, from pools and pathways to houses and streets, some described the scenes as being straight out of a movie of terror and it was not just the sight of the creatures, but also the smell of fish urine they produced.
This was far from a normal event, so officials began to investigate to try to figure out what was going on. It turned out that it was some kind of predator. water beetle which is always prevalent in moderate numbers in the city's waterways and coastal regions, but something happened which caused its numbers to multiply and infest much of the area, while the true cause was never determined for certain, the The leading theory is that it was the combination of an extremely hot summer along with a series of floods with little pools and puddles all over the place there were many more places where Before the beetles had a chance to breed and these newborns had to come out on their own to search for new sources of water, is another natural event that is not dangerous to humans but can be detrimental and is expected to become much more common in the future.
Due to the changing weather patterns experienced by countries around the world, we are constantly adding more people to the top five production team to bring you the best content. northeast asia the emerald ash borer is a species of jewel beetle that feeds primarily on ash species. females lay their eggs under the bark of trees and once the larvae have hatched they proceed to eat the bark until they reach Maturing after a year or so in their native region, the ecosystem has evolved a way that keeps their numbers in check so they don't have too much of a problem, but with the advent of international travel, they have now spread to areas without these. natural safeguards and have begun to cause disturbances in what is probably one of the most serious insect infestations of our time.
Emerald ash borers now pose a significant threat to ash trees in the United States thus far. Millions of trees are believed to have died as a result of their eating habits and all 8.7 billion trees across the United States are believed to be at risk. One of the main reasons for this is that they also kill young trees before they are mature enough to produce seeds, thus they are severely affected. The ability of ash trees to propagate. As a result, there are now extensive efforts to control the numbers of emerald ash borer populations, even to the point that a tree confirmed to be infected is uprooted and destroyed. all the surrounding ash trees meet the same fate to ensure all the insects have been killed, it is unclear how effective these attempts will be and many experts think it is only a matter of time before the inevitable happens crickets number seven just the crickets They are not insects that most people worry about, they are usually associated with rural areas where they are a vital part of the local ecosystem, but as is common with several species if conditions are conducive to large amounts of food their numbers will begin to dwindle. multiply significantly.
That's exactly what happened in Oklahoma in late 2013 after an extended period of dry, hot weather during the summer followed by heavy rains in late summer. more young crickets were able to reach adulthood than normal and there was plenty of vegetation to feed on there were so many that they started moving into communities and lots of them started congregating the pictures show how serious the problem was with millions of them on roofs,walls and on the streets and once they found themselves in built up areas there was not enough food to sustain them so they start dying en masse this created a horrible smell like that of rotting meat that hung in the air and forced most of residents to stay inside to avoid it. this could very well be an annual occurrence number six termites if there is one type of insect you never want to see in your house it is termites these creatures love to chew on wood and can cause serious structural problems to buildings in a very short time but if you think that I've had a rough time these days, just wait until you see what happened a few hundred years ago, researchers in Brazil started noticing a series of mounds in the northeast of the country that were so big they're visible on satellite images.
Much harder to see from the ground due to the scrub, but in 2017 and 2018 they started to recede and the structures became clearer on closer inspection. They were found to be termite mounds, the structures formed on the surface by insects as they dug underground tunnels, but what was unusual about these was how huge they were created by a single species of termite. An estimated 200 million of the mounds are in a very compact region the same size as Great Britain that is believed to have formed sometime between 700 and 3,700 years ago The amount of material involved is roughly equal to 4,000 pyramids of Giza is one of the largest series of structures ever known to have formed in the animal kingdom and you can only imagine the sheer number of termites required to do this, estimated to be in the many hundreds of billions, it is one of the largest infestations of insects never known to have occurred. the most beautiful types of insects you are likely to see in nature on a summer's day, and are in most cases considered a useful species because of the way they feed on aphids and other plant-destroying insects crops as with anything though too much of a good thing can become harmful and when ladybugs start to swarm in numbers the result can be staggering to watch but just as damaging to the environment in the usa the bugs tend to start finding p lace in late summer after they finish feeding in the fields and this can often result in large swarms of them congregating together, usually this happens after long periods of cooler weather and frantically searching for a spot let it be illuminated by the sun to obtain something valuable. heat, the result of this can be whole trees or buildings covered in a carpet of red insects, especially those near forests or fields.
There have been a couple of times in the UK and Australia where these swarms have grown to such a size that they have been known as pests and when there are not enough aphids to go around they have been known to start biting humans number four hermin moths there are hundreds of hermina moth species worldwide, while they are generally considered an impressive species as adults their larvae can become a real pest because when they are at this stage in their life cycle they create communal webs and when there are enough of them them this r behavior can become seriously disruptive.
The most recent example of this took place in Rotterdam in 2009 when, for whatever reason, hundreds of thousands of bugs descended on the city. they are generally found in woodlands where they will feed on leaves once they have had enough to eat. in a period of six to eight weeks, they are ready to spin a cocoon and transform into a moth this time, although many more caterpillars survived than normal due to weather conditions and there were not enough leaves to turn around their only medium. of defense against predators is the silken cloak they weave together and it is something they produce wherever they go this meant that to get to a new food source they had to pass through rotterdam and the route they took was soon covered with a Silky Web Everything from street signs and cars to houses, playgrounds and lawns, were covered in an event known as the ghost walk because of the eerie white shroud left behind number three. e car spiders When we think of infestations, the normal expectation is a large number of individual species congregating in a confined area, but arguably one of the largest infestations in recent memory took place in small numbers throughout the world. country to the shock of the automotive world mazda was forced to recall as many as 100,000 cars that were made between 2010 and 2012. due to the way they were designed, it actually encouraged a species of spider to build its webs on a vital component that could start an engine fire or potentially even worse, the species in question was the small yellow sac spider that was apparently being attracted to the smell of hydrocarbons in the gasoline, they were making their way to the fuel tank hose where they wove their networks and this resulted in blocking airflow which could subsequently cause the fuel hose to crack, the company designed a spring to add which in most cases prevents these splashers from gaining access and to this day it's unclear how many vehicles became home to the little creatures, though there are thought to be at least tens of thousands of ants Fire Number Two As the name suggests, fire ants are a particularly nasty ant species that, if they manage to bite you, an intense stinging sensation that can last for hours or even days.
There are several different species known as fire ants, each of which have equally painful stings and although they are native to jungle regions around the world, they are an invasive species and will. They happily took up residence wherever the red imported fire ant was found, for example, it has become present in the United States after being accidentally brought into the country in shipping crates, recent estimates suggest that $5 billion is spent every year. year in the treatment of injuries, the repair of damages and the control of the growth of its population. In the United States alone, along with another $750 million in agricultural damage they cause, the problem is particularly prevalent i In the southeastern United States, in regions where about 40 million people live, it is believed that between 30 and 60 percent of people living in fire ant infested regions are stung at least once a year.
Fire ants are responsible for one of the world's largest insect infestations outside of their native environments and it has become such a problem that local animals have even begun to evolve to allow them to avoid being attacked by the number one murder hornets. News began to spread in 2020 that murder hornet nests had been found in North America for the first time and while the name certainly gives a clue to how dangerous this can be, it was the summer of 2013 in the Shenshi province of China. showing the potential devastation they can cause each female Asian giant hornet will produce up to 2,000 young a year, but normally most of them will not reach adulthood that summer, however weather conditions meant many more survived and huge swarms and infestations ions began to develop.
The species is not particularly concerned with encounters with humans, particularly as the venom in its bite causes red blood cells to break down and can lead to serious medical problems. from the smell of sweat, alcohol and anything sweet they attacked humans who got in their way to make matters worse, if you try to run away from them they will usually start chasing you and this means a lot of people got stung. by the time temperatures cooled and the hornets moved away, 42 people had died as a result of one sting and 1,600 people had been seriously injured. Check out our nature playlist for more of the top 15 videos about beautiful nature. our best nature videos

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